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DAYO ADENEYE 'D1' Pictured On OKADA Heading To His P.U Earlier Today

Oga Boss no dey carry last

Photos from the Violent Killings in Akwa Ibom State Today (Graphic)

Earlier on today, we saw a photo of voters on the run as armed thugs carted away ballot boxes in Akwa Ibom state. Turns out not all of them were lucky enough to escape with their lives. Here are very disturbing photos from the violent killing and victims of thuggery intimidation in Ibiono Ibom Local Govt Area today. A corp member on duty was allegedly killed too.

Mother of Warri Billionaire Ayirimi Emami Beaten and Kidnapped (details)

Na wa o,This country really aint that safe ,

The mother of Chief Ayirimi Emami, a chieftain of the All Progressive Congress, was abducted and beaten to pulp on Friday evening by armed thugs, allegedly working for a former militant leader and Peoples Democratic Party enforcer in Warri South West local government area of Delta State.

Mrs. Elizabeth Emami, was on her way to Ugborodo, an Itsekiri riverside community, when she was snatched by the gang. She was only released after the intervention of a Brigade Commander of the Nigerian Army and an officer of the Nigerian Navy in the area, who moved in to restore sanity in the area.

Emami, a former Chairman of the PDP in Warri South West local government area, who moved to the APC with scores of his followers, told our reporter that the attack was aimed at stopping him from going to his Ajudaibo, Ugborodo community to mobilise and vote for the APC.

"My stepmother was attacked at Kurutie community by three speedboats in a manner similar to the attack on 14 journalists last November. She was abducted and taken to a location and was only released after the intervention of some security operatives.

"Several persons identified as my supporters and members of the APC going to cast their votes in Ugborodo were severely beaten and tortured by the gang and their sponsors who are afraid of losing the election.

"The driver of one of the boats is battling for his life due to the torture he suffered. This is a desperate ploy by our opponents within and outside my area to intimidate me and my supporters," Emami told our reporter in a telephone interview.

Our checks revealed that the votes from Ugborodo and other Itsekiri communities in the area are considered very strategic to the emergence of all winners of the last four governorship contests in the state.

EXPOSITO!! See The Main Reason Why women moan and scream During Sex

When do women make most noise during sex? When they're having an orgasm? Or when their man is about to come? Recent research reveals the truth

Why do some women literally scream and shout in bed?

Guys, maybe you think that she's moaning and screaming because you're such a great lover – you're pounding away inside her, she's having a mind-blowing orgasm. Sorry, think again. That's not why women are so noisy in bed, according to the findings of a British study. Over 85 percent of women make lots of noise simply to boost their partner's sex self-esteem, the study found.

The researchers asked over 70 heterosexual women whether they were more likely to reach orgasm during masturbation, foreplay, or intercourse. They also wanted to know how noisy the women were during these different sexual activities and the reasons why.

All of the women in the study said they made noise in bed, whether it was screaming out their partner's name, telling him to go faster or harder, or moaning with pleasure. But the researchers were in for a surprise when they compared how noisy women were when they reached orgasm.

The women were more likely to climax during foreplay – like when their partner gave them oral sex – compared to intercourse. And it wasn't when they were coming that they were most likely to make noise.

Stroking his ego

When it comes to moaning and screaming, they made a lot more noise when they were having sex, right before and during their partner's orgasm. Yes, the reason most women make noise in bed is to turn on their partner. In fact, almost 80 percent said they make noise even when they know there's no chance they're going to reach orgasm themselves.

All that hollering is mainly to stroke their guy's ego. It doesn't necessarily mean a girl's in ecstasy. In fact, it could mean just the opposite. Women also say that moans and screams are one way to hurry sex along when you're not particularly enjoying it.

Yup, women can and do use their voice to control how their guy feels during sex and when he climaxes, the researchers conclude. And why do they do it? To 'manipulate male behaviour to their advantage'.

Boosting her guy's sex self-esteem by making lots of noise could help strengthen the bond between a woman and her partner, the researchers hypothesise. But there's also the advantage of speeding up a guy's orgasm if she's in pain, just plain bored, or ready to roll over and go to sleep.

So guys, if you really want to please her, don't go by the big performance, look for the subtle signs of ecstasy. And girls, nice of you to cheer him on like that, but don't forget to show and tell what really makes you go wild…

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Shuns Oba of Lagos

"A few days ago, the Oba of Lagos threatened Igbo leaders. If they did not vote for his governorship candidate in Lagos, he said, they would be thrown into the lagoon. His entire speech was a flagrant performance of disregard. His words said, in effect: I think so little of you that I don't have to cajole you but will just threaten you and, by the way, your safety in Lagos is not assured, it is negotiable.

There have been condemnations of the Oba's words. Sadly, many of the condemnations from non-Igbo people have come with the ugly impatience of expressions like 'move on,' and  'don't be over-emotional' and 'calm down.' These take away the power, even the sincerity, of the condemnations. It is highhanded and offensive to tell an aggrieved person how to feel, or how quickly to forgive, just as an apology becomes a non-apology when it comes with 'now get over it.'
Other condemnations of the Oba's words have been couched in dismissive or diminishing language such as 'The Oba can't really do anything, he isn't actually going to kill anyone. He was joking. He was just being a loudmouth.'

Or – the basest yet – 'we are all prejudiced.' It is dishonest to respond to a specific act of prejudice by ignoring that act and instead stressing the generic and the general.  It is similar to responding to a specific crime by saying 'we are all capable of crime.' Indeed we are. But responses such as these are diversionary tactics. They dismiss the specific act, diminish its importance, and ultimately aim at silencing the legitimate fears of people.

We are indeed all prejudiced, but that is not an appropriate response to an issue this serious. The Oba is not an ordinary citizen. He is a traditional ruler in a part of a country where traditional rulers command considerable influence – the reluctance on the part of many to directly chastise the Oba speaks to his power. The Oba's words matter. He is not a singular voice; he represents traditional authority. The Oba's words matter because they are enough to incite violence in a political setting already fraught with uncertainty. The Oba's words matter even more in the event that Ambode loses the governorship election, because it would then be easy to scapegoat Igbo people and hold them punishable.

Nigerians who consider themselves enlightened might dismiss the Oba's words as illogical. But the scapegoating of groups – which has a long history all over the world – has never been about logic. The Oba's words matter because they bring worrying echoes of the early 1960s in Nigeria, when Igbo people were scapegoated for political reasons. Chinua Achebe, when he finally accepted that Lagos, the city he called home, was unsafe for him because he was Igbo, saw crowds at the motor park taunting Igbo people as they boarded buses: 'Go, Igbo, go so that garri will be cheaper in Lagos!'
Of course Igbo people were not responsible for the cost of garri. But they were perceived as people who were responsible for a coup and who were 'taking over' and who, consequently, could be held responsible for everything bad.

Any group of people would understandably be troubled by a threat such as the Oba's, but the Igbo, because of their history in Nigeria, have been particularly troubled. And it is a recent history. There are people alive today who were publicly attacked in cosmopolitan Lagos in the 1960s because they were Igbo. Even people who were merely light-skinned were at risk of violence in Lagos markets, because to be light-skinned was to be mistaken for Igbo.

Almost every Nigerian ethnic group has a grouse of some sort with the Nigerian state. The Nigerian state has, by turns, been violent, unfair, neglectful, of different parts of the country. Almost every ethnic group has derogatory stereotypes attached to it by other ethnic groups.

But it is disingenuous to suggest that the experience of every ethnic group has been the same. Anti-Igbo violence began under the British colonial government, with complex roots and manifestations. But the end result is a certain psychic difference in the relationship of Igbo people to the Nigerian state. To be Igbo in Nigeria is constantly to be suspect; your national patriotism is never taken as the norm, you are continually expected to prove it.

All groups are conditioned by their specific histories. Perhaps another ethnic group would have reacted with less concern to the Oba's threat, because that ethnic group would not be conditioned by a history of being targets of violence, as the Igbo have been.

Many responses to the Oba's threat have mentioned the 'welcoming' nature of Lagos, and have made comparisons between Lagos and southeastern towns like Onitsha. It is valid to debate the ethnic diversity of different parts of Nigeria, to compare, for example, Ibadan and Enugu, Ado-Ekiti and Aba, and to debate who moves where, and who feels comfortable living where and why that is. But it is odd to pretend that Lagos is like any other city in Nigeria. It is not. The political history of Lagos and its development as the first national capital set it apart. Lagos is Nigeria's metropolis. There are ethnic Igbo people whose entire lives have been spent in Lagos, who have little or no ties to the southeast, who speak Yoruba better than Igbo. Should they, too, be reminded to be 'grateful' each time an election draws near?

No law-abiding Nigerian should be expected to show gratitude for living peacefully in any part of Nigeria. Landlords in Lagos should not, as still happens too often, be able to refuse to rent their property to Igbo people.

The Oba's words were disturbing, but its context is even more disturbing:
The anti-Igbo rhetoric that has been part of the political discourse since the presidential election results.  Accusatory and derogatory language – using words like 'brainwashed,' 'tribalistic voting' – has been used to describe President Jonathan's overwhelming win in the southeast. All democracies have regions that vote in large numbers for one side, and even though parts of Northern Nigeria showed voting patterns similar to the Southeast, the opprobrium has been reserved for the Southeast.
But the rhetoric is about more than mere voting. It is really about citizenship. To be so entitled as to question the legitimacy of a people's choice in a democratic election is not only a sign of disrespect but is also a questioning of the full citizenship of those people.

What does it mean to be a Nigerian citizen?
When Igbo people are urged to be 'grateful' for being in Lagos, do they somehow have less of a right as citizens to live where they live? Every Nigerian should be able to live in any part of Nigeria. The only expectation for a Nigerian citizen living in any part of Nigeria is to be law-abiding. Not to be 'grateful.' Not to be expected to pay back some sort of unspoken favour by toeing a particular political line. Nigerian citizens can vote for whomever they choose, and should never be expected to justify or apologize for their choice.

Only by feeling a collective sense of ownership of Nigeria can we start to forge a nation. A nation is an idea. Nigeria is still in progress. To make this a nation, we must collectively agree on what citizenship means: all Nigerians must matter equally."

Ah Baba!! Obasanjo Taking Selfies. With The Trending Selfie Stick (pictured)

Baba no wan carry last, last month we posted a picture of US president OBAMA taking selfies and now OBJ has joined the list of Top politicians doing the new craze

EXPOSiTO!! See The Main Reason Why Ace Comedian Basketmouth Did Not Attend AY's Show

There have been rumours that there is a silent rivalry between top comedians, Basketmouth and AY. As both humour merchants are big brands in the industry, many believe that the rivalry is based on ego issues.

Last Easter Sunday, Basketmouth, looking very casual, was spotted at the lobby of the hotel where AY's annual Easter show was held. So many people had thought Basketmouth came for the show and most of his fans who also came for the AY show, stopped by him to take pictures with him.

But just after he exchanged banters with his fans and took pictures with them, the comedian got into
his SUV and zoomed off! He didn't come back. And of course, it made so many people believe indeed, there is a certain 'beef' between the comedians.

But in an exclusive chat with Saturday Beats, Basketmouth denied the rumour saying he had no problems with AY or his show.

However, when he was asked why he had to leave the venue even without entering the hall, Basketmouth said that he could not be at the show because he was not billed to perform and that he had another gig on that day.

"I was not booked to appear at AY's show. My name was not publicised as part of the people to be at the show. It is not about comedians being united; AY did his show and never mentioned that Basketmouth would perform, so why would people expect me to be there? It doesn't make sense."
When Saturday Beats asked Basketmouth why he had to be at the venue if he knew he wasn't going to enter the hall,

he said:
 "It was just a coincidence that I was at the venue of the show while it was ongoing. I could not even be a guest at AY's show because I had another gig on that day I was rushing off to. 

The way we think in this country is very funny. You go to the market to buy a Mercedes and hope to get a Rolls Royce engine, it is not possible. They sold a product and said that some people would perform, so why should people expect that I would be there? There is no beef between AY and I. I am an easy going person and I'm very cordial with everybody," he said.

10 year old Twin Sisters Lose their Lives after Ghastly Car Accident In Kaduna (Sad photos)

This is really so sad. A TILB reader sent me this mail and pictures last night saying he can't stop his tears. Above are the lovely sisters involved in the crash. Read:

This lovely looking set of twins Hassana and Husseina Ado would've been 11 years come 31st of May 2015. They would've have witnessed the dawn of the much awaited Change regime of the new APC led Government but the story of their life was cut short by the cold hands of death on the morning of Wednesday 8th, April 2015 in a ghastly motor accident along the Kaduna-Abuja Expressway.

The ugly incident happened around Jere LGA while they were en-route Warri in the company of their sisters' husband. They were both back passengers in the sports car when the rear tyres busted, resulting in the fatal accident that led to their ultimate demise. Both twins died on the spot and have since been buried according to Islamic rites. 

Until their death they were both Primary 5 Pupil in Kaduna State. 

May their Gentle Souls Rest in Perfect Peace.

Hmmm What Is Wrong With This PHOTO??

When you spot it just comment ......Ladies Shaa

Coke Bottle Body Ghanian Actress 'Princess' denies plastic surgery (pics)

The Ghanaian actress, Princess took to her page to reveal the secret of her tiny waist, please read. 

I wana make something very clear to ya'll  i don't beg or force anyone to waist train. Its all up to you if you choose to buy a waist trainer n waist train.   i do it cuz i want to, and all of ya'll saying am damaging ma organs and my womb well just want ya'll to know dat ma organs and womb are in great conditions     dont want anyone saying they waist training cuz of me, do it cuz u want to  i will advice you go get an advice from your doctor be4 u start waist training, i did da same n waist training don't affect me in anyway  so the choice is urs   ;)"

Do you believe her? 

Euro Motor Sport Demands $250K For Hateful Instagram Post (Details/pics)

Meek Mill has driven his car dealer mad ... mad enough to sic his lawyers on him and demand $250k for slamming his business. 
According to the demand letter sent out by Euro Motor Sport, Inc. in Fort Lauderdale ... Meek wreaked havoc on his biz with an Instagram last week. The post showed a sweet Lambo Aventador, but included the caption, "Make sure you never buy no cars from #eurosports selling expensive cars with salvaged tittles."

Grammar and spelling aside ... the dealer says Meek's IG post is ruining its reputation -- especially with celebrity clients. They point out Rick Ross even reposted Meek's message. 

According to Euro Sports owner Gene Morales the beef started when Meek's manager went to pick up a Rolls Royce Ghost ... but still owed $15k on the $200k whip. Things got heated when Morales refused to hand over the keys without payment, and he ended up calling cops.
Cooler heads prevailed though when Morales struck a deal ... agreeing to hand off the car for a mere $8,000. You'd think Meek would have been happy, but he still bitched on IG.
Now, Morales wants the quarter of a million bucks to cover the damage to his rep, and he wants Meek to delete the Instagram and apologize. If not ... Meek could be facing his second lawsuit in recent days. 
Source: TMZ

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...