Saturday, January 10, 2015

Photo!! You Won't Believe President Obama Could Still Ball Like this .... Damn

Lolz , the person that mailed me the photo from U.S said some racist stuffs cause Obama is the Only Black man is The pics And The white men can't stop him ..... Well that's her opinion , I just wish to see any Nigerian president do some really energetic and sporty activity like this one .... I respect Obama a lot

The RicH & The Famous!! BBA’s Tayo Spent Memorable Time With Oil Rich Warri Billionaire (photos)

Money really does give you command power and fame really does make you wanted , yea that's what this meeting is pivoted upon , The RicH & The Famous ,

Big Brother Hotshots star, Tayo Faniran was hosted by Warri oil magnate Ayiri at 911 restaurant, Delta state.

Fans of Tayo in the oil state came to meet up with him at the restaurant. Photos from their meet has been posted on the internet and you can see above

What is unsaid is if Tayo was given any amount of money after the visit , but as the saying goes you can't visit a rich man and go back the same , so he must have left with something maybe money , maybe words , maybe ............... Anything

Hmmm !!! I'm Not Bothered if I Don't Get Married - Seyi Shay (30-year old)

Well marriage might not be a must but Shay is something that is very un-African , Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua (born 21 December 1985), professionally known by her stage name Seyi Shay 


Seyi Shay has revealed she may not get married.

The singer who confessed to being in a relationship told Thisday..

"I really want to get married, and I know this will shock your readers, but I'm not bothered if I don't get married because I would rather have a man that will be with me forever, the value of marriage has been washed up dead. And the way everybody is getting married and divorcing makes it not a big deal to be together anymore. I'm with someone I'm happy with and I don't know if we would be life partners, but for now I'm happy with him'.

Huge Turn Up!!! Huge Crowd Came Out To Support Buhari's Presidential Campaign In Awka

This is going to be a tough election for PDP and Jonathan as a matter of fact ...... Damn

MANCHESTER UNITED are the only English side who could afford to sign Barcelona's L. Messi #MUFC

Well just so you know the Elite football team in England. , am proud to be a Man Utd Fan , we got everything , well here Is the gist

Manchester United are the only English side who could realistically sign Lionel Messi.

The Barcelona forward is reportedly closer than he has ever been to leaving the Nou Camp.

Chelsea and Manchester City are both keen on a deal for Messi, whose current contract contains a £200m release clause.

But financial expert Rob Wilson insists only United or Real Madrid could afford to sanction a swoop for the Argentina superstar.

"With the revenue they generate and cash reserves, only United and Real Madrid could pay the fee," he said.

FRESH MUSIC: KOLZ [ @OluwaKoLz ] ~ WONDER. (Prod by Krizbeatz)

You all should be Familiar with KoLz , he was the runner up of the Ben Television Awards #Road2Fame,

KoLz is indeed a great artiste with a huge musical versatility and
wonderful vocal dexterity which makes him unique and different in his
own way. He claims to do allgenre of good music which we were made to
believe from his popular "African Lady"song that took him places year

The God given talent dishes out a party dance hall from his

B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G News. President Goodluck Jonathan's Campaign Buses Set On Fire In Jos (photo)

This just came in and it happened in Jos this evening , buhari supporters why? This is not a good way of campaign , hope this election doesn't erupt internal conflict as predicted by the British media and numerous Nigerian pastors and prophets , more photos soon .... Be careful when you campaign fam

This Must Be Jay Z's Biggest Fan!! Man Styles Hair In Hova's Face (Artistic photos)

Well this is not the first time we have seen an obsessed fan idolize a celebrity , we have seen instances of tattoos ,cresting of name , worshiping etc , well this is another reason why the elite use celebrities as puppets in order to help them achieve their ulterior NWO agenda , ........ Am not even deep there , but that's all ...........

FAMILY TIES!! Paul Okoye And Take Dope Selfies In Chelsea FC Jersey (photos

Up Shepe to the chelshit Fans in the house , well we all know that Paul of the famous Psquare is a Chelshit Fan so he took it to twitter to celebrate their victory today against Newcastle FC, , damn his son is a fine boy , future wife hope you taking note , Am a Man U Fan incase you were wondering , ...... *sips water*

So PainFul : 20 Confirmed Dead as Female Suicide Bomber Hits Maiduguri Market

This is really sad ,

A suicide bomb blast at a poultry market in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, Saturday, has killed at least 20 people and injured 18 others, witnesses have said.

Members of the local vigilante, known as the Civilian JTF, told PREMIUM TIMES they saw 20 bodies after the attack.

The bodies were counted as the Civilian JTF fighters arrived the scene to help with rescue effort. Our sources did not want to be named for security reasons.

The explosion, less than six weeks after the same market was attacked by suicide bombers, occurred at 12:20 P.M. Nigerian time, residents and security officials said.

The attack sparked panic across the Borno state capital, with some residents scampering home for safety.

The spokesperson of the Borno Police, Gideon Jibrin, confirmed the explosion.

He however said police detectives were heading to the scene to ascertain the extent of damage.

A security source, who asked not to be named because he was not authorised to speak on the matter, said the explosive was ferried into the market by a female suicide bomber believed not to be older than 10.

"Her body was completely shattered," he said. "Because of the high calibre explosive she strapped to her body, the upper part of her body was flung apart and found about 500 metres away."

The source said the explosion occurred shortly after another suspected bomber was apprehended in the area.
Suicide bombers, believed to be members of the extremist Boko Haram sect, had attacked the same market last December 1.
The police said six people, including two female suicide bombers, died in that attack.

Wow!! David Beckham's Son New Modeling Photos ... Stuntin' Like His Daddy

Here's visual proof that Brooklyn Beckham is a chip off the really, really good looking block ... new modeling photos that David & Victoria's son just dropped to social media. 15-year-old Brooklyn took to the 'gram to post behind-the-scene pics from a shoot with Poland-based retailer Reserved for their Spring 2015 ad campaign and it's obvious ... the kid's a natural.The mini-Beck has been keeping busy these days -- signing with English soccer powerhouse Arsenal earlier this summer and reportedly dating "Kick-Ass" star Chloe Grace Moretz.He models, dates famous chicks, and plays soccer...#Genetics.


Ghen Ghen !! George Zimmerman Arrested With Weapon For Domestic Violence

Rick Ross put money on the head of this guy and no one is gone for him , rather it seems like the man is living a life of violence

Trouble has found George Zimmerman yet again ... he is sitting in a jail cell without bail after getting arrested for domestic violence -- and cops say a weapon was involved

.Zimmerman was busted Friday night near Orlando, Florida. It's unclear who the alleged victim is but Zimmerman does have a history.Zimmerman was arrested back in 2013 for allegedly attacking his girlfriend and again ... a gun was involved. The man who shot Trayvon Martin, but in the end was found not guilty, cannot post bail ... apparently the charge is that serious.Zimmerman has had numerous run-ins with the law.

JOKE!!! LMAO , Native Doctors Don Upgrade o ...... (See)

I fell in love wit a girl called Amanda, but don't
ave d guts to ask her out. So I met a native
doctor called "Baba wey sabi". All he
demanded from me was 1 month BIS money
which I paid& he gave me a ring called"Touch
& Follow". He said "all i need to do is touch
her with dis ring & she will follow ". I was
excited becos dat's pretty easy. D next day,
when she was passing, I created a scene just
to draw her attention & touched her like it
was a mistake. I was expecting her to follow
me, but she didn't, rather she moved on &
was pressing her phone. I got disappointed
& went home. On getting home, I checked my
phone & saw 9 notifications showing
Amanda Paul is now following me on
twitter,instagram, kik, badoo, viber & sent
me a friend request on facebook, sent me a
message on whatsapp & 2go. I called Baba
immediately to inform him & he replied me.
"My son we ave upgraded, everything is now
digital" bye bye to rural village welcome to
global village. Dat's why I did not ask for cock,

brain of mosquito,vulture-eye & groundnut
oil but BIS to keep me online.

Really Amazing!! See The Black Lamborghini Chicken That's Causing Commotion Online (wow photos)

Get ready to see the most awesome chicken ever. This rare breed is completely black, from head to toe. There are a lot of rumors and misconceptions about this chicken. But once you learn about it, you'll definitely want to share this with your friends. 

Black is not an uncommon colour in the animal world; bears are black, gorillas are black, there are breeds of dogs and cats that are black. But this Indonesian chicken breed known as Ayam Cemani takes black into an entirely different realm. The black colour of Ayam Cemani is not limited to its feathers – the colour is all over and even on the inside. Everything about this chicken is black – skin, beak, plume, tongue, legs, toe nails, its meat, bones, and organs. Even the bone marrow is black. 

Can you eat it?! Me I can't oo

The Cemani Chicken is sometimes called the Lamborghini of Chickens. It's a super designer breed. If you buy two at once, you can actually get a breeding pair of these chickens for the bargain discount price of $2000 from Green Fire Farm in Florida. Yes, that's actually insane. But these chickens are the most awesome thing ever, so remember to add that to your calculations.

Ayam translates as "chicken" in Indonesian, Cemani is Javanese for "completely black."

Just one of these chickens costs between $1999 and $2500.

Kim Kardashian Extremely Furious At Kanye for Not Defending Her After Epic Charlie Sheen Rant

This babe dou , hope she knows kanye got character issues ,

We now know why socialite Kim Kardashian is giving her husband Kanye West the cold shoulder. It seems Kim is annoyed because Kanye didn't jump to her defense immediately after actor Charlie Sheen insulted Kim on Twitter.

Sheen went on a long-winded rant against Kim Kardashian on, calling Kim's artificially-enhanced butt "gross" and telling the mother-of-one to go f— herself.

"You are lucky that ANYONE cares about your gross and giggly (sic) bag of funk you dare call an a–. Your public loves u. give something back or go f yourself. My apologies to your hubby, great guy I'm sure, I hope his vision returns one day."

Sources say Kim got an earful from not only Kim, but her overbearing mom, too. Kanye even skipped the Kardashian family holiday party to avoid the drama.

Maybe Kanye didn't defend Kim because he knows Sheen is right?

Whaaat?!!! A Lagos Babe Is Claiming That Oriste Femi Stole Her IPhone 6 (photos)

La wa o , her english is bad dou , maybe she should worry about that , but who knows ...... There is always an epitome of truth is every rumor


Damn See A Reason Why You Should Take Girls With Make Up To The Pool On The First Date (wow photo)

What a wonderful transformation , Make up does enhance Beauty , but is it not elusive? Most people will definitely not fall in love with natural face of these lady , but she looks adorable after the make-up ,so for you not to be deluded you really have to take her to pool ...........

See The UNILAG Graduate’ That Raped A 9-year old And Fleed (photos)

December 2, 2014 was a sad day for Mrs. Bilikis Balogun. That day, she learnt that her innocent nine-year-old girl, Nofisat, had been sexually assaulted by their 30-year-old neighbour, Ikechukwu Obasi, while she was in the market.
"He has fled his apartment since the incident. But I just want him to face justice and get punishment for what he did to my daughter," she said.
"I have never thought that the man could do that to my daughter. He was such a friendly person in our compound. All I know about him is that he is a 'Yahoo-Yahoo guy' (a description for young men who specialise in internet fraud).
According to Bilikis, she was in the market when her daughter came crying, and told her the story
about how their neighbour took advantage of her at their 83, Aina Street, Pako Aguda home, in Surulere, Lagos.

PUNCH reports that Nofisat, a quiet and shy girl, whose eyes showed the painful memory of the experience she had gone through, told their correspondent that she did not suspect anything when Ikechukwu came into the room where she was reading in their apartment and gave her a N1,000 note to go and buy food for him. She said:
 "I bought the food and took it to him. But because the food vendor did not give me back N850 change, he said I should go back and collect it. When I brought the change back to him, he locked the door. He then used a cloth to cover my mouth and I could not shout. He then carried me to the bed and did it. When he finished and I was bleeding, he said I should not tell anybody."

Later that afternoon, the girl narrated what Ikechukwu did to her to another resident of the compound, who spotted her crying in front of Ikechukwu's room. The neighbour told her to go and report the incident to her mother in the market.

But by the time they got back, Ikechukwu had locked his room and fled. He has not been seen since then. Ikechukwu's phone number has not been available as well.

However, PUNCH checked his Facebook page with the name Eyekay Da Stika Obasi, where he posted photos up until January 2, 2015. He had yet to respond to a message sent to him as of the time of filing this report.

Ikechukwu's Facebook page states that he attended the University of Lagos and studied Psychology even though this could not be verified as a result of the fact that he did not state when he graduated.

The case was reported at the Aguda Police Division, Surulere, but the police said they had been unable to take any action because the culprit had fled.

However, Ikechukwu's family had approached Nofisat's family, pleading to pay monetary compensation to settle the matter.
"How can they tell me they want to pay N40,000 so that I would forget my daughter was raped? All I want is justice for my daughter. They have refused to produce the man," Nofisat's mother said.
When PUNCH spoke with the investigating police officer in charge of the case, he explained that he was still on the trail of Ikechukwu.
"We cannot refer to the case as a rape, it is defilement. But in the meantime, the two families are trying to settle. I have asked the family of the victim to come to my office but they have not come," the IPO, who pleaded anonymity, said.
Child Rights Activist, Mrs. Esther Ogwu, has called upon the police to do more than just tell the family of the suspect to produce him. She said:
 "The police should do a thorough job of tracking down the young man. Who knows the kind of fetish thing he might have done to the girl? This is a lesson to parents to be wary of neighbours they leave their children alone with."

That's Cold!! Buhari Can't Even Remember His Own Phone Number - Jonathan

The propagandas are becoming more personal ,

President Goodluck Jonathan on Friday during a rally in Enugu said that the All Progressives Congress candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd), cannot remember his own mobile phone number.

Jonathan, whose unscripted address was mostly a response to previous statements made by Buhari, accused the APC presidential candidate of deceiving Nigerians by promising to revive the economy without explaining how he would achieve the feat.

The President wondered how Buhari would develop the country's economy, a feat he could not achieve while he was in office as head of state between 1983 and 1985.

"Is it now that Buhari cannot even remember his own phone number that he can change the economy of the country." Jonathan asked.

The Peoples Democratic Party presidential candidate said that although he did not like to "go personal during campaigns," "sometimes circumstances demand that certain things must be said."

Jonathan said that Buhari belonged to the medieval age, adding that he (the APC candidate) intended to run the Federal Government as a medieval king.

He said, "We cannot run the government as if we are in the medieval age; we cannot run a government where somebody said he would throw people into jail.

"You are not a medieval king – a medieval king can throw you into jail but we have to follow the rule of law because we cannot go back to the old days."

Jonathan, however, read the speech made by Gen. Ibrahim Babangida (rtd.) after overthrowing Buhari's regime through a military coup on August 27, 1985 to justify his claim that the APC candidate does not keep his promises.

- Read the full address at Punch

Naija No Dey Carry Last!! See A Naija Boy Squeezing A White Girl's Boo*bs In The Club (photo)

Lol naija ehn , they won't miss any opportunity to exhibit their ......... I no talk shaaa , There is hope

Shocking!! See The 25year Old Man Arrested For Raping 85year old Great Grand Mother In Ekiti (Photo)

SUPER-WOMEN!! Nicki Minaj Divalicious Photo Of Her & Beyonce

Ladies That Love Much Older Men , Take Note Of This .......

That's Cold!! Blogger to be Flogged 1000 Times Publicly for Insulting Islam (photo)

Shocking!! Kevin Gates Reveals He's been Having Sex with his Sister on Instagram And Won't Stop!!

No Wonder The Girls Love Him!! Chris Brown Shows Off His Huge D*ick in New Photo

No wonder Karrueche keeps coming back... :)


Shocking!! See The 25year Old Man Arrested For Raping 85year old Great Grand Mother In Ekiti (Photo)

SUPER-WOMEN!! Nicki Minaj Divalicious Photo Of Her & Beyonce

Ladies That Love Much Older Men , Take Note Of This .......

That's Cold!! Blogger to be Flogged 1000 Times Publicly for Insulting Islam (photo)

Shocking!! Kevin Gates Reveals He's been Having Sex with his Sister on Instagram And Won't Stop!!

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...