Monday, March 16, 2015

EXPOSITO!! How To Detect a Hidden Camera in any Room

This just came in , to all my travelers and tourists that make use of both private and public short_time housings , this is for you

When you stay in an hotel, how do you know there is no room pinhole camera?

When you travel or take a business trip, and stay in a hotel or a guest house or room you could unknowingly be photographed.

You can use this method to check your room:

When you enter into the room, turn off the lights, and close the curtains, open your phone camera, do not turn the flash light on.

Turn around the room with your cell phone.

When a red dot is found, that means that a hidden web camera is installed. If no red dots, the room is ok.

Please forward this message to your friends who travel a lot or take business trips. Best wishes to you Brainnews Nigeria.

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