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Bawse!! 50cent Shares Photo of his Pocket Money ..... Damn

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Two Men Fight over a Girl in Lagos, One Dies (Photo)

Samuel Michael
Never in the wildest imagination of Samson Ibrahim, did he envisage he would not live to see his agenda for 2015 actualize, as he set off to a bar in Paiko Idimu, a Lagos suburb on January 1. The 40 year-old father of three reportedly received an invitation from some of his friends at the bar. He was said to have left his apartment with a promise to come back and continue the New Year celebration with his family. But that was never to be as he was rushed from the bar to the hospital, following a severe injury he sustained during a fight over a girl.

As you read this piece, the remains of Ibrahim are lying stone cold in the morgue, as a result of complication that reportedly arose during surgery.

Information at Crime Guard's disposal had it that the late Ibrahim engaged one Alaba Adeshina in a
fight at the popular 'Lady Show 'bar , after the later attempted to woo his girl. In the process, eye witnesses alleged that Alaba stabbed Ibrahim with a broken bottle in his stomach which forced his intestines out.

The deceased's elder brother, Babatunde Alagbe , who spoke with Crime Guard said his late brother was taken to different hospitals within the vicinity but was rejected.He said:
"At the Ikeja General Hospital, we were told to go and get N2million for surgery. Thereafter we took my brother to Ikeja Medial Centre where we were told to bring N1 million. We eventually settled for N700,000 before the surgery was carried out. After the surgery he started complaining of chest pain and when he went for check up, scan result showed that some liquid substance lodged in his chest. The scan result also showed that blood was lodged at his back, thereby, necessitating a second surgery, where my brother was opened up from the chest to the stomach.
Unfortunately, he could not make it. He died four days later, leaving his three children of ages 8, 5 and 2 " Adeshina said.

He attacked me - suspect

On his part, 34 year-old Alaba Adeshina who was embroiled in a fight with the deceased, denied stabbing him. Rather, he claimed that the deceased attacked him first, showing a bandage on his head as an evidence of the injury he sustained during the attack.
Narrating what happened: Adeshina said:
" I saw two ladies smoking at the bar. I admired one of them. My intention was to get acquainted with her and use the opportunity to advise her against smoking. But when I approached her, she barked at me and threatened to smash a bottle on my head. 
Later, she joined us at the table and was discussing with my friends. Again, as she made to leave, I followed her and demanded for her number. 
Before I knew what was happening, a man came out from nowhere and landed his fist across my face, accusing me of trying to take his girl . By then, one of my brothers, Segun Olowopejo, cautioned me to be careful and asked me to leave the bar. As I was leaving, the man came again and smashed a bottle on my head. I was dazed at that point and cried out for help in pain. 
That was all I could remember until I woke up next day , to find myself at Temidire hospital with bandage on my head and my right wrist. 
I was advised to report the matter at the station because I was told that the fight escalated after I fainted . But on getting to the station, I was detained. It was at the station I learnt that the man I fought with was dead"

Who killed Ibrahim?

Arrested alongside Adeshina were his elder brother, Segun Olowopejo, his step brother, Samuel Michael and Kabiru Abdulai, all of whom went to the bar that fateful day. They are currently at the State Criminal Investigation Department , SCID, Panti, where investigation was said to be ongoing.

When asked who stabbed the deceased, Samuel Michael, burst into tears, wishing the hand of the clock could be turned back to that day in order to amend his ways.
The father of three started with lamentation:
" January 1, 2015 was a nightmare that I wish I would wake up and discover it was dream after all. But no! It is real! 
"My father usually invites relations and friends for the New year celebration. Kabiru and Alaba also visited. But Segun came late after the food and drinks had been served.

He suggested we went to Lady show's bar for a drink and when we got there, we were given two bottles of beer and meat for free. Segun sent for more bottles because the ones given were not enough for us.. 

As we were discussing, two ladies walked in with cigarettes in their hands. One of them said I was occupying her seat and I quietly stood up because I am not troublesome. 
When fight broke out between my step brother and the deceased at the initial time, I begged the deceased to forgive my brother and they stopped fighting. He even patted my back saying I was wise. Barely had I sat down than somebody rushed inside to inform me that my brother was being attacked. 
When I got outside, I met my brother in the pool of his blood on the ground, with a man still wielding a broken bottle that was stained with blood. I held the man's hand to prevent him from stabbing Adeshina further. At that point we started struggling with the broken bottle in his hand. In the process, I sustained injury in the hand (raises his hands to reveal some stitches) 

My father came to the bar when he heard we were fighting. He started hitting me and instructed me to leave the bar and I did. But to my shock , owner of the bar came with some policemen to our house saying, I was the one that stabbed the deceased. 
I did not stab him.

There was no way I could have matched him in a fight because he was older and taller than I ", he said crying profusely.

The suspects as gathered, would be charged to court immediately the judiciary ends their strike.

"I Can't Cancel My Show because of Nigeria's Election" .... Ace Basketmouth

Well this show as sparked much controversy and many have pointed fingers at the ace comedian calling him names

Basketmouth, sparked a debate online on whether his action was right or wrong when he posted a picture of his annual UK Valentine's Day show on his social media page recently. Fans took him up whether he wanted to be absent during the forthcoming general election. They opined that being a role model, he should perform his civic duties.

However, in a chat with Saturday Beats, the comedian says it's not possible for him to cancel his show because of the election. According to him, the event had been planned long before the election date was announced and if he cancelled the show, he would lose millions of naira. Basketmouth said:

"This has been an annual show in the last six years. It is a franchise and it holds every Valentine's Day in the UK regardless of the day it falls on. It has been happening for the past six years and the venue has been booked long ago. The tickets have been on sale long before it was announced that elections would hold on that day. 

Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it because everything is ready and I have to go on with my show. The people talking about it apparently do not know that it is a franchise that has been on for about six years. I cannot cancel the show because of elections,

" he said.
The humour merchant said he was sure that the few people that raised objection are mostly Nigerians who reside abroad. He added that if he was in the country during the election, he would vote because he is proud to be a Nigerian.

"If about thirty people that are probably in London and would not vote comment on my page; that does not mean that my whole fans are upset with me. Truth be told, if they are talking about fans' comments, I would like to see about three million comments from different people to show that they are unhappy. If you check well, those people that are commenting are not in the country.

They are probably somewhere trying to get their permanent resident permits. I have no reason not to vote; I am a proud Nigerian," Basketmouth said.

Boy Who Met Jesus in Heaven During Near-Death Experience Issues Major Revelation (must read)

A little boy who penned a best-selling book claiming that he ascended to heaven and met Jesus during a near death experience in 2004 is recanting his story, claiming that he made it up in an effort to seek attention.

The startling admission from Alex Malarkey, whose story was told in the 2010 book "The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven," written by both him and his father, Kevin Malarkey, has led publisher Tyndale House to pull the text from print, NPR reported.

The revelation emerged this week after Malarkey reportedly sent a letter to the Pen and Pulpit blog in which he pointedly admitted that the story was concocted.

"I did not die. I did not go to Heaven. I said I went to heaven because I thought it would get me attention. When I made the claims that I did, I had never read the Bible," he wrote. "People have profited from lies, and continue to. They should read the Bible, which is enough. The Bible is the only source of truth. Anything written by man cannot be infallible."

Malarkey went on in the statement to share his belief in Jesus and the central Christian doctrine that Christ died for humanity's sins, calling for those marketing the materials "to repent and hold the Bible as enough."

"The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven" recounted Malarkey's experience after surviving a car accident when he was just 6 years old back in 2004. He fell into a coma, was paralyzed and claimed in the book that he visited heaven, according to the Washington Post.

"Alex awoke from a coma with an incredible story to share. Of events at the accident scene and in the hospital while he was unconscious. Of the angels who took him through the gates of heaven itself," reads a description of the book. "Of the unearthly music that sounded just terrible to a six-year-old. And most amazing of all . . . of meeting and talking to Jesus."

With these details now in dispute by the book's young author, Tyndale House issued a statement to the Washington Post on Thursday claiming that it plans to "take the book and related ancillary products out of print." Others like LifeWay plan to also stop selling the book.

Critics have long decried so-called "heavenly tourism books" — texts that purport to recount trips to heaven during near-death experiences, claiming that the details do not align with the Bible and are contradictory. This situation obviously adds fuel to the fire.

This apparently isn't the first time Malarkey's story has been questioned, as a blog attributed to his mother, Beth Malarkey, has warned for quite some time that the details in "The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven" are not accurate.

Here's a portion from a blog post published under her name April 2014:

"It is both puzzling and painful to watch the book The Boy who Came Back from Heaven to not only continue to sell, but to continue, for the most part, to not be questioned. I could post facts and try to dispel many of the things contained within the pages of that book(have done a bit of that), I could continue to try to point out how Biblically off the book is(a few strategically placed scriptures does not make a book Biblically sound) and how it leads people away from the bible not to it (have done that as have others including John Macarthur and Phil Johnson), I could talk about how much it has hurt my son tremendously and even make financial statements public that would prove that he has not received monies from the book nor have a majority of his needs been funded by it (a fund that was set aside by a friend a few years ago has actually been paying for most things in the past few years but that fund is dwindling), I could…..but it seems like many people want to believe what they are given despite the wrong that it may be doing or the wrong that was done in the making of it."
Beth and Kevin Malarkey are now divorced and their children live with their mother.

It is important to note that "Heaven Is For Real," another book that falls under the "heavenly tourism" umbrella, is about a different child and incident and is not connected to Malarkey.

Source : The Trent

Sob!! Davido Shares Bald Head Photo captioned 'I'm Getting Old' (photos)

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Woooa!! Ladies what do you call this? (Photo)

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Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...