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What Is Going On Here?? (Epic Photo)

Na wa o , how manage?

Meek Mill Disses Mayweather's Girlfriend For Flaunting The Same Ring He bought Nicki Minaj

Meek Mill responded to Floyd Mayweather's girlfriend, Bad Medina, after she shared a photo of a ring quite similar to Nicki's.

Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj's rumored engagement was the hot topic yesterday, but it seems it wasn't all positivity that came out of the announcement. Shortly after Nicki unveiled her heart-shaped diamond ring, Floyd Mayweather's girlfriend who goes by Bad Medina, shared a photo of herself with a similar ring, captioning the pic, "like no other".

Meek Mill soon got word of the post, and read it as shade, replying directly by criticizing Medina for not having her own money, adding "b lucky Mayweather excepted [sic] Ya bum ass!".

Take a look at the posts below. We're still waiting on a concrete confirmation that Meek and Nicki are in fact engaged. What do you think?

She Is CUTE!! Chris Brown Shares Photos Of His Daughter Royalty

There is nothing like waking up to the pretty face of your child

Out of nowhere last month, news surfaced that Chris Brown was the father of a 9-month year old baby girl. While that unfortunately ended his relationship with longtime girlfriend Karreuche Tran, it did however start a new chapter in his life in becoming a first time father, which he looks to be fully embracing.

Taking to his Instagram Thursday evening, Chris decided to show off his adorable, 10-month old baby girl, Royalty, for the very first time ever. Rockin' matching outfits, Breezy wrote the caption "God has blessed me with my twin. #ROYALTY." 

Gen. Buhari backs FG’s steps And Gives Nigerians in S.A safety Tips on #Xenophobia

The President-elect, retired Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, on Saturday expressed full support to the steps taken by the Nigerian government to protect its citizens from xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

This is contained in a statement issued by Malam Garba Shehu, Director Media and Publicity, All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Organisation, in Abuja.

"Nigeria's Head of Mission in Pretoria had taken the right steps by advising the Nigerian community in South Africa to close their shops, stay at home and keep out of trouble.

"Nigerians in South Africa should obey the laws of their host country,'' the statement quoted Buhari as saying.
According to the statement, we equally understand that the South African government is making efforts to bring an end to this unfortunate situation.

"In the meantime, Nigerians in South Africa should abide by the words of caution extended to them by their government representative in Pretoria.

"I am happy to see that the Nigerian government is very well aware of its responsibilities to its citizens in South Africa,'' the statement stated.

Buhari, in the statement, commended the Nigerian government for its decision to monitor the situation in South Africa and evacuate its citizens at any sign of escalation.

The statement expressed the president's -elect sadness at the unfolding events in South Africa, recalling Nigeria's friendly relations to the country since the end of apartheid.

PARA!! NANS Gives South African Government 7days Ultimatum To Stop #Xenophobia Or .....

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), has given the South African Government seven days ultimatum to stop the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and other Africans resident in that country.
This ultimatum is conveyed in a statement issued by the association and made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Saturday.

The statement, signed by Nwankwo Ezekiel, NAN's Public Relations Officer, warned that South African investments and citizens in Nigeria would face reprisal attacks if the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and their businesses were not stopped.

Jonathan and Zuma
" NANS condemns the sudden surge of attacks and deaths of our brothers and sisters and loss of their properties in South Africa as a result of xenophobia attacks.
" It is with deep sense of sadness and brotherhood that we are urging the South African Government to ensure an urgent solution and bring to an end attacks on our own citizens and their businesses within the next seven days.
"If the attacks and looting are not stopped within seven days, we will be left with no alternative than to go against all the South African investments in our noble country, Nigeria.

"We will not stop at this but will go further and make all South Africa citizens residing in our country uncomfortable'', it said.
It added that South Africa and Nigeria were being looked up to by the world to lead Africa to greatness, adding that xenophobic attacks were an embarrassment to the entire continent.

All Gold Everything!! Photos From The Most Expensive wedding Ever (wow)

The son of the Sultan of Brunei, one of the world's richest men, has wed bride Dayangku Raabi'atul 'Adawiyyah Pengiran Haji Bolkiah in a spectacular ceremony at the monarch's 1,788-room palace in Brunei's capital, Bandar Seri Begawan. Prince Abdul Malik, 31, exchanged vows with Dayangku Raabi'atul 'Adawiyyah Pengiran Haji Bolkiah, 22, in front of crowds of friends and family, nobility and foreign dignitaries amid mind-boggling splendour.

The newlyweds' matching gold outfits were both embellished with diamonds, while blushing bride Raabi'atul carried a bouquet made of dazzling gems, rather than flowers. Dayangku Raabi'atul 'Adawiyyah Pengiran Haji Bolkiah also toted Christian Louboutin heels encrusted Swarovski crystals, with the distinctive red sole, as well as a chunky gold anklet.

The Prince is the youngest child of the Sultan, Hassanal Bolkiah, and his wife, Queen Saleha, and is second in the line of succession to become the next Sultan of Brunei. 

The 22-year-old bride, who worked as a systems data analyst and IT instructor, sported a breathtaking diamond tiara studded with six teardrop-shaped emeralds. A diamond necklace with a central pendant of three emeralds the size of grapes, glittered around her neck, while a matching brooch of two egg-shaped emeralds dangled from a diamond setting.

According to The Brunei Times, also in attendance were seven Malaysian state rulers and the governor of Saudi Arabia, and this is the first time that the couple have appeared together since the festivities started on 5 April. 

After the ceremony, there is expected to be a luxurious banquet in the palace's hall, which can accommodate up to 5,000 guests.

The wedding is taking place over a period of 11 days, and started on Sunday, 5 April, with the royal marriage proposal ceremony. The celebration will end on 15 April, with a ceremony of thanksgiving prayers.  
The location of the wedding, the dazzling Istana Nural Iman palace is situated in Brunei's capital, Bandar Seri Begawan. It is considered the largest residential palace in the world, with 1,788 rooms, five grand swimming pools, 257 bathrooms, and a 110-car garage.

The sultanate is a Malay Muslim absolute monarchy and dates back to the 15th century, having gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1984.

Ladies Know Your Place!! See the 4 Classes of Ladies Who Experience Late Or No Marriage

Ye though the female world population may be thrice above that of the males and it logically means that not all women will get married, you can still get yourself a husband amongst these natural disadvantage,

There are different habits that may hinder a lady from getting married. But here, am not going to talk about "Habits"of a lady but rather about "Kinds" of Ladies, that faces late marriage and most times, No Marriage.
Below are the Four kinds of ladies that faces late marriage and the answers that works :

1. The Perfect Lady : Here, the Perfect Lady do not imply that the Lady herself is perfect. But rather, their expectation of their dream man is too high that they kept being selective on the type of man that they want. Most times, the person they love may not like them, and the person that likes them, may not be their love. Those Perfect Ladies always want»»», A Tall, Rich, Caring& Handsome man and if the lady is spiritual, she will be waiting for "God's Will". Anyman that misses any of the Four qualities ends up being rejected.

Their Problem : The problem such ladies faces is that they end up loving the "Container" instead of the "Content".

The Solution : Accommodate a man who posses atleast 50% of the qualities you desire, the rest will develop with love.

2. The Beautiful Lady : A beautiful lady is attractive to the eye. They are victims of multiple relationships. Most guys that dates beautiful ladies dates them for fun. The attractiveness of a Lady makes it difficult for her to keep herself for a man. This is because of temptation from men, knocking left, right and centre.

Their Problem : The problem beautiful ladies faces is that no one really loves them for who they are but likes their beauty period. And men doubts their ability to make a good home. This poses a threat for them to marry cos most men considers a beautiful lady as a flirt.

The Solution : Have a picture of the kind of man you really want to marry. You are lucky that yua beautiful, because you will get proposals from various kinds of men; so be ready to identify that man whom you like to marry. Be loyal to him. He will be proud to marry you.

3. The Rich-man's daughter : The rich man's daughter bask on the euphoria of her father's wealth. As far as she's concern, her father is her hero and no man can replace her fathers love and care. She believes that every man that is running after her is after her fathers wealth. So this makes them unattractive to men. Men are naturally proud and will not like to muddle their hard earned reputation on such an insult.

Their Problem : Most rich men's daughter marry late or marry the wrong man.

The Solution : The Humility of a rich man's daughter is her greatest weapon to attract men. Men will naturally be drawn to you, if you are humble. Your beauty is secondary.

The Career Woman : These ladies are hardworking, ambitious and successful in life. They may be feminist. They are the champions of this saying, "What a man can do, a woman can even do it better". Marriage is not their headache but career.

Their Problem : The problem of career women is time management. They run everything in life like business even relationship. Secondly, they always want to be the Boss in all things and this poses a threat to men. The more masculine a lady behaves, the less attractive she is to a man. No man wants to marry another man.

The Solution : Every Career woman, cries in her closet. She prays for a man who will love and treat her like a woman. Your cry is over, woman! Simply be submissive atleast to a man. Avoid arguments with him. And be More feminine in your outlook. These are what you need to make a man , marry you.

Hello Ladies!...I believe I have given answers to your pressing needs!

Exposito!! Facts About The Woman Born With Twin-Vagina (18+ Photo)

Though this case is very rare, Hazel Jones suffered from terrible cramps and heavy periods. But it wasn't until she turned 18 that she was given her astonishing diagnosis – she had two vag!nas.

The blonde 27-year-old from England has the million- in-one condition uterus didelphys, which means she has two separate uterui and cervixes as well.

But she told ITV's This Morning she was comfortable with having the condition, despite the fact she had to effectively lose her virginity twice.

'Once I found out what it was I told everybody,' she told TV hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

'I thought it was amazing and it's definitely an ice- breaker at parties' She added: 'If women want to have a look, I'm quite happy to show them, it's not something I'm embarrassed by.' Hazel went to the doctor after her long-term boyfriend told her she was 'different' in the genital area.

Sitting next to Hazel, Doctor Dawn Harper explained: 'When developing in the womb girls start with two tubes. These fuse and the septum breaks down and forms one uterus. 'In around one in 3,000 cases the septum stays within the uterus but to actually have two separate uteruses is much rarer.'

Hazel said previously she had found sex very uncomfortable, but now she didn't suffer any adverse effects. She turned down surgery as it could have left significant scar tissue.

She revealed: 'When I was younger I thought I was having cystitis and urine infections from a young age when I was tearing the middle septum.'

She added that she once asked a school friend which 'hole' she should use for a tampon, but became too embarrassed to continue the conversation after her friend thought she meant she put it up her bottom.

She added: 'I used to suffer from horrendous cramps and my periods could be very heavy. I now know that my periods were worse because I have two wombs.

'So if I get pregnant I have to be very aware not to get
pregnant on the other side.' Dr Harper added that Hazel was more likely to have a breached birth as her uteruses were smaller and she was more likely to need a caesarean section.

She must also have double smear tests when checking for
cervical cancer. But Hazel is unphased by the prospect.
'I have a great sex life,' she said.

Ode-Irele Community in Ondo Begins Spiritual Cleansing to Appease gods (in Photos)

Ode-Irele community of Ondo state has on Friday begun the process of cleansing their land in a bid to appease the gods over the plague it believes was brought to them by the persons who stole from their shrine.

An indigene of the community, who spoke with Dailypost, said it was revealed to the traditional priest that Malokun goddess, worshiped in the community has not been happy with the people. Ojagbanitemi alleged that Malokun goddes was angry at the desecration of its shrine. He said:
"Malokun goddess is angry with us and this has been revealed by our priests. We have begun the spiritual cleansing with all women in the town fetching a bucket of water each to pour at Malokun shrine".
Pics continue after the cut.

Meanwhile, the Ondo State Governor, Dr Olusegun Mimiko, has disclosed that the symptoms observed in Ode-Irele bear no resemblance to those associated with the Ebola Virus Disease or any known epidemic disease.

Instagram Bans upload of Semi-nude and Soft porn photos (statement)

This is a good step towards the fast growing nude movement 

Photo sharing app, instagram, has unveiled stiffer rules so as to curb on the type of pictures users can post in a bid to cut down on pornography and harassment. Below is a statement released by Nicky Jackson Colaco, director of public policy for Instagram;

'We want Instagram to continue to be an authentic and safe place for inspiration and expression. Post only your own photos and videos and always follow the law. Respect everyone on Instagram, don't spam people or post nudity.

We know that there are times when people might want to share nude images that are artistic or creative in nature, but for a variety of reasons, we don't allow nudity on Instagram. 

This includes photos, videos, and some digitally-created content that show sexual intercourse, genitals, and close-ups of fully-nude buttocks. 

It also includes some photos of female nipples, but photos of post-mastectomy scarring and women actively breastfeeding are allowed. Nudity in photos of paintings and sculptures is OK, too.' 
In the old guidelines, we would say 'don't be mean',' 'Now we're actively saying you can't harass people. The language is just stronger.'

People like to share photos or videos of their children. For safety reasons, there are times when we may remove images that show nude or partially-nude children. 
Even when this content is shared with good intentions, it could be used by others in unanticipated ways.'

Amber Rose Ports From her Bald Look for Long Hair..... Hit or Miss (photos)

Amber Rose, 31, is famous for her blond buzz cut, but the beauty last night switched things up by rocking long hair which she showed off on her IG page. Compare what you see above, guys with her former hairstyle, which do you think is hotter?

See Why South Africans Are Attacking Only Black Foreigners #Xenophobia (photos)

This is really getting out of hand, I once head a saying that when you give blacks the Gun they will start attacking themselves , this is now a reality in S.A ,

The attacks on migrant shop owners in Durban this week reminds us the position of foreigner in South Africa is a complex one. After decades of isolation from the rest of the African continent, and the world, during apartheid, South Africa finally opened up to the rest of world in 1994.
Under apartheid, South Africa's immigration mirrored the narrow mindedness and prejudice of the National Party. Several laws made visiting or living in South Africa unpalatable to many. Particularly those of non-European descent.

At the dawn of the "new South Africa" in 1994, the country became home to many outsiders playing a key role in offering protection and refuge to people who had suffered unfavorable conditions in their home countries.
ShareTap image to zoom

At the heart of South Africa's complex problem with xenophobia is the loaded meaning of the term "foreigner." Pejoratively, the term "foreigner" in South Africa usually refers to African and Asian non-nationals.

"Other" foreigners—particularly those from the Americas and Europe go unnoticed—they are often lumped up with "tourists," or even better, referred to as "expats."
It is this reason why the South African government says its hesitant to call the recent attacks on foreign nationals as xenophobic.
Is it "Afrophobia" or xenophobia?

Many South Africans look at the attacks on enterprising African immigrants from Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Nigeria and Malawi—often running shops, stalls and other businesses in the informal economy—and resolve that the current attacks on foreigners are more afrophobic, than xenophobic.
Many ask: "Why is it that a Somali man can run a shop in a township, get raided and beaten up, while a white immigrant in town continues to run a restaurant full of patrons?"

It is this delineation that breeds ground for denial.

While this sentiment may be correct—that the violent expression of xenophobia in South Africa is meted out mainly against African immigrants – it is unhelpful to resolve the crisis that has left many foreign nationals homeless, tortured and dispossessed.

While we can ascribe the attacks to sentiments of Afrophobia, we must be willing to agree that the attacks are fuelled by a sense of hatred, dislike and fear of foreigners – and that is xenophobia. And given the fact that foreign nationals from Pakistan and Bangladesh have been profiled in this wave of attacks, it will soon no longer be enough for South Africans to cry "Afrophobia."

 A hangover from the past, fueled by present

South Africa's xenophobia reflects the country's history of isolation. As a country at the Southern most tip of Africa, South Africans are fond of referring to their continental counterparts as "Africans" or "people from Africa." Many business ventures, news publications and events—aimed at local audiences—routinely speak about "going to Africa."

Of course this narrow-mindedness, suffered by both black and white South Africans, is a by-product of apartheid. For black people, apartheid was an insidious tool used to induce self-hate and tribalize people of the same race. For white South Africans, apartheid was a false rubber-stamp of the white race as superior.

It is these two conceptions that gave rise to the myth that South Africa is not part of the African continent, but a different place that just happens to be on the tip of the continent.

Long after the scourge of apartheid, it is also clear that we're fueling this prejudice in the present.

It remains to be seen whether South Africans will break away from these shackles, and rid themselves of this horrid prejudice anchored in our past, but seemingly fuelled by our present.

In Photos : Starboy Music Act L.A.X Arrives Kenya for the Art of Luxury party

It is going down today!!

Starboy Music act L.A.X has touched down in Nairobi, Kenya ahead of the 'Art of Luxury' party he's headlining on Saturday, April 18, 2015 put together by Gas Promotions Nigeria  at  ‎Skyluxx Lounge Nairobi.

The event will be hosted by controversial video vixen and club host, Vera Sidika and Daniel Peter Weke with DJ Joe Mfalme on the wheels of steel.

EXPosito!! Ondo Deadly Sickness has Something to Do with the gods (must read)

I thought it was a prank but damn this is real ,

Here's a mail I just got from a reader tonight, guys, concerning the deadly illness that hit a community in Ondo state and has killed at least 14 people so far.

The state's commissioner for Information and Strategy had earlier on today announced that the illness and sudden death is connected to an exhumed corpse. That the people who've died so far were those who had contact with the people who exhumed the corpse. But some people think otherwise. Read..

Hi ENEKEM, I read your post on the strange illness that befell some people in a town in Ondo state. Spoke with a few of my students earlier today in Ondo and they claimed that the strange ailment has some spiritual undertones. It's not really a medical epidemic. 

It was claimed that some people sold the deity/oracle/idol that is being worshipped in the
town for a sum of N20million to some whites. After the deal was done, the Oracle started visiting those involved in the deal as well as the innocents that ignorantly spent out of the money. The deity even has a unique name and they worship it every year. 

It's possible you must have been informed before now and if not, I just thought you may need it for your post. Will get the deity's name if you want it.

I immediately asked our dear reader for the deity's name, he's yet to respond. Who else knows something about this?

OMG!!This Is The Most Disgusting Photos Of Nicki Minaj Ever (must see)

Well incase you missing, there is a fake safaree stunt (nicki's Ex) on twitter posting numerous photos of her flaws, and these ones really caught out attention , babe why

Yuck!! Will You Be caught Dead Eating this Nasty Cake?? (Photo)

Don't know what they were thinking n this is insane really ....... Shey you go chop am?

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...