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How 12 Year Old Nigerian girl ' Zuriel Oduwole' has impacted the world (photos)

One of our consistent blog reader messaged us demanding to know more about the young Nigerian girl Beautiful Zuriel  Oduwole whom was recently listed by Elle Magazine as one of the 33 women that impacted the world in 2014 and will be featured in the magazine's global North American edition, ELLE Canada, for the March 2015 Issue.

So we decided to share a couple of her achievements and a couple of things she has done that made her earn a place in that list of great and influential women , so here we go ...

The beautiful 12-year old Zuriel Oduwole, lives in California, but was born in Nigeria, and she happens to be, not only a political journalist and interviewer, but is currently the youngest professional working filmmaker in the world today.

She started out 3 years ago, at the age of 9, interviewing presidents and prime ministers in Kenya, Liberia, South Sudan and Jamaica among other countries, and celebrities, such as the Williams sisters. And, on top of that, she is still, to date, the youngest person in the world to be featured in Forbes Africa, was named one of the world's 100 most powerful individuals by Business Insider magazine, invited to attend the African Union's 50th anniversary conference, selected as Global Brand Ambassador for Ethiopian Airlines, and Heritage Bank's Financial Literacy Ambassador in Nigeria.

And that's just the beginning...

She makes it clear with everything she does, and every opportunity she has to speak, that her goal is to inspire young black women such as herself, and that she is  "concerned that not every girl has a right to get an education or a chance to accomplish her dreams like she does."

Now she has added to her very impressive resume (more impressive than 90% of most adults wouldn't you say) that of a documentary filmmaker.

Her feature doc, "A Promising Africa," her fourth one to date, was released last November at the Film House Cinema theater chain in Lagos, and will open this month in London. This makes her currently the youngest filmmaker in the world to have her film shown in a commercial movie theater.

Now, just to make it clear, before some wise guy commenter jumps in, Ms. Oduwole is not the youngest professional filmmaker in history. That credit, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, goes to Indian filmmaker Kishan Shrikanth, who started out as a child actor and directed his first theatrically-released film, "Care of Footpath," in India, when he was 10. Now he's a veteran, at the age of 19, with several films to his credit, which makes Ms. Oduwole the youngest professional filmmaker in the world today.

But no matter, Ms Oduwole is a true inspiration, and if she can't get us motivated to make our own films, then who can?

You can search for her name on youtube so you can watch some of her popular interviews , well to me she is a better role model to kids of the young generation than most show biz celebrities , cause the world is gradually becoming a platform where beauty and looking sexy are more important having brains ...

PHOTO OF THE DAY!! Who Wore It Better?? Girl Vs Basket (lmao photo)

Well let's just agree on the fact that you can't beat the basket in its transparency game , or what do you think? Lol

See How Billionaires Dress Their Daughter , Ayiri Emami's Daughter Is Adorable (Photos)

Hmm she looks adorable

Billionaire's wife Asba Emami is flaunting her adorable daughter on social network as a count down to her forth coming birthday. Cute girl

PANDEMOnium As Woman Delivers Baby With no Arms In Ogun State Nigeria (photo)

No one prays for this but sometimes we need to learn how to accept imperfections , things don't always go as we want so on that note I feel these couples really need to face the real world ,

Well according to report A couple in Ifo LGA of Ogun state had rejected their baby who was born in a deformed shape.

According to eyewitnesses, Mrs Taiwo Sheiffdeen put to bed yesterday at exactly 2pm at Majotal Medical clinic in Ilogo area of Ado.

On hearing that his wife had delivered a baby without arms, the father of the newborn, Mr. Mudashiru Sheriffdeen of Bosun Street took to his heels.

The baby that weighed 3.25kg at the time of his birth had been rejected by his mother and father over this severe deformity.

The sorrowful first time mother is calling on the government to adopt the baby because her landlord and husband have warned her not to bring the baby home.

In her words:

"This is my first child and I do not know why I gave birth to this kind of a baby.

"Immediately my husband was informed that his son had deformity, he ran away and had not come to see me. He is a commercial bus driver, and we had been married now for almost two years before God decided to answer our prayers.

"When I was pregnant, we took every steps that the doctor directed us to take, but we did not know why we came about this calamity."

I have been warned by both my husband and our landlord not to bring the child home.

"The hospital management has asked us to leave the hospital. Now, this child and I have nowhere to go, I don't need this baby. I want government to adopt him."

What a poor child! Hope someone will adopt him on time. The innocent newborn baby boy has suddenly become their enemy as if the deformity was his fault.

NOTICE!! FRSC: Deadline For New Vehicle Plate Number No Longer Valid.

Mr. Boboye Oyeyemi, The Corps Marshall of the Federal Road Safety Commission, has said that the agency will no longer enforce the deadline for the new number plate.

Oyeyemi, said this in an interview with journalists when he paid a courtesy visit on Governor Theodore Orji at the Government House in Umuahia,

He said the agency would abide by the court ruling which restrained it from enforcing the proposal. He explained that motorists who still had the old number plate would rather get the new ones when they go to renew their vehicle licenses.

Oyeyemi said,
"We will abide by the court ruling. It was a case of double taxation to be compelled to have the new one if your licence has not expired. It is a phase approach. If your driving licence expires, you go and renew it. It is a 12-month cycle. There is no deadline again.

"That does not mean that if you carry a fake number plate or driving licence that you will not be prosecuted, " he said.
 The corps marshal, however, vowed that the agency would not back down on the June 1, 2015 deadline for the enforcement of the speed limit device.

He said that by 2016, all imported vehicles in Nigeria must have speed limit device installed in them.

How To Keep Her Faithful

That's all

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HEALTH!! See How much Water should you drink every day.......

Water is essential to good health, yet needs vary by individual. These guidelines can help ensure you drink enough fluids.
By Mayo Clinic Staff

Man Breaks Spinal Cord Fighting Over A Woman In Lagos

A young man, Akeem Amoo has broken his spinal cord after he engaged Michael Taiwo in a fight over a woman.

The incident happened at about 7.40 p.m. recently at Omisesan junction, Alagbado area of Lagos State, western Nigeria, where the two men reside.

The 28-year-old Taiwo reportedly lifted Amoo up and hit him on the ground where stones were and he broke one of his legs and spinal cord.

He cannot walk again as doctors certified him unfit after the fight. He is now confined to a bed in an undisclosed hospital in Lagos.

P.M.NEWS learnt that Amoo and Taiwo had a disagreement over a woman which resulted in both of them fighting in public.

Following the development, the police arrested Taiwo for allegedly inflicting grievous injury on Amoo.

He was charged to Ojokoro Magistrates' court where he pleaded not guilty and was granted bail by the presiding Magistrate, Mrs T. Akanni.

However, he was remanded in prison custody pending when he will perfect his bail conditions.

Taiwo, who was full of regrets, said he wants to settle the matter out of court and make peace with Amoo and his family.

The matter was adjourned till 9 March 2015.

EXPOSiTO!!! See 10 Factual Reasons Why A Responsible Lady Will Turn You Down (must read)

A blog reader sent us this really interesting article , read and share your comment below....

**Not only money interest ladies. There are certain qualities you possess that can open the heart of a lady even if your pocket is empty, sounds awkward right ? it is about having style, utterance and taking care to be polite to others and to reflect a genuine interest in them.

No time to waste. Let's go there

Why Responsible Ladies May Turn You Down

1. Irresponsible Username/Moniker

Do you know that you are sometimes judged by your username ? Sounds weird ryt ? When you use a username that portray that of an irresponsible one, you think a reasonable lady would reply you ? (E.g, smalldick, bigdick and many more irresponsible monikers)

2. You Are Fake

You don't need to form/change your ascent or speak like Honourable Patrick before you can attract a good lady. Having a strong vocabulary is important and better save it for rainy days, but do not aim at using it to impress a girl you like. This is because you can end up confusing the girl with your big grammar and vocabulary and consequently lose her. Use the words to communicate your mind lucidly. Equally, do not make a joke of their uses of English as no one is barely flawless when it comes to uses of Queen's language.

3. You Want to rule her with your money

Just like a Gresham law of money, bad ladies will drive out the good ones. The notion that every girl likes money has driven some guys into thinking that they can control any lady of their choice with money.
However, not every girl you see out there is interested in money or is money-grubbing. There are some ladies who are independent, self disciplined, have higher self esteem and whatnot. Those ladies are not interested in your money, which you want to use as a tool of manipulation. So stop thinking that you can employ money to control every girl. A good many ladies have their dignities; and if it happen you meet such ladies, they will turn you down in a wink.

4. You are an hypocrite

Not all ladies are gullible you know ? Some ladies are so sensible and can decipher lies from the truth. When she realizes that you have never been honest for once, she may refrain herself from accepting your proposal. We have so many dudes who try to be the ladies puppets just to portray an attractive image.

5. You are not presentable

Appearance matters most in life; the way one appears will define the way people will rever one. Your appearance, however, determines the calibre of people you would drive into your life. Display of a BIG BOY is not about sagging your trouser, or tattoo your body, piercing your ear and start bouncing around the streets. I'm sowi she would definitely, if she comes from a good Christian/Muslim home, turn you down and not to mention of taking you home cos her parent may disown her/ scold her angrily when she's caught hanging out with you, a vile guy

6. You want to intimidate her with your

Many handsome guys always feel they are blessings to ladies. Just because you are tall, you've got a nice shape and six packs doesn't mean every lady would be running after you. Responsible ladies know that there's more to a man than height and 6 pack, and when you don't have qualities they crave for. I'm sowi your handsomeness may not get you a good girl

7. You Don't Speak calmly.

This shows politeness. If you talk
loudly, it will seem that you're desperate for
attention. Being loud in public isn't just obnoxious, it is also inconsiderate to the people around you. Listen to what people have to say and always make eye

8. You Talk Thrash

Your utterance causes disaffection in the lives of people. You talk about sexual immorality and other trashy topics. Rather, you may talk about intellectual topics (books, art, politics/current events) or fashion and travel. Increase your vocabulary, and stay away from slang terms.

9. The Calibre Of Friends You Keep

Many ladies judge us by the calibre of people we move it. Surround yourself with positive, polite people who encourage and live intelligent and responsible lifestyle. Walk with reasonable people and watch how people will value you. Never stoop to their level, and do not be hasty to make judgments of other people.

10 You Drink & Smoke

Statistics evidently show that responsible ladies can't stand smokers and those who are obsessed with alcohol

Written by: Tosyne2much

First Week Sales Projections For Big Sean's "Dark Sky Paradise", Tyga & Chris Brown's "Fan Of A Fan"

It's a big week in rap releases, with both Big Sean and the Chris Brown/Tyga project hitting stores this Tuesday. The projections are in, and while neither are doing Drake numbers, both albums are coming in with decent sales.

Big Sean, who had the considerably bigger single of the two acts, will of course move more units, projected to sell 120k-130k (140k-150k including streams), while Chris Brown and Tyga have also given us an admirable showing for an album that's received less of a push, coming in at 50k-55k (70k-75k including streams).

Source HotNew


I wish Nigeria could implement rigid laws that will protect people From buying fake things like other civilized countries,

But then you really can't blame the people that sell these stuff cause some people are not ready to pay the price for the original thing , so whether na fake or original them go still rock am .lol

Incase you missed the memo, Last year, 150,000 pairs of counterfeit sneakers- valued at $1 million- were seized from a warehouse in Olivares Compound in Parenque City, Philippines. The warehouse was shut down, Jon Taffer style, but it wasn't until recently that Philippines' authorities destroyed all of the kicks; which again were worth approximately $1 million. 

The lot of fake kicks included knock-off Nikes, Vans, Converse, Adidas, Skechers, and more.

"These counterfeit shoes and slippers were smuggled from China and were part of a big raid we had last year inside the Olivarez Compound in Parañaque City. We seized the warehouse to check the legality of the importation of goods but the owner failed to produce proof of payment of duties and taxes from Customs, consequently, the warehouse was padlocked and sealed for BOC custody," Customs Commissioner John P. Sevilla said.

The one-year gap between the seizure and the actual destruction of the smuggled products was attributed to the long process that included issuance of subpoenas to the concerned consignees and brokers, the need to secure the involvement of brand owners, and the conduct of hearings in accordance with existing regulations.

Preventing counterfeit sneakers from reaching the market is always a plus, but don't you think they could've done something better with the shoes than pumping them through a wood chipper? I'm sure there are plenty of people around the world who are in desperate need of some footwear, regardless of their lack of authenticity. 

If anything, this just serves as a reminder that you can never be too careful when ordering kicks on the world wide web. 

Via ABS-CBNnews

Mafia Boss Turn Born Again, Arrested by Police After Baptism (Photos)

A wanted Mafia boss, Montella Ruso Anthonio has been arrested after he became born again and was baptised on a video that ended up on YouTube.

As part of the ceremony to wash away sin, he was taken into the sea off the Italian coast of Pinetamare and immersed under the water by the priest.

But when police saw the video posted online by the pastor, they were able to identify the region, and the pastor, and from there were able to quickly capture Montella by finding out from other parishioners where he was staying in the commune of Villaricca near Naples.

He had gone on the run after being convicted and jailed of being a Mafia boss and for drug trafficking

Parishioner Adelmo Iadanza said: "He seemed like a nice man, I am sure there must have been a mistake. He kept himself very much to himself, but was always in church at the weekend."

Police said he would remain in custody before being sent back to the capital Rome to start his five-year jail term that been suspended while he was on the run.

Don Jazzy and Tiwa Savage Bags New Endorsement Deal With Konga

We have confirmed the earlier that Label mates Tiwa Savage and Don Jazzy – have just announced their new deal as the brand ambassadors for online shopping mall, Konga.

Congrats to them!

Make Your Poo Glitter like Gold .... see how .lol

La wa o , nothing person never see in this new year
This ad says you can make your poo all glittery and sparkling at a price of $425 which equals almost N85k. Who wants the pill?!

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...