Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What's Wrong With This lady's Outfit? (Pics)

I no talk , ladies try and where what fits you and not what is trending ,there is a perfect clothe for every body size ........ Wheew

OMG!! What Is Wrong With This Photo??....

I don't understand this man , I still thank God for my Life

Man Who Poured Acid on Woman Has His Own Eye And Ear Gorged Out (Photo)

La wa o ,

A man who threw acid into a woman's face in Iran got more than he bargained for after his left eye gouged out, as well as one of his ears cut off while the right eye and ear will follow suit later this month.

The man identified as Hamid, had poured acid on Ameneh Bahrami, blinding her in the eye.

Hamid also had an ear cut off for an alleged attack on Davoud Roushanaei, who was badly disfigured by the attack.

He was forcibly blinded in his left eye on after being sentenced to 'qesas', or 'retribution-in-kind' for throwing acid into the eyes of the woman in the city of Qom.

The blinding of his right eye was postponed until a later date. In addition to this punishment, he was ordered to pay 'blood money' (diyah) and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Mummies Day OUT!! Amber Rose And Bestie 'Blac Chyna' Twerking And Spraying In Strip Club (pics)

Well I suspect these two to be lesbian mates , am just saying though and going from how they touch each other in public , you can only imagine what they do behind public eyes and cameras, that's none of our business anyways .lol

Well two days Ago Amber Rose and Blac Chyna went big in an L.A. strip clubs in Hollywood (Monday night) and Amber and BC bumped and grinded with some of their ex comrades while making the money rain, TMZ reports

Tragedy As School Kids die In Accident On Their Way Back From Excursion (Raw Graphic photos)

This is really bad , I almost cried when this came in , I just wonder how the parents of these lovely kids will be reacting to this tragedy

Some school children going on an excursion to the mount Afadjato in Ghana lost their lives in an extremely horrible accident today March 10th. According to an eye-witness, the vehicle the children were in was almost finishing the mountainous portion when the driver lost control and fell into the ditch killing pupils between the ages of 7-15 years.

They were from Kasoa going towards Afadjato on an excursion. They sent me a number of photos from the accident but it's so graphic I can use three. In other photos I can't share, some of the children are missing their heads. Too sad and too horrible. Our hearts go out to all the parents who lost their kids.

That's a child's hands that man is carrying. OMG!

Meet 50cent's 2-Yr Old Son That Signed A 700k (N139M) Modeling Contract (Photos)

This is one reason why you should try and give birth to beautiful kids , who knows you might just put them on a good financial track with their natural looks, well

50 Cent's two-year-old son named Sire has signed a N139M modeling contract with a children's audio company.

The 39-year-old rapper and entrepreneur, disclosed
"He'll get $700,000 to be the face of the company. Already, he's making his own money. He makes his own money."

If you are wondering what will a 2-year-old do with so much money, Fiddy says all the cash is heading into Sire's trust fund. "It goes into a trust. He can't even touch it until he turns 18."

50 Cent appears to be enjoying life with Sire as he also revealed: "I have so much fun with him man. Even my spirits change and I like light up when I talk about him because he's like at that point where he repeats everything."

Heartless!!! ISIS Makes 10-Yr Old Boy Murder an Israeli's Spy On Camera (photos)

These people are really going too far with their evils , this will definitely call for a global response anytime from now

Islamic State militants have released a sickening new video that purports to show a boy shooting dead a 19-year-old Israeli-Arab who was taken hostage by the terror group.

The film shows a man identified as Muhammad Said Ismail Musallam describing how he was sent by Israeli intelligence to infiltrate ISIS in Syria, where the group claim he was captured last year.

Wearing an orange jumpsuit, the hostage is later kneeling at the feet of two uniformed militants, one of whom appears to be no older than 10, before being shot in the forehead at point-blank range. 

But while ISIS claim the child - described in the video as one of the 'cubs of the caliphate' - was the shooter, careful editing means it is impossible to tell whether he pulled the trigger.

Earlier today, Twitter accounts linked to the terror group shared preview clips of the video, which has not been independently verified. 

Islamic State claimed Mr Musallam had posed as a foreign fighter when he joined their ranks last year but later confessed to being an agent for Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency. 

The accusation has been denied by an Israeli security official and by his parents - who claimed he had travelled to the region to fight alongside the jihadists. 

The video, published today by the group's Furqan media outlet, is the latest in a series of propaganda videos that purportedly show the execution of ISIS hostages, including three Britons.

It also lists the names of 13 other men - including Mr Musallam's elder brother and father - who the group claims are working for Mossad.

What Is Wrong With This Lady's Dress??.... (Pic)

I always say nothing is for everybody ,I really don't see why she should be dressed in leggings , the photo was taken by blog reader that was walking behind her ,

Don't wear things cause it is the trend , wear what fits you .....

Sobs!! Kaffy Loses Mom

This is a sad one ,
The dance queen took to Instagram to share this touching post announcing the passing away of her mom. May her soul rest in peace, amen.

I remember every smile

I remember every wink of ur eye
I remember how u move nd turn heads in parties
I remember how heavy u were with my brother in ur womb yet u organized d best one year birthday for me.
I remember the good,the bad ,the wealth of experience.
I remember a lot more than tears will allow my shaking hands write
And I thank you ,for everything has made me who I am today.
It hurts that this day has come sooner than expected but God knows best.
Rest well as you are now in His care forever.
Goodbye Mum
My dance Queen 

Rapper Ice Prince Launches Self-Owned New Record Label

Rapper Ice Prince has unveiled his self-owned record label with an official announcement scheduled for a later date.

The label, Super Cool Cats has always been Ice's dream and has now materialized into fruition. Speaking with MTV UK last year, the rapper said…

"There's Super Cool Cats music, my new outfit, and I have a few artists that I want to introduce to the world. There's a girl called Ruth and a guy called Stunt. They're all super cool cats. And there are a lot of producers in that outfit as well."

I Watched Porn For 400Hrs And Masturbated 6-times A day... Nigerian Female Ex-Porn Addict (pics)

Meet the Nigerian woman who was addicted to pornograpghy but now helps others kick the habit, On the face of it, bubbly Oghosa Ovienrioba is a 22-year-old with a bright future ahead of her. A pretty and intelligent Law Graduate, Oghosa is also a popular vlogger to boot. But Oghosa used to hide a dark secret: she was addicted to online pornography. It was an addiction that first kicked in when she was just 14 years old and sneaked a look at online porn on her computer. And from the ages of 18 to 21, she would lock herself in a dark room & watch adult movies endlessly. At her worst point, Oghosa would masturbate between five and six times a day – and watched a total of over 400 hours of adult material

But now Oghosa has become a hero to other sufferers after bravely speaking out about her porn addiction on YouTube – in a series that has amassed over 800,000 hits. Oghosa says, 'When I uploaded that video in February, I had no idea how phenomenal the response would be. I received hundred of heartwarming comments from women who were going through the same thing for years. Lots of people don't think girls can suffer a porn addiction but it's a problem for both sexes.

I hope I can help others out there – talking about your problem is the first step.'
Oghosa, who began watching online pornography in 2006, says that it was dangerously easy for her to access. She said: 'I was 14 years old when I went to find porn on the internet. It was out of curiosity and it was just a simple Google search for me to get hold of an adult movie. 'When I first watched it, my reaction was shock. But gradually over time, that shock becomes excitement and I would use any porn that I could get my hands on.'

 Her habit started to become a worrying obsession by age 16 when she began watching adult movies as often as she could. She said: 'I was watching it so much that I started to get bored by the "normal" soft porn movies. 'I wasn't getting the buzz that I felt when I first saw it – in fact I was almost desensitized to that content.

10 Killed As Two helicopters carrying reality TV stars smash into each other (Photos)

This is the dramatic moment two helicopters crash midair in Argentina, killing 10 people including three French sports stars taking part in a reality TV show.

The video, shown on Argentinian TV this morning, reveals how one of the aircraft smashes into the other from below while flying over trees in a remote town. Seconds later, both craft plunge to the ground and explode in a ball of flames. 

Champion sailor Florence Arthaud, Olympic gold medal swimmer Camille Muffat and Olympic boxer Alexis Vastin were all killed, along with two Argentine pilots and five other French nationals.

Moments from death: 3 French sports stars – from left, champion sailor Florence Arthaud, Olympic gold medal swimmer Camille Muffat and Olympic boxer Alexis Vastine – are pictured shortly before boarding a helicopter which crashed in Argentina while they were filming a reality TV show

Doomed: Olympians Camille Muffat, centre, Florence Arthaud, second right and Alexis Vastine far right, are pictured with their fellow contestants on their way to film French survival TV show 'Dropped'. Former Arsenal footballer Sylvain Wiltord (centre left) was in the show, but was not on board either of the helicopters

Lucky escape: Former Arsenal and France footballer Sylvain Wiltord (pictured, left, with fellow contestant, Olympic boxer Alexis Vastine) missed the doomed flights because he had been eliminated just the day before

Prosecutors in Paris today opened a manslaughter inquiry as Argentinian police removed the bodies from the wreckage of the helicopters.

Air accident investigators have yet to reveal the cause of the crash, which happened around 5pm local time yesterday. 
The celebrities were taking part in a survival TV series called Dropped for French TV when the crash happened in a rugged mountain range in La Rioja province.
A cattle farmer has told how he rushed to one of the helicopters to try to rescue survivors, but was beaten back by the heat and smoke.
David Ocampo said: 'One of the helicopters sounded as if it was firing off shots or experiencing small explosions that were completely out of place.

There were about five metres between the two of them, but the one in front seemed to stop and that caught my attention.

'The other one smashed into it from behind with its propellor after trying to swerve to avoid it and fell to the ground and exploded. The earth shook when they fell.
'I rushed towards it to see if there were any survivors but it was just a ball of flame.
'I couldn't see anything really, just smoke and the tail of one of the two helicopters between the bushes.'


Earlier, it emerged today that former Arsenal footballer Sylvain Wiltord missed the doomed flights because he had been voted off the show the day before.  
A statement from local government officials identified the remaining victims as Laurent Sbasnik, Lucie Mei-Dalby, Volodia Guinard, Brice Guilbert and Edouard Gilles, as well as Argentine pilots Juan Carlos Castillo and Roberto Abate.
The accident happened at around 5pm on Monday shortly after the two aircraft took off in a mountainous region of La Rioja, in Argentina's north west.
Disel Cuneo, government spokesman for the province, said: 'There are several French nationals among the victims. So far we only know of two Argentine victims.'
There were unconfirmed reports that one of the victims died after jumping out of one of the helicopters seconds before they crashed.
Another provincial spokesman, Horacio Alarcon, said that the two helicopters appeared to have collided during filming.
'There are no survivors,' he added.

Alexis Vastine, a boxer who won bronze at the 2008 Beijing Olympics (left) and Florence Arthaud, who won the transatlantic sailing race Route du Rhum in 1990, were also reported to have been killed

Camille Muffat, an Olympic swimmer who won gold in the freestyle at London 2012 and is a former world record holder died in the helicopter crash

Grief: Adriani Vastine (centre) and Alain Vastine (right), the brother and father of Alexis Vastine, weep as they take gather to pay tribute to the Olympic boxer in Pont-Audemer, northwestern France
Culled from UK Daily Mail

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...