Tuesday, April 26, 2016

He is Demanding For a Blood Convenant Against Cheating Before He Can Marry Me

Hello Enekem ,
I need help. I have been dating this guy for about 2 years now and he dosnt like it when i ask where the relationship is heading. So something in me told me that he will not marry me so I had to start another relationship with a guy from my town last christmas even though I didnt break up with him because i really love him.

He later started suspecting me and when he confronted me when the new guy bought me a new palm top and some cloths, I told him I was seeing someone else but that it was purely platonic and sexless. He exploded and beat me up that day but he later apologized and i forgive him. My problem now is that he told me that he is ready to settle down but he dosnt trust me because I had the guts to cheat on him by starting another relationship. He told me that we must take blood covenant that I will never cheat on him if he marries me. I told him that i will think about it but i dont know what to do. please help me. should i take the oath and marry him or should I let him go. I am 29 by the way and I really love him.

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