Sunday, February 22, 2015

Growing Up!! Taylor Swift and Kanye West Spotted Together

It is really difficult to ignore Swift's success in the entertainment scene since she broke in, especially her multi-million album sales , hol up , numbers don't lie and multi-million Album sales doesn't mean you are the best

Well We all know Taylor Swift and Kanye West are not the best of frieends after the 2009 VMA Award saga.

Well, TMZ is reporting that they were spotted having Dinner together on Tuesday night.

According to them, even though they were careful not to arrive and leave together, they were spotted having dinner together in a table for two at The Spotted Pig in New York City.

Let's hope this is the beginning of a new friendship or let's just say they actually decided to grow up .lol

If She Was Your Barber........ (Photo)

Well if she was my barber , she better knows how to barb nice body without brain is not appealing to me , if your body is appealing that's just a + to what ever you have upstairs ,.............. Bye

Tragedy!! 6 months old Baby Burn to Death In Mysterious Fire Outbreak

This is some really bad news , The people of Umudim, Umuezeala community in Ehime Mbano local council area of Imo State, have been thrown serious agony, following the death of a six-month old baby girl in a mysterious fire that razed their family apartment.

Confirming the ugly incident to newsmen, the father of the dead baby, Mr. Clement Anthony, who also claimed to be a tenant in the burnt building, said he was yet to get to terms with what led to his baby's death.
He recalled that he went out with his wife to purchase drugs they wanted to administer on one of his children that was slightly sick.

"Honestly, I cannot say exactly what ignited the fire. My wife and I, went to a nearby medicine store to buy some drugs for our sick child. We returned only to behold the fire disaster", Anthony recounted with grief.

According to the bereaved father, they saw four of their five children outside and looking helplessly at the burning building, adding that on inquiry, they were told that the last baby was still lying in one of the rooms.

 "I peeped through one of the holes on the door and noticed the raging flame. I went in through the window and not minding the huge flame, I rushed into the room where our baby girl was lying and brought her out, and handed her over to my wife", the man lamented.

Continuing, the man said that his wife quickly rushed the baby to a nearby hospital but was declared dead on arrival by the medical team in the establishment.

culled from Vanguard

BALLiNG!! Actress Eniola Badmus Cops New White Honda Pilot (in photos)

Am happy for her , all white everything , white is my favorite color so there is no way this can't be appealing .lol , congrats big Lady

Family Tie!!! Ace Comedian/M.C Julius Agwu Takes A Selfie With His Beautiful Family

His girls are really beautiful , and this julius no dey age at all o , still like he is in his early 20s

Busted!! Mum Bust Married Man Banging Her Secondary School Daughter In A Hotel (photos)

Well this is not new and some girls prefer older men , but this is one of the most shameful thing that can happen to secret lovers ,

According to report The old man's name is Mzee Beno. He was busted in a local guest house with a young school girl by the mother who had been reading her SMS's.

She then started following her all the way to school in secret, paid guest house attendants to plant a CCTV camera in the room. It recorded the whole video before the mother busted them ….she then disciplined the man and her daughter and called in police to intervene… what a shame…

Re-Opened Matter!!See Woman That killed Nigerian student with fake bUtt Enlargement injection

Some of you might have gotten about the beautiful Nigerian girl that died from using fake butt enlargement pills and injections  

So I am going to start from the top. In February 2011, a 20-year-old Nigerian British student Claudia Aderotimi (second pics above), had a butt enhancement surgery by transgender rapper Padge Victoria Windslowe (first and third photo above).

You see, Claudia is also a video vixen, so she felt having a 'bigger booty' would help her appear in more videos.

She then traveled from her home in London to Philadelphia to have silicone injection. Claudia developed chest pains and struggled for breath 12 hours after she had the illegal injections at a budget hotel. She was rushed to hospital where she died. According to Daily Mail; 

"Padge is now standing is now on trial for third-degree murder in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court. The 42-year-old is accused of using a mix of industrial-grade silicone and glue that spread to Ms Aderotimi's brain and lungs, causing heart failure and killing her.

It is believed Windslowe treated her with cheap 'industrial' silicone, normally used as a sealant, rather than medical-grade material used in breast implant surgery. Windslowe, who does not have an injecting license, then allegedly closed the wounds with glue and cotton balls.

When Ms Aderotimi complained of chest pains, Windslowe allegedly told her to drink more fluids and to call an ambulance if needed.
At the pre-trial hearing, Windslowe boasted of the quality of her work and told the judge;
'I am the Michelangelo of buttocks injections...A lot of people came to me. My work spoke for itself.'

Police say that Windslowe fled the hotel room after Aderotimi started having trouble breathing during 'a touch-up,' which was intended as part of her birthday celebrations.

A coroner has testified that the industrial-grade silicone spread to her lungs and brain and caused a pulmonary embolism.
Though she had no medical training, Windslow would charge clients up to £1,200 per injection. 

Windslowe is also charged with practicing medicine without a license and aggravated assault for an injection she gave exotic dancer Shurkia King at another 'pumping party'. 

The hearing was held to discuss the defence's request to have the trial aborted as one of the prosecution's key witnesses has stated she will not travel from London to Philadelphia to testify.

The trial will resume on Monday."

That Is SAD!! Wiz Khalifa Did Not See His Son On His Birthday, Gets Emotional On Twitter

Well the wall is still on , these two really need to get a room and work things out , at least for their beloved son

yesterday was the second birthday of Wiz Khalifa's son Sebastian, or Bash. Wiz began the day excited to celebrate with his son, tweeting: "we bout to party super hard for my young prince." Sadly, Wiz soon learned this was not going to be the case, and he tweeted a picture of the birthday party he had set up for his two-year-old son with the caption: "Only thing missing was Bash." Bash was with his mother, Amber Rose, who posted two videos of him on her Instagram. 

We recently heard that Wiz is building a case against Amber, his ex-wife, for increased custody of Bash. A couple of weeks before, Wiz publicly called out Amber, tweeting: "a woman who would do something to a kid to spite that kids father is a foul creature." After learning he wouldn't be seeing Bash on his birthday, Wiz took to twitter, again, to express his unhappiness with the situation.

On his fear of blackmail from Amber Rose: "ive never voiced my true unhappiness out of fear of the person I was with and what she would do to make me more unhappy of anyone knew". Today's incident was a tipping point, and Wiz issued a cry for help: "im even at a point where I feel I have no other options and i just need some help."

He later denied allegations that his cheating led to his divorce from Amber: "anyone who really knows me knows that I never cheated on amber."

Some of The Tweets Went thus ----

it's sad because there are real people who go through real things and could use social media as a tool to help shed some light.
— Cameron (@wizkhalifa) February 21, 2015

not to tear anyone down but to show our similar struggles and not just what the media portrays.
— Cameron (@wizkhalifa) February 21, 2015

ive never voiced my true unhappiness out of fear of the person I was with and what she would do to make me more unhappy of anyone knew
— Cameron (@wizkhalifa) February 21, 2015

I know a lot of people have that same fear and I'm just like you.
— Cameron (@wizkhalifa) February 21, 2015

we need to talk to each more and empower each other to peruse our own happiness because the illusion is strong.
— Cameron (@wizkhalifa) February 21, 2015

36-year Old Star Basket-baller Kobe Bryant To Retire After Next Season

The BBall world will really miss this man and legend like some claim he is , Kobe Bryant has more than enough time to think about the future now that he's nursing a torn rotator cuff and he's apparently looking to life after basketball. The Black Mamba has said that he intends to finish his two year contract with the Lakers, which will net him $25 million next season, and then he's calling it quits.

The 36-year old was recently the focus and executive producer of a documentary dubbed "Kobe's Muse," which will air February 28th on Showtime, and he's intrigued by the possibility of pursuing this type of work in the future. Two figures he'd like to profile include his former coach Phil Jackson and Apple designer Jonathan Ive.

The five-time NBA champ has averaged 25.4 points, 5.3 rebounds and 4.8 assists per game over his 19 seasons thus over, including 17 All-Star nominations though he was unable to compete this year.

Despite next year being Kobe's last in a Lakers uniform, Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak won't simply be going 'championship or bust.' 

"To jeopardize the next five or seven years," Kupchak said, "bring in old veterans that make a lot of money, just to win one more year, because that's Kobe's last year or could be his last year, I'm not sure that fits into doing it the right way."
"We're going to look to do this the right way," Kupchak said, "which is to try to make prudent decisions about youth and veterans and making commitments to players under the existing rules. I'd love to be able to put together a young team that can win 55 games next year, but it's not that easy."
Championship or not, playoffs or not, Swaggy P or not, Kobe's final tour of the NBA next season will be well worth the price of admission.

Na Who I Go ask?? Lol See This Mind-Boggling Question of the day About Beggars

There is an old saying that says *A beggar has no choice* but these days it is a different ball game, beggars really do have a choice ,

but there are times when we feel disrespected or insulted when some people give you certain things ,

it all goes down to either because we bigger expectation or you really don't need what the person is offering , there was a time to visit my big sister at Akoka , one of her loving neighbors came to the house with soap and toothpaste and offered it to , I told him thanks I don't need these things with a very cool smile , he smiled and left the house , you know like what is the essence of me collecting those stuffs when I know I have them? Well my sister scolded me and said I should have collected it as a sign of appreciation and maybe given it to someone else , is that the right thing?

Well I felt he should give it to someone that needs it , well back to the photo above , what is the minimum amount that we should give to street beggars and they will appreciate it? Or should we take out money back when they don't appreciate what we offer them cheerfully? Tell us

Personality Of The Week!!Meet CEO of contessa signature 'Akinwunmi Jammal' (Photos) cc @Omaje_94

Na God!! ''I Escaped Death by the Whiskers'' – Bayelsa PDP Women Crash Survivor Shares Story

The tragic accident is still fresh in the minds of people especially the families that lost a member in the incident,

One of the survivors of last week's tragedy and close associate of the first lady, Mrs. Marie Ebikake, has recounted her last moment with the 11 Bayelsa female politicians.

Marie Ebikake, who was last month sacked by Governor Seriake Dickson as the Transport commissioner due to her close relationship with the first lady, arrived the Okhirika community home of Jonathan in a separate vehicle due to her husband's ill health.

Ebikake, who was still in shock over the sad event, said she was with the female politicians in Okhirika, the country home of Dame Patience Jonathan and they were in very high spirits.
 "On Wednesday I spoke with the First Lady,Dame Pateince Jonathan and she said she
was in Okhirika.I told her that I may not be able to come due to the ill-health of my spouse. She expressed concern and said I should come so that we could discuss ways to get better medical attention for him. 
When I arrived at Okhirika on Thursday, I saw the women and they welcomed me happily. We hailed each other as usual and we were all happy", she narrated in an emotion-laden voice.
The women, after the brief meeting with the first lady, were supposed to go back on Friday. Unknowingly to the First Lady, they had waited to see her off at the Port Harcourt Airport before heading to Bayelsa.

When the First Lady met them at the Airport, she was surprised that they were still around." The women, who were in a jolly mood, replied the First Lady that they had wanted to make sure that "Mommy" leaves for Abuja before they return to Yenagoa.

''That was the last we saw of them." Mrs. Marie Ebikake says.

According to the preliminary report from the men of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) issued by the commander in the state, Vincent Jack, 29 passengers in three separate vehicles were involved in the accident. 18 persons were reported injured and 11 others burnt beyond recognition.

The FRSC attributed the cause of the accident to a ruptured tyre.

Still Cute!! Miss Kedike Stuns In Fabulous Traditional Attire

She still looks cute and innocent , she is one of those trying to hard to be bad girl female artistes to me , and her stage performances are the highest cause she loves walking among the audience ,

Miss Chidinma Ekile  is looking so beautiful rocking this Gele .... And for her make up , ladies learn

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...