Sunday, March 8, 2015

Full List Of Winners From The 2015 AMVCA

Best TV Series – Shuga
Best Makeup Artist – Lola Maja for October 1
Best New Media-Online – Imoh Umoren for Hard Times
Best Short Film – Ekene Mekunye for Oblivious
Best Writer (Drama) – Tunde Babalola for October 1
Best Writer (Comedy) – Tunde Babalola for The Meeting
Best Lighting Designer – Lanre Omofaiye for October 1
Best Cinematographer – Stanlee Ohikhuare for Verdict
Best Sound Editor – Kulanen Ikyo for October 1
Best Video Editor – Victoria Akujobi
Best Costume Designer – Deola Sagoe & Obijie Oru for October 1
Best Indigenous Language (Swahili) – Veve
Best Indigenous Language (Hausa) – Bincike
Best Indigenous Language (Yoruba) – Fathia Balogun
Best Indigenous Language (Igbo) – Obi Emelonye
Best Documentary – Yvonne Bassey for Gift of the Nile
Best Supporting Actor (Drama) – Blossom Chukwujekwu
Best Supporting Actress (Drama) – Linda Ejiofor for The Meeting
Best Actor (Comedy) – Femi Jacobs for The Meeting
Best Actress (Comedy) – Rita Dominic The Meeting
Best Movie (Comedy) – The Meeting
Best Movie (Drama) – A Place in the Stars
Trail Blazer Award – CJ Obasi
New Era Award – AY Makun
Industry Merit Award – Amaka Igwe
Best Actress (Drama) – Kehinde Bankole
Best Actor (Drama) – OC Ukeje
Best Director – Kunle Afolayan for October 1
Best Movie 2014 – Kunle Afolayan for October 1

NEW MUSIC : Olamide ~ CONFAM NI Ft. Wizkid (Prod by Young John)

August Alsina Is Not Dead!! See His Recent Post..... (Screenshot)

This is really legit!!

What A Pity!! See The Horrible Side Effect Of This Lady Butt Implant ( graphic Photos)

Well I know Big Butts has become the height of attraction in the present generation and loadz of women are doing crazy stuffs just make their butts bigger and appealing , but I think we need to be more careful so we don't end up like the lady above ,

though deliberately her name has been withheld for security reasons , we hope someone sees this and take a second thought before taking those butt enlargement injections,drugs or going for that butt surgery......... Be proud of what nature has given you freely

See The Wikipedia Update That Made 'August Alsina Death Rumor' Thoughtful (ScreenShot)

The news is still trending out there especially on Naija social networks and some major news platforms claiming that fast rising RnB singer August Alsina is dead and from the pics above a Wikipedia author already added it to his profile info

Though we are still yet to affirm the credibility of the rumor , our fingers are still crossed cause it is very possible for anybody to die at anytime regardless of how famous or rich the person might be ......... So keep checking our homepage for updates

We Are Fully Back!!

Thanks For The Calls And Emails that came in from our consistent visitors , and sorry for all all the updates that you missed we are fully back to serve you better , we went off for a while to fix some pressing issues that will enable our blog and brand move to another level ...... So let's go , there is nothing to worry about we are GOOD and still yet :D ,

True??? August Alsina dead?

RnB - Singer August Alsina has passed away
earlier this morning after waking up from a three day
August Alsina was hospitalized last week following
an onstage fall during a concert. Medical experts and physicians say that
Alsina was dehydrated and suffered a serious drug
He tested positive for a cocktail of narcotics
including cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, heroin
and MDMA. He also suffered a traumatic brain injury as
a result of the fall, placing him in a dangerous coma.


No matter how you smoke
it, tobacco is dangerous to
your health and affects
your entire body.

[1]. Mood Stimulation
[2]. Poor Vision
[3]. Anxiety and Irritability
[4]. Common Cold and Flu
[5]. Lung Cancer
[6]. Constricted Blood Vessels, which causes Stroke
[7]. High Cholesterol
[8]. Heart Disease
[9]. Stained Teeth
[10]. Smelly Hair
[11]. Diabetes Complications
[12]. Erectile Dysfunction
[13]. Early Menopause
[14]. Problems with Pregnancy
[15]. Appetite Suppressant
[16]. Coughing
[17]. COPD
[17]. Bronchitis
[18]. Too Much Blood Clotting
[19]. Blood Cancer
[20]. Yellow Fingers
[21]. Wrinkly Skin
[22]. Bad Teeth
[23]. Infertility
[24]. Cancer Connection
[25]. Cervical Cancer
[26]. Problems for Newborns

[27]. Black, Brown or Green Tongue.

[28]. Slurred or Mesmerising Speech.

[29]. Some of the more obvious signs of smoking involve the skin.

The substances in Marijuana (Weed or Igbo), Cigarettes actually change the structure of your skin.

Smoking causes skin discoloration, wrinkles, and premature aging.

Your fingernails and the skin on your fingers may have yellow staining from holding cigarettes.

Smokers usually develop yellow, brown or greenish blue stains on their teeth.

Hair holds on to the smell of Marijuana (Weed or Igbo), Cigarettes long after you
put your cigarette out.

It even clings to non-smokers.

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...