Tuesday, April 14, 2015

BUSTED!!! Rihanna caught sniffing cocaine On her Tour Boss (photos)

All this artists with hard drugs, what do they gain from it?! Anyway, her friends need to be spanked. Rihanna was partying with her gurls on her tour bus. While her friends danced, Riri was in a corner drinking and smoking very suspicious blunt. Well, one of her friends captured it and posted it on Instagram. And if you look at the video, you did know it was no accident.

Davido – O.B.O Baddest (Official Tracklist) Feat. Don Jazzy,Meek Mill,Akon,Wale ETC

I really can't wait to listen to this Album

Here is the proposed tracklist of Davido's 2nd album titled O.B.O Baddest. The album got production credits from Shizzi, Del B, Kid Dominant, P2J, TY Bee, Young John & Don Jazzy while Meek Mill, Akon & Wale are the only international artiste featured on the album.

 Davido – O.B.O Baddest (Official Tracklist)

S/O To Jambaze for theARY

So GROSS!! Governor Abiola Ajimobi Kisses His Daughter on The Lips (Photo)

Hmm na wa o ,

Oyo first daughter Abisola Kola-Daisi, shared a photo of herself planting a victory kiss on her father's lips. Governor Abiola Ajimobi was re-elected governor of Oyo state.

She wrote:
"The victory kiss. 'No matter the condition of the jungle, he will not eat grass; it is not Pride, it is who he is' Abiola Ajimobi I am truly proud of your historic Victory. My Love for you knows no bounds. Gods Awesomeness at work. #thankful"

Woow!! Nigerian Woman Runs Marathon on The North Pole Ice. Plants Nigerian Flag (Photo)

This is really great, Godbless her For putting us on the map

A Nigerian identified as Tee Morgan has raised the Nigerian flag to become the first Nigerian to ever step foot on the North Pole and to run a marathon. The harsh weather was -41C.

SHOTS FIRED!! Ijeoma Ozichi Omotade Writes Open Letter To Chimamanda Adichie (must Read)

Dear Chimamanda,

I was scrolling through twitter to see what was trending especially with regard to Lagos elections, and stumbled upon your write-up on the Oba of Lagos's disrespectful remarks to the Igbos and their right to exercise their civic rights. Of  course being an ardent admirer of your work and also a fellow Igbo girl, I clicked on the link and hungrily lapped up each word you poured out, eager to hear your opinion and ready to carry emotional placards with you by clicking "share" on my Facebook page. But the more I read, the more my excitement waned. Because just as I could feel you word for word, I also disagreed with you, and at a point I had to put down myopic glasses that beheld Lagos through your admirable eyes and wear one that showed me our stark reality.

You see, I AGREE that the Igbo community was unjustifiably grieved. However, as I wave my solidarity flag with my fellow Igbos, I can't help but also bite my tongue when I remember unpleasant comments many Igbos regularly make toward other tribesmen. For example, the disrespectful way some Igbos address Hausas as "abokis", dumbheads, and "nama" meaning cow! As you may know, "aboki" means friend but watch an Hausa man when an Igbo calls him that in a disrespectful tone. He stiffens and looks annoyed because he knows the tone he is called with is one of disrespect and insult. (some Yorubas call northerners "mulla"; I dunno what that means but that's for another day *sigh*)

Chimamanda, every tribe is guilty of tribalism; it's by default. It's not right. It should be fiercely fought against but shamefully this is the current reality. HOWEVER not every tribe is guilty of "PEACEMAKER-ISM", and I would love the Igbos to be known more for the guilt of MAKING PEACE.

So we go on and on about the Oba's comment and what happens? Fights, fracas, and some fathers and sons on both sides lose their lives and people lose property and investments.

As you may have noticed from my name Ijeoma Omotade, I am Igbo married to Yoruba and happily married too. I went into the Yoruba culture and CONSCIOUSLY took time to learn about it. It was when I decided to marry that I knew how deep tribalism has eaten even into our so called Igbo and Yoruba elite. *Sigh* Having also schooled in the north during my secondary school days, and as much as I greatly admire the peaceful and simple nature of the average northerner, sadly they are not left out of the "tribalism" card-carrying.

As an Igbo woman, I may not agree with all the Yoruba do but I live in their culture and I'm in their land, so I respect them and in turn they sense my aura of respect and willingness to understand them and they treat me well. And when I get an opportunity to talk about MY CULTURE and correct some misconceptions they have about Igbos, I do so with GREAT PRIDE because there are so many great things about us they don't know! And BECAUSE I respect them, THEY LISTEN and LEARN, even through jokes and laughter.

Even the few who were antagonistic toward me, embrace me now, or are at least civil toward me. It didn't make me any less dignified to understand better another man's culture; it made me wiser, and stronger and more appreciative of the richness of our country. The flagrant disregard for other's culture exhibited by many Nigerians is really bad! How do you expect to reason with someone unless you understand their worldview?

Truly, we wouldn't tolerate half the things we expect from Lagos in Aba or Onitsha or Enugu. Igbos want to be part of the House of Assembly and be among the decision makers for Lagos state. That in itself is not bad because a state stakeholder HAS A RIGHT to be among those making decisions for the state. But historically and by default, people kick against non-tribesman being at the decision-making level and our flippant comments about "taking over the land" is not helping matters either! Why do we want to "take over" another man's land? It wasn't bare land before people came and developed it. It's people's ancestral homes, and even in a democracy where many are working tirelessly to water the progressive idea of ONE NIGERIA, it is still important we recognize  and help preserve each other's heritage. For only  then can we truly build the foundation for lasting synergy and proudly BECOME ONE, for the greater good of OUR LAND.

Personally I'm deeply hurt hearing some Yoruba leaders telling my people that we should be "grateful" living in Lagos; that is utterly unfair, point blank. Any Yoruba person saying that is very shallow minded. We Igbos work HARD for our living, and add IMMENSELY to the growth and development of the city. Try shutting down major trade markets dominated by Igbos for just one week and watch Lagos economy go haywire! But so does the Hausa community in the east that bring in food and supply our markets; they work hard too! Let them stop the lorries from bringing in food to the south and watch what happens. So I plead with EVERYONE, my IGBO KINSMEN inclusive. And this is my plea, that we PLEASE speak as we would like to be spoken to; "do as you would be done by", RESPECT AND LOVE your fellow man…ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL BY GOD!

I also share a bit of the Lagos indigene sentiment. I wouldn't want my hometown to be "cosmopoliticized" and my ancestral homes snatched away and turned into highways and hotels, and be told my home town is "no man's land". That's highly disrespectful. History has deep roots in this land.

I don't support the Oba, he is not my relative, nor did he "settle" my family. In his heart he is just like many other Igbos, Hausas and Yorubas; TRIBALISTIC! The only difference is that he is an influential public figure and so we can all tweet and Facebook his bad communication skills; a public figure who didn't think about the implications of his words before he spoke. However, that statement would have been made by even an angry IGBO king or Hausa Emir because I don't see anyone of them doing any better!

In a quest for peace, there are two parties; the one making amends and the one accepting the apology. Let us the grieved accept, and move on. Let us all learn to APPRECIATE and LOVE one another. The other alternative is not better. No one wants tribal clashes; people will die, women will be widowed, children will be orphaned, on both sides…and Chimamanda, you will probably write a book about it, far away from all the madness, on your creative desk; the one that IS NOT IN LAGOS!

…I still remain an ardent admirer…

Ace Comedian 'Kevin Hart' Shares Throwback #Surulere Photo With Touching Caption (pics)

I love Real!!

Oh No!! Jodi Arias Sentenced To Life Imprisonment Without Parole

(Second pics above) Hillary Wilcox, a sister of Travis Alexander, makes a statement during the sentencing of Jodi Arias in Maricopa County Superior Court, April 13, 2015, in Phoenix.

Remember the American girl, Jodi Arias, who in 2008, stabbed her boyfriend, Travis Alexander to death 27 times in the chest, slit his throat and still shot him in the head? She was convicted of first-degree murder on May 8, 2013. The murder and trial received widespread media attention.
Well yesterday (13th of April), she was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole... Here's how REUTERS reported it

She was found guilty of murder in 2013 after a trial packed with lurid details and graphic testimony. Prosecutors said she killed her former partner in a jealous rage, while Arias argued she acted in self-defense.
Shackled and clad in jail stripes, Arias told the court she had long wanted to be put to death for the crime.
"But I had to fight for my life just like I did on June 4, 2008, because I realized how selfish it would be for me to escape accountability for this mess I created," Arias said.
She said she remembered the moment she plunged the knife into Travis Alexander's throat.
"He was conscious. He was still trying to attack me. It was I who was trying to get away, not Travis, and I finally did," she said. "I never wanted it to be that way."
The 30-year-old victim was found in a shower at his Phoenix-area home. He had been shot in the face and stabbed more than 20 times, and his throat was slashed almost from ear to ear.

Eleven of the jurors from Arias' retrial were in court for the sentencing, wearing blue clothing and ribbons in memory of the victim. The holdout juror did not attend.
After they failed last month to reach a unanimous verdict on whether she should be executed, Stephens had to choose between sentencing Arias to life in prison or to life with the possibility of parole after 25 years.
"The defendant did not render aid to the victim ... (and) destroyed evidence at the crime scene. The defendant went to great lengths to conceal her involvement," Stephens said.
"The court finds the mitigation presented is not sufficiently substantial to call for leniency and that a natural life sentence is appropriate."
Samantha Alexander, a younger sister of the victim, told the court Arias had sought to smear Travis throughout and that she deserved to be put to death.
"She continuously makes atrocious lies about my brother, dragging his name through the mud like she dragged his body through his own blood," she said.
"I wouldn't waste my time addressing her because she isn't worth my breath."
Defense attorney Jennifer Willmott said Arias was remorseful and had urged the judge to give her the hope of release one day.
"Ms. Arias is not a monster," Willmott said. "For two minutes in her life she did something reprehensible ... she is disgusted by what she did."

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...