Monday, December 28, 2015


A lady kept a little quantity of sugar in a nylon on the table on a Monday morning, with the aim of using it to bake cake on Friday. In a haste to catch her flight, she rushed out. The ants soon traced the sugar, made their way through the nylon, and started 'devouring' the sugar! When she returned on Friday night, she took the nylon of sugar in readiness to bake the cake; but discovered that it has been reduced to nothing by the ants! She was unhappy! No where to get another sugar that night! She was worried about this disappointment and her inability to bake the cake for her friend's party the next day! If she had known, she would have been patient enough to keep it in a plastic container, and probably where ants wouldn't have access to !


In the same vein, ladies are like 'sugar'. God has made them so beautiful with great features and nice physique! Their 'sweetness' will definitely attract both the good one and the 'ants' who are just ready to 'devour' and reduce a lady to nothing! So many ladies in their impatient state and lust for material things/ pleasures, have allowed 'ants' into their lives! These 'ants' have no value to add but just to 'lick' away their virtues and reduce their 'value'. ONLY IF THEY KNEW THIS BITTER TRUTH!!!


After so many ladies have wasted their 'youthful age', and its time to get married, they now begin to make some 'almost late adjustments' ,not particularly because they are repentant; but just in the bid to get a decent man. Forgetting that a 'scar' has been made, and the 'news' of their escapades had filtered into the ears of so many men, thereby discouraging them from coming to them! They arrive at their 'night' so early where only little can be done ! ONLY IF THEY KNEW THIS!!!


My beautiful sisters, no doubt, your 'sweetness' will attract men, but the final decision lies in your hands of either allowing the 'ants' penetrate OR you build a defensive wall round you! You all know that, when one buys a new mattress, it is still hard and balanced! But when different people of different sizes begins to sleep on it; in due time, the mattress begins to give a 'funny' shape and gets flattened. So also is a lady's body! When different men begin to use and lie with her, she becomes so loose and no longer firm! This makes her look older than her age because the body has been subjected to a lot of 'work' by different 'labourers'! But in the case of a virtuous lady who has kept herself; she would still be like a 'firm strong balanced mattress' and her husband will definitely appreciate her!


My precious sisters, have you allowed 'some ants' into your body and they are already 'devouring' you? The end-result is always shame, destruction, delays, etc... why not run to God to wash you now! No matter how far you've gone on this 'destructive path', if you are willing to come to God NOW; He will abundantly pardon and cleanse you ! 

Isaiah 1:18: " Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool". 

God has power to miraculously 'close you up', replace all your 'missing parts'/ virtues; and in His mercy, bring a man who will still adore and cherish you. His grace and glory upon you, will speak 'volume' and make a lot of difference! Don't remain in that mess! You've been bought with a price and still of great value ONLY in God! You are only worthless if you decide to remain in sin! 

2Corinthians 5:17 says: "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." COME NOW!!! You can begin to keep your 'sweetness' now for the man God will permit to be your husband! You are a woman of substance, and the most stunning of all God's creation; Maintain that dignity!!!

(A wise brother will know that this also concerns him and not only for sisters).

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