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Amazing Photos: See How 25-Year-Old Model Shrink Her Waist to Just 20 INCHES

La wa o , this looks so weird but good,

Waist training is the new fashion must have now, with Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj all giving it a go. But Curvy Aleira Avendano from Venezuela has taken it to extreme levels.  She wears her corset 23 hours a day to achieve an eye popping 20-inch waist.

Despite doctors' warnings that the corset poses seriously health risks, Aleira  extreme waist-training in her teens and now with her enhanced 34DD breasts she draws stares wherever she goes with her extreme shape.

OMG!! See Photos Of The Baby Born With 2-Horns In OSUN (graphic photos)

The birth of a new born baby would normally elicit joy and excitement in people. It is more so when the mother has been longing for it without results for years.   But, the reverse was the case in a maternity centre (name withheld) situated at Ifosan area of Ilesa, in Osun State where a woman recently gave birth to a baby with two horns on its head.
A tip had given Saturday Tribune photos of the strange baby, the arrival of which caused fear and trepidation among the nurses and the proprietress of the maternity centre. The tip also described the hospital and the geography of its area of operation.
The description was vivid and accurate enough for  Saturday Tribune to locate the health centre without much difficulty. Here is the maternity centre where the baby with two horns was born. Then, there was a thick wall of silence. Nurses on duty would neither deny nor confirm the development. The reporter was tossed up and down and finally landed before the proprietress of the centre. She would not talk unless her identity and that of her hospital were protected. The reporter gave his words.  
"It is true the baby was born," she said, but added that the horror of the event compelled her to instruct her staff to keep sealed lips over the development, with a view to warding off public attention to the centre over the scary baby.
Speaking with Saturday Tribune during the visit on Thursday, the proprietress, (she is called matron by her staff) said  the woman who gave birth to this deformed baby was "about 25 years old and she has been without a child for three years."
She explained that "this woman lives in one of the farm settlements on the outskirt of Ilesa. She registered for antenatal service here. So, when she wanted to put to bed, her relatives rushed her here to deliver the baby.
"But we were shocked to the marrow when she eventually delivered the baby with two horns on the head after going into labour for some hours. By the time she was delivered of the baby, it was already dead and we had to separate it from the placenta.
"I have never seen such a terrible creature in my life. So, we helped to pack the dead baby and the placenta and handed them over to them before they left our premises. It was indeed a fearful development and we were saddened about it.
"This is not something we can celebrate. So, I ordered by nurses and other attendants to keep their mouth shut over the incident. But, I am very surprised how you people got to know about it and came here to inquire about it. I do not want anyone to make something unnecessary out of this or create problems for us here," she stated.
She would not disclose the whereabouts of the woman who delivered the baby.  "I cannot give you any details about her. Like I told you, she lives in one of the farm settlements on the outskirts of Ilesa and I don't really know the area and I want you to leave me out of this matter," she added.
The woman who froze when she was shown the photographs of the baby, however, confirmed its genuineness but asked how Saturday Tribune got them. A staff  member of the clinic also showed Saturday Tribune her own photos of the baby taken with her phone.
All efforts to locate the exact location of the baby's mother and her identity were not successful.


Lol n mehn with the way twitter Naija don already crown Buhari President hope say things no go change later


Very soon una go dey hia result wey go give una hypertension soon! Results go dey flow like TY & PHAKOO! Results PDP=983. APC=111 mafoluku unit

Why A Thug Embarrassed Tinubu During Accreditation (Photo)

Well we had to dig in to get this info ,

A former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, was embarrassed by a thug, Ise Aye, while Tinubu was doing his accreditation at polling unit 047 on Kaffi/Sunday Adigun Street, Alausa, Ikeja.

The thug, who had scars on his face and tattoos all over his body, shouted at the governor and accused him of neglecting some of the youths in the area.

While shouting in Yoruba, he said:

 "You abandoned us here. The leaders here did not give us money. I know what I have suffered in the hands of the PDP all because I refused to join them. We remained loyal to the APC because of your late mother (Iya Mogaji) that lived here.
"Anytime I come here looking for money, they refer me to Bourdillon in Ikoyi but no one allows me to enter your mansion."
PUNCH reports that Tinubu, who felt insulted by the outburst, described Ise Aye as an untrained young man lacking in wisdom. He said:
 "Do you have any sense at all? Is that how you were trained to talk to elders. Get out of here, you are embarrassing me."
The young man eventually prostrated for Tinubu.

Tinubu, while addressing journalists at his late mother's home, said he was impressed with the conduct of the elections so far. The APC leader admitted that it took a few minutes before the card reader could authenticate his finger print but added that it still remained the best option.

He distanced himself from text messages purportedly sent to Lagosians by him that they should vote for President Goodluck Jonathan.

When asked by a reporter why he supported Jonathan instead of Nuhu Ribadu of his party (the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria) in the 2011 elections, Tinubu said:
"You must retract that statement. If not, I will assume that you are working for the PDP.

SHOCKING!! See The Graphic Photo Of A PDP Member That Was Allegedly SHOT Few Hours AGO

A blog reader just sent this to us , according to her *
PDP member just been murdered in cold blood by some thugs in Cross River state.*

We will give you more update on the sage as we get more info

Election Ritual!! Girl Beheaded at Akwa Ibom State (Disturbing Graphic Photo)

This is really sad,

A community in Eket local governmment area of Akwa Ibom State woke up few days ago to behold the headless corpse of an unidentified girl between the age of 17 and 25. The police is yet  to unravel the mystery surrounding the horror.

Resident suggest that the murder may not be unrelated to the diabolical politics currently trending in the nation at large.

May God have mercy.

Photo From Laila


Sigh I don't even know what to say, Corruption is more like a Natural phenomena in our society, we just hope that the final result of this presidential election will be accurate,Free and Fair, Transparent and credible

Hol Up!! Is There A Foul Play here?? #NigeriaDecide #VotenotFight

Na wa o, I know some people are small but old, but damn , could this be for real?


"whenever two Nigerians meet, their conversation will sooner or later slide into a litany of our national deficiencies. The trouble with Nigeria has become the subject of our small talk in much the same way as the weather is for the English. But there is a great danger in consigning a life-and death issue to the daily routine of small talk. No one can do much about the weather: we must accept it and live with or under it. But national bad habits are a different matter; we resign ourselves to them at our peril." Chinua Achebe, The Trouble With Nigeria; pg 23.

Fellow Nigerians, those in Urban and Rural nucleated settlements, I salute you. To the politically indifferent man, even without being nudged, our beloved country has got all of our attention today. A day like this is a defining moment, not merely to us alone but, also to our generation to come. We should be conscious of the very fact that our decision today will either make or mar us, and probably leave us with ugly scars to remember forever.

Without being told, our woes as a nation may not be unconnected with our past mistakes, particularly our choice of leaders...those who came in 'Khaki uniform', not exempting those who entered Aso rock in 'Agbada'. It is paradoxical therefore, that every Nigerian is born free but everywhere in nationally-imposed chains.

However, I also believe that hopeless as she may seem today, Nigeria is not absolutely beyond redemption. Critical yes, but not entirely hopeless. But every single day of continued neglect brings her ever closer to the brink of the abyss. To pull her back and turn her around is clearly beyond the contrivance of mediocre leadership. Else, we'll find ourselves in a quagmire, a melancholy without any hope of melody.

Thank God, the ball is now in our court. The opportunity is now before us to take our destinies into our hands. Indeed, a very difficult choice in Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and Gen. Mohammadu Buhari, rtd., but we must choose. Here, I vehemently agree with my lecturer, Dr. George Ukagba that "when faced with two evils, our rationality ought to tell us to choose the lesser one". Who is the better one, of the two aforementioned candidates? Is a question we must answer as we go to the poll.

We must not forget our past. Though, Jonathan has not served us well but, going for Buhari would be synonymous to taking three steps backward, with the probability of being beaten by rains, and hijacked by that one man "Bola Tinubu." History tells us that Buhari is a weakling, dominated during his military regime by his second-in-command, #‎tunde_idiagbon‬.

Our present wounds are yet to be healed, we can't afford to suffer another one. Any mistake now would be very dangerous. If history repeats itself, there is the tendency that it will rain, and that would drain our hope for a better Nigeria. Its better to vote for Jonathan, go with #‎umbrella‬ least, to cover our heads.


Woman’s Butt Implants Deflates During Night Rough S3x with Boyfriend (Shocking Photos)

This is really GROSS!!

A woman from Los Angeles had her butt implants burst during rough sex with her baby's father. According to Mediatakeout, she claims that everything was going fine . . . when all of a sudden she heard a "pop" when dude was hitting it from the back.

The result was that dude ruptured both of her silicone butt implants. The silicone leaked into her system – and by the time she went to the hospital to do something about it, her cakes were almost completely deflated. Below are the pics of the alleged incident. VIEWER'S DISCRETION IS ADVISED!

#NIGERIANsDECIDE ! Gross!! See How Peeps Are Staring At GED In His HOMETOWN (Pic)

Well a look tells a thousand feeling, what do you feel is running through the mind of those men Behind GEJ??

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...