Monday, June 1, 2015

SOUL FOOD: BE A VIRTUOUS WOMAN AND NOT a sexy girl or a pretty girl

As a lady, u dress in a very seductive & sensual way to attract men to urself; don't u know that it is very cheap & inferior commodity in the market that attract many, different kind of customers but only people of substance (riches/ wealth) can afford expensive ones - If anyhow guys are just all over u, don't be too happy, fooling urself that bcos men are chasing u so crazily that u are so beautiful or whatever even though there is natural attraction, it's either u made urself so cheap & inferior or u haven't let them know ur worth yet - BE CAREFUL.
U think by dressing anyhow or acting in a particular strange way, u could find true love, HUH? But "NO", "NEVER" my dear, I can certainly assure u that u will only attract men like dogs, cheats, jilts, players & playboys or whatever to urself BCOS REAL MEN WILL NOT VALUE U NO MATTER HOW BEAUTIFUL U MAY APPEAR, THEY ONLY VALUE LADIES THAT HAVE GREAT WORTH WITH SELF-ESTEEM, DIGNITY & VIRTUE.
U do all sorts of things (like painting, putting of attachments both nails & hair, wearing of "elaborate" clothes to "flaunt" ur body parts for sexual attraction) in the name of beauty when God has already created u so beautiful. Or do u think u're more wiser than God to make urself more beautiful or what? Huh? Are u so desperate for men's attention? - That is so pathetic indeed, I pity u & I feel deeply sorry for u!

If u want REAL MAN, be A REAL WOMAN - Keep ur dignity, ur self-esteem, ur self-respect; value urself that u are priceless (can't be bought) & don't bring urself so low for men to override u, to use u, to play with ur heart & dump u like a TRASH in the bin as if u never worth anything at all in life. God created u so SPECIALLY, BEAUTIFUL & NATURALLY ATTRACTIVE but u must not seek to drag men's attention at all cost to the detriment of ur Precious Soul in Hell fire. You should know that you will also pay for the seduction you have caused on men. If you send any man to hell with your dressing, maybe by showing your cleavage or wearing tight clothes that reveal your shape, you also will end up in hell.

Remember, u can only marry ONE MAN at the same time if u are not an harlot, u can't marry all the men that tends to be attracted to u. If u want to be treated like a queen, then act like one. BE A REAL VIRTUOUS WOMAN, BE A GODLY WOMAN THAT FEAR GOD SO THAT WHEN A REAL MAN IS SEEKING UR HAND IN MARRIAGE, HE WOULD HAVE TO SEARCH FOR U SO DEEPLY IN GOD - He'll have to pray so hard for God to give u to him. DEAR LADIES, Let Jesus come into ur life bcos He is the ONLY one that can make u

"A REALTIME VIRTUOUS WOMAN INDEED". Ladies Please read Proverbs 31. Stay blessed.

Written By: Shevo Osarenmwinda

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