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Naija Own Goddess Of X 'Maheeda' Reacts To FG Plan To Ban P0rn Websites In Nigeria

Well Like one of my favorite Pastor said 'Nigerians are religious but not Godly' , am beginning to see more of that now

  earlier today it was reported that The FG plan to place a Ban on porn websites in nigeria . Meaning that if you are in Nigeria and you try to access any porn site you will be denied , it is an I.P thing but that's pretty easy to break , there are a couple of softwares out there that you can use to generate any I.p of any location of your choice , though it will minimize the rate at which Nigerians visit porn sites cause it is ridiculously high now , it won't stop it totally

Well The goddess of XXX and Nigerian nude queen, maheeda has reacted to the Federal Government's plan to place a ban on porn websites in Nigeria. As you can see in the shots above , is she right? Are we really hypocrites?

U.S Against Jonathan?? See Gen Buhari, Tinubu & Amaechi Meeting John Kerry US Sec.(Photos)

Well am beginning to believe that The Obama's are against Goodluck Jonathan going for second term after reviewing all the comments of top stake-holders in the country including their media , and just recently president Obama commented on the situation of the chibok girls saying that Nigeria is not well governed,

  well Minutes ago, US Secretary of State John Kerry began a meeting with General Muhammadu Buhari, the All Progressives Congress, APC, presidential candidate at his residence in Ikoyi, Lagos.

Members of the media are still on standby waiting for a press conference to be addressed by the US Secretary of State after the closed door meeting. We will upload more photos when our journalists update us , moreover the security of the environment where the meeting is been held is filled with War ready security men and safety experts , so nothing dey

Popular Politician Beheaded And Cooked for Committing Adultery (Graphic Photo)

                            A Tanzanian politician had his head and genitals chopped off and then cooked after adultery claims on Friday, a local police chief told AFP.
"Five people stormed Madirisha's room wielding machetes, beheaded him, chopped off legs, hands and genitals. The assailants later cooked the chopped off body parts outside the house," police chief Dhahiri Kidavashari told the agency. 
               According the newspaper, the victim, Richard Madirisha, 31, was a local political leader. Three men were detained by police as a result.

#Selfie Featuring Patoranking & PhyNo #Frosh


Bad Decisions!! Katie Price admits regret over plastic surgeries


               Katie Price, who is famous for her love for cosmetic surgery, has issued a heartfelt piece of advice to young people who may want to follow in her footsteps.

     According to Daily Mail, the glamour model, who has made a lucrative career out of various body enhancements, urged people to research surgeons thoroughly before going under the knife while admitting she didn't.
                   Speaking as part of the Celebrity Big Brother debate, she responded to the deliberately-loaded question: 'Do celebrities that have plastic surgery set a good example?'

'I'm a fan of plastic surgery, but that's obvious. I won't share the list of what I've done because we'd be here all day but if I was going to give advice to someone then it would be to research properly and be careful who you put your trust in,' she said.

Speaking further, Katie said: 'I wish I knew that when I was younger because I could've saved myself a lot of heartache and surgery. People should only have surgery for themselves, not for a man, a woman or for a career. Youngsters often do it for the wrong reasons.' '21 year-olds know more. It's true what they say: you're wiser as you get older.'

WAR READY!! Lil Wayne To Sue Birdman For $8 Million

None of us saw this coming , the two had a really great and successful business relationship, but you know how most relationships end .....

Well Lil Wayne puts his money where his mouth is, demanding Birdman pay him $8 million and free him from Cash Money.

After almost two months of Lil Wayne complaining about his record label, it looks like he's finally doing something legal about it. The Cash Money/Young Money MC will target CEO Birdman in a suit that will ask for both $8 million and Wayne's freedom from the label.

TMZ reports that Birdman owes Lil Wayne that $8 mil as an advance for Tha Carter V that hasn't been paid yet. In addition to this, Wayne is alleging that Birdman is violating their contract by continually withholding release of the project.

While we wait for the story to develop,

listen to Tunechi air out his grievances with Stunna on Sorry 4 The Wait 2. 

DOWNLOAD MIXTAPE!! Lil Wayne ~ "SORRY 4 THE WAIT 2″ Ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & More

1-Down!! Bobby Shmurda Gets A Gun Charge Dismissed,4 more Charges Hanging

Bobby Shmurda has one of the five charges against him dropped.

Finally, some good news for Bobby Shmurda. After the Brooklyn native and 12 other members of his crew were arrested and indicted in a high-profile incident last December, Shmurda's attorney is now saying that one of the five charges against Shmurda will be dropped. In an interview with Revolt, Howard Greenberg said that the "Brooklyn D.A. office announced that the gun case in Brooklyn will be dismissed in about two weeks."

The case in question stems from an incident in which Shmurda fired a gun into a crowd outside of a barbershop, and led to a "Reckless Endangerment" charge. With this out of the way, Shmurda still has to deal with charges of Criminal Possession of a Weapon and Criminally Using Drug Paraphernalia, both of which occurred after police aided his Brooklyn residence last year, as well as two counts of conspiracy.

Really Touching! Rapper A$AP Rocky Speaks On A$AP Yams' Untimely Death For The First Time

A$AP Rocky speaks at length on the death of A$AP Yams for the first time.

If you've followed A$AP Rocky's career, you know A$AP Yams has always loomed over it. From creative decisions, to promotion, to production choices, Yams was always around. The two were also good friends, or "brothers" as Rocky described their relationship in a recent Instagram post, so it was clear that the rapper would be deeply affected by Yams' sudden passing. Billboard caught up with Flacko, following the screening of his acting debut, "Dope", as well as a short musical performance at Sundance.

"That performance --that was just going to stop me from crying," he said, explaining why he decided to cut his set short. "I had to address it, because the whole time I was rapping and I wasn't into it, which is sad, but I just gotta keep it real. I can't front. It's even harder knowing that I gotta fly out in less than an hour just to go bury him. That's the part that eats at me."

Rocky later cleared up assumption-based rumors that Yams had passed from a drug overdose. "People were saying that Yams overdosed on drugs --he didn't overdose on any drugs," he explained. "I feel like people feel that way because that's all he's in pictures doing. When you see A$AP Yams you see Hennessey or purple drink, you see some type of controlled substance or illegal narcotic."

As far as the rapper's next project, Yams is still serving as executive producer, alongside celebrated musician Dangermouse. "I'm really intrigued for people to hear how that combination sounds. Yams manifested his powers into it."


Exclusive Photos from 'Omosexy at 20' Abuja Dinner Party Last Night

Nollywood actress, Omotlola Jalade Ekeinde, had a dinner party in Abuja yesterday, to mark her 20th year in entertainment. The dinner party was held at Sandralia Hotel, Jabi. And in attendance were Nollywood top acts Larry Koldsweat, Osita Iheme, Uti Nwachukwu, and footballer Joseph Yobo.

Photo credit: Emmanuel Okolo - Papilonmexy Film Studios 

Gay Bisi Alimi Shares Photo of Himself & Boyfriend Deeply Kissing

Am speechless

New Tune!! Olamide X Leke Lee - Mr Teacher (Pelepele Diss) @Olamide_ybnl @iamLekeLee

Here is the reply you've been waiting for from Olamide about pelepele's new song "Local Reply" he gat another dope yoruba rapper,

Really? I'm Servicing the Community ... By Showing Off My Body -- Lindsay Lohan

I don't understand her perspective but

Lindsay Lohan's mosquito virus seems to be chikun-GONE-ya ... now she just needs to focus more on finishing her community service, and less on her ass -- or it could land her in jail.

Lilo posted a half naked pic Saturday afternoon on Instagram ... with a caption that almost mocks her own defense ... writing, "#mycalvins are helping me fight off chikungunya (kissy face emoji)

hehe."Lindsay is due in court next week to prove she's completed all her hours ... but she's nowhere near the finish line.  LiLo's excuse is that the community service center in London was closed for 2 weeks during the holidays and she ended up in the hospital with chikungunya.No word on whether the prosecutor is gonna ask for jail time -- but we're guessing this pic won't help.

Rapper Tiny Doo Facing Life in Prison for Song Lyrics (photos)

San Diego, CA — A California prosecutor is trying to put a man in jail for 25 years to life, not for hurting someone, not for robbing a store, not for drugs, but for his choice or words in a song.

"Rap music, it's just another form of communication that gang members use," said Dana Greisen, chief of the District Attorney Office's gang prosecution unit during a preliminary hearing in November of last year for rapper, Brandon "Tiny Doo" Duncan.

Another hearing is scheduled for Friday January 23, which will determine how the case proceeds.

Griesen believes that Duncan should be given a lengthy prison sentence because his use of fictional rap lyrics is so violent, they go beyond the point of creative license and into the realm of conspiracy.

According to CNN, Duncan, faces nine counts of criminal street gang conspiracy because prosecutors allege he and 14 other alleged gang members increased their stature and respect following a rash of shootings in the city in 2013.

Prosecutors point to Duncan's album, "No Safety," and to lyrics like "Ain't no safety on this pistol I'm holding" as examples of a "direct correlation to what the gang has been doing."

Prosecutors admit that they do not believe Duncan has committed a violent crime, nor to they have any evidence tying him to the crime in question, but that's not why they are going after him.

California Penal Code 182.5 makes it a felony for an individual to participate in a criminal street gang, or to benefit from gang activity, and provides for 25 years to life imprisonment for violators. Prosecutors point to Duncan's "No Safety" album and say the lyrics show that he's guilty of breaking that code — that he's obviously in a gang and profiting from gang activity.

All of these allegations are in spite of the fact that Duncan had a 9-5 job and moved out of the neighborhood in question, years ago. That and they have no evidence of Duncan committing an actual crime, ever — he has no criminal record.

The logic, or rather lack thereof, which the prosecutors are applying in this case, is that because gangs are violent and because Duncan's lyrics are violent, Duncan profits from violence that he does not commit and needs to be punished for it. Seriously.

By this logic, every single Hollywood writer, who has ever written any movie about gang violence, mob violence, old west violence, military violence, or any other fictional violence which is used to depict a real situation, should also be prosecuted.

In 1983, Oliver Stone made the movie Scarface, which portrays fictional characters who represented potentially real-life gang violence associated with Cuban immigrants in the 60's and 70's. One can assume that Oliver Stone profited from delineating the fictional and real gang violence. Where's his kangaroo court?

The trial, which is scheduled for February 9th, is nothing short of a direct attack on the freedom of speech in America.

"He could have been out several months ago," states Defense Council Brian Watkins regarding a plea deal offered by the prosecutor that would have released Tiny Doo in exchange for jail time served and a lengthy probation. "But he knows he's innocent, so we will be going to trial."

Asked if Sect. 182.5 posed a chilling effect on American civil liberties, Watkins responded, "This is a very, very novel [legal] theory. If Brandon Duncan is allowed to be prosecuted for his speech, for his artistic expression, what's next?"


Tragedy As 6 Ogun State Politicians Die in Auto Crash

     According to reports gathered by City People, six members of the Labour Party in Ogun State were said to have lost their lives along Owode-Idi-Iroko Road, Yewa South local government area of the state when the bus they were travelling in had a head-on collision with vehicles believed to be driven by suspected smugglers.

Two prominent leaders among the victims were Ibrahim Oladele, and Wale Oke, together with four others. They were said to be on their way to Abeokuta to participate in the party's programme on Thursday when the accident occurred.
Sources explained that the smugglers were fleeing from the men of Nigeria customs Service, and this led to a head-on collision with the bus that was loaded with Labour party members, that was coming from the opposite direction.

The state Secretary of the party, Sunday Oginni, confirmed the incident, and described it as a great loss. He said, "The party lost six grass roots politicians to the accident. "The accident is a setback to us as a party because the people that lost their lives were very active party leaders who we used as field soldiers for our campaign.

Nick Cannon and Amber Rose Now Have Matching Ferraris, Clears Relationship rumor (Photo)

Recently single, ever sexy diva Amber Rose and her manager Nick Cannon now have matching ferraris!

And for some good reason, Amber decided to show it off on Instagram, I guess she was expecting to get love. However,

when fans started slamming her for 'hoeing' around with Nick, Amber lashed back. In the screenshot above

So Sad!! UK Deports 5 year old Nigerian Boy, Rafeeq Atanda

A five-year-old schoolboy has been deported to a country he has never lived in despite a high profile campaign to prevent the move. Rafeeq Atanda was deported to Nigeria, according to MirrorUK, on Friday night along with his mum Bola Fatumbi.

It happened despite an 11th hour appeal from Gateshead MP Ian Mearns and calls for him to remain in the country from campaigners. Just hours before he was flown to the African country, Mr Mearns had asked the Home Office to review a decision to deport the youngster after more than 8,000 people put their name to a petition demanding he be allowed to stay.

Despite being born in UK, Rafeeq, of Gateshead, has spent the past week in a London immigration
centre with his mum, before his removal from the country, the Evening Chronicle reported.

The Home Office has said that Mrs Fatumbi was first told in 2007 that she had no right to be in the UK, while later that year she was jailed for nine months for possession of a false document, which she used to illegally obtain employment in the UK.

But the Bensham community say Rafeeq, who has some learning difficulties, now faces life in a country he has never known, thousands of miles away from his friends.

Joanne Allen, headteacher at Brighton Avenue Primary School, where Rafeeq was a Year 1 pupil, said:

"The staff here have been very upset all week and the children have been asking where Rafeeq is. He, of course, would have been welcomed back to our school with open arms."

On Friday afternoon, Mr Mearns was notified that a review had been carried out following a request by the MP, but that Mrs Fatumbi's deportation would go ahead as planned.

Mr Mearns responded with an email stating:
"I really do not think that the Home Office has given any weight to the welfare of Mrs Fatumbi's son. 

I cannot for the life of me think what a five-year-old boy, who has never set foot outside this country, has done to warrant his deportation to a country, Nigeria, that he knows nothing about and certainly never set foot in. 

I really do think that this child's position warrants that the whole case be reviewed.
"Please ask the Minister to think about the rights of this child in considering his mother's case.
Family friend Kath Hayward, who started the petition, said:

"We've had more than 8,000 people sign since Wednesday - which is incredible. The support we've had shows the strength of feeling. We are not stopping until we've exhausted every avenue available to us."
Supporters were last night asking the airline, due to carry Rafeeq and his mother back to Nigeria, to reconsider on humanitarian grounds.

A Home Office spokesman said:
"Bola Fatumbi was first told in 2007 that she had no right to be in the UK. Later that year she was jailed for nine months for possession of a false document, which she used to illegally obtain employment in the UK. 
She subsequently applied for asylum. This claim was refused, the decision backed up by an independent judge who found her claims not to be credible. 

Every claim is carefully considered and where there is a genuine need of protection asylum will be granted. 

We provide help and support to those found not to have the right to remain in the UK in returning to their own country. If they refuse to engage with this process we will enforce removal."

Breaking News!! Principal Who Released Buhari's Result Reportedly Assassinated

This just came in ,   There are unconfirmed reports that the principal of Government College Katsina, Mallam I. Bello who released Muhammadu Buhari's secondary school results may have been killed

             This was disclosed by an APC tweeter,

PAPI @hbgumi, who tweeted earlier today that, "The principal who released General Muhammadu Buhari's certificate,Mal. Isyaku Bello has been killed by unknown gunmen." Bello is said to have been killed a few hours ago.

QUESTION OF THE DAY......... Be Honest

You are a graduate and work in a very big hotel and your salary#200.000. Your ex love that broke your heart comes to the hotel with his/her partner. They are expected to be treated specially because of their wealth and fame. So, your boss ask you to attend to them. You are asked to serve them food, clean their table, take the plate and wash them.

Then come back to them ( your ex) and clean their shoes. Thereafter, take them to their room. Later, you are called upon to dress and arrange their bed, after they might have had fun on it. You are also asked to sweep, clean the nd take their used clothes, wash and iron them. Failure to do all these will attract a sack letter.

My brothers and sisters, what will do if you find yourself in this situation? Be sincere pls!

In Photos: Thugs Attack APC Members who were Setting Up Stage for Rally Yesterday #VoteNotFight

Hope they are not trying to draw the battle line with an act like this

Suspected political thugs on Saturday attacked members of the All Progressives Congress [APC], who were setting up equipment  and canopies for a scheduled political rally in Rivers State, the APC chairman in Okrika, Christian Asifamaka, has said.

In a statement entitled emailed to Premium Times Saturday morning, Mr. Asifamaka said his party members were shot at and chased away as they readied the venue of a scheduled rally.

Well Said!! Aisha Buhari Reveals the Roles She will Play as First Lady of Nigeria

The wife of the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Mrs Aisha Buhari, says her husband will not tamper with the office of the 'first lady,' if it is constitutionally recognised.

She also talked about the roles she will play as the first lady of the country
"For me, I will perform my duties and role as the wife of the President of Nigeria traditionally. Wives of presidents have some traditional roles, like receiving guests, visiting orphanages, helping the less privileged people.

"They also lead in the fight for the right of women and malnourished children, infant mortality rate, fight against kidnapping and girl-child trafficking."
While inaugurating the initiative, Buhari urged the women to unite and cooperate with the men by mobilising women at all levels to ensure success at the February polls.

She urged them to double their efforts in educating other women on how to cast their votes and at the same time be civil in their conducts.

Hmmm!! One Million Boko Haram Victims to Get $1bn - Jonathan

Well Our president has been doing a lot of generous and philanthropic things in these past weeks,

President Goodluck Jonathan on Saturday promised that the Federal Government would raise $1bn to support over one million Boko Haram victims.

According to Vanguard, Jonathan said this while on a courtesy visit to the Shehu of Borno, Alhaji Shehu El-Kanemi in Maiduguri while in the Borno State capital in continuation of his presidential re-election rally.

That's nice , hope some people won't victimize themselves for this freebies .....

IN PHOTOS!! See 13 Girls Who Don't Know What Eyebrows Are Supposed To Look Like

Still on the Eyebrow thing , lol

Well Eyebrows are a very important part of your face. So why would you do any of the things that these 20 people have done to their brows!!?

Come on, people! If you need a stencil to put your makeup on, then you are definitely doing something wrong. Whether they are pencil thin or sharpie thick, these eyebrow murderers need to rethink how they express their individuality. Or not. Do what you want I guess. Who am I to judge?

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...