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PURE WICKEDNESS!! Woman Force House-Girl To Sit On Burning Electric Cooker (Burn Photo)

If your house-help is giving you problem , it is very easy return her to where you picked her ...

I don't know why some madams treat house-helps like animals , this is neo-slavery to me

report reaching us is that the girl was rushed to the hospital on saturday and she is still facing extreme pain for this after the incident , for now we haven't heard anything on why her madam made her do this ,The police is investigating the case already

PhotoCredit :ToniaWeb

WHY You Should Not Vote For OUR CARING PRESIDENT GoodLuck Jonathan --- Barrister Olumide

Jonathan's visit to Maiduguri is not for the victims nor the soldiers, but for his selfish purposes that i have known him for.

ln 2011, there was crisis in Jos where about 200 Nigerians died, our so-called caring President did not go to empathize with them. Rather, he went there with his new private jet bought from Nigeria money to campaign there. That day, i visualized a President who love power than human lives so with other reasons i campaigned against him & i did not vote for him.

As a Lawyer & a student of philosophy, i do not read or assess by words or dance to feelings & appeal to pity because i have to have proof which is verifiable. Where there is no proof, i look at conduct & circumstances surrounding the situation. l wish we had a caring President.

The heat of the election must have stared at him with what happened in Ondo & Ogun. Let us liberate ourselves from deceptive government. No more suffering & smiling as our fathers have accepted. We all have rights to good things in this country.

l just remember, health workers are on strike for more than 2 months now & Judicial Staff Union of Nigeria being on strike since last week have put litigants, suspects & lawyers in sorrier position on their good cause for financial autonomy of judiciary.

- Barrister Olumide Akindiya.

You Can Connect and contact Barr. Olumide on the following for your legal services
Phone No.08024170400,

BB PIN: 7F6C81F8 &

Twitter @Olumideakindiya.


Today I come to that part of Christian morals where they differ most sharply from all other morals. There is one vice of which no man in the world is free; which every one in the world loathes when he sees it in someone else; and of which hardly any people, except Christians, ever imagine that they are guilty themselves. I have heard people admit that they are bad-tempered, or that they cannot keep their heads about girls or drink, or even that they are cowards. I do not think I have ever heard anyone who was not a Christian accuse himself of this vice. And at the same time I have very seldom met anyone, who was not a Christian, who showed the slightest mercy to it in others. There is no fault which makes a man more unpopular, and no fault which We are more unconscious of in ourselves. And the more we have it ourselves, the more we dislike it in others.

The vice I am talking of is Pride or Self-Conceit: and the virtue opposite to it, in Christian morals, is called Humility. You may remember, when I was talking about sexual morality, I warned you that the centre of Christian morals did not lie there. Well, now, we have come to the centre.

According to Christian teachers, the essential vice, the utmost evil, is Pride. Unchastity, anger, greed, drunkenness, and all that, are mere ant bites in comparison: it was through Pride that the devil became the devil: Pride leads to every other vice: it is the complete anti-God state of mind.

Does this seem to you exaggerated? I am sorry but Pride is one of those rare subjects of which we can only be guilty of over-simplification when talking about it. Think it over. I pointed out a moment ago that the more pride one had, the more one disliked pride in others. In fact, if you want to find out how proud you are the easiest way is to ask yourself,

"How much do I dislike it when other people snub me, or refuse to take any notice of me, or shove their idea in, or patronise me, or show off?"

The point is that each person's pride is in competition with every one else's pride. It is because I wanted to be the big noise at the party that I am so annoyed at someone else being the big noise. Two of a trade never agree.

Now what you want to get clear is that Pride is essentially competitive-is competitive by its very nature-while the other vices are competitive only, so to speak, by accident Pride gets no pleasure out of having something, only out of having more of it than the next man. We say that people are proud of being rich, or clever, or good-looking, but they are not. They are proud of being richer, or cleverer, or better-looking than others. If every one else became equally rich, or clever, or good-looking there would be nothing to be proud about. It is the comparison that makes you proud: the pleasure of being above the rest. Once the element of competition has gone, pride has gone. That is why I say that Pride is essentially competitive in a way the other vices are not.

The sexual impulse may drive two men into competition if they both want the same girl but that is only by accident; they might just as likely have wanted two different girls. But a proud man will take your girl from you, not because he wants her, but just to prove to himself that he is a better man than you. Greed or selfishness may drive men into competition if there is not enough to go round; but the proud man, even when he has got more than he can possibly want, will try to get still more just to assert his power. Nearly all those evils in the world which people put down to greed or selfishness are really far more the result of Pride.

Take it with money. Greed will certainly make a man want money, for the sake of a better house, better cars, better things to eat and drink. But only up to a point. What is it that makes a man with ten million naira a year anxious to get twenty million a year? It is not the greed for more pleasure. Ten million will give all the luxuries that any man can really enjoy. It is Pride-the wish to be richer than some other rich man, and (still more) the wish for power. For, of course, power is what Pride really enjoys: there is nothing that makes a man feel so superior to others as being able to move them about like toy soldiers.

What makes a pretty girl spread misery wherever she goes by collecting admirers? Certainly not her sexual instinct: that kind of girl is quite often sexually frigid. It is Pride. What is it that makes a political leader or a whole nation go on and on, demanding more and more? Pride again. Pride is competitive by its very nature: that is why it goes on and on. Now this is the formula, If I am a proud man, then, as long as there is one man in the whole world more powerful, or richer, or cleverer than I, he is my rival and my enemy.

The Christians are right: it is Pride which has been the chief cause of misery in every nation and every family since the world began. Other vices may sometimes bring people together: you may find good fellowship and jokes and friendliness among drunken people or unchaste people or armed robbers. But Pride always means enmity-it is enmity. And not only enmity between man and man, but enmity to God.

In God you come up against something which is in every respect immeasurably superior to yourself. Unless you know God as that-and, therefore, know yourself as nothing in comparison you do not know God at all. As long as you are proud you cannot know God. A proud man is always looking down on things and people: and, of course, as long as you are looking down, you cannot see something that is above you.

That raises a terrible question. How is it that people who are quite obviously eaten up with Pride can say they believe in God and appear to themselves very religious? I am afraid it means they are worshipping an imaginary God. They theoretically admit themselves to be nothing in the presence of this phantom God, but are really all the time imagining how He approves of them and thinks them far better than ordinary people: that is, they pay a pennyworth of imaginary humility to Him and get out of it a pound's worth of Pride towards their fellow-men. I suppose it was of those people Christ was thinking when He said that some would preach about Him and cast out devils in His name, only to be told at the end of the world that He had never known them. And any of us may at any moment be in this death-trap.

Luckily, we have a test. Whenever we find that our religious life is making us feel that we are good-above all, that we are better than someone else-I think we may be sure that we are being acted on, not by God, but by the devil. The real test of being in the presence of God is that you either forget about yourself altogether or see yourself as a small, dirty object. I think It is better to forget about yourself altogether.

It is a terrible thing that the worst of all the vices can smuggle itself into the very centre of our religious life. But you can see why. The other, and less bad, vices come from the devil working on us through our animal nature. But this does not come through our animal nature at all, It comes direct from Hell. It is purely spiritual: consequently it is far more subtle and deadly. For the same reason, Pride can often be used to beat down the simpler vices. Teachers, in fact, (and I do it to my students all the time) often appeal to a boy's Pride, or, as they call it, his self-respect, to make him behave decently: many a man has overcome cowardice, or lust, or ill-temper by learning to think that they are beneath his dignity-that is, by Pride. But the devil laughs. He is perfectly content to see you becoming chaste and brave and self-controlled provided, all the time, he is setting up in you the Dictatorship of Pride-just as he would be quite content to see your toothache cured if he was allowed, in return, to give you cancer. For Pride is spiritual cancer: it eats up the very possibility of love, or contentment, or even common sense.

Before I leave this subject, there is something I must clarify. We must not think Pride is something God forbids because He is offended at it, or that Humility is something He demands as due to His own dignity-as if God Himself was proud. He is not in the least worried about His dignity. The point is, He wants you to know Him; wants to give you Himself. And He and you are two things of such a kind that if you really get into any kind of touch with Him you will, in fact, be humble-delightedly humble, feeling the infinite relief of having for once got rid of all the silly nonsense about your own dignity which has made you restless and unhappy all your life. He is trying to make you humble in order to make this moment possible: trying to take off a lot of silly, ugly, fancy-dress in which we have all got ourselves up and are strutting about like the little idiots we are. I wish I had got a bit further with humility myself: if I had, I could probably tell you more about the relief, the comfort, of taking the fancydress off-getting rid of the false self, and all its posing and posturing. To get even near it, even for a moment, is like a drink of cold water to a man in a desert.

If anyone would like to acquire humility, I can, I think, tell him the first step. The first step is to realise that one is proud. And if you think you are not conceited, it means you are very conceited indeed.

How Many Of You Want This In Your Relationship?? (Adult photo) #Relationshipgoal

Well we all wish to grow old with someone we love but these days the chances of these happening are very slim , look at the average life-span of people in the 21st-century , you also see the rate at which people are rushing into divorce , all of these makes most relationship goal look more like a wish that might not come true

It is in these same age that people have believed that cheating on your partner is a normal thing , Men are natural cheaters etc ..... So tell me is there up?

Whaat? You Won't Believe What Kcee Is Having For Lunch (photo)

The Ace Singer and Limpopo crooner took it to is Instagram page to share that he is having Garri, Beans And Fish

Well like my dad used to tell us ' When you can afford something better something good is just for the fun of it ...... '

He Was A Heavy Drinker And Smoker ----- GodmotherVera Kanu Speaks On Muna Obiekwe Demise

This is the first time Enekem.com is actually publishing a news in connection with the late talented Nollywood actor , and we we are sending our heartfelt condolence to his family and love ones ,

Well The best kept secret of Nollywood actor Muna Obiekwe who passed away secretly at a specialist hospital in Festac Lagos yesterday, Sunday January 18th, 2015 has been exposed.

This was made known by his godmother and fellow actress Vera Kanu (pictured on the left above).

In an exclusive chat with icampus, Vera Kanu said Muna Obiekwe in his lifetime was a chain smoker and an alcoholic. She said his addiction contributed to his kidney damage.
Vera said Muna lost his parents a while ago in a fatal car accident and since then he has been using alcohol and smoke to console himself.
In the process, Muna reportedly consulted a doctor who suggested that he should do at least 20 kidney dialyses to re-energize his kidney.
He was then told to avoid alcohol.. Vera said that the actor didn't quit drinking until the time of his death.

Vera continued:
"I was with him to the last hour. He was to do up to 20 dialyses; the doctor said if the dialysis improved his condition, the worse would certainly be over. He will be okay only if he stays away from alcohol but you know our artiste," she concluded."the dialysis was expensive for Muna.

He was doing two in a week sometimes. And he would need blood injection on each occasion. Each appointment was costing him between N250, 000 to N300, 000; money he did not really have to spend. His health was eating deep into his purse yet Muna refused to go cap in hand begging for alms. He was a private guy who didn't want the press or his colleagues to feast on his pain.

"He was managing it on his own. As a matter of fact, he has been managing it for a while until Ejiro Okurame and I came on board to help. We were combining resources to help him but there was very little we could do to save him. We had to enlist the help of Patience Ozokwor and Kanayo O. Kanayo (KOK) at a point. They rendered the help they could until he died.

Vera Kanu says Muna Obiekwe Lived A Very Private Life

"The guy was private. He kept to himself a lot and most importantly, kept his private life private; for instance, many people did not even know he was married with two children. Such was his life. He didn't want press or his colleagues to start prying. He was particularly afraid of the press, hence his shutting his colleagues out of his pain. He knew if some Nollywood people got to know about it, the press would also get to know. He refused to beg to save Nollywood's image, he in-turn, lost himself."
Vera Kanu

"Everybody in the industry knows Muna drinks a lot; even when he's shooting in the North, he has a way of finding alcohol. He fell into it, after he lost his parents in a ghastly motor accident. 'As a matter of fact, he was supposed to be in that car with them but by stroke of luck, he wasn't and was spared. Afterwards, Muna took solace in liquor but that never affected his job. He was just like Sam Loco; he could drink the whole sea but when he hears the director shout 'action,' he gets into character. Muna was a method character despite his flaws''
Vera Kanu beside Muna Obiekwe at the hospital

So where was Ibinabo Fiberesima when Muna needed money for dialysis?
If Patience Ozokwor was involved, she must have talked about it to Ibinabo, perhaps Muna is not her type of person.

Oh by the way, colleagues and fans have started raining insults on Ibinabo Fiberesima for her partial attitude towards Nollywood celebrities

"Don't mind that foolish ibinabo, he never treat everyone equally, he sees some of us as her enemy and never bother about our well being" – a Nollywood actress told NaijaGists.com authoritatively in a chat earlier today

May his soul rest in peace.

Ghen Ghen!! Air Force Corporal Slaps Senior Policewoman Thrice at Lagos Airport

There was confusion at the Murtala Muhammad International Airport, Lagos State, on Monday after a yet-to-be identified air force lance corporal assaulted a senior policewoman.

The lance corporal, who did not wear a name tag, was said to be working in the office of the Airport Commandant, Group Captain Victor Ajiboye.

PUNCH Metro gathered that the corporal slapped the woman, a Chief Superintendent of Police, identified as Felicia Victor, three times for resisting attempts to tow a patrol vehicle.

A correspondent of Punch learnt that a sergeant, who drove the patrol vehicle, was also punched in the mouth by the officer.

A senior air force official, identified as Pilot Abdullahi, who witnessed the incident, was said to have intervened by disarming the officer and ordering his detention.

A witness, who craved anonymity, explained that the police officers were on their way to a meeting with the Commissioner of Police, Airport Command, when the incident happened.

He said, "The incident happened about 9.45am when the cops were going for a meeting with the CP. They reached a checkpoint and the air-force man challenged them that he had asked them to stop, but they didn't stop on time.

"The sergeant driving came down and explained that he didn't know he flagged him down. But the lance corporal said he would puncture the tyres.

"As he made to puncture one of the tyres, the CSP blocked him, and he slapped her. He went to the other side of the bus, and she followed him there, and he slapped her again.

"The sergeant, who drove the vehicle, challenged him and he punched him. The CSP asked the air-force man if he was drunk, and that upset him to slap her for the third time."

The eyewitness said a superior air force officer who came around and saw when the corporal slapped the CSP for the third time, disarmed him and ordered his detention.

PHOTO Of The DAY!! Lmao How close Is Her Eye-Brow To This Spoon (photos)

well some women can be really creative , lol

Oh No This Was SHORT!! Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Are Officially Done!!! (Details)

I just hope this is a rumor cause damn , meek mill won't just let her go like that ,

Well a
According to reports, the ex convict is angry at the Minaj for allegedly still texting her ex safaree Samuels
On Saturday night,

meek dropped a hint about how he was "looking at this thot". No one knew who he was talking about but minutes later, Nicki also posted a picture of her "THOT" card - letting people into her and Meek's BUSINESS.

Then on Sunday, January 18, both rappers went on Instagram and posted about how they BOTH needed to walk away from their relationship.

The couple began dating after Meek was Released from jail last December, spending nearly six months behind bars for violating his probation.
Nicki also separated from her lover of 13 years, hype man Safaree after she accused him of trying to bring her down.

JUST IN!! Tragic Motor Accident Along Owerri/Aba Road (In photos)

We really need to commit our outings to God

These are pictures from an accident scene along the Owerri/Aba road. It involved a fully loaded passenger bus from Owerri heading to Abuja. Although several of the passengers were injured but

thank God no single life was lost in the process according to FRSC officials that spoke to CKN Nigeria reporters

We will send more reports on the news as they come in , so if you have a love one that's presently using that road , call to know how he/she is faring and most importantly . PRAY !

APC Upgrades Their Campaign Game , See this (photo)

Just so you they are not joking with this election , they have paid major service providers and now when you top up or recharge your phone you will see the message above , well am seeing more reason why they can drag PDP to court of they lose the fourth-coming election ............

Whaaat? Male Fan Poses In Bikini To Emulate Amber Rose Recent Sexy Photos,Yay Or Nay? ( Epic)

Well this not the first time we have seen a Fan try to emulate a celebrity , but damn this looks gay maybe he is just trying to attract more male partners or maybe he is just a bored fan or a male model or ............maybe Not , or he is Nut .lol .....maybe

Yuck- Girl With '4 Nipples' share a Topless Bathroom Selfie (pics)

Well since it is not artificial let's just say it is beautiful , but dang we didn't ask for it .lol

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...