Sunday, March 15, 2015

BIG BOY!! Kcee Flaunts his N1.8 Million Wrist watch , (peep)

This homie though
Kcee is known for many things, his wrist watch game is not one of them. Wizkid and Davido own that line.

But he is attempting to break into that space now as he just shared a photo of his Rolex Submariner wrist watch, captioning it "No time to check time, work and pray god will continue to bless your work"

The Rolex Submariner watch is sold online for about $8,550 (N1,881,000) to $7,500 (1,650,000).
Big boys things

See Ini Edo's Outfit to Pres GEJ's Dinner/Interactive Session with Entertainers| cool?

Yea seyi Shay has literally turned us into fashion police so we are always looking out to spot any celeb that might go out with something insane again

Nigerian entertainers are meeting President Goodluck Jonathan today for an interactive session at the Eko Hotels and Suites. Check out Ini's outfit to the event. Chiq is on fleek!

So what is your on her outfit?

DAVIDO Goes Gaga Over His New boo 'Sira' On IG (pics)

Well am happy for them , I just hope it is not one of his short love affair

SHOCkING!! Male Corpse Found On Arik Aircraft At MMIA Ikeja Lagos Nigeria

This is really shocking report reaching us now is that

*A suspected Nigerian stowaway was yesterday found dead on the wheel well, the undercarriage compartment of an Arik Air aircraft at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos.

Arik Air engineers were checking the aircraft in preparation for a flight when the body of the stowaway (a man) was discovered in the main wheel well of the aircraft. The discovery was immediately reported to security and regulatory officials at the airport.

It could not be immediately established how the dead man entered the aircraft unnoticed.

Adebanji Ola, spokesperson for Arik Air in a statement said even the airline couldn't tell from which location or airport the man entered the aircraft. "Investigations has commenced to determine where the stowaway actually originated," Ola said.

"The aircraft has been fumigated by the Port Health authorities while the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authorities officials are carrying out their investigations," he added. It would be the third time in the last three years that Nigerians would stowaway on flights operated by Arik Air, the most remarkable being that of a young boy who successfully stowed away on a Benin –Lagos flight in 2013.

Sunday Sun learnt that men of the Lagos Airport Police Command have evacuated the remains of suspected stowaway discovered in the undercarriage compartment of the Arik Air aircraft (Airbus A345 -500, Reg CS-TFX) and deposited it at an undisclosed mortuary, following due diligence by the relevant Aviation and Security agencies. The Airbus A345 -500 is used by Arik Air to operate the Lagos – Dubai, and Lagos – South African routes.

Yakubu Dati, spokesperson for The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) told journalists that the agency is currently reviewing footages of the CCTV system and airside security operations with a view to identifying the gaps and personnel failure, if any, in order to take remedial actions following the latest stowaway incidence.

[Reported By Louis Iba, Sunday Sun]

Ladies See The Importance Of Not Shaving Off Your Eye Brow (pics)

Your face is not a black board , please ladies stop shaving off your eye brow there is a reason why good put it there and your eye pencil can't do better


Do not be deceived,false teachers and preachers have gifting, do not because a man is gifted, can perform wonders, then you classify him a true prophet or preacher..,
False preachers are quite good speakers, they are smooth talkers, they are dynamic, they seem to have some sort of power about it. They are eloquent in speaking. They have so many members and followers. But you should know this, their character is the key to knowing them. Do they bear fruits? Yes, they bear fruits.
The false prophets are known by two things:
1. The fruit that they bear. (congregation and members). They give birth to their kinds; carnal and worldly men.
2. And the gospel they preach.
I urge you to read the whole of Galatians chapter 1. And You can just line up many of these T.V preachers, and just look at the fruit of their life, the way they live, and the gospel they preach. Then you can mark them up as false prophets immediately.. The Bible says They are like wolves, their god is their belly, but they look like sheep (they come in sheep clothing) ...Now how is it that they look like sheep?
*By their flattering
*Smooth speech
*their tolerance, they make you think they are the man most full of love.
They don't wanna hurt you about your life of sin
*they will never contradict, they will never create a scandal, they will never be offensive, they will never speak the things that will anger men.
* they have the smooth tongue of a serpent. They are deceptive. They create stories to lure men to sow seed.

*And they give carnal men exactly the message they want to hear.

"I solemnly urge you in the presence of God and Christ Jesus, who will someday judge the living and the dead when he appears to set up his Kingdom: Preach the word of God. Be prepared, whether the time is favorable or not. Patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage your people with good teaching." (2 Timothy 4:1-2).
CORRECT AND REBUKE, that is what the scripture says...Notice, this is not what these preachers do, as a matter of fact, they boast in the fact that they do not reproof or rebuke. They say it is not their ministry, they say they have a "ministry of love" and people go to hell every minute. Burial ceremonies everywhere and everyone of them is going to hell...This is so sad. Now, should we say Christ didn't have a ministry of love because He reproved, He corrected or Rebuked? And so did Paul, Peter....Were they not loving?

To Be Continued, .........

Written by SheVO

How 2 Unical Student Prostitutes Stole My Properties After I Saved Their Lives

Na Wa o! This guy wrote this on Nairaland so peeps could know. Sorry o, people still dey do runs and thief thief , well it is the onlt way some girls believe they can survive

Hey folks,

I was in uyo yesterday for an event, So we chilled in a popular hotel. At about 2am, I started hearing loud shout on the next room. The noise lingered to a point that we were beginning to ask questions, if the hotel and clients were aware of the noise.

Suddenly, I heard a loud bang on my door, I opened and a dark skinned tall lady ran in and was screaming they are raping my friend" please help.

So I stepped into the next room and saw two men striping a girl to her panties. I talked to them mildly to stop, the other man screamed back, I have been spending my money on this pig, today is pay day. He oozed of alcohol.

After a little plea, he stopped dragging and the lady ran half Unclad into my room. She thanked me and told me that they were students of unical, and that she needed money for her birthday. That's why she got involved in this act.

I allowed them to stay since it was just 2 hours till morning. Though I was conscious. At about 6 am my boss summoned me, I hurriedly rushed to his room.

I spent less than 10 mins, believe this, before I returned. These girls had made way with my iPhone, wallet, my gold necklace. I felt really horrible. And to be fair my heart grew heavy with regrets.

My help has now turned to be a curse on me. I leave them with their conscience, that is they have any.

Whaat?? ''My Husband Must Complete his Two Terms'' – First Lady Patience Jonathan

The wife of President Goodluck Jonathan, Mrs. Patience Jonathan, on Saturday insisted that her husband would remain in office for eight years to complete his two terms in office, despite the opposition.

PUNCH reports that Mrs. Jonathan, said this during the Peoples Democratic Party women rally, under the auspices of Women for Change and Development Initiative, in Benin, Edo State.

She was accompanied by national and state leaders of the party.

Women, drawn from different support groups across the state had turned out for event as early as
9am. They, however, began to leave the stadium at about 1.30pm, when Mrs. Jonathan arrived at the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium, venue of the rally.

‎Unable to bare the scorching heat, two women fainted but were later revived by a medical team provided by the party.

A mild drama ensued shortly before the ‎First Lady's address, when two men, said to be aggrieved PDP youths, tore down some banners bearing the image of the President's wife.

They were, ho‎wever, whisked away by some security operatives at the arena.

Addressing the women, she said that the presidency had been occupied for eight years by other ‎geopolitical zone and wondered why the South South should be denied the opportunity.

She also noted that the Jonathan administration had performed creditably in various sectors, such as transport and education, and by her assessment, was satisfactory.

Mrs. Jonathan described the present administration as a gender sensitive government, which had prioritised women development through the appointment of several women in key positions, the Subsidy Re-investment and Empowerment Programme and the YouWin initiative.

She stressed that re-electing of her husband was an opportunity for Nigerian women to appreciate his good performance, adding that the opposition party was not dependable ‎and had nothing to offer.

Chimamanda Adichie Dazzles in New Photos for Vogue April 2015 Issue

Most women love her ,
She's an award-winning novelist, a TED talk sensation and Beyoncé's favourite feminist. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is in the April 2015 issue of Vogue, guys and here are new stunning photos from her shoot for the magazine.

In the fun interview which you can read up HERE, Chimamanda talked about her journey as a writer, her passion as a feminist and about her husband, Dr Ivara Esege, an assistant professor of family medicine at the University of Maryland, in Baltimore. The photoshoot was done here in Lagos.

Photo credit: Vogue

Meet Naija Babes With Banging Muscular Male Bodies ( yay or Nay photos)

Hmm this ones are looking more fit than most naija boys , but damn I think their femininity is seriously going down the drain ...... Or what you think?

Hello My Sweet ENEKEM Blog Mums! Happy Mother's Day to You!!.......

Well even though we have to celebrate our mothers day like 5times a year which is logically problematic I still find it very fun cause a good mum is the best thing that can happen to you

When you're a child, she walks before you to set an example. When you're a teenager, she walks behind you to catch you should you fall. When you're an adult, she walks beside you so that as two-friends you can enjoy life together!

Mothers hold their children's hands for a moment and their hearts for a lifetime. No gift to your mum can ever equal her gift to you ~ Life! Treasure every single moment you have with her and love her like she loves you!

On this note, guys, here's me wishing a very Happy Mother's Day to our sweetest mothers, all EB mums, mums to be and every woman who has ever loved, nurtured and helped a child find his way! You don't have to go through childbirth to qualify being called a mother.

You guys are soooo special!! You guys are our heroes!!

Hol Up is this the Definition Of A real man? (Photo)

Don't know who made this up , I just feel the person understands what love is , in this generation , or is it false?

Lil Wayne Send Shots At 'BirdMan' In New Young Money Cypher

Just when we thought the drama was getting cool , it seem like weezy is still very ready to drag baby out

In the sad, seemingly never-ending saga of Lil Wayne being unhappy with his former father figure, he now uses the platform of the Young Money cypher to take shots: "I say hit em up to my daddy bitch ass," saluting Tupac while dissing Baby.

Wayne also mentions there being "blood all in the fucking baby food," which is up to multiple interpretations. Watch as he and the other YM soldiers freestyle over a number of classic beats as you lament the Cash Money downfall.

NEW MUSIC: Amotex ~ Rabata

Amotex AMT is back again with this hot single "RABATA" after the success of the release of "Gogo Dance" ft Lah Lah; the famous producer of Sexy Lady by oritsha femi ft davido and ibadi aran ft s-plus.

RABATA was produced by Kezyklef, mixed and mastered by Lah Lah (sdm).


10 Factual Thoughts Of A Woman That She May Never Share With Her Boo

As we all know women are naturally different from men , and this tell a lot on how they, in this exposito we just want our males to take note of these things and try to make sure they are not oFF the line cause your GF or wife might just be thinking about them

1. Your Wardrobe Needs A Makeover

Many men are handsome, smart, accomplished and have their lives together. They're geniuses at business, but clueless when it comes to fashion.

They don't dress like they run the world and it drives us absolutely crazy. We want your clothes to portray how amazing you are.

You don't need to look like you just stepped out of GQ, but we would like it if you tried to be a little more fashionable.

We want to show you off, but first, we have to tell you that your wardrobe needs some work.

2. We Want You To Be Neater!

Being messy isn't cool. Women don't want to date men who live like they're in a fraternity house.

Don't fret; we don't want to date someone who's an OCD neat freak.

We don't expect your fridge to be spotless or your t-shirts to be folded and lined up in a certain way. We want the bare minimum, really, just the basics.

So, here's a hint: We hate it when you leave the toilet seat up and we would like you to be a bit tidier in general.

3. We Love Romance

As women, we love romance. We cry every time we watch "The Notebook" and we have a soft spot for Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman."

Yes, you guessed it, we want the fairytale.

In fact, we love being wooed. We appreciate when you go out of your way to make us feel extra special.

Schedule a romantic date night, bring us chocolate and flowers and send us email reminders that you care. We notice all of the little things you do and we so appreciate them.

4. We Love Foreplay

Foreplay is one of our favorite things; it gets us in the mood. Women adore being kissed, explored and caressed. Spend a lot of time enjoying our bodies, please.

5. Planning Is An Aphrodisiac

We love it when you plan. Every woman wants to date a man who can plan and take charge. Organizing a date is a simple way to make us happy.

As long as you arrange it, we're thrilled to be doing almost anything with you.

6. We Crave More Sex

Women are sexual, too. Yes, that's right, we crave more sex. We want to enjoy ourselves just as much as you do. We like to feel wanted and needed, and we love being pleasured. We miss the days when you couldn't keep your hands off of us.

7. We Enjoy Our Alone Time

Women like girls nights and "me time." We need nights to unwind just for ourselves. Sometimes, we just want to be lazy and sit on our couches.

We like to watch chick flicks, make very healthy dinners and relax. We want to tell you that we need more alone time, but we don't want to offend you.

8. We Have A Time Frame

Women were taught to have time frames. Our marriage and baby biological clocks are always ticking.

Don't misunderstand; we're not desperate. We're not in a rush to get married to the next guy we meet. We're holding out for someone really exceptional whom we can't live without.

But, when we're over the age of 25, we don't need to date you for years and years before we know it's right. We have a time frame and we really want you to stick to it.

9. We Want To Feel Special

We want to feel special all of the time. We're overjoyed when you make an effort. Make us feel like we're an important priority for you.

10. The Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card

When we're mad at you, we're usually thinking pretty irrationally.

So, if you're in the doghouse, you'll need to redeem yourself, ASAP.  I recommend using oral sex as your get out of jail free card. It works like a charm 98 percent of the time.

Hilarious Photos & Video of Two Nigerian Policemen In Front Of A bank After Taking ALOME

I couldn't believe this , and the painful part is that they were on Uniform , what a shame
Have y'all seen this shameful video of two Nigerian policemen publicly fighting in front of a bank?

The cause of the fight isn't known but an Alomo bottle was spotted with them during the drama.

NIgerians Again!! What is wrong with this photo?

The bro is chilling with michael jackson.lmao

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...