Friday, June 5, 2015

Why Intending Brides Should Not Sell Bridal Fabric (Aso-Ebi) By Marilyn Oma Anona ( read)

What I don't still understand is why intending Brides sell their bridal train outfit fabric or already made dresses to their bridal train ladies.

It has become like a norm or tradition.
They do it for both white weddings and traditional "Aso Ebi" ( originally Yoruba but adopted by all Nigerians ).
No body has talked about this because most are comfortable with it.
But personally, it's something I don't understand and it makes no sense at all to me.

I even learnt that some of these intending brides would buy fabric for say 5000 Naira and then sell for 10,000 to the bridal train and when asked, they would say " I want to make money from this now".

Ok, it's your wedding, you invite friends and acquaintances who may likely travel by air or road to come grace your wedding and add colour to your assumed best day!
That alone is enough sacrifice to make for someone because anything that happens is at their own risk and you may not even attend theirs ( as it is already an established fact that some ladies develop a stinking attitude after their wedding) and forget their friends.
My own is...

Why do intending brides sell fabrics to be used on their own wedding day?
Why top up money on it when selling it is already unnice?

Why see it as a business venture?
For me, it should be given freely!
Yes I said so...
What ever fabric you can afford, buy and give to your friends...
It's your wedding and not a fund raiser event.

Their presence and taking pains to come is enough and should be totally appreciated!!!

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