Monday, October 27, 2014

LMAO!!! See What This Parent Did To Her Daughter For Lying About Her Age On Facebook (photos)

Mehn this is really a shameful act , but I think it is good parenting , little girls this days are in a haste to grow up and start living like adults ,

Mr Kevin Jones had to stop her daughter from deceiving people On social networks the hard way ...... Haha , if you were the girl what would you do after this?

Photo Of The Day: This has To Be the Most Epic Birthday Table Setting Ever (see)

Lmao na wa o

Baddest Boy!! Wizkid Arrested For Smoking Weed In Kenya

Well let's just say he didn't control the huge , the Starboy Records CEO who was in Nairobi over the weekend to shoot a video and also had one or two shows was actually arrested at Nairobi Crown Plaza, a non-smoking hotel where he lodged.

A Nairobian website which gave account of the scene reports that, the Nigerian star was arrested when he was about checking out of the hotel after it was discovered he had smoked an illegal substance- weed.

The hotel manager questioned him about the illegal act, which made them have a hot argument, before the hotel security men called in the police. Victoria Kimani who had been visiting him in his hotel room was also there to help him check out and witnessed the whole scenario.

When the police came, they insisted he will have to follow them to their station; Capital Hill Police Station after they handcuffed him.  Even though he had paid the Sh50, 000 fine the hotel charges for breaking their rules, he was still taken away before he finally sort himself out.

Woow!! See The Wealthy Nigerians That Spend almost £4million(N1b) on London property every WEEK

When I say there is money in our country some people will take the opposing side well According to a report by UK newspaper The Daily Mail, Nigerians and African in general make up a wealthy few that spend almost 4 million pounds (over 1 billion naira) on London property every week.

See The 300L UNIBEN That Was Murdered By Gunmen On Campus (Photo)

This is really sad because there have been a lot of killings recently in the university Environ , the most recent one is A 300 level student of the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Physical Sciences at the University of Benin in Edo state, Ejiroghene Gbenidio (pictured above) was shot dead by unknown gunmen inside the Ugbowo campus of the school on Friday October 24th.

Instagram Celeb Yorkie Terrie Flaunts Her Flat Tummy And Backy In New Photos| Hot Or Nut ? (Photos)

Well it takes hard work and commitment to have a hour-glass,coke bottle and healthy body

The chocolate skinned insta-celed has got it

But from the critical angle , what's is that under her belly button? ...... *Sips coke*

ENEKEM PRESENTS NEW Mixtape: DjSlimtee (@real_djslimtee) ~ Music On The Street

ENEKEM | GIST TV | HKT ENT presents Dj Slimtee 'Music on the Street Mixtape vol1.

Dj Slimtee is the official DJ to GIST TV so expect the best from him.

You just have to love all the songs on it , dance till your legs fall off

Download, Listen and Enjoy.


Wow!!! Nick Cannon Donates His $2m Diamond-encrusted Shoes to Charity(Photo)

Philanthropists like this are hard to come by , Actor and TV host, Nick Cannon has donated his diamond- encrusted foot wear to the St Mary's Hospital for Children in Queens, New York.

The shoes will be auctioned off at a later date and the hospital will keep all the money made from selling it.

Young Money Ex-Artist Lil Chuckee Filed Molestation Charges Against Birdman

The issue of homosexuality is not new in the Young money label , few years ago a controversial picture of birdman and Lil Wayne having a French surfaced , now it is reported that YM ex-artiste Lil chuckee recently filed molestation charges against the YM CEO birdman in his own words he said

Must READ! “Show me a light-skinned celebrity who doesn’t bleach and I will show you…” – Etcetera

Etcetera is out with another Funny but true article , the last time he exposed the fake lifestyles of naija celebs and this time he is sending shots at all the bleaching celebs in Naija .......

Read below Etcetera's article on bleaching and share your thoughts.

The Association of Bleaching Celebrities of Nigeria wishes to use this medium to inform the public that the inexcusable attitude of some of its members to their fans has been brought to its attention
It has also been said that some members of this esteemed organization have embarrassingly refused to shake hands with their fans and in some of these cases, the aggrieved fans are said to have been little kids. On behalf of all celebrity bleachers, we the ABNC kindly ask for your forgiveness.
You loved us when we were black and we sincerely ask you not to love us any less even now that we are light skinned.

We also want you guys to understand that we celebrities bleach our skin so that we can lighten up your screens so you will never have to increase the brightness and contrast of your TV anymore.

You can ask our Nigerian movie producers why they prefer us light skinned actors. That being said, we also want to sound a note of warning to all celebrity bleachers. According to section 19 of our annually reviewed constitution, no bleacher operating within our ranks has any right whatsoever to disrespect his or her fans.

Such unruly attitude should stop henceforth. Anyone culpable of this dastardly act will be severely dealt with according to what is stated in our constitution. We want to also use this medium to pass this vital information to the rest of the public and it will be in the interest of everyone to read the following very carefully.

The ABNC is the umbrella body of all celebrity bleachers and we are responsible for every bleaching celebrity you see on TV and on the streets. We will also like you to understand that no celebrity bleacher will intentionally snub or refuse to shake hands with his or her fans. A lot of these incidents have occurred as a result of stigmatisation of bleachers by the public. Nigerian celebrity bleachers especially have been unfairly criticized by the public for having black knuckles, white body and black yansh.

Therefore, the unwillingness of celebrity bleachers to shake hands in public should be regarded as a silent protest over the bizarre treatment accorded bleachers in this country. They are humans and they deserve the rights to decide their skin or vein colours.Be it black, blue, red or rainbow, it is their choice and the public must accept and respect it.

After all, if you are a very observant fan, you would have noticed that all light-skinned male celebrities always wear suits or long sleeve shirts and walk with their hands in their pockets. Walking with your hands in your pockets is prescribed by this distinguished organization to all bleachers.

In cases of bleaching gone wry, please note that celebrity bleachers don't do all these because they want to be seen as fashionably sensitive or too cool to care. They do it to avoid that embarrassing moment when you discover that your pretty face celebrity has the hands of a local tye and dye merchant.

We hope that henceforth, whenever you see a light skinned celebrity with pocketed hands, you will save yourself the embarrassment and kindly let him be. A celebrity bleacher with bad bleaching experience is like a dog with rabies and no sane person messes with a rabies-infected dog. We implore you non-bleachers to be more sensitive to the plights of bleachers. To you male fans who love greeting women with a kiss on their cheeks, please be advised to keep your damn kisses to yourself whenever you see those light-skinned celebs who love tying scarves around their necks.It is not fair to expose someone's multi-coloured neckline to the whole world because you want to prove that you can greet like an arab.

And if you are a church usher who is fond of telling people to raise their hands up during worship, better stay the hell away from any light-skinned celebrity you see in church. Allow them to worship with their hands glued to their sides. We swear, you don't want to see that armpit.

Our sincere appreciation also goes to all men out there dating a celebrity bleacher, we commend your patience. You have stood by them knowing you can't take them to the pool because of their black yansh. And when they forced you to take them against your will to the pool, you still had to endure the fact that they got into the swimming pool fully dressed in their leggings, T-shirts and stockings. May you be rewarded handsomely for your stoicism and perseverance. One quick advice though, inasmuch as you may love your bleached spouse and want to treat her to different types of adventure, it is paramount that you resist every pressure to take her to the beach.

Please listen to us very carefully; you have to protect her from bleachers allergies. They react to sea water like an ogbanje reacts to deliverance. And if you don't want to be staring at your bleached spouse rolling and crying in agony on the beach sand, don't let the sea water come in contact with her skin.
Nigerians, please stop judging us by the colour of our skin. We will never be ashamed to admit to the public that all light-skinned celebrities are bleachers because this same bleaching has made us the most preferred in Nollywood today. It has made our ladies more desirable and more noticeable by Nigerian men. It has also helped some of our colleagues who were straight up ugly become attractive.

That is why our motto is, Show me a light-skinned celebrity who doesn't bleach and I will show you a local dog that doesn't eat shit.

Yuck!! I Almost Threw Up, PLASTIC SURGERY GONE WRONG (Xclusive Photos)

I know what they were thinking , they were trying to enhance their beauty and look more better by perfecting the work of the perfect God,

well some people went through the same process and came out successful , maybe they were not lucky , No I don't believe in Luck , I guess they were out by nature to be used as the bad

Well if there is anything you should not joke with , They are Mother Nature, Mother Law And Of Course the Works of God ........ They look like ******nevermind**** today is monday .

PHYNO Shares A PIC OF Him and His Lovely Mother (Photo)

One Of the Top Naija rappers of the moment Phyno recently shared this pics of him and is mother on Instagram with the caption:

"I told u everything will b great mum!!! Nnem"

What a feeling , When your mother is around to enjoy your success with you , or when your father smile and say *Son am so proud of you* .......... Goodmorning Enekem Readers

Ever Seen Kanye Smile? This Has To Be His Best Smile Ever (photo)

It is hard to see kanye smile , that's just not him but seem like him and Kim K are really enjoying their marriage

Kanye West Shares the Biggest Smile Ever With Kim Kardashian at the San Francisco Giants Game

See How Ebube Essien-Garricks, MTN Aeroplane Winner Spent Her 'N64million Naira'

November 13 2014 will make it exactly 2years since 27-year-old student of the Rivers State College of Health Science and Technology, Gladys Ebube Essien-Garricks was announced winner of the MTN Ultimate Wonder "Win An Aeroplane" Promo.

Rather than have the plane she actually won, Gladys had chosen the N64million cash prize which instantly changed her life and status. Fast forward to today, 2 years later, YNaija caught up with the mega millionaire to find out what she has been up to since the win. Excerpts:

How the 'win' was celebrated:
It was really an amazing thing that happened to me, I'm yet to get over the excitement. Not any one can be lucky like I was and I am still very grateful to God. My family threw me a party to celebrate but it was an in-house thing, it wasn't an elaborate one, just private family celebration. We didn't invite outsiders to avoid being kidnapped, lol.

You have been off the radar, why is that?

Yes and that's because I am presently studying business information system in Malaysia. I left Nigeria in May, 2013.

Why Malaysia?
Actually I wanted to go to Georgia but my ticket wasn't ready by then, so I settled for here and I really like it here anyway.

But you were already studying at the Rivers State College of Health Science and Technology

Yes but I had to quit, I couldn't go back to complete my studies because the whole winning incident made me popular in school, everyone would point at me, try to be friends with me and all….. I was known all over which the school and I had to leave for security reasons, I didn't feel safe.

After paying your tithe offering, what was the first thing you bought from the money?

I let it breath fresh air in the bank, then I bought lots of land…I didn't acquire houses or cars because that is not the main thing for now, moreover I'm not available to look over them so I settled for lands, it's a safer investment. I would acquire the other properties with time.
And your parents?

I have settled my parents and I am taking good care of them but let me point out that we were doing okay even before I won the money; we had our own family house before then too. 

You didn't go shopping at all…get new stuffs, change your wardrobe?

Yes I did. I changed my wardrobe, bought new stuffs for me and my family but I'm not a shopping freak

What has changed about you since the win?

Nothing much. I am still the humble me, the person I used to be. The money doesn't make me misbehave because God detests the proud.

You once said you will buy machines, work for yourself and be an employer of labour, have you fulfilled this yet?
Not really, plans change, and I am not in that field any more as I am studying something else now but if God permits, then it will be done
Let's talk about your love life. After you won the money, you said you had lots of toasters

Hahahaha it gave me headache. They all came because of the money you know…many of them got my contact from my sisters, they would call me to make empty promises, one of them even went as far as saying he'll build a big house for my mum and also take me abroad, imagine! They went as far as calling to ask my parents if I am married…but it's all good now, since I relocated here, everything has died down. I am now in a relationship and I will get married in due season
Would you return to Nigeria after your studies or settle fully in Malaysia?
I will only visit. I am working on being an international business woman, but don't ask me what I intend supplying, lol.

So have you exhausted all the N64 million?

Haba, no not really, I still have some left

Any advise to the Nigerian youths?
Youths should be patient and wait for their time, God's time is the best, thank you!

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...