Tuesday, December 29, 2015

HEALTH: The Importance Of Physical Fitness and Healthy Feeding - Prisca Alozie (Fitness Activist)

Most people are unaware of the benefits of Exercise, as well as the benefits of healthy feeding. They have this initiative that exercise and proper eating are only to be taken seriously by the fat people, but the slim, can eat what so ever they like and should not even bother to exercise.
Exercise goes a long way in making your health a lot better than you can imagine. 

REDUCES CHOLESTOROL LEVEL; cholesterol is associated with cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke, hypertensive heart disease, atrial fibrillation, endocarditis among others. Most often, you hear that someone suddenly was unable to breathe and dies on the spot, it's a major effect of a high cholesterol level, this cholesterol is like fat, surrounding the heart thereby stopping blood from going to the heart which leads to inability to breath. Most foods that are high in cholesterol to mention a few are, egg, red meat, chicken skin, yogurt, milk, therefore avoid so much intake of those.

KEEPS YOU AT ALERT; yes! You read that! It keeps you at alert. While your colleagues are struggling to run away from danger, say a fire outbreak, you see yourself upfront running like the speed of light. That aside, it boosts your brain power and sharpen your memory, you tend to be able to deliver at all time. It reduces stress, boost happy chemicals and also increase relaxation.

INCREASE METABOLIC RATE; this is simply the rate at which the body uses energy and the number of calories it burns to maintain our vital body process at rest. And the more energy the body use, the more fat it burns.
KEEPS YOU DISTANT FROM DISEASE; most disease tend to fade off or to be at less performance when you work out. Disease like cardiovascular disease, fatigue, obesity, osteoporosis, some forms of cancers, weakened immune system and so many more.

What you eat and the manner at which you eat supplements the exercise you do. It's advisable to those who intend to live a healthy life to cut out carbohydrate and eat more of protein, fruits and vegetables, and also avoid soda (mineral) and take more water.

Healthy eating should not be what you practice for a while and stop, you have to make it part of your daily living, foods that contain proteins tends to curb the fat in your body, and fruits are very low in calories and high in vitamins.
Your exercise is useless, if you don't eat clean.

Exercising contributes 30% to your health living while 70% from what you eat.


Never skip breakfast
Eat in moderation.
Avoid soda(mineral, coke,Fanta,etc)
Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables
Always drink water at least, 8cups daily.
Avoid junk.
Avoid late eating.
Detox are good for your health, try it today.
Learn to eat slow; preferably use a fork and knife while eating, because It takes the brain  20 minutes to realise that the stomach is feel, if you rush your meal , you might end up eating a large bowl of food without realising your stomach filled up, thereby eating too much.

Always get a lot of sleep at night, you should sleep for 8 hrs.

Written by Prisca Alozie
A Fitness Activist

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