Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pastor’s Car Stolen While Having S3x With Married Woman (Photo)

  Pastor Clemence Jambaya, a Zimbabwean is trying so hard to convince his family and congregation how thieves managed to snatch his car after it was revealed that the bad guys got him while having sex inside the
car with a married mother of three.

                    The funny incident came to light after thieves stole the pastor's car while he was having sex with the
woman inside the car.
The woman in the eye of the storm, Sithabile Peedika, who is a hairdresser, confessed to the police that she and the pastor were having sex in the car when thieves jumped them and ordered them to get out.

The carjacking took place in a football field in Emganwini, Bulawayo.The car, a Honda Torneo, which was given to the pastor by the church, was not recovered.

Woooow!! 70 Year-Old Jesus Davila Wins $265m Jackpot In Chicago (Photos)

   He describes himself as just a "regular joe' but this 70-year-old Chicago retiree is more than that after winning the biggest Illinois lottery jackpot.

                   Jesus Davila Jr. of suburban Naperville was handed a gigantic ceremonial check of $127 million from the Jan. 16 Mega Millions drawing in an event broadcast on local television.
"You can't win if you don't play. I'm just a regular Joe, and I played," said Davila, a father of four and grandfather of four.
                    The Jan. 16 jackpot was $265 million if taken as an annuity, but Davila will take a one-time cash payment option, which after taxes totals about $127 million, the Illinois Lottery said.
Davila, a former professional driver
, bought the winning ticket at Bucky's Express convenience store in Glendale Heights, another Chicago suburb. The store will get a $500,000 prize for selling the ticket.
Originally from Puerto Rico, Davila moved to the United States at the age of 6, according to a statement from the Lottery.
He was watching the numbers announced on the television at home and thought he had matched only the first five numbers on his single ticket and would get $1 million.
But his son rechecked and found all six numbers matched.

Davila plans to share the windfall with his family, invest and donate to his favorite charities, the Lottery said.
"I would also like to a buy a big house with a really big lawn … and a riding lawn mower," Davila said in a statement.
Illinois has not had a grand prize winner for the Mega Millions game since 2012, when a resident won a drawing that had a $218.6 million jackpot.

People bought tickets for the Jan. 16 drawing in 44 states, Washington, D.C., and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Davila was the only person to match all six numbers.

Have You seen The Future coming Iphone 10?? ...... Take a look at it (photo)

Lol , with the way Apple increased the seize of their latest iphone6 and iphone 6 plus ,those toys are big mehn no lie

Well we would never know the iphone 10 which is just 4 models away might look like the phone in the photo above , hope you trend followers are still going to cop it to feel among cause your present banging iphone 6 will be old come the ending of 2015 or latest early 2016 ....... Lol

MURDER!! American 'Next Top Model' Mirjana Puhar Killed in Triple Homicide (photo)

This is really sad , Police have arrested 19-year-old Emmanuel Jesus Rangel and charged him with 3 counts of 1st degree murder. The boyfriend, Jonathan Alvarado was 23 ... and the third victim was 21-year-old Jusmar Gonzaga-Garcia. Our sources say Jusmar was Jonathan's roommate and best friend.

We're told Mirjana had just moved in with the guys. Mirjana Puhar -- a recent "America's Next Top Model" contestant -- was killed Tuesday in a triple homicide at her boyfriend's home in Charlotte, NC ...

According to TMZ, A source who was very close to Mirjana confirmed to TMZ that she was one of the 3 victims found dead in a home that belonged to Mirjana's boyfriend. The source says a friend of the couple went to the house after getting a call that gunshots were heard. We're told the friend went into the house, saw 2 bodies -- Mirjana and the bf -- and then called police to report the killings. The friend didn't see the 3rd victim, but did see money scattered around the house. 19-year-old Mirjana was on the 21st cycle of 'ANTM' ... which aired last year. She was eliminated from the show in the 10th episode. 

Law enforcement sources tell us the preliminary investigation leads police to believe the murders were drug related -- and the victims knew the killer.   Our Mirjana source says the young model had only been with the boyfriend for a few months.

UPDATE!! Kidnappers of American Female Missionary Demands N60 Million Ransom

The abductors of US citizen, Phyllis Sortor have reportedly demanded a sum of N60 million as ransom for her release.

Reverend Sortor, who works with the Free Methodist Church, was abducted from Hope Academy in Emiworo Village, Kogi State on Monday, February 23.

The police are frantically searching for clues and are unwilling to negotiate with the kidnappers.

Shots Fired!! Stop Changing Surnames Like Pants. Helen Paul Blasts Stella Damasus

Without mincing words, Helen Paul, has hit at Stella Ademinokun for often changing her surname like underwear.

'Stella Damasus, or Nzeribe, is she not even tired of changing surname? Today she's Aboderin, tomorrow Ademinokun, only God knows the surname she would answer tomorrow. Well, the good thing is, she hasn't changed her name 'Stella', so we can simply call her Stella easily," Helen said at the comedy show.

Recall that after the silver screen diva, Stella lost her husband Jaiye Aboderin, some years ago, she went for Emeka Nzeribe, but their relationship did not last long as it ended beyond redemption.

Stella was later accused of snatching the husband of her colleague in the movie industry, Doris Simeon, who was then happily married to Daniel Ademinokun.

Since she allegedly moved in with Daniel Ademinokun in the USA and became his alleged 'wife', some people, including her colleagues, have expressed shock over their disappointments on the issue.

ThrowBack Fashion From 1900s ..... (Epic Photo)

Well since anything can happen and old skool fashions are been recycled we decided to share this with you all
That Anklet plate was a fashion costume women used to wear permanently in about 1900 down to 192_ in igbo land...
This photo was taken in 1913

Ladies what if this comes back as a type of fashion, will you wear it?

Kanye West -- I Ain't Saying Kim's a Gold Digger ... But the Black Thing Is Real

Kanye West roasted his wife Kim Kardashian for her legendary love of the black man ... and brought the house down at the BET Honors. Kanye was accepting the Visionary Award at the ceremony -- which was pre-taped, but aired Monday night -- and talked about how guys in Chicago barbershops talk about black men in entertainment hooking up with white women ... and white women nabbing rich black guys.  

You gotta watch for the punch line because he absolutely nails Kim ... and then concludes, "It ain't got nothing to do with the money."  Ye also recalls a story Kim told him ... about her dad, Robert Kardashian, losing it when someone spray painted "ni**er lover" on his car -- and how he used it to teach Kim a lesson about racism. Check it out ... it's Kanye at his funniest and most poignant. 

12yr Old Nigerian Listed by Elle Magazine as 1 Of The 33 Women Who Impacted the World in 2014

This is really amzing
Beautiful Zuriel  Oduwole has been listed by Elle Magazine as one of the 33 women that impacted the world in 2014 and will be featured in the magazine's global North American edition, ELLE Canada, for the March 2015 Issue.

Strong Woman!! Controversial Actress Tonto Dike Confirms That She is Mrs X (photos)

Poko obviously has a really tough skin

Well incase you don't know our sources have gathered and confirmed that The mr X is the famous Musician Churchill
Shortly after the identity and marital status of Mr X was revealed, she took to Instagram to confirm her status as the Official Mrs X.

This is cold blooded,

Na Devil Whaat?? .. 32-Yr Old Married Man That Impregnated 13 Yr Old Girl in Lagos cries out

Lateef Gbolahan, A 32-year-old married man and father of one, has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly impregnating a 13-year-old girl, whose name was given as Esther.

Mr. Gbolahan was arrested by police detectives attached to Oke-Odo Police Station after the parents of the girl, who are Gbolahan's neighbours, reported that he had been sleeping with her and got her pregnant.

The police said that the girl is two months pregnant, and she confessed that 'Uncle' Gbolahan had sex with her on since 2012 when she was 10 years old, On each occasion, the randy Gbolahan threatened to kill her is she told anyone what transpired between them.

The little girl was scared of what Gbolahan would do to her and as such, refused to tell anyone what he was doing to her until people around started to notice  the swelling belly and the constant vomiting.
The suspect, according to the police, has accepted responsibility for his actions, though he pushed the blame, as usual, to the devil.

Hear him:

"it is the work of the devil. i used to send the girl on errand and when you see her. she looks like a grown woman. her breast is very big but inside bra it will look small, she used it to confuse me, Esther is not a small girl, she know more thing about sex than i do. she used her mouth to tell me to close the door the first day when i send her to buy plantain. she was already doing it with other people before me. her hole was very big when i go first time. she has confessed to me before that Bamidele ( Another Tenant) is her boyfriend. police should arrest Bamidele. it is not my baby. i do only three times. Officer, i am sorry, it is the devil. if you release me i will marry her. please"

He said the girl came into his apartment after an errand and told him to lock the door and urged him to do it with her.

He said he slept with her only three times. Now the girl is two months pregnant. The police has transferred the case to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Panti.

However, the girl's mother has told the police that she does not want to pursue the case and urged that the culprit should be released if he promises to take care of the pregnant girl.

I'm Over Dat Nicki's A** ... And Onto K. Michelle's Bigger Booty.... Safaree Samuels

Yea I said it in the #Omeeka post earlier that Safaree has upgraded to a bigger backside

You gotta hand it to Safaree Samuels, he knows what he likes -- because has learned he has moved on from Nicki Minaj to a new singing booty queen ... K. Michelle. 

According to our K. Michelle sources, she and Samuels (who did not take the breakup with Nicki well) have been getting much closer lately ... talking and texting every night. We're told the duo spent two hours together in the VIP area of NYC club Stage 48 on Valentine's Day -- and Samuels followed up this week by sending a bouquet of sunflowers ... her favorite.

  Our sources say they're not official, meaning exclusive ... just yet -- but this new video K. Michelle posted of herself twerking to Safaree's new song has to count for something!

Dreams Come True!! A History Of Meek Mill's Thirst For Nicki Minaj #Omeeka

The couples are all loved up and a lot of fans have left diverse comments on what they think and feel about the #Omeeka's

Regardless of what you think we need to make some facts clear
Meek Mill's infatuation for Nicki Minaj goes back further than you might think.

It's just been announced that Meek Mill will support Nicki on the "Pinkprint" tour. Judging by his personality, Meek is no "opening act," but for Nicki, he'll gladly make an exception. In his own words, Nicki Minaj is "da best female ever". That tweet was from three years ago, and Meek's thirst goes back even further than that. Meek first tweeted about Nicki in October of 2009. 

Now, it's safe to say #Omeeka is somewhat of an item. After a series of cuddly Instagram pics hinted at romance, the two were spotted at the NBA All-Star Game together.

Then, Nicki revealed that the two, indeed, like to have "fun" together. Five years of thirst appears to be finally paying off. There's hope for us all. It took three years for Nicki to get back to him, but Meek had some hilarious bursts of thirst along the way.

A bird told me that Nicki's Ex is now going out with K.michelle hmmmmm that's like he upgraded to a bigger backside .lol *bye*

PHOTO STORY!!! The Beginning To End Of Every human ...

This is just a reminder to the young people , every Old person you see today used to be young,fast ,handsome and strong like you are now ,

every grown up was once a baby , and life is a journey towards death that starts from the first second you enter the world

Something must kill a man , you may not possibly grow old and weak , then die a natural death even though that is every man's wish ,Life doesn't always give you what you desire

The world is changing swiftly and immorality has also escalated that's why you need to be careful with your everyday decision you need to understand that you can't undo the past and time is the most expensive and valuable asset that you have now

Never forget that the world of reaping is different from the world of sowing , one is a world of doing the other is a world of accepting , every action has a reaction and it is only right to invest in a *No regret*

So what am I saying , don't misuse the strength of thy youth , don't follow the crowd because the majority is not always right , be hardworking and ambitious , don't misuse any opportunity that you have access to , always pray to God and consult your elders for advice and tips .......... Serve God ...... And your life won't be filled with regret

Cause someday you will leave this world at an unknown time or day so make every second count like it is your last , invest in your life and future so that even if you have the privilege to live long , you will be fulfilled


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Kelly Osbourne -- Giuliana Better Make It Right With Zendaya ... Or I'll Quit!! #FashionPolice

Kelly Osbourne just dropped an ultimatum on Giuliana Rancic and their "Fashion Police" bosses -- issue a mea culpa for saying Zendaya smells like a hippie pot smoker ... or she'll quit the show. Kelly is responding to the firestorm Giuliana sparked with a comment about the Disney star's Oscar look -- which included new dreadlocks. Rancic said she thought Zendaya must smell like patchouli oil or weed.

Kathy Griffin joined in on the "weed" comment. Kelly went off on a Twitter rant, saying ... "I'm giving everyone involved 24 hours to make it right or the world will hear how I really feel." She added she doesn't condone racism and is seriously questioning staying on the show. Osbourne reminded fans she's friends with Zendaya -- who herself blasted Rancic for making such an "outrageously offensive" stereotypical comment.

It sounds like no one involved is buying Giuliana's claim her remarks "had NOTHING to do with race." 4:30 PM PT-- Looks like Kelly has pull ... Giuliana just apologized again -- this time on the air during "E! News." 

No Love!!! Chris Brown Denied Entrance Into Canada For Show

It is no love for breezy in canada ,

Chris Brown was turned away at the Canadian border just hours before a scheduled concert and he handled the frustrating news with dignity and professionalism. No, really ... he did. Brown tweeted, "The good people of the Canadian government wouldn't allow me entry. I'll be back this summer and will hopefully see all my Canadian fans!" Brown was scheduled to play in Montreal Tuesday night and Toronto Wednesday night.

According to Brown, both shows were sold out. Canadian law dictates a person could be "criminally inadmissible" if they have been convicted of a crime involving assault. Oh, right ... THAT. 

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Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...