Friday, December 19, 2014

FREEMAN!! Bobby Shmurda Pleads Not Guilty To All Charges

The Upcoming rapper pleaded not guilty on Thursday to charges he moonlighted as a gun-toting member of a New York City street gang responsible for several shootings during turf wars over drug trafficking.

Ackquille Pollard, who performs under the name Bobby Shmurda, was ordered held on $2 million bail at a hearing in state Supreme Court in Manhattan. His attorney, Howard Greenberg, failed to convince a judge that his client should be released without bail because he was framed and had no reason to run.

"He is a legitimate entertainer," Greenberg said. "He is rich. He is busy. He is always on tour."

The Brooklyn-born Pollard is best known for the hit song "Hot Boy." He also put out a music video that popularized a dance craze called the "Shmoney dance," and reportedly signed a lucrative record deal with Epic Records.

Greenberg claimed Epic had agreed to help Pollard make bail. A spokesman for the label declined to comment.

Police arrested Pollard on conspiracy, reckless endangerment and gun possession on Wednesday after he left a recording studio near Radio City Music Hall. Police found two handguns and a small amount of crack cocaine in a car in which he was riding, authorities said.

An indictment naming Pollard charges more than 15 defendants with a variety of crimes including murder, attempted murder, assault and drug dealing. The gang's gun play left one rival dead, injured an innocent bystander sitting on folding chair outside a Brooklyn home and caused pandemonium outside a nightclub in Miami Beach, Florida, authorities said.

Police seized 21 guns during the investigation, 10 of them while making arrests on Wednesday.

The case carries some "deeply disturbing themes: The gang members' enthrallment with guns, and a cavalier disregard for human life," Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan said at a news conference.

The hip-hop artist's songs and videos were "almost like a real-life document of what they were doing on the street," added James Essig, head of a New York Police Department unit that made the arrests.

The court papers allege that Pollard fired a gun toward a crowd of people outside a barbershop in Brooklyn earlier this year. They also say he was present last year during a confrontation between rival drug gangs outside a Brooklyn courthouse where shots were fired.

The evidence includes several recorded phone conversations, including some between Pollard and gang members serving time on Rikers Island, the indictment says. The gang used code words, referring to firearms as "tone," ''socks" or "CDs," narcotics as "crills," and shootings as "sun tans," it says.

During a conversation on April 28, Pollard bragged, "I am two socks Bobby right now," the indictment says. Another defendant commented, "Bobby out here with two CDs on him like in the wild wild west or something."

A "Hot Boy" video posted on YouTube in August has been viewed tens of millions of times, and Pollard performed the song for a national television audience this month on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

"My music is straight facts," Pollard recently told New York Magazine. "There are a lot of gangsters in my 'hood."

Pollard's criminal history included two arrests for gun and drug possession, authorities said. If convicted of conspiracy, he faces a maximum sentence of 8 to 25 years in prison.

To Those That Enjoyed Nigerian Occultic Movies, Who Is Your Favorite Occultic Man?? (Photos)

Lol , mine is pete Edochie , I enjoyed the way he mixed it with thoughtful proverbs .

How True Is This? (Photo)

Simple body language. Lol

No MoRe Skin Exposure!! Miss World Pageant Bans Bikini/Swimsuit Portion in Future Competitions

Well this seem like a good move towards making our girls put on their clothes , apart from the fact that it will encourage more religious and juvenile reception ,

The Miss World organization has announced that future competitions will no longer feature a swimsuit round, noting, 'It's not just a beauty contest, it's 'beauty with a purpose.' '

Days after Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss was announced as the winner of Miss World 2014, the pageant's organization has decided to ban swimsuit portion on future competitions. Swimsuit portion has been one of the most popular rounds in Miss World pageant in 63 years.

National Director of Miss World America/Miss United States organization Chris Wilmer told ABC News, "The organization has decided to take itself out of the swimsuit world because it isn't the path they're trying to take. It's not just a beauty contest, it's 'beauty with a purpose.' There didn't seem to be a purpose to have the swimsuit."

The organization wanted future contestants of Miss World to focus on charity work and raise awareness to worthy causes. "Miss World should be a spokesperson who can help a community. She's more of an ambassador, not a beauty queen," Chris said, "It's more about the outreach and what a woman could do with a title like Miss World."

The organization planned to replace the bikini portion with a beachwear round. "It'll be more of a fashion competition than a bikini show," Chris added. It also plans to add more challenge events like sports, dance, talent, top model gown, Beauty with a Purpose video and some interviews.

"I salute the miss world organization for their efforts to try and modernize," Chris told the site, "Pageantry is an age old industry and I think with Julia getting rid of swimsuit and making it more of a lifestyle competition sends a strong message and I applaud her for it."

The elimination of the bikini portion was first announced by Miss World Chairwoman Julia Morley. Speaking to Elle, Julia said, "I really don't want-I don't need to see women just walking up and down in bikinis. It doesn't do anything for the woman. And it doesn't do anything for any of us. I don't care if someone has a bottom two inches bigger than someone else's. We are really not looking at her bottom. We are really listening to her speak."

Good one

SCAM ALERT!!! See How A LADY Lost 120k To Scammers IN LAGOS WItH CHURCH MEMBER FMT (details)

As the end of the year draws closer we should be very much aware that scammers are out there trying to utilize the season by scamming unsuspecting victims ,

So no matter how smart you think you are , you still have to be security/scam conscious at the highest level , these scammers are smart people and they always upgrade their scam game

Just recently a lady was scammed of #120,000 in lagos , ass you can see in the photos above though the woman that reported the incident didn't do it what a very understandable write up , but try and dig the message ....... Be Careful!!

J. Cole's "2014 Forest Hills Drive" Debuts AS HIP-HOP Biggest Opening Week Sales Of 2014

This happening to be the biggest sales this year, Rick Ross, move over -- J. Cole just topped your first week sales record for 2014. Rozay's Mastermind moved 179,000 units in its first week back in March,

but now his tally's been handily topped by that of Cole's 2014 Forest Hills Drive. The official numbers just came in, and it looks like Cole sold a whopping 361,120 copies of his new project.

Topping early projections by almost 100,000 units, Cole has finally unseated Taylor Swift at the top of the Billboard 200 chart. This is even more impressive when you consider that we didn't even know about the album a month ago, and the fact that there was basically no marketing around 2014 Forest Hills Drive.

He must be dope , well you shouldn't expect less from one of the best new generation hip hop story tellers

CONGRATS NICKI , NIcki Minaj Named The New FACE OF............

The rap diva and young money first lady Nicki Minaj can now add model to her ever-growing resume.

After an October cover for L'Uomo Vogue followed and a shoot for Vogue Italia, the 31-year-old rapper has officially been named the face of Roberto Cavalli's spring/summer 2015 campaign--I guess it's safe to say Italy's anaconda DOES want some!

Looking seriously smokin' for the campaign's high-fashion ads, Minaj strikes some wild poses in a range of ensembles--from zebra print to leather to lady-like, brown lace--with her hair in a chic lob (haircut of the year) and voluminous pompadour.

"I chose Nicki Minaj because she embodies the exuberant and modern femininity of the Cavalli woman," Cavalli said in a statement about the campaign.  "In recent years we have become accustomed to women castigated in clothes that hide their body shapes. With this campaign, I wanted to send a strong countertrend message. I wanted a sensual woman who is aware of her body, who is not afraid to show her curves, rather she make them as a strength."
And we know Nicki is good at that! The rapper is never afraid to show too much skin--even if it sometimes results in a bit of a wardrobe malfunction!

So right now it is official , Nicki Minaj Named Face of Roberto Cavalli!!

Amber Rose & Blac Chyna Will Definitely #BreakTheInternet With This Sexy Twerk Video (download)

Well like mariah carey said when Kim k broke the internet with those nudes photo-shots ,let's just say the same for these two curvy besties , they might not be doing the best kind of jobs but they are really important in the 21st century entertainment scene


Yea that's what TMZ is making us believe ..., incase you missed the gist, there's a new controversial cigar in the White House -- a Cuban fingered by President Obama in a photo many thought was fake, well we don't think that anymore atleast not as before

According To TMZ ,  The original pic shows Obama Wednesday night ... sampling the aroma of what's alleged to be a Cuban cigar. It was posted on Reddit Thursday morning, and immediately the Internet started tearing it apart as a Photoshop job.

 TMZ has obtained several high-res pics of POTUS' run-in with the cigar -- and our photo/art experts say everything about them looks legit. Significant ... since Cuba and the U.S. just agreed to open embassies in each other's countries.According to our D.C. sources ... the hand-off went down during the White House Hanukkah party -- when an invitee walked up and said, "Mr. President, here's a Cuban." Obama proceeded to give it a huge sniff and then held on to the gift. It's unclear if he pocketed it or handed it to the Secret Service. Considering Michelle Obama -- who's been known to make a stink about Barack's cigarette smoking -- was standing right next to him ... we're guessing he ditched it.**

Source : TMZ

NERD BeAts Beyonce & Jay Z's Bidding War for Epic L.A. House (photo)

Well is pays to be a NERD, that's something fame and grammys can't give you

A 35-year-old Swedish video game programmer just got the prized house that Jay Z and Beyonce also wanted ...

TMZ has learned.Our real estate sources tell us ... Markus Persson plunked down $70 million cash for a 23,000 square foot palace in Bev Hills.Markus can afford it ... he sold his company, Mojang -- which created the video game Minecraft -- to Microsoft for $2.5 BILLION.As we reported, Beyonce and Jay Z visited the house multiple times and made an offer but Markus beat them out at 70.

 The other winners ... realtors Branden Williams and Ben Bacal who get a big fat commission check. 

So Be a NERD!!!!



Whaaat? See 'jESUs' Taking A #Selfie On The Cross (Photo)

NEW MUSIC: Mr Khedra {@Mrkhedra} ~ JESU Ft. Vector (@VectorThaViper)

Photos From The On-Going Traditional Wedding Of Actress Ibinabo Fiberesima

EXPOSiTO!! My peers mocked me for being skinny– 15yr Old Maribar Akinleye,Best Model Nigeria 2014

See The 10 Most Prosperous Countries In Africa (Where Is Nigeria?)

CLOSE SHOT!! See What Lil Wayne's FACE TATTOOS Really Look Like - NO COMFORT

Am not a fan of face tattoo , And weezy's face is not a yes!!

Here's a baby faced version of rapper Lil' Weezy back in 2005 ...

And because you'll never get close to hanging out with the star... We're shakin' it up and getting you up close and personal! Let's take a gander at Mr. Carter's incredible ink Does Tunechi LOL 'cause he's crackin' up His iced out grill still steals the show...

From stars, buttons and scars -- tats here to stay!

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...