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Pitiful!! Suge Knight Hospitalized Again ... Going Blind From Lack Of Medical care in Prison

What a pity but justice must prevail

Suge Knight says he's going blind from lack of medical care behind bars ... and he had to be hospitalized again. Knight reportedly spoke on his own behalf Monday in court -- after he fired the lawyers handling his case -- and said he was receiving inadequate treatment in jail. Moments later he was taken to the hospital. Sources tell us a doctor informed the rap mogul on Friday his eyesight was getting really bad. Suge reportedly shared that info in court before he was hospitalized. As we previously reported ... Suge was taken to the hospital for a panic attack following a court appearance last month.  A few weeks later he missed one altogether after he was rushed to the hospital for injuries related to his shooting last summer. Suge has been in jail since January when he was arrested for backing up his truck over two men ... one of whom died.

RnB Brownstone Singer -- Death by Wine Glass Was Freaky ... But No Signs of a Crime

Well According to tMZ

R&B singer Charmayne Maxwell's death in her home appears to be an almost one in a million accident, and nothing sinister ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell us detectives combed the scene where the ex-Brownstone singer fell on Friday evening -- and say all evidence points to her falling backward at the doorway between the house and the back patio ... while holding a wine glass. We're told during the fall ... the wine glass shattered on the ground behind Maxwell's head, and when she landed shards of glass punctured the back of her neck in two places. We're told there was an injury to the back of her head, and it's possible she was knocked unconscious.  TMZ broke the story ... Charmayne's husband Carsten Soulshock came home and found her bleeding around 9 PM Friday. We're told cops interviewed him and several other family members ... and say there's no history of domestic violence. They do not suspect foul play. The one remaining mystery is what caused the fall -- and we're told one theory is she was intoxicated. The coroner now has her body, and will conduct an autopsy and toxicology test which could answer that question.   

Well She Is 45!! Unedited Photos Of Jennifer Lopez Leaks Online| Flawless?? (See photos)

Well few weeks ago we posted unedited photos of Beyonce the hilarious comments kept going on and on cause she has always labeled. Herself to be literally flawless , bo no it is J'lo's turn , how she look without the professional touch of photo edit??

PARA!! Angry Man Blocks Airport Runway Cause His Flight Was Cancelled (Photos)

Lol some people no get joy shaa , well it is really painful when they delay or reschedule your flight .....

An angry man went in front of an Arik aircraft on the runway of the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja and stood there refusing to allow the plane take off. he successfully delaying the flight from taking off.

According to reports, the angry man's actions was a revolt after his flight to Sokoto cancelled with no prior notice

Shocking!! SS1 16 year old Boy Robs & Rapes 52-Year-Old Woman (Photo)

Mehn this story is mind-boggling , you can only imagine the kind of evil that teenagers and kids can do these days ,

A first look at Abdulateef photo Above (surname withheld) would give the impression of a young innocent boy who would not hurt a fly. Ordinarily, the fragile-looking 16-year-old SSS1 student looked odd to be a suspect undergoing interrogation at the anti-robbery section of the Department of Criminal Investigation, Ogun State Police Command. But the allegations against him are so weighty.

Crime Reports gathered that Abdulateef was arrested on January 18, 2015 at Lambe area of Ajuwon, Ogun State after he allegedly entered the residence of a 52-year-old neighbour in the dead of the night, dispossessed her of the sum of N16,500 and went ahead to rape her, not minding the age difference between them.

The neighbour (names withheld), whose husband works as a civil servant in a South West state, was

said to be sleeping in her room when Abdulateef entered her residence at about 1.40a.m. The suspect met the woman spread on her bed, unclad. Holding a rod that he had as a weapon, he was reported to have tapped the elderly woman awake, demanding for valuables.

The invader was said to have sent shivers down the spine of the woman by telling her that other gang members were outside, and it would be in her own interest if she cooperated, or she would be dealt with. The woman quickly handed over the N16,500 she had with her and prayed inwardly that the boy would leave her alone.

But she was shocked when the intruder commanded that she lay on her bed and spread her legs for him, as he wanted to have a good time with her. Conscious of the threat of other members laying siege, the elderly woman quickly complied and the boy had his way.

After satisfying himself, the boy went out, happy with a mission accomplished and the fact that his elderly neighbour did not see his face. But unknown to him, the woman recognized him as his neighbour's teenage son, though it was dark.

At day break, she put a call through to her husband to inform him of her experience. The husband was reported to have travelled down to his community and went to Ajuwon police station to report a case of robbery and rape. When interrogated, the teenager confessed his deeds and was promptly transferred to the Department of Criminal Investigation, Eleweran, Abeokuta, for further interrogation.

Speaking with Crime Reports, Abdulateef blamed 'evil spirit' for his crime. In his explanation, he said:

"I am in SSS 1 at a high school in Ogun State. I live at Lambe area, Ajuwon with my parents. I am the first born and I have three younger ones. On January 18, 2015, at about 1a.m., I went to my neighbour's house to rob and rape. I never knew she recognised me. I have never carried out robbery before that day. I don't know made me do it but I believe I was propelled by an evil spirit."
When asked how he gained entry into the victim's house, Asamu narrated his escapade thus:

"I entered through the main door which was usually not locked. The residence was uncompleted. I met the woman sleeping. She was Unclad as she slept and the sight aroused me. I woke her up and asked her to bring all the money she had. I was holding a rod and I told her that my other gang members were outside, threatening her to cooperate or she would be dealt with. 
She handed over N16,500 to me, after which I ordered her to lie on the bed. I climbed her and had sex with her. After about five minutes, I stood up and left for my house".
The suspect said he started having sexual intercourse in 2014 with a girl who was his age and lived in the neighbourhood. But he said the girl's family had moved out of the community.

Speaking on the events that followed his action, the teenager said:
"on the third day, the woman's husband called me and warned me not to pass through his compound again as he wanted to sprinkle charms around his compound. I later saw policemen who were brought to arrest me. 

I confessed to my parents. I used N5,000 to buy a phone but it was not good so I returned it. I used the remaining to eat and entertain friends.

The story was confirmed by the Police Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, who said that the suspect would be charged to court when judicial workers resume from their strike action.

She Garrit!! Caption This Photo of Kanye West Staring At Kim K's huge Backside (pic)

Hmm I know u like amebo , but hol up kanye seem to be a romantic hubby I can overhear him saying "Okwu' as he stare. However I hope there love is not just for the cameras but off camera deep

BIG MAGA!! Woman Defends Decision To Have Sent $1.4m (N200m+) To Online Nigerian Lover (pic)

I hold my comment on this one , but I hope she comes to her senses soon lol

'We are in love... and I am 95% certain he's telling the truth': Woman defends her decision to wire $1.4 MILLION to online lover in Africa she's never met*

A woman has defended her decision to sent $1.4 million to
her online lover in Africa - who she has never met.

Twice-divorced Sarah met Chris Olsen online
18 months ago.
Though the mysterious man's accent has changed over time,
and he keeps asking for money to be wired to various
different countries, Sarah insists she is '95 per cent certain'
that he is telling her the truth.
Despite his numerous attempts to come home so they can
be together, she says, he keeps getting arrested on false

In an interview with Dr Phil, Sarah explained that they speak
for hours on the phone each day.
She described the moment they met on the internet: 'An
attractive person came on there and said "wow you look like
you wouldn't hurt a fly". I said "wow this guy's really
handsome, I can't believe he's talking to me!"'
He told her he was called Chris Olsen, who hailed from
Milan but moved to the U.S. 18 years ago.


Fugitive American sect leader caught in Brazil in
relation to sexual assault charges on two female
followers lasting a decade at his secluded Minnesota
Iconic Joshua Tree made famous by U2 album cover is
found chopped up in the desert

The amazing moment heroic state trooper saves driver
from getting killed as truck swipes his car
Currently, she says, he is based in Africa on business, and
has been for more than a year and a half.
When they met he said he was in South Africa. After a brief
stint in Nigeria, he relocated to Benin, Sarah explained.
Within seven weeks of meeting, he professed his love in a
gushing email that referred to her as 'Mrs Olsen'.

Sarah has sent $1.4 MILLION dollars to a man shes never
And days later, he sent the first of many requests for money.
She has now sent him $1.4 million in total for hotel bills,
calling cards, lawyers, an expired visa, stolen credit cards,
and bail.

Last June, she even had to sell an apartment she owned to
wire him $550,000 bail.
However, she believes he is trying his utmost to make it

Sarah concedes that there are suspicious elements to his
story: 'When I first started talking to him,' she told Dr Phil,
'He sounded Italian now his accent's kind of changed I don't
know if he's adapted to where he's at... in Benin.'

But, she concludes: 'I still believe in love.'

Source: DAilyMail UK

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No JOY!! Angry Mob Set Suspected Female Suicide Bomber Ablaze (Raw Photos)

this Is another act of jungle justice and we just they didn't murder an innocent in this ...

Well A suspected female suicide bomber has been set ablaze by an irate mob while she was targeting the ever-busy Muda Lawal market in Bauchi State metropolis,.

The mob were said to have carried out jungle justice on the lady after she refused to subject herself to a routine stop and search at the entrance of the market, fuelling suspicion that she was a member of Boko Haram, whose insurgency including use of suicide female bombers has resulted in the death of about 20,000 people including in Bauchi.

It was learnt that lady was carrying a bag, which upon opening it by the mob, contained two Improvised Explosive Device and two empty bottles tied to her back.

When confirming the incident, the Bauchi police spokesperson, Haruna Mohammed, said the incident occurred at about 7:00 a.m. at the market entrance.

The spokesperson said police patrol teams including an explosive ordinance disposal unit rushed to the scene, dispersed the crowd and has since restored normalcy to the area.

The victim, yet to be identified, was already burnt to death when the police arrived the scene, Mohammed, a Deputy Superintendent of Police, added.

Quilox Nite Club Releases Official Statement on MI Abaga's Saga (Must Read)

This is what good brands do , I see some clashes of ego and stains of unprofessional conduct in the whole misunderstanding

Well Last Night I received this e-mail from Quilox on the recent happenings regarding rapper MI:

The recent tweets by Rapper MI has come to our attention and we found it necessary to address the issue.

Quilox had a contract with Live&Unplugged on 28th February between 10pm-12am. Live&Unplugged contracted M.I as their artist for the night.

At 12am on the said day, M.I was still performing and majority of our customers were complaining and demanding the DJ as we had other events planned for the night. In the
process, some customers left.

However, the management honoured M.I's presence by giving him an additional 30mins and informed his management that he would need to stop at exactly 12.30am. At 12.34am, he was still playing.

Our management at this point was forced to take a decision at 12.45am and let the DJ start his set for the night. The 1st song he played was M.I - Bad Belle to show no disrespect.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Quilox however is a business that adheres to its agreed terms of contract and respects professionalism.

We accord all clients and customers due respect irrespective of class or status. In order to resolve issues quickly we have a standard complaints procedure which involves contacting management directly or via email.

As we look forward to continue to render the best of services, we hope to avoid scenarios like this one, but in case any complaints are to be made, kindly direct them to We'll be sure to respond promptly.

Best regards.
Quilox Management.
Earlier on,  MI had earlier on tweeted about being disrespected by the nite club. Tweets are above

Champions!! Terry And Costa Help Chelsea FC Win Capital One Cup

One of the most interesting Final so far went down yesterday evening and chelsea Fc came out as the champions

After 94 minutes of intriguing football, the blues won their first cup in the calendar year as it ended Chelsea 2-0 Tottenham Hotspur, Capital One Cup final.

Diego Costa and John Terry fired the Blues to League Cup success at Wembley
Congrats boys

Don Jazzy Again!! Which Of you is Guilty of this?? (Hilarious photo)

Don jazzy and his hilarious memes and captions , that guy really got a great sense of humor

This is hilarious, Who is guilty of this?

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...