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Evils!! Selena Gomez Ankle Porn Pisses Off Mosque Leaders

Selena Gomez stripped down and showed way too much skin on her ankles while visiting a mosque in Abu Dhabi -- and now she's getting blasted for her "disrespectful" poses.Gomez and co. --

Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Cody Simpson, and Shay Mitchell -- posted a few photos this week taken inside the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque ... which is now getting flooded with complaints. Folks at the mosque tell us the main issues their members have with the pics are: 1) Selena's exposed leg, and her sexy pose ... both are no-nos. It's a respect thing.2) Mosque rules prohibit laughing and smiling ... again, it's about respect.Selena did one-up Rihanna, in a sense. RiRi visited the same mosque last year, but when she posted pics ... she was immediately asked to leave. Mosque leaders went easier on Selena. Maybe they're just not that into her. 

Hol Up!! 17year Old Kylie Jenner Might Have Done Her Own Ass & Boobs Implant See This Photo

She wasn't this curvy if you know her really well , we will start out investigation , we must know the origin of these new found curves......

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EXPOSiTO!! How Oge Okoye Snatched Ex-Husband from Nkiru Sylvanus (Family Source Reveals)

Alec Baldwin's wife Hilaria Baldwin pregnant..

OFFICIAL!! INEC Releases Full Timetable and Schedule Of Activities For 2015 Elections (See)

Don't Dull In 2015!! See Factual Signs That A Female Has a Crush On You

Inescapable!! See The One Mistake That You Will All Make In January 2015 (photo)

Not Again!! PornStar/Actress AfroCandy Leaks Her Masturbation Video Online (18+)

Wow!! 80Year-old Man Spends His Life Saving On A Diamond Ring For His Wife (Romantic photos)

The OLOWOs!! Davido, Dad And Family Shares A Strong Family Tie New Year Photo From Dubai (pic)

Hmmm!! See What A girl Wore To A Club On New Year Eve In Lagos (18+ photo)

In Text!! SEe President Jonathan's New Year Broadcast Speech Today (Earlier Today)

How To Achieve In 2015 All The Goals You Missed Out In 2014 ...

Hol Up!!! What would you Do if you Entered Your Toilet and Found this ....... (Photo)

New Music : Kcee ~ Turn By Turn (Prod. By Dr. Amir) , Happy New Year All

Hol Up!! What Is Wrong With Denrele???..... See Photos

La wa o , this is very abnormal but what can we say , he has bagged a couple of deals and awards for being abnormal , but dang I won't let the industry define my sanity ...... This is style is just too bizarre ......... He is .........

Top Views Today!!

EXPOSiTO!! How Oge Okoye Snatched Ex-Husband from Nkiru Sylvanus (Family Source Reveals)

Alec Baldwin's wife Hilaria Baldwin pregnant..

OFFICIAL!! INEC Releases Full Timetable and Schedule Of Activities For 2015 Elections (See)

Don't Dull In 2015!! See Factual Signs That A Female Has a Crush On You

Inescapable!! See The One Mistake That You Will All Make In January 2015 (photo)

Not Again!! PornStar/Actress AfroCandy Leaks Her Masturbation Video Online (18+)

Wow!! 80Year-old Man Spends His Life Saving On A Diamond Ring For His Wife (Romantic photos)

The OLOWOs!! Davido, Dad And Family Shares A Strong Family Tie New Year Photo From Dubai (pic)

Hmmm!! See What A girl Wore To A Club On New Year Eve In Lagos (18+ photo)

In Text!! SEe President Jonathan's New Year Broadcast Speech Today (Earlier Today)

How To Achieve In 2015 All The Goals You Missed Out In 2014 ...

Hol Up!!! What would you Do if you Entered Your Toilet and Found this ....... (Photo)

New Music : Kcee ~ Turn By Turn (Prod. By Dr. Amir) , Happy New Year All

Alec Baldwin's wife Hilaria Baldwin pregnant..

The year 2015 gave a special gift to the Baldwins!
The wife of popular hollywood actor and star of the "30 rock" show,Alec Baldwin, Hilaria Baldwin, is pregnant!
According to e!news;The 30-year-old yoga instructor posted a photo of her happy family, including
the 56-year-old actor, their 1-year-old daughter Carmen and their two dogs on
her Instagram page on Jan. 1, New Year's Day. It shows their child placing her
tiny hands on her mom's belly.
"The sun has set on 2014 and on my year of daily #hilariaypd ....2015 is going
to be very exciting as we are thrilled to announce we are expecting another little
addition to our family! (tadasana) #yogapostureoftheday," she wrote.
"2015 equals Mommy, Daddy, Carmen and a special guest star...." Alec tweeted.
Hilaria,  married Alec in 2012, and the couple have being blissfully together ever since.

EXPOSiTO!! How Oge Okoye Snatched Ex-Husband from Nkiru Sylvanus (Family Source Reveals)

Gist shall never end as long as people exist , well the story of husband snatching is a life long story so I aint amazed chai...

This life ehn. Just when you think you've heard, seen the worst - Tchidi Chikere/Nuella Njubigbo VS Sophia Chikere; Daniel Ademinokan/Stella Damasus VS Doris Simeon; another story comes up and totally blows you away.

It's no longer news that Nollywood darling actresses Oge Okoye and Nkiru Sylvanus are involved in one of the biggest scandals from last year. Nkiru Sylvanus is currently engaged to her colleague Oge Okoye's husband, Stanley Duru. They would have been married by now if not that their story was made public and the couple was forced to pause their wedding plans.

A lot of people are blaming Nkiru Sylvanus, who coincidentally has in many interviews revealed she doesn't mind being a second wife. However, a family source from Nkiru's camp who knows about the whole affair, has revealed the true story.

The source, who would rather not be named told YNaija:

"It is funny how the media is blaming Nkiru when it is actually a complicated affair. Oge and Nkiru used to be close friends, they met Stanley at the same time in Enugu in 2006.  
Nkiru and Stanley fell in love and Oge the back stabber, knew this yet somehow she
sheepishly let Stanley impregnate her. Nkiru was hurt but she let go of the love of her life for a friend, she didn't want her to be put to shame and mocked for having a child out of wedlock.

So, Oge Okoye and Stanley Duru moved to Amsterdam and got married. 
Of course a dog will always return to its vomit, after having their first son, Oge cheated on Stanley with a friend of his and he paid her back by dating one Dutch lady, Barbara with whom he now has a child, Uchechi, but let's leave that story for another time.

They somehow reconciled and she took in again and delivered a baby girl in 2010 but they officially parted ways in 2012, you media people didn't know that, did you?   
On realizing they were both single again, Nkiru and Stanley reconnected and they regretted letting each other go. They got really close after Nkiru escaped from the kidnappers' den.''

On the postponed wedding, the source said:
"They have done the family introduction already. They were actually planning a secret wedding for December 27 but it has been postponed, they didn't plan for the news to get out, so that changed everything".
When asked why the wedding was postponed, the source declined and said
"That's how much information I can give my dear, Nkiru's media people are working on a press statement already, everything you need to know will be revealed there"
Contrary to reports that actress Oge Okoye is unhappy with the development, the source claimed otherwise.

"She is not furious, she is not devastated at all. She and Stanley parted ways since and she has moved on. Moreover she has no reason to be hurt, after all she snatched Stanley from my cousin first"
Nkiru has said more than a few times, that she would not mind being a second wife. While speaking on a TV programme months ago, she said:

" If the situation and the person is good, I'll go for it. I've said it before that if ladies don't stop this nonsense they call 'one-man-one-wife', many of them will get to 40 and still remain single. There are more women than men. Go to churches, the number of single ladies in most cases is three times the number of single guys".

OFFICIAL!! INEC Releases Full Timetable and Schedule Of Activities For 2015 Elections (See)

             The Presidential and National Assembly elections will hold on February 14, 2015 and the Governorship and State House of Assembly elections will hold on February 28.

In preparation for the 2015 general elections, the Independent National Electoral Commission has released a full timetable and schedule of activities.

                The Presidential and National Assembly elections will hold on February 14, 2015 and the Governorship and State House of Assembly elections will hold on February 28.

Find the full timetable and schedule above

Don't Dull In 2015!! See Factual Signs That A Female Has a Crush On You

Yes believe it or not you will be a year older by the end of 2015 and if you are still yet to be married it might not be too late but it is either you will be 1year ahead or 1year behind your time of marriage so for tha reason this tip is very important cause it can save you a lot of wasteful ponder

So am going to keep this really simple and direct , many of us have found ourselves in a situation where we find it hard to determine whether a Girl is in love with us or we are misinterpreting the normal friendly advances that we are getting from her and for mostly the females sometimes you cant distinguish you crushing on a guy or just seeing him as a cool person

In this brief write yp we shall be looking at some of the factual signs that explains the fact that a girl is crushing on you ....


It's flattering when a woman has a crush on you, though if you don't reciprocate her feelings (or are in a committed relationship with someone else), it can also be quite awkward. Before you can act on a woman's crush--either by pursuing the relationship or letting her down as gently as possible--you need to spot the telltale signs. Yes you really have to cause when love turns into hate ...... You will prefer your day one enemy than a friend turn enemy , so before you leap into the wrong direction here are some things you should watch out for


A woman with a crush will exhibit certain undeniable physical signs when she is attracted to you. She'll often cross and uncross her legs, or twirl her hair around her fingers. Her shoulders will lift up and she'll turn her toes inward. (That last sign may also mean she's a little scared of you, so be gentle if you spot it.) She'll reveal her hands palm-sides up--a sign of vulnerability-- and may move closer to you as you speak. Like men, women also tend to bow their forehead when they're interested in you. And of course, she'll smile at you a great deal, inviting you to come closer.


People with crushes tend to flirt a lot, but there are more specific signs when a woman speaks to you that let you know she's interested. She'll make unbroken eye contact and maintain it throughout the conversation; since she's interested in you, she wants you to know she's listening. You may notice that her eyes dilate when she looks at you, with the pupils growing bigger (it's an involuntary reaction which has nothing to do with the surrounding light). She'll hang on your every word, no matter how dull or trivial the conversation, and make efforts to entertain you and laugh at your comments. If she's nervous or doesn't seem to know what to say, this may indicate a crush as well, especially if accompanied by the physical signs.


If a woman has a crush on you, you may find yourself bumping into her at unexpected times. Those "chance meetings" may be an effort to be around you more, and while it may grow exasperating if it happens too often, it stems from genuine attraction. The meetings will also be tinged with reasons to get together with you--for instance, asking you if you know a good restaurant in the area, and then inquiring if you're hungry. She may take the opportunity to do nice things for you during such meetings, like buying you coffee or paying for a meal you have together.

4. CatCh A STARE

Try to catch her staring at you. This one is a giveaway. If you look across the room in class or at a party and catch her looking right at you, then she may have a crush on you. If she sees that you've noticed her staring and looks away and blushes, or gives you a little smile, then she may be acknowledging that she may like you.

5. GiggLing

See if she giggles a lot around you. A lot of girls giggle a lot around the guys they like because crushes make them feel a bit giddy and lightheaded just for being around the guy that they like. If you find the girl always giggling or laughing a lot around you, even if you've barely said anything funny, then she may like you. She could just be feeling giggly because she likes you, or she could really think that everything you say is funny because she has a big crush on you.

There you go , grab your Crush today ...... She might Be the ONE you always wanted .....

Inescapable!! See The One Mistake That You Will All Make In January 2015 (photo)

This is a Fact and for some strange reasons it is from a psychological origin ,,,,,, you just can't escape it , not until we get to 3weeks into the new year or February depending on how you as a person.......

Not Again!! PornStar/Actress AfroCandy Leaks Her Masturbation Video Online (18+)

Sigh , the nollywood actress is really now holding back , she leaked the video on twitter just few minutes into 2015 , and dayuum the internet has been in a controversial state for that raunchy act

Well we aint gon post the video here , just Google or check ...... Wheeeew

Wow!! 80Year-old Man Spends His Life Saving On A Diamond Ring For His Wife (Romantic photos)

This love is really rare cause it is selfless , no it is not selfless it is selfish , why?

Okay you should understand that he actually did what he did to show his wife that she is special to him , that's like trying to impress himself or making himself feel good by the act of love ...... Is that not selfish? Lol ..... Don't argue

    back to the news An 80-year-old man in China spent his life-savings to buy his wife of many years a diamond ring for because she has had 'a hard life'.

Staff at a jewelry store in Xinjiang,said they were approached by the elderly couple and asked if they could see some 'reasonably priced' rings.

The OddityCentral  reports that the man wanted to make his wife happy because they had experienced of lifetime of struggle.

 According to staff member Zhou Lanlan, the couple had visited their shop at noon on Wednesday. The man then proceeded to ask for diamond rings that were 'reasonably priced'.

The salesperson recommended one particular ring that was being sold at a discounted price. After trying it on, the man payed for the ring with a huge roll of small banknotes that are believed to have been his entire life's savings. He mentioned that he wanted to make his wife happy after a lifetime of struggles. "We've been leading a hard life. I just hope to cheer her up,"

That's Romantic to me ,,,,,,,,

Chickadee I Put Mama June On Notice About Her Molester Ex-BF

This is interesting

Mama June may be telling everyone her oldest daughter is putting their issues behind them -- but Chickadee says all is not forgiven just yet ... when it comes to June's relationship with Mark McDaniel. Anna 'Chickadee' Cardwell tells TMZ she and Mama J are trying to get back on track after meeting last week. She says they've been texting and talking on the phone regularly. 

TMZ broke the story ... Anna cut off all ties when she found out June was back with McDaniel -- who was convicted of molesting Chickadee when she was 8. Anna says June apologized for dating McDaniel -- and while her mom insists the creep's totally out of the picture ... Anna remains hesitant. She says she's warned June the forgiveness train will be completely derailed if Mark comes around again.For her part ... June's told us she's fine with that.


The OLOWOs!! Davido, Dad And Family Shares A Strong Family Tie New Year Photo From Dubai (pic)

Omoge baba ni lo ni KoNGA!! , this is what every successful family should work towards , though they say success and hardwork makes you busy , we should always try to spend some quality time with our family network

Am at home right now , so in case I don't grace any event this season you should understand that I am with family ........ Wheew

Awww!! BasketMouth Shares Adorable New Year Photos Of Him And His Family

I too like this guy , am happy for him , seems he doesn't want to add more kids to his family ......... They are cute

Hmmm!! See What A girl Wore To A Club On New Year Eve In Lagos (18+ photo)

I think this is the civilization that you all have been waiting for , ...... Welcome to the new Age

She Used Him!! Khloe Kardashian Speaks On Why She Dated French Montana

We know this is the news you've been dying for today. Why was Khloe Kardashian dating French Montana? We can finally answer the question that's sure to have been bubbling in your mind for awhile now. Or not. Either way, Khloe revealed why during last night's episode of "Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons," and given how slow the news cycle is this holiday season, well, here you go.

It sounds like it was what we all thought it was: a rebound. Khloe said, "It's nothing against French." She continued, "I just think I don't want a boyfriend. I jumped into something because I was just, like, lonely and destructive. But now I'm like, I just want to be alone."

She added, "I gotta grieve. I'm still married."

Well, if anything, this brief relationship probably widened French's fanbase to stay-at-home moms (or whoever watches the Kardashians).

[via NYPost]

Hol Up!!! In One Sentence , How Was Your 2014??

For Us at , 2014 was A year Of Manifestation ........ That's all

In Text!! SEe President Jonathan's New Year Broadcast Speech Today (Earlier Today)

This is exclusive To , read and be aware of the president's Agenda for the new year ,,,, by the way don't believe everything that is been broad casted by politicians.....

 Dear Great People of our nation,

1. I greet and felicitate with you all as we enter the New Year today. As we mark the beginning of this New Year, 2015, a new nation is being born. A new nation is being born because of the foundations we have all laid, working together for the good and progress of our dear fatherland.

2. I join you all in thanking God Almighty who has brought us this far, for continually bestowing His Grace upon us and for guiding our great nation safely through all the challenges of the past year.

3. This year, as in the year past, I reaffirm my commitment to work to ensure a secure future for our dear country and the generations yet unborn.

4. Last year, we celebrated our hundredth year of nationhood. The year brought us further progress, challenges and fresh opportunities.

5. We have contended with the normal challenges of nation-building and the unusual challenges of terrorism.

6. But we have continued to vigorously confront those who seek to destroy the bonds of unity that hold us together.

7. On this first day of the New Year, I want to pay special tribute to the gallant officers, men and women of our Armed Forces and other security agencies who have been in the forefront of the war against terrorism and violent extremism in our country and sub-region.

8. I also commend all Nigerians who have remained vigilant and cooperative with our security agencies in the fight against the common enemy.

9. We are re-equipping and re-positioning our armed forces to enhance their capacity to win the ongoing war against terror and insurgency.

10. Regrettably, terrorists have unleashed much pain and agony on our land. They have made widows of our mothers and sisters and orphans of our children. They have shut down businesses, desecrated places of worship and brought untold hardship to both men and women. They have violated the culture and peaceful way of life in our country, which took generations to build.

11. They have destroyed countless schools and displaced people from their communities, driving them into exile.

12. I want to assure you that the terrorists will not get away with their atrocities: they will not win; they will be routed. As President, I feel the pain of all affected communities and families. I hear their cries and share their sorrow and pain.

13. We will not forget; we will not look the other way. We have done a lot of painstaking planning and work to resolve the current security challenge. We will bring justice to the savage terrorists known as Boko Haram. They will be defeated.

14. That is the solemn commitment I make today as President of the Federal Republic, and Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces.

15. By the Special Grace of God, the Federal Government, under my leadership, has continued, in the past four years to lead our country forward, even under the most trying circumstances.

16. The progress we have made in priority areas bears us testimony.

17. Amongst other achievements, we have rehabilitated and expanded our rail transportation network, successfully privatized power generation and distribution, significantly reformed and increased local participation in our oil and gas industry, and improved nationwide access to potable water from 57% in 2010, to 70% at present.

18. We have also made significant progress in improving access to primary, secondary and tertiary education by building and equipping more schools, including special Almajiri schools, and establishing additional universities to ensure that each state of the nation now has at least one Federal University.

19. Our national economy maintained a steady growth rate of close to seven per cent in the past four years and millions of fresh employment opportunities were created for our people as a direct consequence.

20. Recently, we launched the Youth Employment in Agriculture Programme (YEAP) and the $100 million dollars Government and Donor Fund for Agriculture Finance in Nigeria (FAFIN) to fast-track the positive transformation of our agricultural sector.

21. The Youth Employment in Agriculture Programme (YEAP) targets 750, 000 market-oriented young agricultural producers while the $100 million dollars Fund is to provide affordable long-term financing to support the development of small and medium agribusinesses in the country.

22. This is in addition to a N50 billion Farm Mechanization Support Fund set up by the Central Bank to establish 1,200 agricultural equipment-hiring enterprises.

23. Both funds will become fully operational this year. Policies and programmes such as these to boost agricultural production remain topmost on the agenda of this administration.

24. Being very conscious of the inherent perils of our over-reliance on income from crude oil exports for national development, we have focused on accelerating the diversification of our economy.

25. The non-oil Sector which has grown by an average of 8% in the last few years, is now a major driver of growth in our economy.

26. The 2015 national budget, which is now before the National Assembly, is targeted at deepening our efforts at becoming a non-oil economy.

27. The budget also includes measures to ensure that the downturn in the price of oil does not affect our development plans and our national economy too adversely. We are adjusting our financial processes to safeguard our economy. We are also taking steps to ensure that the poor and the low and medium income earners do not bear the brunt.

28. In 2015, this administration will continue to lay the foundation for a vibrant economy that attracts significant Foreign Direct Investment and promotes policies that ensure economic stability.

29. We will ensure stability in the value of the Naira by striving to take away speculative behaviours that cause market exchange pressures.

30. We will continue to build and maintain a healthy external reserves position and strengthen fiscal buffers. We will ensure the Naira remains strong, and gives foreign investors the clarity and certainty that they need, to guide future investment decisions.

31. We will continue to improve our payment systems and strengthen risk-based supervision mechanism for Nigerian banks to ensure overall health and stability of the banking system.

32. We are introducing a broad spectrum of financial instruments to boost sector-specific enterprise areas in agriculture, Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs), manufacturing, and oil and gas to enhance our aggregate supply capacity, reduce poverty, promote job creation and increase the general well-being of our people.

33. These efforts and other measures being spearheaded by relevant Ministries, Departments and Agencies, are geared to ensure a secure future for Nigeria and create a much more prosperous country, where people live more peaceful and fulfilled lives.

Fellow countrymen and women,

34. As we enter an election year, I assure you that our administration will remain fully focused on providing good governance and the delivery of better public services to our people.

35. The coming campaigns and elections will not distract us from our ongoing work to significantly improve the living conditions of our people. And I urge all tiers of government not to be distracted as well.

36. The elections are very important for us as a country. Their successful conclusion will further strengthen our democratic institutions and place our beloved country even more firmly in the comity of truly democratic nations.

37. Given the challenges that have characterized some previous electoral contests in our country, the eyes of the world will certainly be on the conduct and outcome of our fifth post-military rule general elections.

38. I reassure all Nigerians and the international community of our firm commitment to free, fair and credible elections. My commitment to free elections and one man, one vote remains unwavering.

39. Our administration has worked hard in previous elections to prepare all key stakeholders including the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), security agencies and the electorate optimally, to ensure a progressively improved electoral process in the country under my watch. We will continue to do so for the coming elections.

40. We will continue to provide adequate funding to INEC and maintain the Commission's independence and isolate it from any form of interference or meddling in its day-to-day affairs. This shall continue to guarantee its impartiality and ability to conduct more credible and acceptable elections.

41. National security agencies will also be given all necessary support to enhance their ability to ensure that the elections are peaceful and violence-free. The Nigeria Police has already established an Elections Security Planning and Monitoring Unit.

42. I am optimistic that with the cooperation of all law-abiding citizens of the country, our commitment to have a peaceful and violence-free election will be actualized.

43. I will like to say this, once again, to my fellow politicians and political leaders. None of our political ambitions is worth the blood of any of our countrymen, women and children. The improvement of their lives and living conditions ought to be our primary motive and the driving force of our quest for political power and leadership positions.

44. Let us not promote sectionalism, disunity, intolerance, hate, falsehood or the malicious abuse of political opponents. Whatever we feel or seek, we must have a nation and a people before we can dream of political ambitions. Let us put the nation and the people first.

45. Let us all conduct our electoral campaigns with the highest possible decorum and civility towards political opponents. Let us give INEC the fullest possible support and cooperation it requires to conduct credible and violence-free elections in 2015.

46. After the 2011 general elections, some unpatriotic elements embarked on an Fun of violence, resulting in the destruction of lives and property. That will not be allowed to happen this time around. This government will act decisively against anyone who disrupts the public peace, before, during or after the 2015 general elections.

47. All Nigerians, of voting age, are free to vote based on their convictions. It is our duty to defend and protect that basic right, and let no one be in doubt, we will.

48. Fellow Nigerians, I urge all of you to enter the New Year with renewed zeal and patriotism, to serve our fatherland with love, honesty, faithfulness and hope for a greater tomorrow.

49. As I have always maintained, none of the challenges before us is insurmountable. We must come together as a people and work with single-minded unity of purpose to overcome them.

50. Nigeria is a key country in Africa. We must work together to maintain our strategic position and collaborate with others to move the continent forward. I call for peace in Africa and an end to all conflicts in our continent. I urge all Africans to promote democracy in their respective countries to ensure faster development of the continent and faster economic and political integration.

51. We will continue to pray and offer hands of fellowship and assistance to our fellow Africans suffering from the Ebola Virus Disease. I urge all Nigerians to show compassion and contribute in whatever way we can to help our African brothers and sisters.

52. As we go into this New Year, I salute the indomitable and resilient spirit of our people in Nigeria and wherever they are in the world. Our spirit of enterprise and the doggedness to succeed amongst all odds has been our strength.

53. With our collective prayers and efforts, we will grow our economy and our people will become wealthier. Government will continue with programmes deliberately designed to create more jobs for our youth, to enable them contribute more to the growth and development of our nation.

54. Let us continue our march to the future, towards the attainment of our collective vision of a strong, united, prosperous and harmonious nation – a secure nation for us and for our coming generations.

55. I wish you all a happy and fulfilling 2015.

56. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

57. Happy New Year, Nigeria!

58. I thank you all.

Happy New Year Enekem's BLog Readers [EB]

Yes we really appreciate every single one of you , for the love, support and consistency , we wish you all everything you wish for yourself and this new year will usher in New things in your lives

Yea I know you want your freebies .... Watch this space ........ HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

How To Achieve In 2015 All The Goals You Missed Out In 2014 ...

I am a businessman so I found this article from business insider very interesting , so read and learn

The transition from one year to the next is a great time to reflect on your career and what you need to focus on going forward.

To make 2015 your most lucrative year yet, you may have to do some things differently than what you've done in the past. So,here are 14 action items that will definitely help you in achieving your financial goals and create wealth in the long run. Action items that can put you ahead regardless of what happens with the economy in the coming year and beyond:

1. Become your own CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
You can't fix what you don't know, so the first step is becoming completely aware of your finances and where your money is going.

As soon as you start to understand your current situation in detail, you will be able to identify leaks
and simple solutions that will help get you on your way.

Nobody cares more about your finances than you do (not even a financial adviser), so it is on you to take control of your financial future and direct it to where you want to go.

2. Go on a diet.
I'm not talking about what you eat. Identify one expense that isn't helping you achieve your goals, and cut it out for 30 days.

A simple expense to choose is cable television. Try a TV (or other guilty pleasure) diet for 30 days, and use that time and money on something more beneficial. I'm sure you'll survive without it just fine.

3. Be selfish.
When you get on an airplane, what do they tell you during the safety instructions? "Put your own mask on first, and then help the person beside you."

It should be the same way with our time and our finances. Be selfish and take care of yourself first, and then you can have more flexibility to take care of others. The problem is that so many of us put others first and then aren't able to help ourselves.
4. Be selfless.
Although you want to be selfish with your time and money at first, you also want to be selfless with your attitude. The wealthiest entrepreneurs I know give, give, give, and focus on helping others. By doing so, more money shows up in return.

Focus on impact and income will result. Be willing to help others when you can.
5. Improve your credit score.
Credit is boring and I hate to talk about it, but it does make a difference. Think about it: Most of life's biggest expenses are purchased on credit. It's important to start to take care of it now because there is going to be a situation in the future where you'll wish you had.

The way to improve your credit score again starts with awareness. Address those now and you'll save yourself many thousands in the future.
6. Define what true wealth means for you.
In the dictionary, wealth is defined as "a large amount of money and possessions." However, when you ask someone who is truly wealthy, you get a completely different answer.

As shown in "Make Money, Live Wealthy," the 75 entrepreneurs that were interviewed most often shared words like freedom, purpose, family, health, experiences and other things that mean much more than just money.

Money is an important tool that makes all of these other things much easier, but it shouldn't necessarily be the goal in and of itself. Realize this and you will ultimately create your dream life much sooner.
7. Automate your money.
The key with your finances is to make it as easy as possible on yourself. The best way to do this is to automate your finances as much as possible. What this means is that as soon as money comes in, it is dispersed to your other accounts automatically.

For instance, you can set up your finances so that money is taken straight from your paycheck into a retirement investment account, or from your checking account to pay off fixed bills like your internet and cable. The less you can worry about moving your money around and the more you can focus on optimizing it, the better off you'll be.

The key reason why this works is not only to free up time, but it helps prevent us from wasting money. If we see extra money in our account, we'll find a way to spend it and then won't be left with much if any money to invest in ourselves and our future. Automation helps keep our priorities in line and takes the emotions out of it.

8. Add another income stream.
One thing that I learned over and over again from the wealthy this year is that they never rely on one income stream. They have numerous sources, which protect them from changes in the economy and also add up to the greatest numbers.

If you want to make 2015 your most lucrative year yet, your best bet is likely to add another source of income.

9. Focus on passive and residual income.
There is only so much time in the day, so it's hard to build wealth quickly when you're trading your time for money. Instead, the wealthy focus on building income streams where they can get paid over and over again for their work by putting their business or money to work for them.

Examples of this include the investing, owning real estate, running an online business, and writing a book. If you're going to do the work, you might as well get paid over and over again for your efforts. Work hard, but also work smart, and you'll much sooner find the freedom you dream of.

10. Get a library card.
The wealthiest and smartest people in the world have something in common: They're avid readers.

For very cheap or even free, you can get access to the most brilliant and inspiring people of all-time. Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make, and by reading, you are doing exactly that.

Whether it be audio or in print, books have helped change my life and bank account and can do the same for you.
11.  Track your progress.
It doesn't matter how much money you make. It doesn't even matter how much you spend. What does matter is how much you keep.

Every month, track your net worth (I use to do this). This makes you think about the entire picture from income to expenses to investments to taxes. With this focus, you can ultimately make the greatest impact on your finances.

12. Cut out 10%.
Even the most frugal people can find 10% of their expenses to cut. If you then take that 10% and invest it in yourself and in your future via training, paying off debt, or putting it towards vehicles that make you money like investing or starting a business, you'll be much better off.

Try it. Go through your expenses line by line and see what you can cancel or reduce. I do this practice at least twice per year to keep things in line, and I find hundreds in savings each time.

13. Hang out with rich people.
Your network is your net worth. Seriously.

As Jim Rohn said, "You become the average of the five people you spend the most time with." It doesn't matter if we're talking about happiness, health, confidence or your income, the people you hang out with are strongly reflected in your own life.

So, if you have one thing on your 2015 to-do list, it should be to raise the quality of your peer group. This will have a domino effect on every other area of your life.

14. Reduce your goals.
Most people don't even create goals, but those that do often go to the extreme and create too many goals. The ultra-successful, however, are great at simplifying their mission and creating a single challenge in front of them at any given time.

As Gary Keller talks about in the great book, "The ONE Thing," the way to get more is to focus on less. Less distractions, less stress, and fewer goals lead to more income and a better lifestyle.

That's it; 14 small steps that can add up to enormous changes. Remember, new and better actions will lead to new and better results. Cheers to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015.


Hol Up!!! What would you Do if you Entered Your Toilet and Found this ....... (Photo)

Damn if I wanted to drop some shit , I would just break the natural , soak the shit back into my tummy and look for away to punish this serpent for entering my property without permission ...........

But if am in a good mood .........

Hol Up!!! What would you Do if you Entered Your Toilet and Found this ....... (Photo)

Damn if I wanted to drop some shit , I would just break the natural , soak the shit back into my tummy and look for away to punish this serpent for entering my property without permission ...........

But if am in a good mood .........

Oh No!! See Main Why Chris Brown Canceled His New Year Eve Concert.....

Well that's the least I could expect from the lad ,

Chris Brown canceled a New Year's Eve concert in the Philippines at the last minute because of a lost passport.
Brown tweeted earlier on today:
'Due to unfortunate circumstances I can't bring in the new year with you. Too bad since the Philippines Arena is one of the best arenas in the world! Stay tuned Team Breezy!!!!'
'#TeamBreezyManila I'll see you in spring!'
The organizers, Maligaya Development Corp., said they were informed by Brown's local

representatives Wednesday afternoon that he was still in Los Angeles.
'According to them, Chris Brown lost his passport the day before the scheduled event,' it said in a statement.
'Hence despite having entered into a contract with us, Chris Brown would not be able to comply with his obligation to perform.'

He was set to perform along with other musical acts at the 55,000-seat Philippine Arena in the New Year's Eve concert, which also featured a fireworks show.

NEW MUSIC: Kcee ~ Turn By Turn [Prod. By Dr.Amir]

After a very successful 2014, the 'Five Star Music' Super star – KCEE, launches out into 2015 with a fire track titled Turn By Turn.

In this melodic Dance-hall/Galala fusion , KCEE encourages and motivates everyone out there facing various unforeseen circumstances that makes them want to give up, not to.

New Year Eve Bomb Blast!! A Suicide Bomber Killed An Unknown Number Of People In Gombe

Some families will mourn the death of their loved ones as they enter the new year , report reaching us now is tha

A bomb has reportedly gone off at 301 Mammy Market, situated  inside the only military barracks in Gombe, Gombe state. A security source who confirmed the blast to

TheCable, said an unknown number of people were killed in the incident, which occurred a few minutes after 8pm.

Tiwa Savage Is Carrying A Baby In Her (Photo Evidence)

Tiwa savage is certified pregnant

My amebo gave me the gist about 3weeks ago , but you know how we roll we had to wait for standard evidence , well
Tiwa showed her her baby bump

She posted a shot with her husband T Billz on Instagram with the caption "2015 just the 3 of us"

All we can say is congrats to the couples

That's Cold!! Amber Rose Applauds Brad & Angelina for Raising a 'TransKid'

Well she should have used a more friendly word ,

Amber Rose showed her support for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's parenting by posting a pic of their daughter -- dressed in a suit and tie -- and praising them for supporting Shiloh's desire to be a boy. 

Amber captioned her Instagram "How gorgeous is John Jolie Pitt?" The image she used is Shiloh at one of Angelina's recent premieres.Both Brad and Angelina have said Shiloh thinks of herself as a boy, wants boy haircuts, and wants to wear boys clothing. They've also said she prefers to be called John.Amber continued gushing ... "Born into the perfect family for him." Her only misstep might have been tacking on, "#TransKids" -- a term neither Brad or Angie has ever used publicly. So, we gotta ask ...

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...