Saturday, May 16, 2015

SHOCKING PHOTOS OF Half Man- HaLF Woman Witch/Wizard Caught Earlier Today (Viewer Dis.)

This is really shocking but not new to people in Africa ,

Another Witch/wizard caught in the grips of the Madina police. A person believed to ve the top being a man and the down being a woman couldn't fly again around 5 am this dawn.

Report has it that he went to steal a woman's womb but when flying back felt weak so stopped at maye hot to rest and fell into a deep sleep only to wake up in the morning surrounded by people who had called the police. He has the face of a man and body of a woman.

He's currently in the custody of Medina police

Viewer Descretion advised


Just got this from a facebook female friend

Guys you have to be mindful and cautious of the kinda girls you go out with or woo.Not all girls you see are humans,some of them are from the underworld sent to destroy the souls of many while some of them are possessed to achieve this aim.

Some guys think that a girl is cheap after having sex with her on a first date,unknown to them that she's on a mission to destroy the destinies of great people.She isn't cheap,she already got what she wanted.Most of them are people you see on daily basis,some of them are even right here on facebook in search of souls to destroy..Many destinies has been destroyed,and their lifes cut short.

These people are devil incarnate.Be watchful and prayerful.To be forewarned is to be forearmed.Goodnight and may God see us all through the night..Amen..


These two are legends in the music industry , just so you know great minds roll together , yagaa


Barimah Sydney and @yvonnenelsongh ready for vigil #dumsormuststop

Yvonne Nelson is really a strong woman and activist even after the media and a lot of people worldwide have criticized her and her Dumsormuststop movement, she did not hold back she is still on the streets of Ghana right now at the time we published this article ,

Incase you missed the reason for this ....The currently ongoing power outage in Ghana is seriously affecting lives and properties and this has not gone down well with most entertainers in the country and the masses at large.

Recall that May 16th was set aside by entertainers who had converged together with some other well meaning citizens to stage a peaceful protest over the current electricity challenges in the country with the tag; " Dumsor Must Stop."

Actress, Yvonne Nelson and some other Ghanaian celebrities were seen on the match which actually started at about 4pm with many holding lantern which they intend to turn on at night.

The protest so far has been a peaceful one and Police were seen trying to coordinate their activities.

Something Cooking?? Wizkid ,Chris Brown and Bow wow Pictured Together (photo)

Seem our boy Bow wow (Shadmoss) might be returning to the music industry , he was pictured yesterday with Chris brown and our very own Wizkid getting busy , and according to the caption in the pics above we really need to keep our fingers crossed ......

IFY thanks for this Highlight , Nigress me

Ahh , What is going on here? (Epic Photo)

La wa o , seem like the man behind is relaxing his big tummy on the yansh of the man in front , this is epic .lol , men please work out don't end up with big tummy , though they say it is a sign of 'I don chop belle-full' just checked Bill Gates and Obama photos and their tummy is still flat

And They Kissed!! Checkout This Photo Of Gov. Oshiomole Kissing Is New Bride

Money good that's all ,


The more you try to impress, the more you become depressed, and the more they get tired of your coercion.

It doesn't make them love you, instead, they will see you as a little child, trying to draw a senseless picture on a piece of paper, begging people to look at it and admire it by force.

You can persuade someone to look at your face, but you can't persuade them to see the beauty therein.

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...