Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hmm!! ENEKEM BLOG Reader Shares His Thoughts on Young Girls Who Date Married Men

Good evening ENEKEM 
I am a regular visitor to your blog, I never comment but whenever I want to relieve myself of the day's stress or kill boredom I come here. I was home alone, bored to the bone so I decided to chill out at a local joint not too far from home. 

Sipping my beer slowly and this thought kept flashing through my mind. Why do married men keep luring our girlfriends to their secret apartments or hotel rooms? And why do our girlfriends keep falling into their traps even when we younger men are at least comfortable enough to take care of them? 
I have sometimes seen fiancées of close friends walk into my boss' office and I know what transpires between them. There was a recent happening where I met my long lost friend in the company of his fiancée at an hangout and he introduced the babe as his wife-to-be and the wedding bell will ring very soon but to my surprise the next day, I looked through my office's window to see my friend's wife-to-be at the reception waiting to see my boss. I inquired from the receptionist and I was told she is Oga's girlfriend.

It is now a norm that our girlfriends date married men. Some it's not for the monetary benefits but our girlfriends just want adventures. It is now normal to share our girlfriends with married men. Lest I forgot to mention, we are not broke and can to an extent comfortably take care of our girlfriends. Though my conclusion ought to still be an hypothesis, I concluded that 99% of our single ladies have one time or presently dating a married man. 

I have couple of married female friends who complain about how boring their husbands have become in bed which is a big concern for them. Whereas there husbands are busy giving their girlfriends the best adventure in bed. 

Like my subject says, I am alone with my thought. Since these married women's husbands don't have time for them, we the single men whose girlfriends have been "kolobied" with crazy offers can also go after their wives and do what they are doing to our girlfriends to their wives. These women are pleasure-starved though their husbands lavish them with gifts and money but they lack sexual pleasure. 

Just my thought anyways. I am not saying I want to explore it. What do you all think?

PUBLIC CRY!! New Househelp Flees with 3 Kids in Surulere (Photos)

Please help spread this information, guys. The 3 young boys pictured above - Aderomola Orekoya, 11 months, Adedamola Orekoya, 4 years and Demola Orekoya, 6 years are missing.

According to their family, their house help who just resumed yesterday, took the kids out at 8am this morning and never returned. They are so heartbroken, have cried and cried so much that they don't know what to do anymore.

Please if you see these kids or know anybody who has seen them or you have any information that can help find the kids, kindly call these numbers - 08052062117, 09098097935 or 08060184514.

Senator David Mark Celebrates With Friends as He Turns 67 (in photos)

Happy Birthday Sir, sorry it is coming late ,

Incase you missed the Memo
It's Senator David Mark's 67th birthday today and pictured above is him cutting his birthday cake earlier on today at Abuja.

In the first pic above


FLOP?? See The First Week Sales For Wale's "Album About Nothing" & Ludacris' "Ludaversal"

Check out the first week sales numbers for Wale and Ludacris.

Last week's big releases came from Wale and Ludacris, though projections predicted that neither artist would hit the 100k mark. The final numbers are now in, and as we were warned, both come in shy of six figures.

Wale was very close, coming through with 90,381 traditional sales, and 98,264 with streams included. Unfortunately, he didn't reach the heights of The Gifted, which brought in 150,000 copies its first week. With that being said, he did manage to grab the top spot from Kendrick this week.

Ludacris had a huge opening week with Furious 7, but his Ludaversal numbers came in a bit more modest, with 58,830 sold, and 67,283 including streams. He slides in at number 2, also above Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly, which has held the top spot for the two previous weeks.

What Is Wrong With Davido's Soon To Be Released Album ArtWork?? (Pics)

On the 6th of April, HkN's Davido unveiled the artwork of his soon to be released sophomore album.

Many Social media Fans have taken sides on either how trashy the Artwork is or how dope it is ,

those that took the former side have held that it doesn't relate to his kind of music, he is not a rap or hip hop art , so why should he try to pull an Olamide stunt on us??......

And the latter have held that the design is dope and talks much about his music persona and real life as a person , so now we are asking our esteem blog readers and Davido fans, do you see anything wrong with the Artwork above? If any tell us and give us good reasons...

The singer gave hints that his album would be dropping a day after he bags his first degree from Babcock University. He gave the exact date to be June 8 2015.

What is the relevance of a beauty pageant in our Modern society? #MBGT2015

A beauty pageant is a celebration of
beauty. It is an act of acknowledging
and giving honor to the beauty that
God has given unto us. It is also an
effective means to campaign for social
awareness of different social issues
and problems that need our attention
since the answers of the candidates
would serve as pieces of good advice
to the concerned public. It is also an
avenue to develop and empower the
ladies who are joining the pageant
and become more aware and
responsive to the problems of the
society they live in.

The Most Beautiful Girl in TASUED is set to take place this July On the 31st,expecting a population in which BEAUTY,COMEDY,MUSIC,FASHION,and a lecture from the School VC,All on one stage.
This event which is set to be The BiGGESt Pagent held in any southwesten institution,wouldbe used a a medium to erradicate the following

-wrong past views of pageant in institutions,and remedifying

-Orientating that The inner Beauty of a Queen is what should be looked upon,and not the Outer.

-Creating an Ambassador from all southwesten institutions

-Creating A model of Peace and high Moral and Religious standard.

This JULY, House of Ecstasy will host a momentous event of unique significance in comparison to other school events. Picture dazzling girls bursting with vivacious positivity, Imagine a wonderstruck audience under a hypnotic awe as they witness the brilliance of both inner and outer beauty. Visualize a gleaming tiara, a symbol of confidence and leadership, placed atop one special girl's head at the finale of the event. Visions such as these could only be found within a pageant;

The most beautiful girl in TASUED, Save The Date JULY 31st OGD Hall (TAi SOLARIN UniVeRsity OF EDUCATION) ijebu-ode

Partners needed in position of
Any interested in any of this should please contact Joke on 08153186142 or pin 3349425D. 2BB6CA63

For partnership. Sponsorship and inquires please Call. 08136625371 || 3349425D

For more information kindly ff us on IG @Most_beautiful_girl_in_tasued

This program is brought to you by the House Of Ecstasy an conjunction with the student government and NUESA

Our jingle

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...