Wednesday, March 4, 2015

See The Controversial Photo Of Toyin Aimakhu Allegedly Kissing An Alhaji (pic)

Nigerians like making fire out of cold water , since last weekend The internet has been set abuzz by this photo of Toyin Aimakhu while she was hosting the GEJ Youth interactive session a few days back.

Its been alleged by some people that she was kissing an Alhaji. I think the camera angle should be blamed for the speculation.

What do you see?

Busted !!! Court Judge Caught Driving Porsche Cayenna he Seized From Criminal (pic)

Who no like better thing? Lol

A federal high court judge in Brazil, has been caught driving a car, which he seized from a billionaire. The judge once presided over criminal proceedings against Eike Batista, who was once Brazil's richest man.

Judge Flavio Roberto de Souza, who oversees Batista's trial for insider trading, was caught driving the billionaire's white Porsche Cayenne, after he ordered it to be seized. The Porsche was one of a number of luxury vehicles seized by police earlier this month, after the court order by judge de Souza.

Authorities seized the car due to concerns that Batista had been selling or donating assets that were frozen as part of the insider trading case.

After the judge was caught driving the car to his home and was asked why he was driving it, he allegedly said: "The Federal Police did not have a safe place to store the car and it was exposed to rain, sun, and possible damage. I took it to an enclosed parking space in the building where I live."

The cars were supposed to be put up for auction this week, but Batista's lawyer secured an injunction to stop the sale. Court officials have now requested that judge de Souza recuse himself from the billionaire's case, a federal prosecutor said.

Funny But true!! See Your Role Models And How They Help You Stay Immoral

Tuface...has children outside marriage!




Ice price....same!

Genevieve lets leave this phase of those whom have publicly declared their children!...cus there are even sooo many of them whose children (bastards is the dictionary word) are their best kept secrets!


Now almost every of ur favorite stars and ROLE MODELS have either a sex tape, a photo of their nudity purposely released and they are sponsoring its circulation ...and their reason is to keep ur eyes on them instead of keep looking unto Jesus who authored your life and died for it! (REAL and BIGGEST ROLE MODEL EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Now if we leave the porn world and enter violence and drug pushing / abuse, we'll still see Most of your favorite celebs (role models) at the helm of affairs!!! And i Laugh!!!

God sent his Son to show us examples and he didnt just SHOW us, HE LEAD us thru that example! HE LIVED the example showing that it really wont be easy BUT IT IS POSSIBLE to lead a great life on earth!...but satan says no!!!...'Come to me all yee who think God's ways suck!...and i'll give you a real role models! And you have them all out there making Satan Proud!!!

What wld you tell God the day you stand face to face with him???...when all your money and fame wont matter anymore?....where is micheal jackson today?...he lived in a whole village all by himself! Had all d money! But in d end he died like a chicken! So why wld u want such as ur role model?

God's Son JESUS CHRIST is the biggest role model of all times... Try him now and if you dont like him, ...never mind the devil will still accept you back! Nice day guys!


THE BAD GUYS (Must Read)

While hanging on the cross, Jesus had what we could call BAD COMPANY.

He had two 'criminals' on each side of him and they were the physical guys he was hanging out with there.

Yet, Jesus didn't start relating in a "Guys, do you see where this people have put us? They are wicked o" way.

He was focused on purpose...even in such a situation that would have made Him distracted.

No matter who a situation or condition thrust you in with, never lose your focus on purpose and start relating with them in a way that might affect purpose.

Remember, the first criminal that spoke actually was saying annoying and provocative things to Christ, yet Christ didn't reply. Instead, the other guy defended Him.

No matter who you hear talking about you in front of you or behind you, do not confront or talk back at them. Stay focused on purpose. Some one will defend you eventually

And when Christ opened His mouth to speak to them, it was to reply the guy that spoke well and to tell him he would be in paradise with Him.

Most times we feel like we should confront people around us who speak ill about us and in the process of doing so, we may cause hurt or deviate from purpose.

Instead of this, we should focus on purpose and move on. Even when Jesus' closest pals did Him wrong, He didn't confront them to burn them out or challenge them.

Judas, someone He entrusted with money, betrayed Him. Peter, someone that said He was the Messiah, denied Him. Yet, it was all according to purpose. Christ didn't confront or hate them for it. In fact, these things were to occur so that divine purpose would be established.

No matter who have betrayed or denied you in the past OR who is provoking you in the present, stay focused on purpose - do not deviate.

Jesus is in better company now. He is with God who would never betray Him and surrounded by saints who would not say wicked things in front or behind Him. He overcame

Stay focused on Purpose. Stay Godly.


Fast Aging!! Jay Z looks Like A Grand Pa In This Photo

That's a recent pic of Jay Electronica And rapper Jay Z , and yea if you tell my mum it is a father and son photo she won't argue , chai nature

Surprise Surprise!! Chris Brown Is A Father----- (see his Cute daughter and babymama photos)

None of us saw this coming and yea we need to commend him for professionally keeping this of the headlines till now

Chris Brown is the proud father of a 9-month-old baby girl ... According to the what we learned. The baby's mother is a 31-year-old former model named Nia -- who we're told has known Chris for several years.  Sources connected to both Nia and Chris tell us they are on very good terms -- however they're not together romantically.

We're told 25-year-old Chris is happy about being a father. It does not appear there is a formal child support order in place -- and we do not know the nature of any informal terms of support. One thing's for sure ... baby girl looks a lot like Daddy.

Source : TMZ

He Is FLExING!! Nick Cannon Rocking Off Carey Via Multiple Jamaican Ladies Ride (photos)

Is this the best way to move on? Nick is really sending Mariah a message with this

You get a ride! YOU get a ride!! Everybody got a ride on Nick Cannon while he was partying in Jamaica ... and we got video of all the women who lined up to get a piece of him.  

Nick was at Susie's Cafe in Kingston last week when one woman backed it up on his crotch while he was dancing -- and that started the train rolling. Chick after chick after chick ... all getting up close with some Cannon crotch.  You gotta see Nick in action ... pretty impressive. All of this was for work ... sorta ... since Nick is in Jamrock scouting locations for a movie he's directing down there in April. Ah ... who name Mariah, mon?

Who Flopped?? See The First Week Sales For Big Sean, Tyga & Chris Brown Recent Projects

Find out how much Big Sean's "Dark Sky Paradise" and Chris Brown & Tyga's "Fan of a Fan" sold opening week.

The numbers have arrived for same-day releases from Big Sean and Chris Brown & Tyga. As expected, the former artist moved more than the duo, even exceeding our expectations, however Breezy and Tyga fall squarely within the sales projections.

According to HDD, Big Sean's Dark Sky Paradise moved 135,577 copies opening week. With the inclusion of streams, that number rises to 167,742. Fan of a Fan managed to sell 52,528 copies opening week, which goes up to 67,707 including streams.

While Sean will likely lock in his first #1 album with DSP (both Hall of Fame and Finally Famous debuted at #3) it seems as though Fan of a Fan won't surpass IYRTITL on the 200- Drizzy sold more than the West Coast BFFs his third week out.

Did you cop these two albums?

EXPOSiTO!! Dear Boys, We Are 'Hoes' Too--- Mr Ye Writes

I see loadz of factual points in this write up , or what do you think? Do you disagree with mr Ye??

Miss charity royal queen, Venus Nnena gives choking advice to models on the XPERIENCE (photos)

Blog Visitor in BIU Involved In Sex Tape Scandal Needs Rational Help (must read)

This is really touching and these days when I get mails such as this I will be posting it so we can get more suggestions , please read and give good advice,

Please ENEKEM , I am finished. I am done for. my daddy is a pastor, my mum is a deaconess. ENEKEM, I am dead. please help me oo.

I am a Law student at Igbinedion University Okada. I had too much to drink at the last LAWSA dinner. The event went on far into the night and ended around 11pm. My friend and course mate suggested that I spend the night in his house which was nearer to the hotel where the event held instead of going home. I accepted because i knew i was tipsy and afraid to head home alone. I dont know what happened but I woke up the next morning feeling all sore and battered.

A look at my body confirmed my fears, my panties was no where to be found. my Bra was hanging by the door. I couldn't remember a thing, I was so ashamed of my self and all this boy did was smile like a fool. I asked for my undies and he told me that he helped me wash them as he knew I would need them in the morning. I felt he drugged and raped me because I couldnt recollet anything from immediately after we left the dinner hall. I threatened to report him for rape but he claimed  that I actually begged him for sex. I quickly jumped into my cloths and ran home so confused.

I went home and cried myself silly. I also asked God for forgiveness and took some drugs. I didn't discuss it with my roomie because she had previously warned me against that same guy.

I started avoiding and ignoring him in class. He called me over 1000 time until I was forced to drop my Sim card. This boy later showed up at my lodge and would not leave. I had to report him to my departmental judicial commission and then to the Anti Cult guys in school. They arrested him and made him sign an undertaking to quit harassing and stalking me.

I dont know how he got my new number and called me this after noon. I didn't know it was him so I picked up and then dropped the call immediately I recognized his voice. Then I got the shocker of my life. He sent me an SMS saying that he has my nude picture which he took that night and that he will print them all and paste the all over the campus since I was taking his love for granted and reported him to Anti Cult. I called his bluff thinking he was just blabbing. He sent me a photo on whatsapp and it was me laying on his bed stark naked.

ENekem I am finished. Any thing I do will definitely back fire. My daddy will disown me. Please tell me what to do. My world has crashed

Is She Aging Atall?? See Throwback Photo Of Jada Pinkett And Mum

Photo Above Is Jada Pinkett and her mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones.

Black really doesn't crack. Homegirl is 61 and yes she still looks 40 now

Woow!! Meet 'HULK' The World's Biggest Pit-Bull Alive (In Photos)

As a Dog and pet lover I really crave to have a him as a friend , Hulk The World's Biggest Pit Bull Is 12 And A Half Stone - And Still Growing

Proud owners Marlon and Lisa Grennan, from New Hampshire, say their monster pet is 100 per cent trusted with their three-year-old son, Jordan, despite the breed's fierce reputation and even let him ride the animal like a horse.

Indeed, photographs show the toddler happily riding on the canine's back, grabbing the collar just behind its 28-inch wide head. 
While pit bulls are branded 'dangerous' with breeding bans enforced in the UK, Mr Grennan claims they are actually very caring and fit for the family. 

Wow!! This dog is massive!

Whaat?? See The Controversial Seyi Shay’s Outfit She Wore To Meet President Goodluck

Don't know what she was thinking , this is so unclassy and for an artiste of her calibre , we her disappointed
Singer Seyi Shay was opportune to meet the President, Goodluck Jonathan at the Meet The President youth programme that held at the Eko Hotel in Lagos.

The singer wore a purple dress that revealed most of her body, and commentators have criticized her choice of outfit for meeting with someone in such a position.
Do you think the criticism is fair though?

Woow!! Willow Smith Looks Stunning In This New Photos (peep)

Somebody has said she might be Rihanna's incarnate or maybe they both have the same demon living in them. Lol what do you rate this photo from 1 - 10 ?

He Was Born Cute .... See Throwback Photo Of Chris Brown Years Ago (pics)

This dude is cute mehn , and yea he has a very innocent face but let me ask again is he lightskinned Of no?

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...