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TIFFANY BOYLE Talks How To Grow A Business on the XPERIENCE @emergethemagazine

Hello my name is Omaje
And your welcome to the XPERIENCE
An online show that celebrates female entrepreneurs, whom are doing explicitly well in there endeavours!
Well ,our personality of this week is Tiffany Boyle, An American with a great vision,
I meet Tiffany on my bid to take the XPERIENCE international, I feel in love with a significant virtue she potrayed "patience" the way she took her time replying my emails, just to make sure, we had a good understanding, of the business we are venturing into thrilled me, not everyone can wait to understand, they all want to jump into a conclusion so soon in their favour!
Mrs boyle, is a proud mum and also a student, she's currently in school for her masters degree.
She loves to eat bar foods like, chicken wings,nachos, French fries
Hahahaha she will say "Anything not good for you I like"
Her birthday anniversary is on the third of July, and Tiffany would prefer an all expensed paid trip to a country she wants to visit.
Mrs Boyle is totally dedicated to Emerge the magazine , she puts in all her resources and time to see it grow.
Take a slow scroll at our interview as she tells us more about herself and Emerge the magazine.
XP :tell us about emerge the magazine.
TIFFANY BOYLE: its a magazine that promotes, exposes, educates, and empowers business owners and entrepreneurs. Emerge the Magazine is a business resource read by business owners, executives, managers, trade association members and more. Our readers are interested in local to national companies, organizations and services to help them in building strong business for themselves.
Emerge the Magazine is business industry focused. We are a resource for all stages of businesses; start-up business owners to CEOs. We provide solutions and advice through our articles on how to prepare a business, start a business, grow your business, and be a leader.

XP:if you had the chance to start your career over again what would you do differently.
TIFFANY BOYLE: I would have started Emerge a long time ago.
XP:what else do you do?
TIFFANY BOYLE: I am a mom and I go to school. I'm currently getting my Master's Degree.

XP:you have an event coming soon,tell us about it and what you aim to achieve.
TIFFANY BOYLE :May 29, 2015 is the OFFICIAL Inaugural celebration of "Emerge Magazine" to be held at 6pm at The City Club, 555 13th St. NW Washington, D.C 20004. Emerge Magazine will highlight its cultural trendsetters, writers, and sponsors, while highlighting world-renowned business leaders. For more information regarding the event- Visit:www.EmergePremiere.com
This inaugural celebration is to provide a positive platform for businesses and individuals that nurtures our business community allowing it to thrive while encouraging collective growth.
XP:what has been your challenges in being an entrepreneur.
TIFFANY BOYLE: Time. Time is my biggest challenge. Being a mom, student, and trying to start a profitable business for us to live off of is the hardest part. But a challenge I am willing to take on.
XP:who has been your greatest inspiration?
TIFFANY BOYLE: My mother. I know that is cliche, but she is a strong independent woman who started her own business and is now starting a nonprofit.
XP:How far are you willing to go to take ur career to.
TIFFANY BOYLE: If we are talking about ethics. I will not be unethical to get to my dream level. Nothing is worth my self respect and dignity.

XP: do you have any particular person you admire?
TIFFANY BOYLE: Oprah, of course. My life's dream would just to meet her and for her to read an issue of Emerge Magazine.
XP:how did you get funds for your business. I worked for them.
TIFFANY BOYLE: All startup funds came from my own savings. Starting a magazine does not have that much overhead. However,  I do not suggest everyone fund their own business. please research before making any decisions on how to fund your start up.
XP:where do you see yourself in 10 years.
TIFFANY BOYLE :I see myself being a successful CEO, being a motivational speaker, having an international magazine, and helping other start ups with their business.
XP:what's your advice to upcoming entrepreneurs.
TIFFANY BOYLE:The advice I would give to other upcoming entrepreneurs is "Do Not Be Afraid." Fear controls a lot of things we do or don't do and I say don't let it stop you from doing what you love to do.
You can consult Tiffany Boyle on how to grow your business.
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Merci beaucoup!!!!

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