Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Woman Arrested For Having S3x With Daughter’s 16-Year BF (Photo)

               A southern California Resident has been arrested for allegedly having a sexual relationship with her teenage daughter's boyfriend.
               38-year-old Fereshta Angel Williams was arrested on Monday, January 5 at a fitness centre and has been charged with having sex with a minor, two counts of oral copulation of a minor and one count of lying to dissuade a witness.
               Before her arrest, Fereshta Angel Williams has been tracked for several weeks by police although it has not been revealed how they knew of the relationship.
Fereshta and the unnamed teen who was 16-years-old at that time had a sexual relationship for three months.

She has pleaded not guilty and would back in court on Tuesday, February 3.

So SAD!! Wizz True Life Story :'(

Hope your day is going great? Well A wizz one of the funniest guy I know sent me this mail decided to share it with you guys.lol

**for my department for work ....we be 7guys 3girls....and we hav da boss...na him be our supervisor;^L .......so avery day dis our supervisor I go dey hear wer him dey tell dem other senior staff say him don catch new fish...:s and dis him new girlfrnd na first class don of our workers girlfriend fine reach him girlfriend8-t well as a sharp guy I no send da supervisor....

so him cum arrange say him go carry da girl cum ...show us in 2weeks time:-[ so on dat faithful day=-J me go run small erran for bank......=-" my phone cum ring=)] na my guy 4work .call me tell me say mak I run cum bak..cus oga don carry dat him babe cum and she too fine ....so I cum *run* enter da lattest bike ..as I dey open da door of de office da next tin I cee>:O na bella...my girlfriend...were sit down for my oga lap|:O| wellllllll

*NOOOO* I dey vex now.........I need ur advice on wat to do ...cus me I look up lik say I no no her dat moment:'(

Oh No!!Cristiano Ronaldo facing potential TWELVE match ban for on-pitch Real Madrid outburst

This will not be good for the Star ,
The 2008, 2013 and 2014 FIFA Ballon d'Or winner was dismissed for kicking and punching defender Edimar during Saturday's La Liga clash

Ronaldo involved in a punch up on the pitch
Cristiano Ronaldo could be banned for as many as TWELVE games after being sent off after punching an opponent, reports in Spain suggest.

The World Player of the Year kicked and hit out at Cordoba defender Edimar and was shown a straight red card during Saturday's La Liga clash.

And Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo speculate the Portuguese could be booted out of the league for as many as twelve games if found guilty of excessive aggression when a disciplinary panel meet on Wednesday.

That said, such a severe sanction would be extremely surprising.

In fact, rival Madrid-based newspaper Marca say that referee Alejandro Hernandez didn't deem the incident to be violent conduct in his post-match report.

In said report Hernandez failed to reference Ronaldo's punch which appeared to land on Edimar's face, suggesting that he hadn't seen it.

His account of the events read: "In the 83rd minute Cristiano Ronaldo was sent off for the following reason: kicking an opponent when the ball was out of reach."

Should Ronaldo be banned for just the one match, he would only miss next weekend's home match against Real Sociedad.

However, were he to be banned for three or more games, he wouldn't be available for selection for the February showdowns with Sevilla or Atletico Madrid and more.

Following the clash, which Madrid won through a late Gareth Bale penalty, Ronaldo apologised for his uncharacteristic actions on Twitter.

He wrote: "I apologise to every and especially Edimar for my thoughtless act in the game today."

Source: Mirror Uk

Good Girl!! Linka Ikeji Deletes Post After Funke Akindele Legal Threat,yet To Apologize

Well in case you missed the initial gist ,

Funke's management condemned in strong terms a post by blogger, Linda Ikeji, ( pictured top left )

They claim the post ascribed a harmless picture on Funke's Instagram's page to be a mockery of her colleague, Toyin Aimakhu. And the post exposed Funke to cynical comments and hasty judgment.

It was also claimed that her brand was not only portrayed in bad light, but it has promoted unhealthy rivalry where there is none. After the news about Toyin broke on Saturday, Funke posted the picture above left on Instagram with the caption:"Yes, You!" .

She later deleted it. Funke, through her lawyers has written a letter to Linda demanding a retraction and apology within 24 hours or face action within the ambit of law.

But she is still yet to apologize, will flex her muscles and face the law , or she will tender a public apology before the end of the day , well we will update you on that

Enekem.com :D

See Raw Photos Of Baby Born with No Eyes

Richie Lopez, pictured above, is 3 months old and is a baby boy that was born without eyes to a family in Arizona.

According to his mother, Kelly Lopez, she had a completely normal pregnancy. Her ultrasounds never hinted her son would be born without eyes. However, hours after Richie's birth at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa, Lopez became concerned when her son still had not opened his eyes.

The staff, at first, thought his face was simply swollen from birth. Thirteen days later, his mother says
an MRI showed Richie did not have eyes.
"I think we were just in shock. Obviously very upsetting," she told 3TV. "The first thought through your mind is, how did this even happen and how was it not even caught?"
The family still has no answers, and various doctors have said that the condition is extremely rare.

At seven weeks, Richie had expanders placed in his eye sockets, which are designed to allow the socket to grow and one day be able to hold a prosthetic eyeball. They were held in with sutures, but during feedings and burpings, Richie managed to rub them both out.

One was lost and presumably eaten by the family dog. Lopez found the other, and while on the phone with a surgeon at 2 a.m., she was able to re-insert it.
"It was so emotional, but I knew I had to do it. I knew that he needed this and I had no other choice; we were going to get it back in," Lopez recalled.
The family members quickly developed a positive attitude, but they are still learning to deal with insensitive comments from people in public. Richie now wears a pair of baby sunglasses.

Doctors told the family Richie does have an optic nerve, which keeps hope alive about him being able to see one day.

"That would be amazing," his mother said. "I do hope that one day that they'll be able to either grow an eye or transplant an eye."

Richie is already enrolled in developmental programs designed for blind babies and plays with specially designed toys. The family is determined to see him live a life that is challenging but full.

Photo credit - AzFamily.com

See The 8 Mistakes We Make When We Meet People Online

In as much as mistakes are inevitable in everyday life, some mistakes can be avoided spontaneously or mistakes can be made perpetually , as it is common said a friend at hand is better than a brother abroad, it is common knowledge that you can't know someone completely but how you begin matters alot especially if you met online, here are some common mistakes made by both sexes in the cause of interaction

1. Acting too cold Ladies acting too cold and uninterested during first chat kills the zeal and interest of well meaning guys towards them. Dear ladies, learn to be free with a guy & be lively, stop acting as if you just came out from a cold room,or your in a sober period or someone gonna die if you act lively

2. Replying with code words Replying with one letter words like- k, gud, hw, wen, fyn, etc...this is a crime to human communication; no matter your gender & who u are chatting with, learn to stop it. (later if you fail exams now you go begin blame one spirit wey no the exist)

3. Asking for picture too soon - guys are fond of this bad habit of asking a lady they met online for her pics you be graphic designer? even on their first day of chat; please guys stop it! Get to know her first & see beyond her. Physical looks. Let me put it to you "THE LOVE OF BEAUTY iS THE ROLL OF DICE " implying when casting a dice you may get a very wrong number when you targeting a bigger number

4. Asking what he does for a living: this is a big crime our ladies commit! Yes, its good to know what he does for a living but this usually send wrong signal to a guy with good intentions towards you, so avoid it and gradually get to know him & not just what he does & how much he earns.you need to look beyond his pocket to get the best out of a man.

5. Sex chat: many guys today are so fond of this nonsense, guys please grow up! Even if u must sex chat with her, pls knw her first & make sure u two are into each other, stop being in a haste! Besides self what the fun in sex chat? You wan stain your boxers abi? Pity your boxers if you no pity yourself abeg

6. Begging for gifts Begging for recharge card, gift, BIS, other favours- this is bad for anyone to do, please stop it! why beg for an inch when you can have it all, ladies trade with caution, na from Waka person the see Race

7. Late responses: nothing kills a guy's interest in a lady he met online like late responses & busy-forming attitude, makes the guy feel u don't take him serious or that u have plenty male admirers keeping u busy! If your really that busy why no contest for presidency so it will be obvious stop it

8. Being too rigid! Never say never! That guy or lady u met online today & feel he's nobody or that she's ugly...or that he has nothing to offer for u may be your true partner in making. Many single ladies & guys have lost their true partners out of being too rigid and principled. Sometimes, play fool & see what nature/life has in store for you!

By HarrySterol

Late Actor Muna Obiekwe to Be Buried 3rd February, 2015 (see burial arrangement)

The burial arrangement for late Nollywood actor Muna Obiekwe has been announced.

Candle night; February 1st 2015. Meeting point at Marsha, Roundabout, Surulere.

Time:  4pm. Procession from there to Ojez stadium. Dress code - white. Tshirts will be provided at the venue.
Burial: 3rd February at Umudioka in Anambra state.

Announcer: Ibinabo Fiberesima AGN President

PHOTO OF THE DAY!! Caption this photo Of Rapper OLAMiDE and bae .....

Lol , well *selects sean tizzle's tack 'Sho Lee' ......

Annie IDibia Won't Like This , See Tuface Fondling And Kissing His BabyMama Pero recently (photos)

In the western world it may be nothing , but for Annie Idibia , it might be nothing too , but every average African woman would sure read meaning to stuffs like this .....

Caught On Camera!! See Photos of Kim Kardashian Dressing Up While Kanye West Stares

Kim Kardashian shared these photos of  herself on Instagram, dressing up while her husband, Kanye West look on.

Ghana Pulls Down Jonathan, Buhari Billboards

The campaign billboards of two Nigerian presidential candidates erected in Ghana's capital, Accra have been pulled down following an order by the country's (Ghana) national security agency, Punch reports

The billboards of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party featuring President Goodluck Jonathan, as well as those of the main opposition All Progressives Congress of Muhammadu Buhari, located on Accra roads, were pulled down over the weekend by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly.

The decision to pull down the billboards was said to have come amid fears by some Ghanaians that their country could be drawn indirectly into the politics of Nigeria, with security implications, especially with the Boko Haram terrorists wreaking havoc in Nigeria.

Following the order by the National Security, according to GhanaWeb, a security expert at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre, Dr. Kwesi Annin, had indicated that Ghana had been saved from a possible attack by the terrorist group, Boko Haram, by pulling down the billboards put up in some parts of Accra.

He was quoted to have said that political elite in the country could have been targeted by Boko Haram if the political campaign in Ghana was not stopped.

He said, "I think it is critical that the National Security and Accra Metropolitan Assembly have listened to the concerns and voices raised by ordinary citizens that these billboards and some level of active political engagement might pose potential threat in the future."

He said the removal of the billboards should not only be about Boko Haram, but also about whether or not laws governing the country permit foreign political entities to campaign in Ghana.

Meanwhile, an international relations expert, Dr. Vladmir Antwi Danso, said Ghana had been saved from severing future relations with Nigeria.

He was reported to have explained that if there was the perception that Ghana was supporting one candidate over the other, then the relationship between Ghana and Nigeria after the elections would be marred.

"What if after the elections the scales change, then the relationship between our country and Nigeria will also have some hiccups," Danso said.

Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Allegations Continue

More sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby have surfaced.
Former Hollywood executive Cindra Ladd, the wife of Oscar-winning producer
and former MGM Chair Alan Ladd Jr., is the latest woman to come forward
against the star after opening up about one specific night she spent with the
comedian 36 years ago in a personal essay published on The Huffington Post
earlier today.
wow so funny how all these are coming up now.

Phillip Phillips Files Legal Claim to Get Out of His ''Opressive'' American Idol Contract

Calling his contract "oppressive," the season 11 winner of American Idol has
filed a legal claim with the California Labor Commissioner in hopes of voiding his
management, recording and merchandising agreements with Idol producer 19
Entertainment, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
"I am very grateful for the opportunities provided to me through appearing on
American Idol," Phillips told THR.

Mission: Impossible 5 Release Date Moved Up!

Paramount and Skydance Productions have confirmed that the
release date for Mission: Impossible 5 has been moved up from Dec. 25. to July
While no specific reason was given for the change, history shows that the final
weekend of July can produce lucrative sales for action-packed movies.

Kim k's T-mobile commercial hits the net

The internet sensation teased on Twitter earlier today that fans would catch a glimpse of her
during the big game this weekend "I'll be in a Super Bowl commercial
for T-Mobile!!!! Check out Conan tonight! I'm going to share a sneak peek!!!
#TMobile," she wrote.
Well, the commercial has hit the Internet, and if you anticipated Kim looking all
sexy and taking lots of selfies, then it's exactly what you expected.

MUSIC: Davido - Owo Ni Koko Rmx feat. DJMoreMuzic [prod. JFem & Suplia] @DJMoreMuzic @iamdavido

Owo Ni Koko surfaced on the internet few months back, and now Davido
a.k.a Omo Baba Olowo


Well the cash money music empire might just be going down the drain ,

Lil Wayne wants out of Cash Money, and he's taking Drake and Nicki Minaj with him.

The Young Money chief plans to sue Birdman for his release from Cash Money, and also claims that Birdman owes him an $8 million advance for his album Tha Carter V.

In addition to demanding money, TMZ reports that Wayne will sue Birdman to ensure that Young Money's artists remain under his control.

In addition to Drake and Nicki, this includes the rest of the Young Money roster—Christina Milian, Lil Twist, and Mack Maine, who doubles as the label's president.

Weezy believes the artists should go with him because their contracts are with Young Money.

Cash Money has a distribution deal with all of Young Money's acts. The issue will likely have to be settled in court, but Wayne is adamant about taking his crew with him.

He also seems confident about Drake and Nicki's loyalty to him. On his remix to "CoCo" off his mixtape Sorry 4 the Wait 2, he boasts, "I ain't trippin', I got Barbie, I got Drake too."

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...