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Fun Post: You Know people Right? Tell Us who this Celeb Is ...... (Photo)

Hehe he might not be who you think he is , so don't rush , look well ......

Rick Ross Is That Six Packs Coming? The Bawse Share More Weight Loss Photo

Am scared the MMG bawse might be flaunting his Abs sooner than we expected in his most recent photo it is obvious that the bawse is taking no chill pill on his weight loss Agenda


Rick Ross is desperately losing weight ahead of his next LP, Hood Billionaire.

Nicki Minaj Got a New Jewish Boyfriend Just in Time to Prove She's Not Anti-Semitic (Photo)

Nicki Minaj reveals she's dating Jewish videographer Grizz Lee as she arrives at Los Angeles International Airport, proving she is not anti-semantic.

However, the rapper quickly attempted to shut down any thoughts that she is prejudice against Jewish people because--voilá!--she's dating one!

While walking through the Los Angeles International airport Tuesday morning, Minaj was accompanied by a new man who she alleged was her "new boyfriend" Alex Loucas A.K.A. videographer Grizz Lee.

When a paparazzi asked about the Nazi symbols in her latest music video, she responded, "No! This is my new Jewish boyfriend!  Why the f*ck would I do that? We did this together!"

Meanwhile, Nicki took to Twitter to apologize over the Nazi-esque imagery in the video and explain its true meaning.  The director of the video, however, had no interest in apologizing for anything.

Source: Celebuzz

See Photo Of The Handsome Nigerian Guy That Was Poisoned In Malaysia [R.I.P]

It is really shocking that people still have the mind to poison their fellow friend , mixed stories have circulated on what and who resulted to his death ,but let's not speculate on that right now , may his soul rest in peace

A friend of Ezigbo the deceased by the name *kingsley Mj* wrote a short tribute to him on his face book wall and it says

*I cant believe this... so much pain in my heart..... i wish it wasnt true.. Ezigbo Alobam.. rest in the bossom of the lord..Rest in Peace my Malaysian King . God will judge anyone that poisoned you. there is no peace for the wicked.. they shall never sleep, or eat with a peaceful heart. they will suffer in pain and may their generation know no peace.. farewell my hommie..*

May his soul rest in peace
(Photo above)

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Uniben Announce Schedule For 39th & 40th Convocation Ceremony (See Dates & Venues) #Uniben


Blog Reader Needs Your Advice Urgently .... Very Sad Story

Woow!! Controversial Celeb Kim Kardashian Poses Butt Naked for New Edition Of Paper Magazine Cover!

Frosh Cops: See Rapper Lynxx and Banky W Dressed Up Like Police Officers (photo)

This is Cold!! I Was Teenage Elsa In 'Frozen' ... And All I Got Was A Lousy $926-- Disney Actress (photo)

I feel her pain , Frozen is still one of my Favorite cartoon , though it had a kind of fairy tale story line , for some strange reasons I enjoyed , but damn
A film that bagged $1.274Billion dollars in box office , when they spent only about $150Million for the production ? Damn that's one of the most successive cartoon movie ever ...... It is cold for spencer to have gotten just $928 from the movie ...... I won't take it men .

"Frozen" actress Spencer Lacey Ganus could use a better agent ... because even though she starred as teeange Elsa in the biggest animated film ever ... she got paid pennies.

 The 15-year-old voiced one of the most iconic characters in Disney history ... but only got a one-day guaranteed payment of $926.20 ... this according to her contract which was filed with the court.Granted she only had a few lines. Another actress played young Elsa, and Idina Menzel was the voice of grown-up Elsa. Nonetheless ... the movie grossed more than 1.2 BILLION. So Ganus' slice of the pie is .000077%.   Let it go Spencer. 

Pele dear

What A Pity ,Frustrated Graduate Commits Suicide Over Unemployment

People still commit suicide? Damn that's cold ,,,, we know the Nigerian economy can give you much reasons to be frustrated ! But I don't think suicide is the best thing to do , there are many other ways to survive , you can't walk out of your own story ....... But ending it with a suicide is tragedy

             An unemployed polytechnic graduate (name withheld) has reportedly committed suicide for allegedly being jobless after graduation.
                  The deceased was said to have jumped into a lake at Aba Apata, Adegbayi, in Egbeda Local Government Area of Oyo State.
                    An eyewitness, who resides in the area, told the Nigerian Tribune that, the deceased said he was fed up with life because he has been searching for a job since his graduation from the higher institution but no luck. He said the deceased then decided to jump into the lake.

"What we heard was that the man is a polytechnic graduate and has looked for job after graduation which he could not find. Before he jumped into the river, he dropped his documents by the river bank and that was how we could locate his relatives," the witness said.
As at the time of filing this report, the corpse of the deceased was seen from afar floating on the water.
Meanwhile, one Mr. Taofeek Dauda, a fisherman by profession, who spoke with journalist said the deceased parents had visited the scene of the tragedy, adding that he told them to pay him 30, 000 naira to help them fish out the corpse with his canoe.
"I also told them that the money covers the materials we are going to use to perform some rituals before he could be buried, because it is very important to do such for whoever dies in this kind of circumstance," Dauda said.
The fisherman further hinted that several other lives have been lost inside the lake because of its size, and also for the fact that it is not barricaded.

When journalists visited the Egbeda Local Government secretariat on the Ibadan-Ife road to ascertain what the local government plan on doing about the incident, one Mrs Yetunde Samson, who is the Director of Information in the council declined comments saying; "is only the chairman that could comment on the matter but the chairman is not in the office."

In a related development, on October 29, 2014, a 32-year-old man identified as Simon Mbam, reportedly committed suicide after being wrongly accused of stealing N1, 0000 from a shop in the market.

What is wrong With The New 100 Naira Note ?? (See Photos)

I don't know why they decided to make a new 100naira note , Nigeria is the only country that change their notes almost annually , even at that the Naira is short of value compared to the hard currencies of well developed countries .....

                  The short ceremony which was initially scheduled for last Wednesday did not hold then because of the President's journey to Burkina Faso. 
                   Vice President Namadi Sambo and the Central Bank of Nigeria's Governor, Godwin Emefiele, joined the President to unveil the note during the weekly Federal Executive Council meeting. 
                     Shortly after presenting the note, Emefiele said it was issued to commemorate the 100 years of the nation's amalgamation.
He said the new note was produced with what he described as most advanced security features in the world.

Emefiele listed the design platforms on which the note was made to include security, durability, attractiveness, cultural heritage and transformation.

Photo Credits: Lekan Adetayo

Uniben Announce Schedule For 39th & 40th Convocation Ceremony (See Dates & Venues) #Uniben

The University of Benin, Benin has announced the programme of event for the 39th and 40th Convocation ceremonies which has been slated to come up between the 19th of November, 2014 and the 23rd of November, 2014. The schedule of event is slated to go on as follows.

UNIBEN 39th and 40th Convocation Ceremonies Programme of Events

Wednesday 19th November, 2014
• 9.00 a.m – Interdenominational Service
• 11.00 a.m – Convocation Lecture
Venue – Akin-Deko Auditorium

• 1.30 p.m – Cocktail Party
Venue – Capitol

Thursday, 20th November, 2014
• 10.00 a.m – Presentation of Prizes Award of Certificates, Diplomas and First Degrees in the Faculties of Agriculture, Arts, Education, Law, Engineering, Life Sciences & Physical Sciences.
Others include: Management Sciences, Pharmacy, Social Sciences, Schools of Basic Medical Sciences, Dentistry, Medicine as well as the Institute of Education and the Institute of Public Administration and Extension Services.
Venue – Sports Complex

Friday, 21st November, 2014
• 3.00 p.m – Founder's Day Lecture
Venue – Akin-Deko Auditorium

• 5.00 p.m – Cocktail Party/ Variety Night
Venue – Capitol

Saturday, 22nd November, 2014
10.30 a.m – Presentation of Prizes Award of Post-Graduate Diplomas, Conferment of Higher Degrees (Masters & Doctorate) and Conferment of Honorary Degrees/Professor Emeritus.
Venue – Akin-Deko Auditorium

Sunday, 23rd November, 2014
10.00 a.m – Founder's Day Thanksgiving Service
Venue – All Saint Chapel, Ugbowo Campus


On relationship matters, talking of; dating, courtship, engagement and eventually marriage, betrayal and heart-breaks seems to reproduce rampantly in this areas,

especially in our current civilized century were it is now normalized. It is believed that true-love (in the relationship between a man and woman) was only pragmatic in the times of our predecessors,

because most relationships then, were grounded genuinely on optima trust and pleasant affection mutually displayed by both sex involved. But currently now, men are faltered for their inability to be loyal and faithful to a relationship, which to some extent is true, but all reasonable men are unfaithful to their ladies,

because most ladies act and think like girls not women. Ladies of this 21st century are myopic when it comes to the dating-game, which is clearly shown in their insatiable thirst for the materialistic life-style, which is their major and well-known factor for entering into a relationship, and it is also shown in their indecisive and confused mind-set, on knowing the right person to date.

These petty actions are as a result of immaturity, going by the definition of what a "lady" is, it is paradoxical to say that ladies of this present age are not women, rather they are just mere girls. A real woman is not narrowed down to the physical endowment alone, but it extends to behavioral patterns, disciplined conduct and maturity in thoughts and attitude. Presently ladies think like girls, wallowing in confusion and desperate for wealth and fame which influences their decision to enter a dating-game, the difference here is that a real woman is more interested in stability and security in a relationship,

she is not easily fooled by the illusion of riches, because she is matured enough to know that men flaunt their wealth to attract girls just to satisfy their sexual urge. A real woman is like a lioness,

which is independent in hunting down her own meal, she is not dependent on the lion, and rather she strives to make her own daily living comfortable, unlike a girl who is like a cub depending on the lioness for food. We have girls not women, even if there are women,

they are few, dating and marriages do not seem to last "till death do us part", because of ladies who behave like girls, men keep cheating, and are not faithful to relationships anymore because real women now-a-days are difficult to find.


Raymond Ojeogwu

More From Raymond
[Read] On MASTURBATION By RayMond Ojeogwu


MUST READ: GOD'S TOY-BOX By Raymond Ojeogwu.


Exposito!!! List Of Top OLOSHOs In NollyWood , Rukky Sanda,Oge Okoyo,Ini Edo makes list

Maryjane is back with another controversial exposito , well everybody does Runs , religious,academical,business,social et ce te ra ............ But damn can't believe some of the most beautiful and respected nolly babes made the list , see what she said

Hahaha; I will keep doing my thing, and having fun while I do it. Everyone can not be silent about the truth and keep butt licking; Someone just have to say the truth...The Bitter Truth, And that person is me, call me a you sabi, who cares, Laugh at me for not getting a call out, who cares as long as the bitter truth is told, lesson learnt, and fun guaranteed.

The List; By *Me* Angel Maryjane David (AMD).

Enjoy Reading....................................Have FUN!!!

6. Chika Ike- This girl;  have no pain,regret, and shame of being a "Christain Divorcee & A Runz Girl" as long as the cash is flowing in bucks.

5.Rukky Sanda- This babe, has gone international on this field, even political on this field.

4.Ebube Nwagbo- She is one of  my few twitter follower and I love her, But that doesn't stop me from saying the truth, If she like she can unfollow me, who cares, afterall I am not following anyone, including her Lol, By the way; This babe is trending in all grounds on this field, grooving artists, politicians, and even far away land, She loves the twerk thing passionately and she can twerk for Africa Lol.

3.Oge Okoye- Birds of same feather with Rukky & Ebube, They are in the same leauge and group, The cruise and twerk all over the place together, both national and international, most especially political ground, Oge does hers mainly for money and material things, and to console herself over her flirtiful husband's absence and infidelity, The husband is worse, But please Oge STOP, you are married woman and two wrongs can not make a right.

2.Empress Njamah- hehehe, This one na champion for the trade oh, She runs her runz locally in Naija political market, with big names, big money, and pot belly, The bad business is paying her so much that she is busy going on expensive vacations, opening big businesses, and helping her family, She just bought her brother a rolex watch I learnt. Empress you are getting older by the day, Please STOP and think of marriage, If your family loves you more than the money they get from you; they will give you this advise I am giving you for free.

1.Ini Edo- When I first accused Ini Edo of this, most people thought I was a hater, But it has been confirmed. I love her, but she reallly need to STOP and change her ways, If not: what threw her out of her first marriage will also threw her out of her next marriage. A word is enough for the wise.

Have a great day y'all. I love them all, but I have to Tell The TRUTH.....

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Shun Abusive Relationships!! See Photo Of The Girl That Was Murdered By Lover On Sat.

Shocking!! Man Shot Mother & Daughter Multiple Times Because Their Dogs Were Dirty (Photo)

SHOCKING NEWS: Popular Preacher Myles Munroe and Wife Die In Bahamas Plane Crash (Photos)

Music: Reminisce ft Ola Dips (@Dips_Ola) - "LET ME BE KNOWN" - (Let It Be Known Rmx)

Blog Reader Needs Your Advice Urgently .... Very Sad Story

Saw this in my mail box this morning, please read and advice her

*****Hello Enekem . I'm in dire need of advice from fellow blog readers. 
I've been married traditionally for close to 2 years now and quite frankly I haven't been happy.

Hubby and I quarrel a whole lot everyday over very minor issues. It's so bad that both families are aware and have advised me to leave the marriage severally. They never fail to hammer it in at every given opportunity. 
Each time I try to leave, he'll come begging and remind me about how leaving would destroy our child's future & promise to change but still no improvement till date. I had to move back with my parents cos he couldn't cater for me and my baby coupled with his anger issues and constant quarrels. He's not working neither does he go out to hustle. Stays indoors all day and keeps talking about people owing him and how great he will be in life.

He borrows the little money I try to save and rarely pays back. 
2 years after & I'm still hearing same thing and I'm tired of hearing it. I'm thinking of leaving the marriage or staying in it because of my baby. I'm very confused & don't know what to do. Please Help.

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Woow!! Controversial Celeb Kim Kardashian Poses Butt Naked for New Edition Of Paper Magazine Cover!

She just wouldn't stop , it seems like the attention is more like oxygen to this lady ...

Kanye's Baby Mama And North west's Momma , Kim Kardashian has done a bare-as'sed cover shot for the winter issue of Paper Magazine and it's about to break the internet! Paper magazine posted this on their website about the cover:

For our winter issue, we gave ourselves one assignment Break The Internet. There is no other person that we can think of who is up to the task than one Kim Kardashian West. A pop culture fascination able to generate headlines just by leaving her house, Kim is what makes the web tick. We tapped legendary French photographer Jean-Paul Goude to recreate his iconic "Champagne Incident" shot and all we can say about the images inside, which we'll be releasing on Thursday, is...holy fucking shit. This issue has got so much more in store so be sure to check back next week.

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...