Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Couples Digest!! Eat Her Up Like a Boss: All You Should Know About Clitoris (18+)

Though people are still taking sides on the morality of eating between a girls leg , some say it is disgusting , others say it is the best romantic thing you can do to a partner, some ministers say it is immoral to talk about such topic with people outside your partner , however regardless of which side you no knowledge is wasteful so we shall be letting you guys into some tips that make you and your lover have a better bedroom relationship......
How to Find Her Clitoris If It's Small or Hidden.

"I can't find her clitoris. She doesn't seem to have one." Do you always ask your self this question?

Well, I've heard this before. Many men have never seen their woman's clit. In fact, many women aren't even certain where their own clitoris is.

Women's vulvas come in all sizes, shapes and even placement. Some women's labia and clitoris are in the open. Some are deeply hidden.

Her vulva consists of outer and inner labia. Situated at the top cleft of the vulva is the clitoral hood. Beneath this is the clitoral head, or glans, the "magic bean" that becomes engorged with blood when sexually excited. Usually, but not always, the erect glans will peek out from under its hood.

What, then, is the problem?

Some women may have a full Mound of Venus (the fleshy hill just above the vulva) or full outer majora -- especially plus size and supersize gals. Other women have a very small clit.
Others may have a deeply situated clitoris. This is only a problem if a guy wants to open her valva and see her love bud. If she gets full sexual satisfaction from their lovemaking, then he should be happy for her.
Of course, she may say that she isn't getting much pleasure from intercourse. This probably isn't a problem as such. Sex surveys have traditionally revealed that as high a number as 88% of women cannot achieve an orgasm from sexual intercourse alone -- especially Missionary position.

This is common in women with a small, hidden clitoris. However, 92% percent of women who have had oral sex performed on them, report achieving orgasms. So you can see a solution to this problem!
And you can take some solace in knowing that those women with huge out-in-the-open clitorises are not always having wild sexual encounters. In fact, these gals often find that through constant exposure of their clit, years of masturbation or long use of vibrators, that their clits have become insensitive. They lose much of their feeling there. That's why you are hearing so much about G-spot, vaginal orgasm. These are fun, but clitoral orgasms are by far a woman's most intense climaxes!

The important thing to remember is that women with deeply situated clitorises are very sensitive there. It takes patience and knowledge to give her full sexual satisfaction. But take joy in your woman's oversensitive clit. Once you have learned just where her clit is. Just eat that booty like a boss -- you will take her to Paradise!

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