Wednesday, March 18, 2015

NEW TOY!! Ace Comedian Basketmouth Cops 2015 Lexus SUV (Photo)

Am always happy when I see a person that started from the bottom doing really great

Though we should not base success on monetary value ,
Comedians are choppin the money. The comedian, Bright Okpocha AKA Basketmouth unveiled and washed this machine today with friends.


LMAO what is going on here ....

I have seen loadz of bike men showcase their biking skills but this is kind of epic

PANDEMONIUM As Man Dies at a Funeral after Drinking Competition In Benin

Well this should not come as a surprise since we already know that Too much Alcohol is dangerous for our body ,

An alcohol-drinking contest has claimed one life and hospitalized two others in a Benin hospital.

The deceased, Famous Ogbeide, 25, and three others were drinking different brands of hot drinks at the funeral of their friend's father. TheNation reports that he emerged winner in the first and second rounds of the contest, but failed to collect his prize of N4,000 as he died in the hospital.
Sources said the contest was initiated by one of the youths at the party.

The victim allegedly collapsed by the roadside after gulping the drink. It was also gathered that one
of the victims pulled out of the contest when he began to cough and vomit.

The police have arrested the organiser of the funeral party who was said to have arrived Nigeria from Malaysia the day before.

The deceased's mother said her son told her he was attending a funeral of his friend's father. She added that his father died last December. Police spokesperson DSP Joseph Edoigiawerie said the case was being handled by the homicide department of the state police command headquarters, Benin City.

Advice To All Nigerians Concerning The Forthcoming 2015 presidential Election

Buhari's Child Zara Is Paying
Over £40,000/ # 12million
Naira as School Fees
Developing Her Future and
*Jonathan's Children Have
Being Moved To London For
Studies and Residence while
Developing Their Career and
living In Affluence.....
*Atiku Abubakar's Children Are
Abroad Schooling....
*Tinubu's Children Are
Abroad Schooling and Living
in Affluence,
They Are All Developing and
Investing In their Children To
Continue To Rule Us After
They Are Gone.....
You are there As A Jobless
Graduate Wearing APC and
PDP Customized Vest and
Polo, Chanting "Change"
Holding Brooms and
Carrying Umbrellas Chanting
"Transformation" Killing
Yourself, Fomenting Trouble
and Constituting Nuisance to
the Society because of
Peanuts that can't make you
a better person......
Even If You Have No Paying
Jobs, Why Not Do Apprentice
Or learn a Skill that will make
You more Productive today
in the Society. Why Not Do
Volunteering Jobs Instead Of
Looking For Big Pay Jobs!!!!
Stop Being A Disgrace To
Your Discipline, Stop
Wearing APC Vest and
Carrying PDP Umbrellas
Because That is the Wish of
Politicians For You...
They Know If You have a
Good Job, They Can't Use
You As A Thug /
If Buhari will Not Bring All His
Ten Children To the Street
For Campaign and Jonathan
Will not Bring his Children
and Blood Brothers To The
Street For Campaign, Then
You are a Disgrace To Your
Family If You Don't Stop
Masquerading Yourself As
PDP and APC Agents,
Because Up Till Now, I have
Never Seen Buhari 's Children
and Jonathan's Children On
The Street Wearing APC Vest
and Holding Brooms, Neither
Have I seen Jonathan's
Children Carrying The PDP
Umbrella Even On Social
Media Let Alone In the
A Word Is Enough For The........

Whaaat?? Guys Would you dare Rock This Snake shoe?? (Photo)

Omo na wa o , I can't deal

Couples Digest!! Eat Her Up Like a Boss: All You Should Know About Clitoris (18+)

Though people are still taking sides on the morality of eating between a girls leg , some say it is disgusting , others say it is the best romantic thing you can do to a partner, some ministers say it is immoral to talk about such topic with people outside your partner , however regardless of which side you no knowledge is wasteful so we shall be letting you guys into some tips that make you and your lover have a better bedroom relationship......
How to Find Her Clitoris If It's Small or Hidden.

"I can't find her clitoris. She doesn't seem to have one." Do you always ask your self this question?

Well, I've heard this before. Many men have never seen their woman's clit. In fact, many women aren't even certain where their own clitoris is.

Women's vulvas come in all sizes, shapes and even placement. Some women's labia and clitoris are in the open. Some are deeply hidden.

Her vulva consists of outer and inner labia. Situated at the top cleft of the vulva is the clitoral hood. Beneath this is the clitoral head, or glans, the "magic bean" that becomes engorged with blood when sexually excited. Usually, but not always, the erect glans will peek out from under its hood.

What, then, is the problem?

Some women may have a full Mound of Venus (the fleshy hill just above the vulva) or full outer majora -- especially plus size and supersize gals. Other women have a very small clit.
Others may have a deeply situated clitoris. This is only a problem if a guy wants to open her valva and see her love bud. If she gets full sexual satisfaction from their lovemaking, then he should be happy for her.
Of course, she may say that she isn't getting much pleasure from intercourse. This probably isn't a problem as such. Sex surveys have traditionally revealed that as high a number as 88% of women cannot achieve an orgasm from sexual intercourse alone -- especially Missionary position.

This is common in women with a small, hidden clitoris. However, 92% percent of women who have had oral sex performed on them, report achieving orgasms. So you can see a solution to this problem!
And you can take some solace in knowing that those women with huge out-in-the-open clitorises are not always having wild sexual encounters. In fact, these gals often find that through constant exposure of their clit, years of masturbation or long use of vibrators, that their clits have become insensitive. They lose much of their feeling there. That's why you are hearing so much about G-spot, vaginal orgasm. These are fun, but clitoral orgasms are by far a woman's most intense climaxes!

The important thing to remember is that women with deeply situated clitorises are very sensitive there. It takes patience and knowledge to give her full sexual satisfaction. But take joy in your woman's oversensitive clit. Once you have learned just where her clit is. Just eat that booty like a boss -- you will take her to Paradise!

Shocking!! So People Still Do This??? See What This Big Yansh Babe Did On IG (Screen Shots)

La wa o , so people still do this? Well na MiMi let us hear this gist so let's give to you as she reported it

MiMi **Like I said, I was just minding my business when they decided to make their business my business. Luscious temi, photo above, called out a guy for insulting her and what you are about to see happened. Warning: foul words**

HILARIOUS!! Must See Photos of Former Governor 'Orji Uzor Kalu' Dancing Shoki.Lmao

Well Lil Kesh and Orezi really took us by storm with this dance move, though the hype has started fading away like every other dance move before the ex governor just made it more relevant with this moves

Well in the gist , The Former Governor of Abia State, Orji Uzor Kalu was recently spotted dancing shoki as Isiukwuato community declared total support for his Senatorial race. , do you feel he should return into full politics? Or a new lad should shine too...... Tell us

Boss Lady!!Billionaire Wife Dabota Lawson Steps Out With Military Body Guard (Photo)

Well in a society like ours , the more money you have the security consciousness you should have

The "Queen of Queens" is currently at Abia State on an official billionaire assignment

Though we are still wondering If that is her personal body guard or and just an event security

Regardless , she deserves all the security she can

What do you think Guys??

OMG!!The World’s Dumbest Cop Pulled Over a Porn Star, Guess What Happened Next (video)

This is the thrillest thing I have seen lately ,

When hearing this story for the first time, we thought that it had to be fake, no one could be that stupid! But yes, this cop, was in fact very stupid.

A former Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper accused of receiving oral sex while on duty from a Knoxville porn actress has to be the world's worst decision maker.

James Randy Moss, served 4 years of probation for his idiotic and hilarious actions, after stopping Justis Ellen Richert, who's known in the "industry" as Barbie Cummings.

Cummings sat behind the wheel, headed home from visiting an aunt.

Cummings said the trooper spotted alcohol and a bottle of illegal Vicodin pills in her car.

Cummings said she told the trooper about her job and sat beside him in the front seat of his cruiser as he checked her Web site from his state-issued laptop. She said he ended up tossing the pills into the bushes, then said yes when she offered him oral sex.

Cummings said the trooper shot photos and video of the act with his cell phone and sent her copies. He then asked her to put them on her blog so he could brag to his buddies on the force.

And, he still wrote her a ticket.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is police state corruption in its finest hour.

See Video Here


President Goodluck Jonathan on Wednesday Sworn In eight new ministers, recently confirmed by the upper chamber of the country's House of Assembly.

Punch reported that the inauguration was carried out before the commencement of the weekly Federal Executive Council meeting in the Aso Rock villa, Abuja.

President Jonathan assigned the various portfolios to newly sworn in ministers as follows: Prof. Nicholas Ada (Minister for State, Foreign Affairs I); Senator Musiliu Obanikoro (Minister for State, Foreign Affairs II); Senator Patricia Akwashiki (Minister for Information); Col. Augustine Akobundu (retd.) (Minister for State, Defence); Mr. Fidelis Nwankwo (State, Health); Mrs. Hauwa Bappa (State, Niger Delta Affairs); Mr. Kenneth Kobani (State, Industry, Trade and Investment); and Senator Joel Ikeya (Labour and Productivity).

The President reportedly named the Minister of State, Health, Khaliru Alhassan, as the Minister of Health.

Recall that Alhassan has been acting on the portfolio of the Supervising Minister of Health after Prof. Onyebuchi Ckukwu reportedly left office in 2014.

There has been strong criticism and resistance from concerned Nigerians and group over the ministerial list that was reportedly submitted to the National Assembly by President Goodluck Jonathan.

The main reason for the criticism of the ministerial list was the inclusion of the former Minister of Defence, Senator Musliu Obanikoro, which made a civil society group, known as All Nigeria Save Democracy Movement (ANSD), kicked against the ministerial nomination of the latter.

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Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...