Monday, January 5, 2015

SAFA WRITES!! The End ReallY Does Not Justify The Means .....

I WAS once walking the streets of Jalingo late at night and came upon a man and a young woman in the midst of a struggle. As I drew nearer, it became obvious that the man, who appeared to be both drunk and enraged, was attempting to pull the woman into a car against her will. She was making a forceful show of resistance, but he had seized her arm with one hand and was threatening to strike her in the face with the other-which he had done at least once, it seemed, before I arrived on the scene. Several other men were milling about, and from the looks of them, they appeared to approve of the abduction in progress.

Without knowing how I would proceed, I at once found myself interceding on the woman's behalf. As my adrenaline rose, and her assailant's attention turned my way, it occurred to me that his English might be terrible or nonexistent. The mere effort to understand me could be made so costly that it might prove a near-total diversion. The inability to make my intentions clear would also serve to forestall actual conflict. Had we shared a common language our encounter would have almost certainly come to blows within moments, as I would have thought of nothing more clever than to demand that he let the woman go, and he, to save face, would have demanded that I make him. Since he had at least two friends that I could see (and several fans), my evening would probably have ended very badly. Thus, my goal, as I saw it, was to remain unintelligible, without antagonizing any of the assembled hooligans, long enough for the young woman to get away.

"Excuse me," I said. "I seem to have lost my way, my PPA. Can you help me? Where is it? Where is it?"

"Sex?" The man asked with obvious outrage, as though I had declared myself a rival for his prisoner's affections. It now occurred to me that the woman might be a prostitute, and he an unruly customer.

"No! Not sex. I am looking for a specific building. It has no aluminum siding or stained glass. It could be filled with marzipan. Do you know where it is? This is an emergency."

In an instant, the man's face underwent a remarkable transformation, changing from a mask of rage, to a vision of perplexity itself. While he attempted to decipher my request, I threw a conspiratorial glance at the woman-who, it must be said, seemed rather slow to appreciate that the moment of her emancipation was at hand.

The man began to discuss my case in fluent Hausa with one of his friends. I continued to rave. The woman, for her part, glared at me as though I were an idiot. Then, realizing her opportunity for the first time, like a bird that had long sat within an open cage, she suddenly broke free and fled down the street. Her erstwhile attacker was too engrossed by his reflections even to notice that she had left.

Mission accomplished, I at once thanked the group and moved on. While my conduct in the above incident seems to meet with the approval of almost everyone, I relate it here because I consider it an example of a moral failure. First, I was lying, and lying out of fear. I was not lost, and I needed no assistance of any kind. I resorted to this tactic because, quite frankly, I was afraid to openly challenge an indeterminate number of drunks to a brawl. Some may call this wisdom, but it seemed to me to be nothing more than cowardice at the time. I made no effort to communicate with these men, to appeal to their ethical scruples, however inchoate, or to make any impression upon them whatsoever. I perceived them not as ends in themselves, as sentient creatures capable of dialogue, appeasement, or instruction, but as a threat in its purest form. My ethical failure, as I see it, is that I never actually opposed their actions-hence they never received any correction from the world. They were merely diverted for a time, and to only a single woman's advantage. The next woman who became the object of their predations will have little cause to thank me. Even if a frank intercession on the woman's behalf would have guaranteed my own injury, a clear message would have been sent: not all strangers will stand idly by as you beat and abduct a woman in the street. The action I took sent no such message.

Indeed. I suspect that even the woman herself never knew that I had come to her aid. There is a lesson here for all of us: THE END NEVER JUSTIFIES THE MEANS!


Yes we are kicking off this year's NMC with A very pretty and ADOrable Model whom goes by The Name


Our Personality of the week is gorgeous JENNIFER ENUJIUGHA
popularly known as "JENYZEST" an amazing lady from anaocha local government area, in anambra state. , and there are so many things about her that will make you appreciate her person

????? Of The Day!! Guys, This Question Is For You... LOL (photo)

Actually saw this at Lailas , so you guys should tell us which you prefer

Ladies, which of these women would you rather be?

Very Obvious!! Tiwa Savage's Bump Is Reducing Her Flexibility But She Still Cute (New photos)

La wa o , just last week we knew about the pregnancy and pheew it is already spreading out in all her outfits,

The belly is already protruding..and do you notice those other preggy changes,

like the puffy nose and cheeks? She and her hubby, Tee Billz attended Alibaba's Concert which held at the Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos. She wore a blue jumpsuit, which made her bump very obvious. Aww, Tiwa is so cute even in pregnancy.

Love/Hate Thing!! Obanikoro & Jimi Agbaje Had Their Lunch Together (Photo)

Yea when you love , hate and love again , it becomes a love hate thing , if you are a follower of politics in lagos you will understand what I mean , 

Obanikoro and Jimi were once rivals, they lived like cat and dog, they threatened each other.  Musiliu dragged Agbaje to court citing irregularities during the election.

They have since settled their differences and now refers to each other as brothers. All is well, and they are having lunch like family.

Wow Creativity ...... Somebody Actually Used Four Pieces OF Boiled Yam To Write 2015 (pics)

That's why I love my country , if we don't have any sense at all you can't take away our sense of humor ...... Lol Nice

New Inmate!! Teresa Giudice 'Real Housewives' Star Checks Into Prison

TMz just reported that

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice is ringing in the New Year as an inmate ... after checking herself into prison early Monday morning. Giudice will be serving her 15-month sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut.

According to our sources, Giudice showed up at 3:00 AM ... without husband Joe in tow. He was spotted later in the morning driving the couple's kids to school.Giudice pled guilty in March to bankruptcy fraud and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud.  Once Teresa is sprung, Joe will serve a 41-month sentence for fraud. This way while one parent is behind bars, the other can do double duty.

She Is A Celebrity Wanna-Be ......... Top Female Journalist Zuka Ogujiuba Blasts Toke Makinwa

Well this is not new in the industry ,someone somewhere won't just feel you for no reason and this is the most recent case ,

Top female journalist, Azuka Ogujiuba used her Saturday column in Thisday Newspaper to talk about the 2014 Headies in an article titled, 'The Good, Bad and Ugly of 2014 Headies Awards' and in her post she talks about everything from the show itself to the hosts of the night, Basketmouth and Toke Makinwa. She talks about Toke Makinwa's lifestyle and hosting strategies at length. Read in part her thoughts on Toke Makinwa:

"She obviously loves the limelight; she enjoys being called and seen as a celebrity, and she loves the good life of being a star, which sincerely is not a crime and it is equally her business anyway. For me
as a journalist, if I am to pick any of the known on-air personalities to interview then Toke Makinwa will never make number 50 on my list because I don't know what she wants to tell the world about her career and personal life again.

Her life is practically on the social network but it is truly her choice. There is no doubt that she works hard and can be aggressive. She probably wants to be the most popular radio personality and, of course, probably has to add the 'fake it till you make it' attitude into everything she does. Her strategy is working for her. I actually used to think Toke was loved and revered by her fans until she co-hosted the 2014 HEADIES awards.

Initially, I thought she had butterflies in her stomach, because I have been a victim before, when I had to present an award to the family of the late Dagrin, who died a month before the award in 2010. When I saw the crowd watching me on stage I was scared and immediately become dumb, I was so overwhelmed by stage fright that D1 came to my rescue. Through that short time the crowd booed me off the stage, and it should be worse for a wanna-be celebrity like Toke whom I used to think has more fans than the likes of Funke Akindele, Tuface, Geneveive Nnaji and co, because that is how Toke Makinwa rates herself. Maybe she thinks she falls in the category of A-list celebrities. Well, to some people she might be.

She almost cheapened and marred the show with her dry jokes and her 'fake-ness', trying to be who she is not. I think Animashaun imagines his event as a huge joke that was why he opted for Toke. The fact that Toke presents 'Trends' does not mean she has the capability to host such a big show and a large crowd. And the crowd was not merciful at all, as the audience made Toke realize she was not wanted on stage; nobody replied her calls or laughed at her jokes. They just wanted her out of the stage every time she came out in any of her horrible outfits which, as usual, were given to her free by designers, who also have fallen prey to her 'fakeness'. The response was so bad that at a point I felt so sorry for her. Less I forget, I also wore an outfit courtesy of Kina Buti to the awards night.

Her second outfit was a sequin jumpsuit, which got the audience laughing when she walked up to the stage. I didn't see her at first because I was actually chatting on my blackberry phone, but the laughter from the crowd made me look up quickly. People talked openly not caring who was listening, and I heard from the seat behind me someone asking 'Why is this girl fooling herself? What nonsense is she wearing and why would she wear a 'Padded Butt' in this kind of outfit? Another said she looked like she wore pampers, and the comments and laughter at Toke's foolery went on and on. And I just thought to myself who is actually her stylist? Who is doing this to Toke? Or is she her own worst enemy? She made it worse when she tried to thrill the crowd with her various dance steps which she did badly as the crowd continued to bully and boo her.

It was so hard not to laugh, as she kept making jest of herself on stage. Toke invited Julius Agwu on stage to assist her in dancing shoki, and Julius Agwu flawed and also threw jibes at her and her ugly/funny jumpsuit. It was then with the large crowd that I realized Toke has this 'we love to hate you kind of personality'. She's liked as much as she's disliked and draws negative and controversial attention. In a way, I think she loves anything negative or positive as long as she is seen on the pages of newspapers, magazines and for her stories to be on the blogs. For people like Toke any publicity is cool as long people know or read about her. As long as it makes her join the league of 'celebrity world' she does not care.

Her third outfit was made in adire with a funny big bow. It was equally ugly and drab; I don't know which designer made the outfit and, the fourth outfit reminded me of a turkey for thanksgiving. I don't understand the dress or is it the feathers? Biko, who is her stylist, I ask again and, the exchange of wigs, was that really necessary?

During the awards she did everything she could to make the crowd happy but they were very hostile to her, to the extent that at one point she plead with the crowd to accept and laugh at her jokes or even applaud her efforts to make them enjoy the show, but the crowd still ignored her until Basketmouth as usual came to her rescue. Even her jokes at Basketmouth's marriage was quickly hushed and halted by him."

Did You Miss Waje's Sermon This Monday Morning?? See It Here She Is Religiously Gifted

When you see some of this celebs from a deeperlife point of view , you will pity them like they are lost in the world and worshiping the devil or honoring themselves with their God given talent, well have met some of these celebs and outside what you see on TV most of them are religiously inclined

I wont be surprised to see her open a church one day like Soul Damn, she knows the bible so well. She said. "The blood must be preached". Does this mean that she will continue to preach about the blood of Jesus? Read her early Instagram sermon below:

"We did not need the blood only for when we cried out to the Lord to come into our hearts by faith. On the contrary, we still need that same blood today. All our strength and nourishment and every promise and miracle must flow to us through the blood. It gives us life from day to day!

We have lost our teaching of the blood in this age of Pentecostalism. We have learned about the Spirit of God, but we failed to teach about the blood. Consequently, we have produced a generation of believers who are empowered by the Spirit but do not feel forgiven! They are operating in the gifts, but living in guilt! #flourish2015

The blood must be preached. Without it we have no life. Why are we wasting the power of God on the problems of our past? The blood has already totally destroyed past bondages that held us down! It was through the eternal Spirit of God that Jesus was able to offer up His blood. There can be no Pentecost where there is no Passover!"

IBILE Rapper Reminisce Is The New Ambassador For Fast Spreading Local Liquor 'ORIJIN' [See Photo]

Well this is a good start for the rapper ,
Reminisce kicks off his 2015
in style as he signs as a brand ambassador with
Guinness Nigeria's Orijin. Orijin is a fruit and
herbal drink alcoholic drink which has become
the favorites of a lot of people. An excited
Reminisce showed off this photo via his instagram
page moments ago with the caption:

They say i be local rapper….but you know,I am
the Orijinal of Orijinals.I appreciate my
culture,understand my roots and create my own
Orijinal beat.Proud to be ALAGA of ORIJIN,a
brand that celebrates

Rihanna Goes Topless Again , But This Time It Is For Puma (photos)

She is always fast to throw her tops off for a photos and beach hangouts , well Rihanna who is now the creative director of Puma as announced in early December is sure taking her job seriously. The seductive star showed off her figure in nothing but Puma briefs... 

Now every lady would want to rock these

Controversial Video!! David Oyedepo Orders Church Members to Kill Every Islamic Jihadist (BH (see)

This is really controversial or maybe people are taking it the wrong way ,

A video currently making rounds on the Internet shows founder of Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel), David Oyedepo asking his congregation while giving a sermon to 'kill Islamic demons' wreaking havoc in North-east Nigeria.

Pastor Oyedepo in the 26-minute rare footage on YouTube was shown angrily shouting: "God has anointed me to lead a revolution against Islamic jihadists,"

"If you catch anyone that looks like them – kill him! Kill him and pull out his neck. I will spill his blood on the ground. What nonsense!"

Busted!!! Four NAija Boyz Arrested By India Police For Internet Fraud (photos & Name)

The year is not starting well for some scammers abroad , report reaching us this afternoon is that  The Hyderabad police in India on Saturday January 3rd arrested four Nigerians including a woman over internet fraud. The police said they recovered a car, money and mobile phones from them  

The accused, Peter Austin (29), Eboh Felix (26), Steffi Ebohon (24) and Uzaonicha Daniel Iwenwanne (26), reportedly contacted a student named Mohd Wasiuddin, and told him he's won some money.
The police said the gang managed to convince the unsuspecting victim to deposit money for registration, customs clearance, processing fees and other expenses. 

French Montana & Lil Boosie Will Both Be Starring In Movies This Year

The phrase "it's a movie" is used pretty often in the rap game to describe an epic or cinematic piece of music, but less often do rappers actually produce films themselves. When plans for a biopic are announced, they seldom come to fruition (Rick Ross has announced a couple of features that never made it off the ground). However, a few hip hop artists have managed to get their foot in the acting game, with YG releasing his film "Blame It On The Streets" just a month or so back.

In a new interview with BET, both French Montana and Lil Boosie have revealed movie projects in the works. "Definitely [2015 I'm] on the acting tip," said French of his schedule for the new year. "I came in on the "Cocaine" set of DVDs. I just love the visuals, so I definitely went to L.A. [and] I'm definitely trying to put something together as far as a movie. I've got a movie called Respect the Shooter coming out early next year."

Boosie explained that his upcoming feature will be packaged with his first post-prison album. "In 2015 you can expect the album, you can expect the movie. I'm shooting my life story movie," he revealed. "It's crazy."

Oritse Femi Shares Photo Of Him Drinking With Friends , Today Is His Birthday #HBD (photos)

Oritsefemi is a year older today. The Double Wahala crooner shared this photo of himself drinking with some people who look like his pals on the street and some little children.  He captioned it:
Happy birthday to self by my self..... I wish my self unlimited success in dis new
year....abundant blessings and God uncommon protection in my dear life.

Gay Lovers!! Sam Smith & Boyfriend Reenact Famous Titanic Love Pose And More Romantic Photos

The guy is talented I won't lie , dang we lost him to the men and he does not hide his sexuality , The Singer Sam Smith has uploaded Instagram photos of himself with his boyfriend Jonathan Zeizel for the first time. And one of the pictures has them reenacting the famous Titanic love scene.

The 'Stay With Me' singer came out in May last year, when he revealed that his album In the Lonely Hour was about a man he fell in love with. He later revealed that the man he wrote the album for was straight and uninterested – and spoken about his dating woes.

Photos were taken during a trip to Sydney over New Year.

Hol Up!! What's Going On Here? (Photo)

This is human sitting a Dog , I know atleast 5 animal doctors that see everything wrong with what this young man is doing ...... Well this is Nigeria everything goes!!

Lmao , Guys Is This True About Auchi And Babcock Exams? (Photo)

Biggs Girls!! Laura Ikeji Shares A Photo Of Her Shoe Collections, They Are Much (pic)

R.I.P Alert!! President Goodluck Jonathan Loses Younger Sister Of 52 ' Mrs. Nancy Jonathan-Olei'

Still On Campaign Tour!! Buhari Takes his Campaign to Mo Abudu's Moments with Month (photos)

Double Blessing!!! Hollywood Actress Zoe Saldana Is Now A Mother Of Two Baby Boys

Kinging!! Port-H 1st Son Duncan Mighty Acquires a Brand New Ford Explorer SUV (2015(

Tragedy As Truck Crushes Parents &Two Kids to Death (Photos)

Niyola in hot romance with Banky's brother

Oh No!!! See The Controversial Bleached Face Of 'Sean Tizzle' Causing Controversy On Social Netwo...

Love?? Emir Of Kano 'Sanusi Lamido' Set To Marry 17 Year Old Girl As His 4th Wife

Public Cry!! 'My Life Is In Danger' - Enugu Rev Fr Mbaka Cries Out, Alleges Threat Messages

This is really serious ,

Enugu Catholic priest and founder of the Adoration Ministry, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mba­ka, yesterday raised the alarm that he has been receiving threat mes­sages following his New Year eve mes­sage where he said that Nigeria would be doomed if President Goodluck Jonathan is re-elected.

In a sermon at the Christ the King Catholic Parish GRA, Enugu, yester­day, Rev. Mbaka said if such threats could move him, he would not even be standing before the congregation that morning.

According to SunNews, he declared:
"Tell them I am not afraid of them. I have said what I was asked to say. The only word I have for them is Isaiah 54:15,17: "Surely they shall gather, but because the gathering is not of God they shall scatter. No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper. 
They said Buhari gave me money, but I have never met with Buhari. I don't know him in person. I only delivered the message I was given and I stand by that message because the future of this country is bleak with Jonathan on the saddle."
Mbaka said before he gave the December 31, 2014 message, he had called Mrs. Patience Jonathan sever­ally but couldn't get to her.

Said he:
"When she came here, I told her to give me her number so that I could give her messages, but thrice she refused. It was later she told one of the pastors with her to give me his number. So, before that message, I had called the number for two weeks but it was always the Personal Assistant to the pastor that picked the calls. "
Mbaka, who warned that Nigeria needed change, repeated that if Jona­than was re-elected for another tenure, "the next four years will be hell for the country. People are crying of hunger but then you will see what is hunger."

Lmao , Guys Is This True About Auchi And Babcock Exams? (Photo)

this is making private Universities look like a joke and Federal/State Universities steady looking like a prison called school ......

Biggs Girls!! Laura Ikeji Shares A Photo Of Her Shoe Collections, They Are Much (pic)

Laura is The Noise maker of the house so she tries to keep up with the limelight like a celebrity , well she took it to Instagram with the caption

"" Confused about the new pair appropriate for the outfit. ""


R.I.P Alert!! President Goodluck Jonathan Loses Younger Sister Of 52 ' Mrs. Nancy Jonathan-Olei'

This is some really sad news for the president and his family ,

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has announced with deep sorrow, the passing away of his beloved junior sister, Mrs. Nancy Jonathan-Olei. Mrs. Jonathan-Olei passed away earlier today at a hospital in Yenagoa after a brief illness. She was  52 years old. Burial arrangements will be announced later by  the family.

We will update you with photos later ,

Still On Campaign Tour!! Buhari Takes his Campaign to Mo Abudu's Moments with Month (photos)

APC presidential Candidate General Muhammadu Buhari is really not taking any day off with His campaign tour , yesterday he sat for a conversation with media mogul and talk show host Mosunmola Abudu today in Lagos. Meanwhile, his VP Professor Yemi Osinbajo, SAN was also Channels Television tonight. 8pm to 9pm.

Photos above

Double Blessing!!! Hollywood Actress Zoe Saldana Is Now A Mother Of Two Baby Boys

Am really happy for her , one of my favorite lepacious holly actress ,

The actress took to Twitter on Friday to announce that she has given birth to baby boys named Cy and Bowie, revealing that she and her husband Marco Perego welcomed the new arrivals last month. They are the couple's first children.

"Happy #2015 ! Starting our #NewYear with a fullhouse. Our boys are finally here! Thank U 4 all the beautiful wishes!" she tweeted.

Kinging!! Port-H 1st Son Duncan Mighty Acquires a Brand New Ford Explorer SUV (2015(

This seem to be a year or cars and property celebration ,

Duncan Mighty will be the 3rd Nigerian celebrity showing off his new whip just four days into the new year. Big congrats to him. And big congrats to us all in advance. .......Amin

Tragedy As Truck Crushes Parents &Two Kids to Death (Photos)

This is some really bad news ,

Four members of the same family– a father, mother and their two kids– have been crushed to death by a truck laden with bags of rice. The accident was said to have happened along the Iwo-Ibadan Road in Osun State.

A passenger in a commercial bus, who witnessed the accident, told PUNCH in Osogbo on Sunday that Mr. and Mrs. Olumide Bankole; their children, Sharon and Shama, were crushed to death by the truck which lost control in an attempt to avoid running into a queue of vehicles on the road due to a
police checkpoint.

The eyewitness, who identified himself as Leke Okunola, said rescuers at the scene learnt that the family was traveling from Ogbomoso in Oyo State to Ibadan when the accident occurred around Odo Oba River on Christmas Eve.

He said the car in which the Bankoles were travelling was coming from Iwo and heading towards Ibadan, while the truck was coming from Ibadan.

The eyewitness blamed the accident on the police checkpoint, saying if the road block was not there, the accident would have been avoided.

Okunola said:
"The car in which the victims were travelling was coming from the opposite direction and after the police had checked him, he moved, but a trailer which was loaded with bags of rice lost control and fell on the car. 
The truck was on top speed. The driver saw a long queue of vehicles caused by the police checkpoint. The driver did not want to ram into the vehicles on the queue and veered off the lane. That was when the car was cleared to go. The driver of the car saw the truck and drove into the bush. The truck driver, however, lost control and fell on the car. 
The driver of the car, his wife and two children, including a baby, were all dead by the time they were rescued from under the truck."
He added that the victims were trapped under the truck for close to five hours before their mangled bodies were removed by rescuers.

A lady, who was said to have been given a free ride by the family, was said to have survived, but her hand was reportedly chopped while being pulled out from the wreckage.

Okunola added that some chickens inside the boot of the car survived the tragic accident and flew out when rescuers opened the boot.

The Chairman of the Non Academic Staff Union at the Osun State University, Mr. Isaiah Fayemi, who is an in-law to the Bankoles, said the family had been thrown into deep mourning since the accident happened.

He called on the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Suleiman Abba, and the Commissioner of Police in Osun State, Mr. Abubakar Marafa, to investigate the cause of the accident and punish whoever was found culpable.

Fayemi said, "I learnt that the accident was caused by a police checkpoint. We will involve our lawyer in the case. We want the police to investigate the cause of the accident. I was told that two policemen had been arrested for the tragedy."

The Police Public Relations Officer in Osun State, Mrs. Folasade Odoro, said investigation into the matter was ongoing.

Also, the Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps in Osun State, Mr. Mohammed Hussein, said the accident did not happen within his area of jurisdiction.

He said that the area where the accident happened fell under the jurisdiction of the Mokola Unit in Oyo State.

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...