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See The UNIBEN Student That Was Napped By EFCC For $12,000+ Internet Scam (Photo)

Well see the EFCC Official statement Below...
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Thursday, October 30, 2014 arraigned an undergraduate of the University of Benin, Kenneth Rukewe Ebule before Justice E. F Ikponmwen of an Edo State High Court, sitting in Benin- City on a 6- count charge bordering on forgery, obtaining money by false pretence and possession of fraudulent documents.The accused person allegedly duped Sabine Albert, a German, of the sum of $12, 088, 75 through fraudulent claims.
Rukewe, 30, a final year student of Computer and Statistics at the University of Benin, was arrested by officials of a new generation bank on May 28, 2014 in Benin City and handed over to the EFCC for further investigation.
Troubles started for him when Albert alleged that within two months after he had internet contact with him, Rukewe fraudulently obtained the sum of $12,088,75 (Twelve Thousand Eighty Eight Dollars and Seventy Five Cents) from him.

Wiz Khalifa Says He'd Like To "Break The Stigma" Of You Seeing Him as a 'Weed Head'

In a new interview, Wiz Khalifa opens up about is "stoner" image, saying he'd like to "break the stigma" that surrounds it.

When you hear the term "stoner rap," Wiz Khalifa's certainly one of the first artists who springs to mind, and the vice versa of that is true too -- one of the defining characteristics of Wiz's music has always been his affinity for marijuana. But now, years into a career jump-started by the 2010 mixtape Kush & Orange Juice, Young Khalifa seems like he's ready to be defined by other aspects of his music.

In a new interview, the Pittsburgh native opens up about what it's like to be constantly referred to as a "weed head," and says he'd like to get to the point where he could make movies without dragging that image along with him. The full quote is below:

"I was just talking with one of my homies yesterday, I kind of want to break the stigma of everything I do is like a 'stoner this' or a 'weed head' that, which is cool, that's what I built my marketing and my brand, but at the end of the day, everyone who is successful in film or in music gets high and they don't look at them as the stoner. Once I get past that point I think I'll make more movies so to people it doesn't look forced or look like I'm trying to change lanes or change gears. It'll just be people ready for me to do that anyway."

Doesn't sound like he's quitting smoking or anything, but don't be surprised if the weed talk takes a backseat in any new music from Khalifa.

FUN POST: Free Eye Test What Do You? (Photo)

wait, what did you see at first? Lol I bet 99% saw something else

NothingConcernNaijaWithHalloween, But See The Scarxy Halloween Costume Of This Thick Naija Babe (Photos)

Well it is nice and she is thick , but again nothing concern us with halloween , however is her costume a Yay or Nay???

WhaRisDis??? Flavour Bare Body To take a Bathroom Selfie For The Ladies (Photo)

Well no comment , I don't want any sign of homocentric syndrome in my use of grammar ,,,,,,, that's not even a dictionary word , lol

PHOTO OF THE DAY: SEE The Scariest Vampire Looking Pics Of Rapper PHYNO

This has to be the scariest photo I have seen lately ..............

Its Too Much!! Gigantic Boobylicious Cossy Steps Out BraLess (18+ Club photos)

Cossy showed off her hot b00bs as partied at Caliente nightclub and in her words

The very first time I stepped out bra less... Hmmmm got pips freaked out. Hahhahahh oh dear... Then I got bitten by the Egyptian vampire... Hahahha this boobs are simply amazing....bra less... last night .

Biggest Wealth!!! It Would Take Bill Gates 218 Years To Spend All His Money

Hmmm "Just 2 People Can Do My Nails in Nigeria & Tattoo Is The Mark Of the Beast '' - Empress Njamah

She's a very big girl and we know it. *tongue out laughing* Please read this very short but exciting interview Nollywood actress Empress Njamah recently granted SunNews. In it, she talked about her love life, her luxury life and nails and her being abused in a relationship. Excerpts

Man Mercilessly Beaten To Pieces For Defending Suspected Gay Guys In Lagos (Photos)

Well there is a price for anything you stand for , as futuristic persons we know that sometime in the nearest future , gay rights shall be included in the Nigerian constitution just like every other western accepted insanity , that seems to be some of the yard stick for measuring a developed country

Well for the NOW
A certain Olusola has been thoroughly beaten and wounded in Lagos for defending some suspected gays that were being harassed.

He stood his ground and defended the gay couple that were being harassed, even though he is heterosexual, and the irate mob descended on him. . . It took the almost timely intervention of the police to prevent him from being lynched and removed from the entire world population. After his rescue, he said he will continue to be a voice for rights of gays until he is heard. He is currently recuperating at an undisclosed hospital.... we need more people like ds in Nigeria till gays are tolerated by law again.. 

This is another form of jungle justice , well according to my first lady there is God o

LMAO!! EtCeTera Releases Atomic Bomb On Big Brother Africa In New Article (Read)

I know most of you will love this.. Continues after the cut.

Hello Bigbrother! This is your egbon speaking. Please come to the diary room for questioning.'

**'Huh? This is my what? Who the hell is my egbon? I am Bigbrother and nobody summons me to any diary room.'

**'Shut your mouth Bigbrother and listen very carefully. I am your egbon. That means I am your bigger brother and you have to show me some respect. And If I want you in the diary room, you go there without a grumble. And listen Bigbrother, you better take your hands off your pocket and wipe that fake baritone off your voice when talking to your egbon. Olori buruku omo ti o ni respect. Are you still standing there? You have less than a minute to put on a shirt and present yourself for questioning in the diary room.'

**'Please sit down Bigbrother, you are now in egbon's diary room and in the course of this session, no argument will be tolerated. You are only allowed to speak when answering a question. And you are only permitted to answer my questions with "Yes egbon" or "No egbon." Have I made myself very clear Bigbrother?'

* 'Yes egbon.'
'Very good, now my first question, Bigbrother, are you aware that your ratings have dropped tremendously?'
'Yes egbon.'
'And do you have any contingency plan to salvage this situation?'
'No egbon.'
'Why don't you have a contingency plan? Isn't that what any intelligent person would do?'

*'Yes egbon but nobody would have thought my ratings would crash at any point considering my platform.'

**Moving on Bigbrother, tell me, was it part of your initial plan for people to be subjected to those troubling scenes which are corrupting the morals of their children?'
'Ehmm yes egbon, that was actually the plan. That is why it is called a reality TV show.'

**'So you are saying that the smoking of marijuana and drinking alcohol are also part of this reality?'

*'Egbon, these house mates are no kids and some of them are chain smokers and drunkards outside TV. So, why make them pretend on TV? Moreover, making money is the objective and you and I know that immorality sells faster than anything on TV.'
'Bigbrother, I want you to be very honest with your answer to the next question.'

'Ok egbon trust me.'

*'I was told you have two daughters, can you lock any or both of them in the same house with strangers from other countries for months and allow them have random sex and shower naked under camera surveillance with the whole world watching?'

*'Egbon sincerely I won't.'
'Why won't you? But you told me in clear terms that the main objective of your show is to promote mutual coexistence between Africans from various countries.'

*'Egbon my children are schooling and they are not cut out for things like this.'
'Oh, you mean other people's children are good to coexist but yours can't ehn Bigbrother?'

*'Egbon, my daughters are very fragile and they get bruised easily. But are you accusing me of taking advantage of the contestants or the public? I never forced anybody to subscribe to my show. Also the contestants knew what they were getting into from the outset. Nobody forced them to participate. And egbon, how come nobody talks about my $300,000 that the winner takes home every season? How come nobody talks about the fact that I am turning these guys into celebrities? Most of them were on the streets and I gave them opportunities. People should stop this undeserved criticism.'

#'But are you aware that people are referring to what you have here as a modern day concentration camp?' 

'Egbon, I have never heard that term before.'
'Yes of course you haven't. But you must have heard that most religious leaders are clamouring for your outright ban?'

*'Egbon, don't make me laugh, I can assure you that those ones are the addicted viewers of the shower hour. Egbon, abeg leave the religious leaders, I don't have time for their hypocrisy.'

*'Ok, Bigbrother, tell me the first thing that went through your mind when you heard your show was banned by the Malawian government.'

*'Egbon sincerely I just laughed at the jokers and knew such ban won't last and like I predicted, it didn't.'

'So who was responsible for the lifting of the ban?'
'Egbon I am Bigbrother but you of all people should know that I have bigger brothers.'
'Yes I am one of your bigger brothers and I was sent here by others because we are all losing patience with the drop of income. And before I leave here Bigbrother, let me inform you that the other financiers including myself would love to know your plans to increase your ratings.'

'Egbon, there is no need to worry. Just tell them they will start making a lot of more money very soon.'
'Bigbrother please cut the crap and give us something tangible. What exactly do you have in mind?'

'Egbon I am introducing other side attractions like lap dancing and stripping from next season. It will be tagged

"Bigbrother the Erotica." I know a lot of people will call for my head at first but trust me egbon, like shower hour, it will be another hit and income from sms will pour in like water from a broken dam.'
'That would be fantastic Bigbrother. But don't you consider that kids are watching?'

*'Egbon that's why we have PG regulations and this new additions can only be viewed by special subscribers.'
'Bigbrother I can assure you that these additions will most definitely bring about your end. You will be butchered from left, right and centre.'

'Forget that tin, egbon. Like 2baba would say, nothing dey happen.'

See Rihanna's Turtle Ninja Halloween Costume | Madness Or MaaaaaD ?

Well we expected her to come out with something controversial as usual , since she decided to be basic this time ....... It is ........ What?

Interesting See Five Solid Reasons Why You Should Not Run To Live In Yankee

 Somebody sent this interesting article to us , you will learn a lot from it
 written by Ruona Agbroko-Meyer. Enjoy! 

***Just like the Naija saying "Ashewo no be work," so it is with this Osanle hustle. Na bad market…as bad as buying a gold-plated, customised iPhone 6 for your blind, illiterate mother who lives in the village. Yes, the time when it paid to be an Osanle and run to Jand to live here illegally is over o. Don't be like Diana King and let anybody tell you lie-lie-lies. This place is tough so…allow me tell you why right now, Osanle no be work wey you wan send yourself for Jand.

1.There's no longer a "taxi service" waiting for you

Usually, you've survived death by dehydration, getting shot or recruited by guerrillas, raped and prostituted, and you miraculously make it to the high seas, where you cross over to Europe. Well now, there's a chance there won't be any security officers battling to save your life if your rickety, overcrowded raft capsizes into the sea off the Italian or Spanish coast.
You see, Britain announced days ago that it will no longer support any search and rescue operations to stop Osanles like you drowning in the Mediterranean sea, so you will be On Your Own if you think there will be officers waiting to give you blankets and tea as you shiver in from the swimming session you decided to embark on.
Gone are the days when people will pack themselves on a small boat like Titus sardine and call the Italian authorities to come and pick them up. Because, along with other EU countries, what will happen from November 1 is that there will only be patrols within 30 miles of the Italian coast.
Meaning? Nobody will be moving all over the sea, looking for you. It is better you give yourself brain and migrate legally or, make sure your juju guy strong; otherwise, the drowning wey dey wait you is doing press-up. You go chop water well-well.  

2. Britain has your fence waiting. Try jump am na:
So you made it through the sea safely, we thank God. Now, you don't fancy Spain and Italy because you don't want to have to learn a whole new language, or prostitute/do drugs before you are able to earn enough dollars to spray in all these Naija diaspora meetings, right? So you find a way, decide to pass through Calais, and enter Jand from underneath a lorry for £800*, by scaling the border fence; basically by fire by force plus hook or crook. I'm here to tell you there's a small problem. 
The thing is, in early September, there was a NATO Summit in the UK and of course, fences were needed to provide security for the dignitaries. After the event, the UK wondered what to do with these fences and since we are a sustainable, kill-two-birds-with-one-stone nation, it was decided that the fences would be sent to Calais, where they will be used to keep Osanles like you out. Yes, this is what Immigration Minister James Brokenshire said:

"We will offer our French partners the fences…These could replace and enlarge the inadequate fencing at Calais, which is too easy for illegal immigrants to scale."
Osanle, you have been warned. Proceed with caution because fly wey no dey hear word na im dem dey drink follow beer.

3. School visa don get K-leg:
Osanle get level. Not all osanles come to Jand by desert trek or by hanging on to the chassis of a lorry. Some of you come by plane, via a student visa, after paying a percentage of tuition and hope to work to get by, until you can blend in by happening to fall in love with a British citizen, warts and all, passport and all.
For anyone hoping to use the student visa route, just know that from November, harsher rules will "be imposed on universities and colleges who sponsor international students to study in the UK." Right now, these institutions cannot get the much-coveted "highly trusted sponsor status if 20% or more of the individuals they have offered places to are refused visas. But that figure will be cut to 10% in November after a

3 month transitional period."

What it means is that, in the coming months/years, it is likely that a lesser number of schools will be able to sponsor you, and when you are here your student visa requirements will mean you kuku can't do any meaningful work to enable you buy enough clothes to snag a Britico, much less pay your remaining fees. Reason am well o, because degree without pali is like Nkwobi without kaun.

4. The citizenship can be removed Once an Osanle, always an Osanle…so some of the new laws under the Immigration Act 2014 mean that after passing through desert, sea, marriage hustle and naturalising to get a burgundy British passport, the Home Secretary is allowed to remove your British citizenship if your "actions have been seriously prejudicial to the interests of the United Kingdom…"
In short – all this is long grammar to show you that UK citizenship is like virginity; it belongs to you, but can be taken by someone else.

5. You can't show yourself
All that foolery where you Osanles rush to buy cars and rent flats and cruise around, oppressing the Nigerians that have the actual British passport won't work now o. Banks will be prohibited from opening current accounts for illegal immigrants. Rather, your name will be waiting in a database if you are noted already as an offender sef.
Unless you plan to live all your life in the UK sub-letting a room with no heating from your fellow Nigerian landlord, then don't bother running here. Now there are fines for landlords who rent homes and rooms to Osanles, and all your papers will need to check out before you can get a place to stay, access medical treatment and get a drivers' licence. In fact, in under a month since the Immigration Act was introduced, over 3,500 driving licences have been revoked. If you even use the asylum hustle it won't be the long, drawn-out process that allows you time to impregnate a British citizen or get pregnant by a British citizen; from 17 chances to appeal your status for any reason, the UK now allows only 4 chances.

And these people are not playing with Osanles o; they have said that all these levels have the sole aim to "make the UK the least attractive destination for illegal immigrants."

The thing is….will all this stop you?
Didn't think so…asking an Osanle to stop their runs would be the same thing as putting a leopard in a washing machine to launder its spots, or…finally finding the crowbar I use to pry my tongue from my cheek.

* £800 is the "budget" option, for osanles, where you are stowed inside a lorry going to the UK. Pay £4,000 for the "luxury" package and you can enter Jand by hiding inside a car boot.

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...