Monday, September 12, 2016

POEM: '' The Tornado'' by Geraldine

The tornado came without a warning,
As the sea fled,
The waves ran,
The tides fell,
Ripped flesh lay around,
The young one sat,
In the midst of bodies covered with bullet wounds,

Like a swarm of locust.

I could see his face,
Light up like a rainbow,
But this time,
It was a rainbow of darkness,
He sat there,
I could see the horror.
He had in his eyes,
Not the titter of a kid,
But a plea,
He sat there forlorn,
Not in the comfort of warming hands,
But in a red-blue truck,
As the clouds darkened,
The truck moved slowly,
Lights blurring,
The young one sat,
In the prison of his mind.

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