Friday, October 24, 2014

Lady Exposes Her Private Part At Public Museum To Reenact Famous Gustav Courbet's Painting (Photos)

While some may say She really took it to the extreme, most people that are emotionally attached to Art Works can really understand the impulse that ignited her action

Deborah de Robertis demonstrated her own edition of The Origin of the World.
Gustav Courbet's 19th century erotic oil painting The Origin of the World features the genitals of an (until recently) faceless nude and is roundly considered a masterpiece.

Although at the time of painting it was considered too risqué to exhibit and could even have seen the artist sent to prison on charges of "affronted pubic and religious morals", it now hangs in Paris's Musée d'Orsay.
Months ago, artist Deborah de Robertis decided to incorporate Courbet's work into her own performance piece
This saw her take a seat in front of the priceless painting and expose her own genitals to museum goers.
Robertis is seen entering the strolling into the gallery barefoot and dressed elegantly in a sparkling gold dress.
She settles below the painting believed to be of Courbet's then lover Irish model Joanna Hiffernan – splays her legs and holds open her vulva.
Startled museum guards flutter around Robertis, occasionally standing in front of her spread legs, though the artist does not even appear to raise an eyebrow.
Spontaneous applause breaks out during the impromptu show which ended with Robertis eventually being escorted away by police

It was reported that two of the museum guards have filed sexual exhibitionist complaints against her.
A museum spokesman said: "This is a typical case of disrespecting the museum's rules, whether for a performance or not.
"No request for authorisation was filed with us. And even if it had been, it's not certain we would have accepted it as that may have upset our visitors."
Robertis tells Luxemburger Wort: "If you ignore the context, you could construe this performance as an act of exhibitionism, but what I did was not an impulsive act.
"There is a gap in art history, the absent point of view of the object of the gaze. In his realist painting, the painter shows the open legs, but the vagina remains closed.
"He does not reveal the hole, that is to say, the eye. I am not showing my vagina, but I am revealing what we do not see in the painting, the eye of the vagina, the black hole, this concealed eye, this chasm, which, beyond the flesh, refers to infinity, to the origin of the origin."
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#Ebola : Pandemonium As New York Doctor Tests Positive for Ebola

This is a really Sad news for the American,  33-year old New York Doctor who recently returned from Guinea in West Africa has tested positive for ebola. He is the first Ebola case diagnosed in New York, and the fourth in the US.

  The doctor was in the country to treat Ebola patients,  and was working for the charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). He left Guinea on 14 October, and returned to New York City on 17 October. But on Tuesday he began to feel tired and developed a fever and diarrhoea on Thursday.

    Suspecting he had the virus, he quarantined himself and called for medical attention, before being transferred to New York City's Bellevue Hospital, where he is being kept in isolation.

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EVILS!!! Okada Rider Kills Police Man who Seized His Motorcycle

As the end of the year is fast approaching , series of death cases and heartless activities keeps occurring ,

                          A police corporal, Joseph Ebosele, has been confirmed dead at a Lagos hospital after he was hit with an iron rod by a motorcyclist, Bakare Lukman, in the Meiran area of Lagos State. On Oct. 11, a police patrol team seized a bike belonging to one Lukman after he was seen using the bike around 11:00pm. Lukeman reportedly escaped from the police and waylaid Ebosele where he hit him with the iron rod. He tells Punch:

"After they seized the bike I went ahead of them and stayed in a mechanic shop. It was there I saw an iron rod which I took. While waiting on Meiran Road, I saw their van pass by, then I saw the policeman riding my bike. I used all my strength to hit him with the iron before fleeing with my bike."

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MUSIC PREMIERE: MacDavid (@iam_macdavid) ~ Jubadi [ ft.Threepu & O.C RAW]

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Jubadi is the most recent dance Track from Joseph Moshope David AKA MacDavid and this song has great lines, he features Threepu and Oc Raw on the hit single, with good Rap vocals from MacDavid, Threepu, and great chorus from Oc Raw,

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...