Saturday, April 18, 2015

EXPosito!! Ondo Deadly Sickness has Something to Do with the gods (must read)

I thought it was a prank but damn this is real ,

Here's a mail I just got from a reader tonight, guys, concerning the deadly illness that hit a community in Ondo state and has killed at least 14 people so far.

The state's commissioner for Information and Strategy had earlier on today announced that the illness and sudden death is connected to an exhumed corpse. That the people who've died so far were those who had contact with the people who exhumed the corpse. But some people think otherwise. Read..

Hi ENEKEM, I read your post on the strange illness that befell some people in a town in Ondo state. Spoke with a few of my students earlier today in Ondo and they claimed that the strange ailment has some spiritual undertones. It's not really a medical epidemic. 

It was claimed that some people sold the deity/oracle/idol that is being worshipped in the
town for a sum of N20million to some whites. After the deal was done, the Oracle started visiting those involved in the deal as well as the innocents that ignorantly spent out of the money. The deity even has a unique name and they worship it every year. 

It's possible you must have been informed before now and if not, I just thought you may need it for your post. Will get the deity's name if you want it.

I immediately asked our dear reader for the deity's name, he's yet to respond. Who else knows something about this?

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