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'' My Wife Is Always More Sexually Responsive After I Beat Her" - Brutal husband confesses

We have been married for four years now but I have come to the conclusion that I have made a terrible mistake marrying my wife.

Despite her good family background and good education, she has a problem keeping her volatile temper in check. At the drop of a hat, she blows up and levels all sorts of accusations against me. Apart from her verbal abuse, she's recently resorted to being physical, but I soon tried to curb that.

The first time she raised her hands to me, I really beat some common sense into her.

She's tried it a couple of times since then and I've given her the beating she deserves. I am not a violent person but some women really bring out the violence in you.

Surprisingly, I've also discovered that my wife is more sexually responsive after I have roughened her up. This has excited me a bit and encouraged me to beat her more, though not to the extent that I would harm her.

Do you think she is one of these type of women who like violent sex?

Patrick. -


Wow!! What is Wrong With This Photo??

Lol,  is she a robot or a giant,  or those two girls are just two smalls?

See Don Jazzy's comments and Advice on Davido's babymama saga

Lol the socialite took it to his Twitter to make a couple of comments and joke,  lol,  mistakes can be made by anyone but knowledge keeps you safe you know

See Epic Answer To DavidoVsMomodus Related Question

Haha well said

Hol Up!! Is She a Boy or He is a Girl?? Photos)

So many amazing things I have seen in my generation,  what you think he/she is??

STRONG WOMAN : Nicki Minaj shares pic with rape accused Brother Jelani Miraj

You must be really strong to be in a Relationship with Meek Mill and having a Rape accused Brother, amidst all these the female Rapper still Flaunts them on her social network

Nicki Minaj's brother was arrested for statutory rape. he was accused of "raping a 12-year-old victim" according to the court documents. 

Photos: Miss Bum Bum wishes her fans happy new year with butt photos

Miss BumBum Brazil 2015, Suzy Cortez stripped down for a photo-shoot to wish her fans a happy new year...

Bill Cosby appears in court, bail set at $1m

Bill Cosby finally appeared in court over sexual assault charges of Andrea Constand, a former Temple University employee, in 2004.

His bail was set at $1million .Cosby faces up to 10 years in prison for each charge. Cosby, 78, arrived at the Montgomery County district courthouse wearing a black and white cardigan walking with a cane.

3 Nigerians arrested in India for gang raping 19-yr-old girl

hree Nigerians were arrested on Tuesday for allegedly gang-raping a 19-year-old woman from Imphal in west Delhi's Uttam Nagar area. Two of the woman's friends were also arrested for their involvement in the incident.

According to Delhi Police, the rape victim girl who hails from Manipur is a student of Punjab University, and had come to Delhi for vacation at his brother's room at Vasant Kunj's Kishangarh area. As her brother, who works in a private company lives along with two other male friends; he had arranged to stay her with his female friend from Manipur. 

It also reported that the two married women, who work in a beauty spa, took the victim out in pretext of shopping at around 7.40pm at Uttam Nagar and they entered into a house where the three Nigerians are already staying. The accused Nigerians raped her after long physical harassment, said the victim in her statement.

However, she managed to escape from the place and contacted her brother. They told the story to officials of Uttam Nagar police station and lodge a complaint. Police have identified one of the accused Nigerian has been identified as Nwachorudo Charles Echejohn (33). However, police is trying to find out the details of the other two Nigerians and their stay in the National capital. In her complaint, the girl said she was studying at a university in Jalandhar and had come to Delhi for a short trip.

She befriended Rhiya and Sheela, the two women involved during the trip as they were also from Manipur. On Tuesday, Rhiya and Sheela suggested they all go partying in the night, to which she agreed. "Around 9pm, they took her to their Nigerian friend's house in Uttam Nagar, where two others joined them. The girl alleged that soon after the men started misbehaving with her and started touching her inappropriately.

When she resisted, they overpowered her and then gang-raped her. Somehow, she managed to escape and reached the police station," said a senior police official. A case has been registered under relevant sections against all the five accused. The Nigerians were arrested from west Delhi, while the girls were nabbed from Kishangarh area.

Dead man wakes up in the Mortuary

A man who 'died' after downing shots of vodka with friends was taken to the morgue before waking up in a freezer, reports claim.

He had his "miraculous awakening" after partying too hard with pals, who then called an ambulance to the property in Khasanky, in Russia's far east.

When medics arrived, they declared the man dead and took him to the morgue.

Speaking to the local newspaper Khasanskiye Vesti, police spokesman Aleksey Stoyev said: "That night the local morgue was filled to its capacity, the bodies were not only on the shelves, but also on the floor of the freezer room, where our 'dead' hero was allocated."

He woke up in the freezer, before stumbling his way out of it towards shocked staff.

He added:

"At some point, the man woke up, failing to understand where he was.

"It was very dark and cold.

"In addition his brain was foggy due to the influence of alcohol.

"In the darkness, he felt someone's completely cold limbs and in fear rushed to the door."

He then returned to the party, seeing his pals were still drinking - but this time in his memory,

However, after letting the shocked friends know what happened, their commemoration drinks were transformed into a "re-birthday party".


SWAGGU : Catholic Priest Pictured Preaching On Hover board

Lol,  this is the development we talking about

She Slept With One of my Father's friend - - - Davido #DavidoVsMomodu

It gets messier,  more private informations are beginning to drop

LMAO :We Finally Found What Inspired Korede Bello' s Hairstyle

It's funny what can inspire you these days. Lol

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

5 Signs Your Single Life Is A Blessing

The single life is often viewed as negative, but in reality, living single symbolizes freedom, independence and untapped potential for growth.

The most obvious stigma attached to the single life is that one ominous word: 'alone.'  Singles do most things alone, but you don't have to feel lonely in the process. You just have to learn how to take what you have and use it to make a happy, successful life on your own.

If you have some of these signs, you're actually on the right track to freedom and happiness as a single.

1.  You come home to an empty house/bed.

There's nobody to greet you when you come home. Instead of wallowing in the silence, use it to recharge. Set up a routine centered around you. Cater to yourself. Pour that ice cold cocktail or iced tea for yourself. Draw a hot bath and turn down the bed sheets just like you would for a significant other. Cooking for one is still cooking for a loved one – yourself.

Evenings, when you're all alone is where you can take advantage of that untapped potential. Use this time to relax and pamper yourself. Read a great book. Work out. Brainstorm on how to get ahead in your job. Arrange and maintain your home to your exact preference so that when you come home after a long day, you feel safe, relaxed and comfortable.

2.  You can't cry on your partner's shoulder after a 'bad day.'

Successful people, whether single or partnered, always focus on the positive. Instead of missing a partner to cry with, spend your time mentally preparing for the next 'bad day.'  Look at things you can implement or avoid next time. Think about the skills you used to deal with your day and find ways to make them even stronger. Most of all, find gratitude in as much as possible. Focus on the good, your strengths and what you can do to improve.

3.  Your schedule only includes you and/or your kids.

You have, right before your eyes, your very own life that you run completely. You have the flexibility to control every aspect of your schedule without having to compromise or work around anyone else! This is freedom! Take it and run with it. Look at your goals, your responsibilities, your needs, your kids' needs and completely organize your entire schedule around this.

4.  You're the sole financial provider and decision maker.

This isn't stressful, this is control! When you're budgeting, you don't have to worry about a partner's needs or desires. It's all about you and/or your children! You won't be criticized for a decision you made in a hurry. You won't be questioned as to why money was spent on something a partner might disagree with. Not only do you have time to invest in yourself, but you have the responsibility to invest in yourself, your kids, your interests and your passions. Consider this a gift and use it wisely!

5.  You don't have anybody to help you with the 'Honey-Do' list.

Does this sound familiar? You come home after a long day and discover your dogs, once again, have escaped out of the fence that you knocked yourself out trying to secure. There's no money for a new fence. You go back to square one trying to find a way to prop, 'jimmy-rig,' and repair the fence to keep the dogs in. After about ten tries, blood, sweat and tears, it works!  At the same time, your neighbor's dogs get out one time, her husband fixes the fence and their dogs are secure on the first try.

WHY are you frustrated? YOU solved an ongoing problem by yourself! The neighbor simply relied on her husband. What happens next time both of your dogs get out and the neighbor's husband is no longer available? You have the knowledge and experience to not only help yourself, but to help your neighbor. This is what life is all about!  'Help thy neighbor.'

Apply this situation to every single incident that you have no 'honey' to help you with. You'll soon find that your being single can, and will help others many, many times.

"I am thankful to all those who said no.  Because of them, I did it myself."-Albert Einstein

N18.1bn presidency budget is way too high - Senator Ben Murray-Bruce

I've this man,  even though he is part of the regime he does not support all their decisions and he always takes it to social media to voice out his opinions.

Photos: Rita Ora flashes nip-ples in low cut latex swimsuit

Hmm,  she is banging body wise,

WARNING!! Tell EFCC to leave Tompolo alone - Ex-Militants to President Buhari

Former Niger Delta militants, weekend, urged President Muhammadu Buhari to prevail on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, to leave ex-militant leader, Government Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo, alone and follow the rule of law in its dealings with him. 

The erstwhile agitators, who met under the auspices of the Transformed Niger Delta Ex-militants Forum, asserted that some persons, who were envious of Tompolo, wrote a petition against him to the EFCC, but advised that the commission in the discharge of its duties should respect the rule of law.

In a communiqué signed by its national president, Meshach Bebenimibo and others, they said, "We appeal to the President as a matter of urgency to instruct the EFCC to follow due process within 1999 Constitution as amended." At the meeting held in Warri were Prince Bebenimibo, Bayelsa , Edo, Cross River, Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Ondo coordinators of the group, Peter Ayeebide, Austin Peremobowei, Korebor Minama, Anthony Youbai, Oluwah Michael and Oloye Tamarayende.

They said: "We want EFCC to leave Tompolo alone because the petitioners are acting out of jealousy to indict and incarcerate him, that is why they are lying to the whole world that Tompolo sold the land for the building of Nigerian Maritime University, NMU, Okerenkoko."

According to the communiqué, "The petitioners know the truth and the truth is that Tompolo only sold the International Diving Institute buildings at Kurutie community and the place was sand filled before he built the school. Among the structures are lecture halls, multipurpose pavilion, administrative block, vice- chancellor's lodge and hostels for male and female students."

"The previous government brought valuers and did all necessary legal things and collected VAT money before paying him about 90 per cent as agreed.

"We also urge EFCC to have a rethink and defreeze Mieka and GlobalWest accounts." The group, however, commended President Buhari for his interest in the region, particularly the inclusion of fund for the Amnesty programme in the 2016 Budget presented to the National Assembly, saying, "We really appreciate your kind gesture."

President Buhari to host 1st media chat by 7pm Today

Are you ready to hear directly from your President?

Well President Muhammadu Buhari will host his first Presidential Media Chat today (Wednesday, December 30, 2015).

In the course of the programme, which will be broadcast live on the network services of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), President Buhari will answer questions from a panel of  journalists (4) on a broad range of current national issues.

A statement by the Special Adviser to the President (Media & Publicity), Mr. Femi Adesina, said the Presidential Media Chat will begin at 7.00pm.

Rukky Sanda Flaunts Her Leg in red thigh high slit dress

I love the environment

Girl escapes with slashed throat from ritual killer's den in Lagos

Residents of Big Daddy Street in the Atinplome, Bagadry area of Lagos State on Tuesday stormed an uncompleted building in the area, which they suspected to be a ritual killer's den, after a female victim raised the alarm.

PUNCH Metro learnt that at about 12am, while a carnival went on in the area, a woman in her late 20s, whose name had yet to be known, had run into the party with her throat partly cut, while blood was streaming out of her body. 

It was gathered that the girl, who later became unconscious and was rushed to a private hospital in the area, told the partying crowd that an alfa, identified as Mallam Sheu, had tricked her into the uncompleted structure before slitting her throat with a knife.

The matter was said to have been reported at the Morogbo Police Division, and some policemen came to the scene, but the alfa was said to have fled the uncompleted apartment. 

It was learnt that in the morning, more residents thronged the area and they were said to have found bloodstains, old clothes, charms and ladies' clothes inside the structure. 

Speaking with PUNCH Metro, a resident who identified herself as Mummy Eso, said youths in the area attempted to burn the den in the afternoon, thinking that the girl had died as a result of her injuries. 

Mummy Eso added that the alfa did not stay in the area and nobody suspected that he used the place for evil purpose. 

She said, "There was commotion in our area in the midnight when boys holding a street party saw the girl bleeding from the throat. The girl, who just managed to speak, pointed to the structure and said an alfa had attempted to kill her, but she managed to escape. 

"One of her hands had also been tampered with. So, the youths became furious and headed for the uncompleted building. Some policemen, who were also on guard duties at the carnival were informed about the incident and they went too. But information had got to the man, and he escaped before they could arrest him. 

"Since morning, people have been coming to the area to check the building. They attempted to burn it in the afternoon."
Another resident, identified as Akeem Ajao, who visited the building, said the youths found old bloodstains, clothes and charms. 

He said, "The lady ran into the carnival with blood streaming out of her body. One of those at the carnival saw her and came to her rescue. She said a man was in the house trying to slaughter her. 

"We rushed the girl to a hospital, where she is now receiving treatment. We did not know that the alfa used the house to do evil works. The girl's clothes were bloodstained. The police have also come to the area this morning. 

"When I entered the house, I saw bloodstains, charms and a human bone was also in the man's car – a Gulf 4 vehicle. It was the boys holding the carnival who noticed the girl. 

"The girl's neck was cut. Nobody knows the family of the girl involved. The man has run away from the area."
Our correspondent gathered that the alfa had been having an affair with the lady, before he took her to the uncompleted building on the evening of the carnival. 

The lady was said to have come from the Igando area to Atinplome.

Nnamdi Kanu apologises To Pres. Buhari, Jonathan, Igbo Elders

Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra and founder of Radio Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, has expressed regret for referring to President Buhari as a terrorist, evil and a paedophile during one of his programmes on his radio station on August 1st this year. Kanu tendered the apology for his comment against Buhari, Jonathan and others in a statement which he made to the DSS on October 23rd.

The statement in part reads

"Reference to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a terrorist, evil and a paedophile is regrettable and uncalled for and for that, I unreservedly apologise and will be doing so in a private letter to the President. Before PMB (President Buhari) there was the administration of Goodluck Jonathan. I also said uncomplimentary things about him and Igbo elders as well, which I now recognise should not have happened because it is un-African to be rude or insolent to elders. All I was trying to do is to draw attention to the problems afflicting society and something done about them."‎.

He says he is however not apologetic on his stand for the actualization of the Biafran state. Kanu who is standing trial for treason and five other offenses, was arrested on October 14th this year.

He was recently charged to court by the ‎federal government.

Ladies Can You Rock This Dress To a Dinner?

Na WA o,  this one na mu Se yaa, Fail

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Which of Them will you pick?

Lol,  for me none unless any of them will share money

See What Examination Hall In Saudi Arabia Looks Like

Wow, but people will still Fail. Lol

MUSIC : Koruz Feat. Gzone – Packaging

BLACK ACE DYNASTY presents: "KORUZ" with his debut joint which features "GZONE".

A track is for fun lovers and DJs in the biggest parties.
He titles it "Packaging".
Produced by beat maker "Mole Morh", mixed and mastered by "GZONE".. Enjoy!


HUMILIATING!! How Controversial Rapper Left Stranded Outside Olamide's #OLIC2

This is so wrong,  but it is also wrong to go to a place like that without an invitation,  Damn!!

Source Net Exclusive

The Downside Of Keeping To Yourself

Good morning Enekem's Blog Readers (EB) , please always talk to God or us,  don't keep to yourself it makes you dark inside,  just let go.....

"Radio Biafra Transmitters Installed on MTN Masts"= FG

The Federal Government has said the transmitters for Radio Biafra, which has been accused of spreading secessionist agenda and campaigning for the carving out of a Biafra Republic from Nigeria, were found to be installed on MTN masts in Enugu and Anambra states.

According to the Federal Government, the installation of the transmitters on the telecommunications company's masts was to ensure wider coverage for the radio.

The headquarters of the radio station is "presumably in London."

This is contained in the government's case summary of the fresh six counts of treason and other ancillary offences instituted against the founder of Radio Biafra and leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, and two others, before the Federal High Court in Abuja.

One of the two other defendants in the six counts filed by the Federal Government is a field maintenance engineer, David Nwawuisi, charged with the responsibility of maintaining the MTN masts in Enugu State.

The other defendant, Benjamin Madubugwu, was said to be living in Ubilisiuzo, Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State, where he allegedly received custody of a container housing transmitters from Kanu.

On December 23, during the accused persons' appearance in court for their scheduled arraignment, Kanu refused to take his plea due to what he called his lack of confidence in the presiding judge, Justice Ahmed Mohammed.

The judge promptly returned the case file to the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court, Justice Ibrahim Auta, for reassignment to another judge and the three accused persons were returned to the custody of the Department of State Services.

The fresh charges were filed against the three men barely 24 hours after Justice Adeniyi Ademola, in a ruling on Kanu's bail application on December 17, ordered his unconditional release from DSS custody, having been detained for about two months without any valid charges filed against him.

The Federal Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr. Mohammed Diri, who signed the fresh charges, the case summary and other processes accompanying them on behalf of the government, alleged that Nwawuisi installed the transmitters on MTN masts "on request by an IPOB member, Chidibere Onwudiwe."

Diri added, "The 3rd defendant (Nwawuisi), a Field Maintenance Engineer, charged with the responsibility of maintaining MTN masts in Enugu State, was also arrested in the course of the investigation.

"He agreed, on the request of an IPOB member, who is at large, Chidebere Onwudiwe, to install and did install IPOB radio transmitters on MTN masts for a consideration."

The prosecution alleged that the transmitters were smuggled into Nigeria by Kanu and were discovered during a search in Madubugwu's residence.

While Kanu was accused of treasonable felony, management of an unlawful society (IPOB), and smuggling of goods, including radio transmitters, into the country, Madubugwu and Nwawuisi were accused of assisting in the management of the said unlawful group.

The prosecution alleged, in the six counts, that the transmitters were installed on the MTN masts between April and May 2015.

The sixth count read, "That you, David Nwawuisi, at Enugu and Anambra states, between April and May 2015 assisted in the management of an illegal society by doing an act to wit: you permitted one Chidiebere Onwudiwe, now at large, to install Radio Biafra transmitters with knowledge that the said transmitters were property of the Indigenous People of Biafra, an unlawful society, with the intention to propagate its secession intention and that you thereby committed an offence punishable under Section 6 of the Criminal Code Act, CAP C38, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria."

Kanu was said to have on many occasions broadcast on the radio, which is said to have as its Mission Statement, 'The defence of the rights of the Indigenous People of Biafra; and ultimately the actualisation of the Republic of Biafra', reiterating that "Biafra must be realised."

The case summary reads, "In one of such broadcasts on August 1, 2015, he called on members of IPOB in the Diaspora to identify children of Nigerian dignitaries, their residences and schools, with a view to taking reprisal action against them in the event of attacks against Biafrans by Nigerian security agents."

The Federal Government said the proponents of the Republic of Biafra proposed that the republic would consist of "states in the South-East and South-South regions except that in the case of Edo State, only the Igbanke community will be part of the Republic of Biafra as well as the Igalas in Kogi State and the Idomas in Benue State."

No new date has been fixed for the arraignment of the accused persons.

The Punch

HEALTH: The Importance Of Physical Fitness and Healthy Feeding - Prisca Alozie (Fitness Activist)

Most people are unaware of the benefits of Exercise, as well as the benefits of healthy feeding. They have this initiative that exercise and proper eating are only to be taken seriously by the fat people, but the slim, can eat what so ever they like and should not even bother to exercise.
Exercise goes a long way in making your health a lot better than you can imagine. 

REDUCES CHOLESTOROL LEVEL; cholesterol is associated with cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke, hypertensive heart disease, atrial fibrillation, endocarditis among others. Most often, you hear that someone suddenly was unable to breathe and dies on the spot, it's a major effect of a high cholesterol level, this cholesterol is like fat, surrounding the heart thereby stopping blood from going to the heart which leads to inability to breath. Most foods that are high in cholesterol to mention a few are, egg, red meat, chicken skin, yogurt, milk, therefore avoid so much intake of those.

KEEPS YOU AT ALERT; yes! You read that! It keeps you at alert. While your colleagues are struggling to run away from danger, say a fire outbreak, you see yourself upfront running like the speed of light. That aside, it boosts your brain power and sharpen your memory, you tend to be able to deliver at all time. It reduces stress, boost happy chemicals and also increase relaxation.

INCREASE METABOLIC RATE; this is simply the rate at which the body uses energy and the number of calories it burns to maintain our vital body process at rest. And the more energy the body use, the more fat it burns.
KEEPS YOU DISTANT FROM DISEASE; most disease tend to fade off or to be at less performance when you work out. Disease like cardiovascular disease, fatigue, obesity, osteoporosis, some forms of cancers, weakened immune system and so many more.

What you eat and the manner at which you eat supplements the exercise you do. It's advisable to those who intend to live a healthy life to cut out carbohydrate and eat more of protein, fruits and vegetables, and also avoid soda (mineral) and take more water.

Healthy eating should not be what you practice for a while and stop, you have to make it part of your daily living, foods that contain proteins tends to curb the fat in your body, and fruits are very low in calories and high in vitamins.
Your exercise is useless, if you don't eat clean.

Exercising contributes 30% to your health living while 70% from what you eat.


Never skip breakfast
Eat in moderation.
Avoid soda(mineral, coke,Fanta,etc)
Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables
Always drink water at least, 8cups daily.
Avoid junk.
Avoid late eating.
Detox are good for your health, try it today.
Learn to eat slow; preferably use a fork and knife while eating, because It takes the brain  20 minutes to realise that the stomach is feel, if you rush your meal , you might end up eating a large bowl of food without realising your stomach filled up, thereby eating too much.

Always get a lot of sleep at night, you should sleep for 8 hrs.

Written by Prisca Alozie
A Fitness Activist

Toolz Transparent Dress to Olamide's ##OLIC2, Nailed Or Failed (photos)

The coke bottle OAP had a lot of jaws dropping during the show on Sunday bit some people have claimed that this is her worse outfit ever,  what do you think?

Oh!! See Why Davido Did Not Perform at Olamide's ##OLIC2

Some of us Were disappointed that Davido Did not turn up for Olic2 well we now know why

Even after waiting in vain as a result of the organisers' promise that Davido would perform after Olamide had closed the concert- the attendees still got disappointed.

In a bid to understand why Davido never showed up, YNaija went snooping and discovered that Davido was actually held up in traffic while trying to get into Eko Hotel and Suites.

Their correspondent saw Davido pull up in his Audi R8 at about 4:30 am when most people were already losing hope and heading out while a few die-hard fans still waited in vain.

Davido was accompanied by his elder bother, Adewale Adeleke and cousin, B-Red.

He eventually made it back-stage but for some reason which we are yet to ascertain at the filing of this report, he failed to perform.

Subsequently, the artiste headed out to club Quilox where he was billed to host a pool party earlier in the day, but as a result of his family's end of year party, he never made it to the event.

'Sometimes less is more' K. Michelle Removes Her Butt Implant (See Photos)

The Singer that recently had her Nudes leaked on the Internet has reduced her massive butt implant as promised in October cause to her it is removing her focus from her music,  how do you see her small waist? Though it seems she didn't remove all the fats/nylon to me

Monday, December 28, 2015

NEW MUSIC :Jesse Mcjessiey (@Mcjessiey) ~ Loved

As we enter the Last days of 2015,one of   the most Talented and consistent young gospel artist I know Jesse

Tweet Of The Day

Be contented,  Hard work pays

Fans Arrow Comedian For Dressing Awfully To Thanksgiving (See comments)

He posted the thanks giving photo on Instagram yesterday and fans bashed him for his bad dress sense,  you like?

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...