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I can say I am one of the funniest beings alive and I mean it, believe me, I am. If you doubt me, on request I will send you a video of myself making basket-mouth and bovy laugh in my dream. I am not much of a talkertive, though I talk pretty much, and when I do, you must laugh if I want you to.

Anyone can be funny, but not everyone can be a comedian. Being funny is learn-able, just like riding a bicycle. You can become a very funny person if you wish. There are loads of articles online that teaches how to be humorous. Just use google. Some people were not born funny, but they learned it and now its as easy as breathing in and breathing out to them.

1. You are happy. You are happy because you make people happy. I think I am one of the happiest guys in the world because of my sense of humour. When you see me, you see happiness radiating around me. I dont fake my smiles like the president of a green white green nation. The more I make people laugh, the more happy they become and the more happy I am. You cant imagine a poor person teaching you how to become rich. Only a rich person can make you rich. Only a happy person can transfer happiness. The happiest people in the world are the funny ones.

2. You are likable, loving and lovable. People will just like you and they wont be able to pinpoint why they do. If you are a guy, then you can go ahead and marry the daughter of an Arab Emir if you are funny. I am not a good looking guy, am not ugly though, am just there. I am the least handsome among my friend, but when we go out, at first the ladies abandon me for them, giving them faces and all that, but the moment I open my mouth to talk, they will start laughing, then they start falling for me. Father Abraham knows how many girls I have ****** because of my sense of humour. You have to be realy careful because you stand a high chance of messing up with your friends' girlfriends. All my friends' girlfriends love me to be around, they are always asking of me...where is asala, where is asala. I almost ****** one of my friends' girl because of my sense of humour but I called my self to order, I knew it would mar my relationship with my friend so I sa asala for my life, so take note. People will dash you money. Men, women, kids, everyone would love you....During an interview, just try to make your prospective employer chuckle a little and the job is yours. Dont mess up by trying to become a basket mouth

3. You will have a good self esteem. You become your own best friend, you will like yourself because people like you. Even when you dont have money, you feel you own the whole cosmos. You feel you are the best guy in the world because you are dating the hottest chick in town and you are sure Adolf Hitler would fall in love with you, where he alive to spend just 5 minutes with you. No one can talk you down because they know you will finish them with your humour.

4. You are a good lover and family man/woman: My dad was (I think he is still) a poor man, but a good father and husband because of his sense of humour. My Dad would make my mum laugh so much she would start shedding tears, or sharing tears like P. Jonathan would say. My mum couldnt keep a malice of 1 day with my dad, they will end it with laughter. We couldnt wait for our dad to come back from work every evening to make us laugh..Oooh, gone are those days. He still makes me laugh till date when I call him on phone or pay him a visit....My girlfriend always want to be around me, she always want to see me because there is no dull moment with asala, in fact she compelled me to write this post on NL. She must laugh, she must be happy. One of her friends saw my pic on her phone and she asked how in the world she fell for this not-so-good-looking-guy but when she met me, she understood because I made sure she laughed her Bottom out.

You can become happy, rich and fulfilled if you are funny and if you know how to use humour to your advantage....

See The World's Most Expensive Shoe Worth $2M (N320M) That Was Rocked By Nick Canon

See as person just dey use 320M Naira dey Rub Ground ,

There's opulence, and then there's $2 million dollar, diamond-encrusted, Jason Arasheben custom-made shoes that Nick Cannon wore The Nite he hosted the season finale of America's Got Talent.

Hey, at least they're scuff proof.

How must you Worth to Spend $2M on a leg?

I Made Her Who She Is Then She Dumped Me , Nicki Minaj's Ex-Manager Big Fendi Lament

Well Big Fendi is back with is Rant and Whine , He claim to have put Nicki Minaj on the map , But right now Nicki whom is worth about $52M does not even Give him his credit nor talk to him directly , some say Big Fendi Dumped then Lil wayne picked her and tushed her up , Big Fendi is saying he introduced Nicki Minaj to young money, well na em sabi .hehe

He told the Breakfast Club.."We don't talk. We talk through lawyers now.Nicki tried to offer me a finder's fee of $15,000. Yeah, I laughed at it. You can't be serious.'Nicki's a groupie. I mean, Nicki jumps from - Nicki started with me in '06, '07. I met her on MySpace - she had, like, a flyer page,'I switched it around. She was Nicki Maraj when I met her, I changed her name to Nicki Minaj.'How do you create an image, put it together, bring it to life. I put her with Young Money, I did everything. And she offered me $15,000 adding. They actually sent the $15,000, the money actually came. And she's been ducking me ever since. That was in '08

The Controversial Actresses AFROCANDY AND ANITA JOSEPH GO Shopping in ATLANTA (photos)

Well we all know these two happen to be really controversial Nollywood creatures ,well let's not flip old pages , but they sure look responsible and mature in these photos

New Music: A-Q (@thisisAQ) ~ Bass


A-Q IS Actually one of the most consistent ART IN AFRICA

After the successful release of his mixtape, “Son OF John”. A-Q Returns with another, he calls
this “Bass” check it out!


Video Premiere: Reminisce Ft. Wizkid ~ Eleniyan

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 9.50.02 AMCLASSIC VIDEO RIGHT HERE

Alaga Ibile is back with the official video of his recently released single “Eleniyan” which features Wizkid.
Check it out!

A Mex Video !

*Cheers* Governor Ajimobi takes up Awolowo Style cc @aaajimobi

Kudos to Gov Ajimobi for listening to the voices of the masses. By deciding to be shuttling between his house at Oluyole and Government House, he has increased our people's access to him.

The story from our people that they see him more regularly at Oluyole without police stopping them is welcome.

Why can't he even move totally to Oluyole?
Awolowo never stayed in the Government house for a day.

Blonde Hair Off, Tony Tetuila release New Campaign Poster

Well you guys finally got to him

He really wanted to keep his hair blonde cause that his trademark , But critics did not accept the idea , check out the New poster , how you like him now? Hehe

Genevieve Nnaji Can't Evolve Beyond her Present Heights - Charles Novia

Well Charles Novia is well known for his controversial comments on issues that we barely worry about ,

Who Is The Thief? Rihanna & Kim Kardashian Rock Same Racy JumpSuit To Same Event (Photos)

OMG? Adam Levine & new wife have bloody sex 18+ Photos

Dont know who gave this idea but damn .

Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine features his new Victoria Secret model wife Behati Prinsloo in his new video for 'Animals' and the newly wed get 100% naked and extremely intimate in the video.

Fast Rising Rapper Rich Homie Quan's Father Reportedly Shot 4 times, Currently In Critical Condition

Fast Rising rapper Rich Homie Quan's father was reportedly shot four times in Atlanta today, and is currently in critical condition.

This is a really Sad news from Atlanta on the day of Rich Gang's mixtape drop:TMZ claim that he is currently in a critical condition

Chris Brown Calls TMZ CEO Harvey Levin "The Devil"

Don't Know why Breezy went Michael Jackson on the CEO , but there are some heart deep expression in the caption of his post , as u will see beloe

Breezy posts (and later removes) a photo of TMZ CEO Harvey Levin on Instagram and calls him "the devil."

Christ Embassy: Anita Oyakhilome's name & Photo removed from New Rhapsody of Realities (Photo)

See Why Denzel Washington May Be the Last Pure Movie Star

Denzel Washington may exert the purest form of star power in movies today.
His name above the title guarantees a film will open to solid numbers, something few actors in Hollywood can credibly claim to deliver. He did it again last weekend, when his gritty R-rated thriller "The Equalizer" bowed to a sterling $35 million.

Monday, September 29, 2014

NiCKI MINAJ Flaunts Her Boobs* IN New Just Bra SelFies +18 photos

Anambra State Crisis,Fuel Tanker Explosion In Onitsha (Photos)

This just happened at Afia Nkpor Onitsha. Many are reportedly killed. - See more at: http://www.lailasblog.com/2014/09/fuel-tanker-explodes-in-onitsha-anambra.html#sthash.Jq0U3fw9.dpuf
THis happened today at AFIA NKPOR ,ONITSHA

AN EYE witness just informed us that a pregnant woman was also affected, GOD SEE THEM THROUGH

See PHOTOS From TheAmazing Flying Car accident along Ring road in Benin city

Funny Wedding VIDEO: Couple Dancing To Dbanj Oliver Twist





VIDEO : Unical Boys Videoed Themselves Abusing a Girl in an Uncompleted Building






Sassy MoCheddah Flaunts Her Ukwu In a Lovely Gown At The7th anniversary of TW Magazine (Photos)

Family of 31-yr old Graduate Whom Died in Police Custody cry out to Jonathan (Photo)

According to VANGUARD The family of late Chukwuma Ihezie, who allegedly died in police custody, has petitioned President Goodluck Jonathan seeking his order for an autopsy to be conducted on the deceased to enable them take his remains for burial.
Chukwuma reportedly died in detention six days after he was arrested by men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, Enugu State Police Command.

UPDATE: Well Wiz Khalifa Says Marriage Was Over Before Amber Rose Caught Him Cheating

Wiz Khalifa Says Marriage Was Over Before Amber Rose Walked In On Him With Another Woman

Well Wiz doesn't believe he cheated.

lets not crucify WIZ, the Pittsburgh rapper was quoted saying, "I just didn't want to be married to her anymore."
Wiz did not believe he was cheating on Rose, explaining that he had already moved out of the house and told friends weeks prior that the marriage was over. 
Amber Rose is looking to earn over a million dollars from Wiz Khalifa based on a prenuptial agreement the two signed before getting married. Custody of Wiz & Amber's child will be determined by a judge. Amber is asking for full legal and physical custody.

Rose walked in on Wiz with another woman at 2 AM on the day before she filed for divorce (Sept. 22). She is reportedly pointing the finger at Wiz for their marriage falling apart. Apparently, Amber felt that Wiz has been "stepping out" since his tour kicked off in July. Amber is telling friends that she wanted to join Wiz on the tour, but he came up with a series of excuses, the most frequent of which was she should stay home with their 1-year-old child.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Benefit of Marrying Tuface? Annie Idibia Wins "Actress Of The Year" Award , (Photos)


Nicki Too? Hackers Leak Nicki Minaj's Nude Photos +18 (See)

Well we are Still yet to Verify if this is really Nicki or not because the person in the picture Didn't show her face , But The Tattoos are There , The cleavage is there, the toned skin is there , and etcetera , the other Photos are too explicit to be posted here ,

Miss Hot Laps ,Empress Njamah Flaunting her Legs In Dubai (See Photos)

See Kanye West Squeezing Kim Kardashian's Big Weird UKWU "Butt"

Yesterday We posted a Pics of weird and Disfigured Butt , Some of our readers said we did not show her face so they were not sure if it was Kim K or Not , Well This Pics answer's it all , I just Hope the Butt doesn't Burst one day like it did in Boondocks , lol *Bye*

Exclusive: Hol Up!! Adult Website PornHub Launches PornHub Music Record Label

Just when Some of us were Thinking of how we can reduce the semi_Naked women and sexual content in our mainstream musics , the Adult Film industry is not holding back

UPDATE: Amber Rose allegedly walked in on Wiz Khalifa With anothe Woman the day before filing for divorce


The breakup saga of Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose keeps getting crazier, thanks mostly to TMZ, who continue to dig up new, sordid details about the couple's splintering relationship.
Their latest article on the topic claims that Rose walked in on Wiz with another woman at 2 AM on the day before she filed for divorce (Sept. 22). TMZ says Wiz moved out into his own place several weeks before the divorce, which is where Rose would eventually discover him cheating and, in the words of TMZ, "went nuts."

MMG Bawse Rick Ross Shares Photos Of Meek Mill In Jail (photos)


OUR  brother meek mill might not really be having a hard time in jail the MMG BAWSE ROZAY shared a pics of meek in jail,we don't know exactly when Meek Mill will be freed from jail (where he's serving time for a probation violation), but at least the MMG rapper looks happy in new pictures shared on Twitter by Rick Rosshttp://thumbs.hh.ulximg.com/public/article/600_1411837615_meek_ross_cshh_2_68.jpgRick Ross Shares Pictures Of Meek Mill In Jail

 adding that the Philly MC was "almost at the Door."

(Photo) Checkout Drake's New Epic Emoji Tattoo | Yay or Nay

Saturday, September 27, 2014

EXPOSITO!!! See The Methods That Petrol Stations, Attendants Use To Cheat And Extort Customers

This article is an eye opener.
Written by Tunde AJAJA of Punch, the write up exposes how fuel attendants in Nigeria extort customers. Read below:

SHOCKING!!! Meet The Boy That Sheds Skin Every 41 days Like A Snake (Graphic Photos)

Wonders shall Never End and we are always here to introduce you to the Wonders happening everywhere in the world

16-year-old Indonesian boy, Ari Wibowo has a terrible skin condition, which makes him Sheds his skin like a snake every 41 days

OMG!! What Is Wrong With Kim Kardashian's UKWU? (Photo)

That's a pics os Kim arriving at Montaigne Market in Paris today , is it just me or is something looking Weird behind her?

Match Preview: Manchester United Vs West Ham United Today At 3pm


It has not really been a good start for us this season, even though we MAN UTD fans are still very optimistic about finishing among the top 4 and making it to the champions league next season , lets take a quick look about our todays game against west ham united

Video: Leaked Video Clips Showing The New Windows 9 Features

Just as we expected microsoft to give us an improved version of Windows 8, our wish will soon be a reality , the new windows 9 has some of the features that we were expecting to  find in windows 8

Did Tonto Dikeh, Waconzy and Toyin Aimakhu Actually Lie To Us? (See WHAT THEY DID)

Hmm Anyways I don't believe Everything I read online unless *everything* is on Enekem.com , I know Celebs over-hype stuffs or do some crazy publicity stunt so am not amazed


Just Recently my Aunt Tonto Dikeh claimed that she got about 1.2million fans on Facebook in just four days, hmmm that is kind of deep , come to look at it I really Love TonTo Dikeh In fact she is arguably my Favorite Nigerian actress ,

Sup Guys Can You Rock This? See British reality star Bobby Norris In ballbag swimwear. 18+ Photos

We all know that BobbY Noris Is all about Controversies , This is what he wore during the filming of his show earlier in the week , let's just say he is Naked , Do you guys think this will be a Good Swimwear for the Future Generation? Can you Rock Something like this? Tell Us

EFCC Arrest Two In Benin City For $91,000 Internet Fraud

Just got the news that

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Friday, September 26, 2014 arraigned Dandeson Ebosele Ibhonitie, 26, a.k.a Dandy James,

Friday, September 26, 2014

HOW TO SURVIVE An Airplane Crash



Came across this Article while checking my email and I believe it will be very useful to those of us who travel by air almost all the time

LONDON (AP) — Each day, 8.3 million people around the globe step aboard some 93,500 flights. They almost always land safely.

PHOTO Of THE WEEK: Meet The Girl With The Most Face RINGs

I wonder how much pain she survived to reach this stage , any ways kudos to her, what is your pick on this type of style and phenomena-lity? And what will you caption this pics?


EFCC arraign Six fishermen for fishing in unauthorized waters + N10million Each for Bail (photo)

This is kind of Funny anyways , another Reason why Karl Marx claimed that The Govt is an instrument Made by the Rich To Protect The interest of the Rich ,

Every Average Nigerian is well Schooled with the Fact that Our Politicians are Great Money Launderers , The EFCC is suppose to Help Us reduce top national Crimes like the one Going on in The political and Financial Domain of the country But instead , Look at what we have here , lol


So Sad,Warri Pastor loses wife and four children in fire outbreak

I really hate hearing news such as this

The Parish Pastor of the Christ Apotolic Church in
Otumara in Warri Delta state, Pastor J.O. Kayoda,
yesterday September 25th lost his wife and four children,
two boys and two girls, in a fire outbreak at their home.

Federal High Court Discharge And Acquits Ikuforiji From N600m Money Laundering Charges

We just hope this was a fair Trial and not one of those Bribe and Discharge Case that only end up Grooming corruption in the country , Anyways

  Justice Ibrahim Buba of the Federal High Court, Lagos, has discharged and acquitted Adeyemi Ikuforiji, the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, from money laundering charges.

#Ebola Alert: About One Million People Quarantined In Sierra Leone

This getting really out of hand , Can you guys imagine how this deadly Virus is really threatening the Life of people is Sierra Leone ?

They really Need our Prayers , information Reaching us now is that Frantic efforts to contain the Ebola outbreak have led Sierra Leone to order the quarantine of three districts and 12 tribal chiefdoms. The latest move will effectively seal off around 1.2 million people who reside in the affected areas, NDTV reports.

President Ernest Bai Koroma reportedly announced on television yesterday, September 24, 2014 that the northern districts of Port Loko and Bombali were to be closed off along with the southern district of Moyamba.

Koroma added:

"The isolation of districts and chiefdoms will definitely pose great difficulty but the lives of everyone and the survival of our country takes precedence over these difficulties". "These are trying moments for everyone in the country."

Sierra Leone has already quarantined the eastern districts of Kenema and Kailahun and just recently ordered a 3-day lockdown in a bid to curb the spread of the disease.

Ebola has claimed over 2800 lives in West Africa with Sierra Leone accounting for a bulk of the casualties.

PRay For AFRICA , God Bless us

Many Men Of God Have Deviated From The Truth –Pastor Moses Alu

According to biblical ethics, pastors, being the shepherds of the flock (the congregation or souls in Christian parlance), are in the position to preach the gospel of Christ to the people to win them for Christ in readiness for the kingdom God.
In other words, they are supposed to guide (shepherd) them so that they don't fall away so that they could remain on the path to the expected destination. And the basic requisite to achieve this is by preaching the gospel truth.


This is kind of sad you know , you can only imagine what relationships would look like in the future generation ,

Just within 3 months , we have heard of about 4 celebrity Breakup/Divorce , come to think of it ,these are the people Idols in the industry ,people look up to these celebrities and even emulate their Lifestyles and conducts

Can Any of You Give Floyd Mayweather A perfect Caption For This Money Seductive PICs?

Hmm I will call it BED BANK , but I still don't support the idea of Making Money Than Sense , cause on the long Run Sense is Never Exhausted ,

Limpopo Crooner ''Kcee'' Also Acquires $153,000 2014 Range Rover SUV (Photo)

Just Like Celebrity Blogger Linda Ikeji , Kingsley Okonkwo, a.k.a Kcee has also acquired the 2014 Range Rover SUV.

Incase you don't know it cost $153,000 about N24million. Congrats to Him and incase you missed the most controversial article of the week by Titi Philips read it below

"If I Were Linda Ikeji, Why I Wouldn't Buy a Range Rover Sport With $153,000! By Tito Philips" http://t.co/7eGMqgwhzy

Kim Kardashian Brutally Attacked By Angry Fans At Paris Fashion Week (Photos)

GooD Morning ENEKEM Visitors, How Do You CapTion This Phenomenal Photo and Creativity?

Woke Up to This Photo , Anyways we all Know that The Asians Are Arguably The Most Creative Set of People in The World But , oh My God , How Do me Caption This picture? Drop Your comments Below Fam

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...