Monday, December 28, 2015

What Was Your Biggest Lesson Of 2015?? Read my priceless lesson... #OLIC2

As we grow older we learn a lot of things, experience is the best teacher and that's why elderly people are sometimes called a library.

2015 will be over in less than and 5 days and as a matter of fact I learned a couple of things the hard way this year.

To cut to the chase, my trust is now more expensive than it used to be, cause of what I experienced this year, a lot of people out there are Devils in disguise and if you are not careful these type of people can turn your life backward or take you back to level one regardless of how successful you thought you were before you met them.

I experienced scam the  hard way three times this year and funny enough some of the culprits are people that pressed me hardly with phone calls and messages  which made me vulnerable because I wanted help them.

A couple of my so called friends which I paid to get me something carted away with the funds, I didn't chase them though I felt it is their lose cause I won't sacrifice my friendship for such change,

my company  lost money and you should know how humiliating that feels when you tell your partners that the money you collected from the company account  to execute a project was been lost to someone you confided in them that you trusted or even bragged to be like a family to you.  Please my people be careful In your dealings with human beings cause they are very wonderful creatures.

Well Amongst these experiences the most painful of all was the one that involved Akpraise the owner of Akpraise.Com, 

I Don't want to mention how much was lost but God bless that guy,  even though most of the decisions in that transaction was been made by me and we got scammed he overlooked the lost and didn't ask me to refund his money back to him and even after such a bad first business experience, the disaster did not really affect our professional Relationship we still talking till today,I felt bad cause it was the first money business I had with him and I hoped to have more, I know only a few people out there that can overlook such a loss. But God did it,

In conclusion, even though October 1st completed the 1 year anniversary of and Enekem Business I have learned that God is bigger than any setback you face in life and if you trust in him, You will always laugh last,  the last 6 months have been a very successful period in our blog history I won't share the testimonies yet but know that God is Good

LESSONS:Never put what you can't live without in the hands of any person, Human beings are not always what you think they are and With God you are 'Too Big To Fail'

If you have learned anything this year,  comment or send us a mail

Love you all


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