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New Music: Phenom | B.R.A (Ise Yen Freestyle)

Dozage/Knighthouse artist Phenom (@otunba_Phenom) decides to hit us with a freestyle on the Sarz produced ‘Ise Yen’ instrumental With his trademark inch-perfect delivery and heavy punchlines, phenom delivers the hardest verses of the year on this freestyle. Additional production by Knighthouse’s producer ‘Echo’. You should also check out Phenom’s hot single ‘Amen’ on t.v, radio and online. Every good rapper acknowledges the fact that there are top cats in the game and Phenom had to do the right thing. Listen to this freestyle and you will understand what i’m saying..


Star Musician Flavor Shows-Off His Massive Back Tattoo (Photo)

Well I don't love tatts but I love Dogs , hehe

SEE THE 10 Life Lessons Every Student Should Know Before Graduating From School



As a student you probably would not believe us if we tell you that are absolutely naive and no, you are not on top of the world.

You will soon graduate from the university, service year is going to be awesome (at least according to the stories you’ve heard).

After service, you are going to get a job, have a family, build a home, become a millionaire and live happily ever after.

There is just one problem with your plan. The only problem with your plan is the real world.

This article is to lets students know things to look out for before they graduate so they don’t get railroaded.

1. A Degree Does Not Entitle You To A Job

We all know getting a degree means a lot of hard work and commitment but because you have a degree does not mean somebody is going to grant you an automatic job offer.

Gone are the days when all you needed to get a good job was a university degree.

We were all told the same lies in secondary school, get a university degree and a mouth watering job would fall on your lap.

The smart people are the ones who figured out this lie early in school and made sure the time they spent in school would separate from other students who were busy enjoying school life to the fullest.

It’s time to get your head out of the sand.

2. Start The Job Search Before You Graduate

Job hunting is a complicated thing and there is no almighty formula for you to acquire a job. Job seeking is not something you can “cram” for and pour out everything during an exam. There are no cheat notes for post-graduation experience.

The job hunting business is an on-the-training experience and the best way to get ahead of your colleagues is to start your career exploration during your service year or better yet during your university days.

You can research branches of your field, do internships (industrial trainings), find out what size of company is for you, and practice job searching techniques.

Put these tips in play and by the time you’re done with service, you’ll be prepared for the next phase of your life and it will be quite tricky for reality to hit you with tons of bricks.

3. Facebook Is Forever

Not just facebook, but twitter, instagram, and every other social network that you decide to be a part of.

What does this mean to an average student? Well it means that every obscure joke you post on Facebook, every explicit picture you share, every inappropriate comment will be visible to the world when you become famous or when you go job hunting.

At the very least, know how to manipulate your social media privacy settings and restrain yourself from littering your social media accounts with unfitting content.

Being appropriate on the web is just as important for a political career as it is for finding employment. Your binge drinking photos might be funny now but they won’t be so hilarious in five years time.

4. Life Is Expensive

You are probably surviving on the allowance you receive from your parents right now and you’ve realized that life can be expensive, EXPENSIVE.

Just wait until you have to live on your own, probably during service year or when you get your first job.

By the time you pay for house rents, transportation fare, recharge cards, light bills, water bills, food, utilities, and every miscellaneous expense. It won’t take long before you realize that life is expensive.

Everything would suddenly become so expensive that you would sometimes feel like crying.

This is one of the most painful things to learn. EVERYTHING costs money.

Anytime from now, you should learn how to create a budget for yourself. Otherwise your rent will be due, your kitchen will be empty and you will be busy dodging from the people you owe money.

5. Never Be Scared To Take Chances

This is probably the most important lesson you have to learn before you graduate, never be scared to take chances. You’ll never get anywhere you want if you don’t take calculated risks every now and then.

No one is telling you to jump out of a plane or go swimming with crocodiles (which would be awesome if you survive), but nothing in life comes easy. Yes, it is cliché, but it the hard truth. After all, nothing can deputise experience.

When you become a graduate, the best option is not becoming a boring office robot whose life revolves around work.

Your twenties and thirties are the some of the best years of your life, we kid you not.

Do not be afraid to face the real world with open arms, explore opportunities, and take chances. You’ll be surprised at what fate has in stock for you.

6. Learn How To Interact With People

Learning how to interact is a very valuable skill you need to have in your belt. It is a “street smart” skill. You could read a million books on how to interact with people but the only way to develop your interaction skill is to put it into practice constantly until it becomes a part of you.

This skill will surely be tested each time you go for a job interview. Heck! You even need this job more if you are an entrepreneur.

Learn to greet people with a smile. Say “thank you, please and I appreciate” whenever the situation deems necessary. These small gestures go a long way to make a huge difference. Don’t be so quick to dismiss the power of appreciation and courtesy.

Make small talk, get to know anyone you have to spend more than thirty minutes with, help them if you can. Who knows? You might meet your own saviour.

Don’t know what to talk about? You could talk about the TV shows you watch, the cool blogs you visit on the net (don’t forget to mention, the weather – hint hint : ).

Learn to be always positive, make sure people smile after talking to you.

7. A Skill Will Get You Farther Than A Certificate

What we recommend is that you pick up as many skills as possible, as long as you have a passion for it. Do not say “I am studying English Language, why do I need to learn HTML?” If you are computer major, take a couple of management trainings. It will help you in the long run.

The skills you acquire do not necessarily have to be educational; you could learn tailoring, baking, programming, carpentry . . . anything. You never know when your minor skill will become your added advantage, or your primary source of income.

Not only that, you will be able to converse with a larger variety of different people, plus it shows your employer that you are a fast and versatile learner.

8. Save Something – Anything

Start saving now and you’ll be setting the foundation of your financial future.

There is always a need to save, even if it is the tiniest bit each month. Like we said earlier, life is expensive and the best way to be prepared is for you start saving right now.

Whether it’s for a big purchase, an emergency or for your future it’s important to have a little money for fall back to during rainy days. Trust us, those days will come.

9. You Are Going To Need Lots Of Hardwork

You are now a graduate, you no longer need to read through the night, attend boring lectures and write difficult examinations. Your life should be an easy pie from here. Right? Wrong.

In fact, this is the time that you need to work harder than you imagined, if you want to be successful.

Although you could relax; get a federal government appointment, and retire on your pension. This is perfect, if you want to be mediocre.

We are you are among those that want to be successful. In order to do that, you are going to need a lot of brain work, stay up late at nights and lots of reading if you are going to be among the 1%.

Even if your father is a billionaire, it’s a lot of hard work maintaining all that money.

10.Success Takes Time

After applying all these, do not expect to become a millionaire overnight, or in a week or in a month. Success takes time.

No matter the amount of hard work, Success takes time.

If you are in a hurry to be successful, you will either fall prey to money swindlers or get yourself entangled in something highly illegal. Neither of them sounds good.

That’s all for now!

You don’t have to wait until you graduate to gain these little nuggets of wisdom. Put them to use! Then start collecting some of your own

DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Nicki Minaj Twerks Her Big Back* Out

rp_yesnaija.com_67.jpgHMMM NICKI ,Nicki Minaj posted a video of herself winding her hips to
the tune of her own voice, few minutes later, Nicki postedanother video with a funny caption that reads, “This ain’t
me. It’s a friend of mine.”
Watch and Download video below;


New Music: Oritse Femi |Want It Ft. Shatta Wale (Prod. By. Laylow)

photo (1)

Check out this new tune from the music taliban, Oritse Femi. He features Shatta Wale on this one titled “Want It”Produced by Lay Low, Check it out :)

Video Premiere: Yemi Alade (@yemialadee) – Kissing


Check out the official video for Yemi Alade’s “Kissing” off her album, “King Of Queens”.
The video of the Fliptyce produced romantic smash was shot in London and directed by Sesan. Yemi Alade interprets the musical number with a dramatic and narrative visual about love through the ages.

New Music: Reminisce | Let It Be Known {Freestyle}

Reminisce - SunkereAlaga Flows.. Ibile Bump this new freestyle from Alaga Ibile Himself. Let it be known Produced by Jospo.


VIDEO: Club in PH where Ladies take off their Clothes to Entertain Customers

PH city has decided to take entertainment to the next level, as they opened this new Club in PH, owned by a French man.

Since they launched the club, it has been so much fun in there as some beautiful ladies have been entertaining their customers in a more advanced method.

It's a big rival to the other casual clubs because most people now tend to catch more fun here than in other places.

Watch and see for yourself!


#BBAHOTSHOTS: Mira washing off after doing things with luis (video)

mira taking her bath in bba after doing thing with luis


CAPtIon This Epic Group Pose .Lol

Na wa o , no be say the thing big sef , tsw

CONGrAts!! Peter Okoye Bags Olympic milk Ambassador Deal (Photos)

Congrats to the man , but I was just curious why he is the only one out there , when we know that he has a brother and partner in business , Paul okoye is missing, do they now do deals like this with one half of a music duo? .... Well this is the first Time the duo are not endorsing a product together... I don't want this to be mind-boggling ..... Congrats Peter *cheers*

PHOTO OF THE DAY:LMAO!! See The Most EPIC Bride & Groom Kiss Ever

This has to be the cutest picture I have ever seen.

Well That's what you get if you have to be phenomenal .... Romantic

See The Advert Banner Featuring Woman’s Breast That Caused More Than 517 Accidents In One Day (Must See)

This is kind news is Funny dou ,Well it is just another case of trial and error

An advertising campaign which made use of a woman's breasts has caused more than 517 traffic accidents in one day.

WOW!! Khloe Kardashian's Real Dad is Lionel Richie (See Photo And Claims)

we just have to carefully verify this information ,some of us Know how  Khloe Kardashian's paternity has always been under question.

After 5Years Of Death,Michael Jackson Tops Forbes List of 'Highest-Earning Dead Celebrities'

This is what a Good investment can do for you , this type of fortune is not particular to celebrities or the wealthy , I just hope some of my Naija peeps are taking note

NFF Finally Sack Super Eagles Coach Stephen Keshi

This what I woke up to this morning , I saw it coming but I wondered why it took them so long ...... Cause that's how they roll . well Stephen keshi's place, former Super Eagles coach, Amodu Shuaibu is to lead a consortium of coaches for the final two games of the 2015 African Nations Cup qualifier. ColinUdoh reports that an expatriate coach will thereafter be appointed to take charge of the squad.

LMAO!!! See Wizkid Doing The Hilarious Shoki Dance Moves (Photos)


Daniela Poggiali, 42, is suspected of killing up to 38 hospital patients in Italy that she found annoying. (Daniela Poggiali / Twitter)

PHOTO UPDATE: See The Bouncing Baby Boy Mercy Johnson Gave Birth To

Congrats to her Again, Mercy Johnson who welcomed her first son and second child today, October 15th at St Joseph Hospital, University of Maryland, Baltimore.

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

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