Friday, October 10, 2014

What??? See The Most Shocking And Bizarre Birthday Cake Ever (Yuck)

This has to be the Yuckest Birthday Cake I have ever seen.

I know some of you won't dare eat this cake , but I would I love cakes hehe

OMG!! 18year-old Boy Murdered Mum and Lost His Virginity To Her Corpse (photo)

I just couldn't roll over this news , like what the hell was he thinking , this has to be the most bizarre News that I have heard lately ,

A teenager has been jailed for life after admitting to killing his mother and then raping her corpse.

Kevin Davis murdered Kimberly Hill, 50, in her Texas apartment on 27 March.

OH!! Linda Ikeji Is A Big Fool, Google Didn't Take Down Her Blog, It Was A ''Publicity'' Stunt-- ChichiNwaafrica

                    Bravo I must say! But For how long can one think they can fool people just for some cheap publicity stunts. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan and at the same time not a hater. What I cant stand is the way I feel violated with all the bull crap of "claiming google shut her down"
                   Well, sit back, relax and enjoy this read....For I will take my time to explain to you how Linda and her friend Mr. Dee played a nice stunt on her readers.

First of all, Google cannot be reached that easily, secondly, google sends warning emails before taking any drastic action on their bloggers. So my dear Linda, STOP giving google a bad name.....Besides, if google is that bad. Why are you still blogging on their platform? Shouldn't you have ran with Dunlop Elite tires on your legs?

Now let's dissect this her so called "takedown" story;
So Linda tells Nigerians that her blog was taken down by google and we all started blaming and blasting without doing our homework. Well, sorry to burst your bubbles because her blog was NEVER taken down by google but by her and the guy in question. I spoke with some IT guys here in Phoenix and LA and another from Go-daddy in scottsdale (Thank goodness for asking questions oo) and they told me that google can never take down someones blog without a 'warn' or notification. It has never happened and "who is she" to get such attention from google. Besides, when it comes to entertainment, everyone copies from everyone even here in the USA so how did hers become such a big deal in such a short time....LOL

They agreed I use their names so will go by names from here..... Kent who works with Facebook (former staff with google)  and IT tech told me that one can take down their blog and reinstate it by themselves as long as it doesn't exceed a period of 3 months. When I showed him the screen shoot from her "take down" story (pictured below)

He laughed so hard that I felt stupid for even bothering to blog about the whole thing in the first place. Anyways, I played blonde just to get my fact right. I asked Kent how that is possible and he said that I should just go to my Blogger dashboard and follow the steps below;
How To delete your blog:

Sign in to

Next to the blog you want to delete, select Settings from the drop-down..

Select Settings.

Under “Settings” on the left side of the page, click Other.

Go to "Blog tools."

Optional Click Export blog to save a copy on your hard drive.

Click Delete this blog.
As scary as it sounds, LOL I decided to try it BUT....... With a test blog I created. and yup! it worked just like he said (See what mine also says below)
That's the test blog I deleted and I turned back on after following the below steps he showed me by asking me to learn more about the whole blogging wahala HERE. For all my fellow bloggers, have fun trying this as well! 
And yes it came back! See the pics below;
And I was told she even posted another stuff about her and the guy.....Out of curiosity when some reader sent the link to me, I decided to read it. And yes! Did she give her self away without knowing it. Linda claimed the chat was through hangout right? Well, let me break that down for you.
Google hangout is your gmail account. Everything you do on google is through that gmail account you signed up with. And just like hangouts works, you can not change someones name or not know who the person is. So how can Linda be chatting and not see the name as it showed on her screen shots that it was her so called "rival"? 
Tim, the IT that works with Go-daddy here in Scottsdale said, that her screenshot and part of her copy and paste chat didn't add up....LOL wait for it.......if you go to her blog to read the convo with Aye guy, You will notice that some path of the copy and paste FONTS didn't rhyme with some. It showed edited writing. I took the pleasure to screen grab that as well. see below;
Thats just the least from the many edited so called chat.
So my dear fellow Nigerians, see what people do just to stay on top of fame....She may have fooled many. But definitely Not Chi-Chi!
As for the Aye guy that took and is taking in all the abuse for Linda.....I really admire your courage and I hope Linda sees that and keeps you for ever! Guys like you are hard to find... Bravo! 
You two definitely have played a Beyonce and JayZ on us but not for so long my dears

WoooW!! See The Make-Up Artist That Can Make Himself Look Like Any Female Celeb He wants (See Live Photos)

Photo Of The Day: LMAO Who Ever Put These Photos Together Gotta Be a Genius(See)

This has to be the cutest picture I have ever seen.

Can't stop Laughing , No comment-----lol

OMG NOT AGAIN, Hackers Release Actress Keke Palmer's Nude Photos

According to Atlanta Daily World, about half a dozen pictures of the 21-year-old actress were leaked, showing her in various staged of nudity. The site even claims there is a photo of Keke sitting naked on the toilet.

The latest celebrity photo hacking caused "Keke Palmer" to trend on Twitter, with some users even posting her alleged pictures.

Sweet Fame, Actress Angelina Jolie Spent Her Afternoon With The Queen Of England(Photos)

Meet 17year-Old Malala Yousafzai ,2014 Nobel peace prize Winner And Youngest Winner Ever

Malala speaks at the UN in New York on her 16th birthday in 2013. Photograph: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images

OMG!! 14year-Old Boy Caught On Camera Having Sex With A Female Goat In Enugu (Graphic Photo)

This Picture Is actually Really Disturbing , We know that some Ritualist have Sex with Animals For Various Reasons , But Damn What could have pushed this kid into engaging in a really mind-boggling act like this ?

Bird Transforms Into A Lady at Oshodi (See Photo)

Just so this in my In box , According to the gist that is been shared by twitter User DavidTheGear;

Kim Kardashian Shares Cute Baby Photo Of Her And Northwest

Them resemble shaa , But I no dey see Kanye West for that pikin face , e be like say Na drake pikin , lol

PANDEMONIUM on Air Plane As A Passenger Yelled He Has Ebola On Board (Photos)

HOT OR NUT , Checkout Actress Daniella Okeke Wearing Fierce Looking Make up

Well the lady is Fine , you just can't take that away from her

Music LEAK: Akon feat. D’banj – FROSH

D'BANJ really has no chill just this morning we celebrated his new endorsement deal with beats by dre/apple READ HEREand just few hours Akon and D’banj on a FROSH level
download  this heavy sound “Frosh” from American superstar, Akon featuring African king of Afro and Beats by Dre Africa Ambassador, D’banj. Though it’s not an official single, but it was “leaked” by Atlanta’s very own DJ Fully Focus.
We can’t wait for the clean version to be released but for now, download and enjoy this hot tune.




NOT AGAIN!! Iggy Azalea's "Husband" IS DIVORCING HER And Getting RICH For IT



The divorce is a "money grab" say Iggy's reps.


Well i love me a business inclined creature, and unlike normal celebrity divorces were the woman is more likely to cart away the financial gain,it is the man this time

#YouNeedANewBank: CAN YOU DANCE? Win N250,000 by creating your own video

 I MIss my dancing years well if you still have it, here is goody bag for you

 The official video for #YouNeedANewBank is finally out. Energetic youths, women, men and kids dancing and singing, telling you why you need a new bank. Watch the video above and follow this link to participate in the video contest for a grand price of N250,000. 

Consolation prizes also up for grabs.


I think i speak for students in all tertiary institutions(universities especially) including students of both primary and secondary institutions, that the educational system of Nigeria is still begging for alms in the street of development and improvement, statistics have shown that Nigeria ranks poorly in the educational sector of the world,

IT IS OFFicial, Apple/Beats By Dre Has Made KoKo Master Their OFFicial African Ambassador(Photos)

LOL, Star Actress Tasha Smith Actually Thought Tyler Perry Was Asexual

Have seen a couple of her movies and I love the way she acts , but damn why would she think of such a thing like that?

You can always count on Tasha Smith to speak her mind. The "Why Did I Get Married" star visited the "Wendy Williams Show" recently where she was blindsided by news about Tyler Perry's pregnancy, to which she responded:

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...