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Meet The Nigerian Student That Has Married Been Married To Jim Iyke For 3years (photos)

So this very interesting drama happened on Jim Iyke's IG page after he posted this picture of himself with Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State. Jim with catchy captions was showing off how much he respects the governor for his wonderful achievements in his state, only for Jackiffy to 'intrude'. lol. Wetin Jim do these women?

The comment definitely got attention of Potpourri who decided to seek the girl out. In a BBM chat with her later on, Potpourri found out that the girl is a Nigerian schooling in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She goes by the name Ify Jacob.

When she was asked if she had ever had any crush on Jim as many girls do, chiq bluntly replied:

"That is where the problem is. I never had a crush on him before but all of a sudden I started having dreams that I am married to him for more than three years now. You cannot understand because you are not Jim or a pastor. I don't like it. It is disturbing to me."

Is this Jim Iyke trying to hide from her?

Official Portrait of Buhari As He Drops General Title from May 29| Dope Or Nope

Though he is slim ,
The man is looking so fine.

The official portrait of President elect, General Muhammadu Buhari and his Vice, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo have been released by his media team. The release was done today alongside a statement that Buhari is to drop the title General from his name after he is sworn in on May 29.

The one paragraph statement reads:
 "From May 29, 2015, the President-elect and Vice-President-elect are to be respectively known and addressed as Muhammadu Buhari, President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria and Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, Vice President, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Ghen Ghen!! I May Lose My Virginity Soon — Adokiye Kyrian (See Why)

Vulnerably beautiful Adokiye Kyrian, peace ambassador, architect, singer and actress, made a big fuss sometime last year, when she revealed to Potpourri that she was still a virgin. Not a big deal, but in this fast and furious era where youngsters want to get high real fast and be done with so much in so little time, it is nothing but a big deal.

Potpourri got talking again with Adokiye on Tuesday where she dropped the bomb about losing her virginity soon. Adokiye said:
"I will let that go soon (meaning her virginity). What's the point of having all the endowment and not enjoying life as a woman. Plus, people are beginning to call me names, like mumu and all. I have been thinking lately, you know, though my mind is not
made up yet".
When Potpourri probed further and asked if she truly misses anything as a virgin. She will be 24/25 this year, 'Kiye continued:
"Yes, I guess I'm human. Don't get it twisted. Sometimes I feel like I'm missing but each time I want to make that move, I get scared because I know once it's gone, it's gone".
PP suspected this girl must have found a guy she doesn't want to lose because of sex. so he hit her with the question.
"They always push" she replied. "Push, push and push. Don't you know men? Aren't you a man? Man, I'm so scared. But why not? I came with it I may leave with it".
When she was told it would be an awful thing to do, afterall God gave it to us to enjoy. She cut PP short and replied,
"But God didn't make it compulsory for me to share it with someone. Don't forget about the Reverend Sisters. You know I'm a staunch Catholic. I was almost going to be one anyways during high school days. I grew up around Reverend Sisters and at some point I told my mum I wanted to become one"

EXPOSITO!! I Would Love to See My Wife’s Face — Cobhams Asuquo

Visually impaired award-winning producer and songwriter, Cobhams Asuquo has been married to his beautiful wife, Ojuolape for four years now. And in a new interview with PUNCH has said he would love to regain his sight even if it is for one day just to see his wife's pretty face. Excerpts:
Do you sometimes wish you could regain your sight even for a day
Cobhams: Yes, I would love to regain my sight even if it is for one day just to see my wife's face. That is one of the things that would make her happy.
Do you ever wish he had his sight just to see what you look like?
Ojuola: No, I don't and I have never wanted him to have his sight for the reason you mentioned. If I
ever want him to have his sight, it is because I wish he can see more of everyday things. For instance, if I am narrating an incident to him or if there is something really nice I want to show him, at times like that I wish he could see. Because he is my gist partner, I often wish he can see the expression on my face when we are talking.
Is it easy to hide any secrets from your wife?
Cobhams: No, it's not. Whenever I have a phone conversation with anybody, chances are I would tell her everything we talked about. We probe each other and sometimes I find it annoying.

Ojuola: I always look out for him. For instance, even though he can operate the Automated Teller Machine all by himself, I assist him by standing behind him.
What do you admire most about your spouse?

Cobhams: I like the fact that she speaks the truth at all times. She is a reasonable person and a good cook.

Ojuola: With him, what you see is what you get. He is diplomatic, courteous, generous, kind hearted and peace loving.
What hobbies do you both have in common?
Cobhams: We both like 'fresh gist' but we don't talk about other people. We both like reading, movies, and food; I like food more than she does. When we were dating, we used to eat all the time.
What lessons has marriage taught you?
Cobhams: Marriage has taught me that love is not just a feeling and it is not just about sparks flying all over the place or how you feel at a particular point in time. Love is consistency; commitment, sacrifice and doing the things you say you will do when you say you will do them. It has taught me that responsibility doesn't just exist in the mind and that you have to be responsible for your wife and children. It has taught me that I have a definite role to play in life and I have to protect my family. I have learnt to put them first before me.
How involved are you in his business?
Ojuola: I used to be fully involved in his business but right now, I only consult and play an advisory role. I am currently running my own business and I am also in school.
How do you keep the passion alive in your marriage?
Cobhams: We spend a lot of time together and because we do not work nine to five, we are part of each other's lives; she is part of my work and vice versa. Her school project keeps us talking. We always have something to talk about and we are never bored when we are together. Whenever I travel and find something I like; say a perfume, I get it for her. She recently initiated an impromptu date; we were returning from church and she suggested we stop over at Starbucks to have coffee and hot chocolate. While sipping our beverages, we talked about a lot of things. Because my work requires a lot of travel, it allows me miss her and she misses me too. Whenever I return from my trip, we are excited.
How do you handle female fans?
Cobhams: I am fortunate in that regard and it also depends on how you carry yourself. People will always want to cross the boundary hence the need for an indicator that you can't cross it. You just have to be daring to want to go from being someone I relate with to someone who wants to cross the boundary. My wife is involved in just about everything I do and that is great. A lot of people know I am happily married and I talk about my wife openly. Women are always looking for something more but when it is clear that its not possible, they become more hesitant to start a relationship or cross the boundary.
Who is first to apologise after an argument?
Ojuola: I don't think there is a trend. There is a freedom to apologise and there is always an atmosphere for reconciliation. Once you recognise you are wrong, you apologise. Arguments are simply just misunderstandings or a result of expectations that are not being met . We talk a lot and moreover Cobhams isn't stubborn.

He is very diplomatic, courteous, generous and a kind-hearted fellow.He doesn't like conflict but he might keep certain things to himself. If he is upset with you, you wouldn't know because he won't lash out or talk back at you. People might not know this but if you offend him, you won't hear from him again.
Do you run a joint account?
Cobhams: We have individual and joint accounts and I can't remember whose idea it was.
Do you help out with domestic chores?
Cobhams: Yes, I do and it also depends largely on where we are. In Nigeria, there is really not so much for me to do because we have people help out; we have a driver, chef and steward. I am the handy man; I try to fix things around in the house. I help with preparing our son for school. I bathe him, dress him up and watch over him, when she has classes or is out hanging out with friends. I generally ensure sure the house runs because its my responsibility and I make sure the generator is in a good working condition because I am a good house husband. But because America is a land of 'do it yourself', I take out the trash myself whenever we are there.

Ojuola: We do a lot of things together. He is very helpful, and supportive. We live our lives as a couple. He carries our son, bathes him and puts him to bed. He is a hands-on dad.
Any advice to married celebrities?
Cobhams: Treasure your partner and commit to building the relationship because when you come home, you are a father, husband, worker, domestic employee and so much more. You are not the celebrity or star.

Ojuola: Live your lives, guard your marriage jealously and have your sacred place. With social media, it's easy for everybody to know all about you but there is a certain part of life you need to guard and keep sacred.

WOW!! Beautiful Lady Trekking to Abuja from Enugu Arrives Gwagwalada (photos)

This woman is pretty legit to me, you can see the foot scap from the long trek

Agu Chidera Joy left Enugu solo on a #UnityWalk and yesterday night successfully arrived Gwagwalada. And she's still so determined to reach her destination.

Zero Joy!! University Students Captured On Camera During Money Ritual (Shocking)

The sender of the pics and info pleaded to stay anonymous , according to him he was there during the ritual but changed his mind due to perceived repercussions ,

According To him

''' Please Enekem just warn the girls out there to be careful especially when they are with wealthy boys that are ready to pay any amount for sex ,and to the boys please don't envy any rich person you see some of them have probably done what you can't do to get where they are'''

We are still yet to dig into the gist , but the fact is be watchful ...

Meet Quincy Bellz She Has The Biggest Hipz In Naija (wow photos)

A blog reader sent in the photos , She is also really pretty , the complete package

EXPOSITO!! Why I married Lara Fortes - Oshiomole Reveals

Governor Adams Oshiomole has opened up on the nationality of his wife, Lara Fortes and why he married her..He told PM News
I have seen a lot of publications, some saying that she is Philippine, Dutch and several others, but she is from Cape Verde. And that is part of West Africa. And I hope that will rest the debate of where she is from,"

"She is very humble, she appreciates the nature of my job and life that it is one that one comes back home late. Sometimes 3: 00 a.m., she understands my weaknesses, she is more or less the mother of the house, the one that has accepted to be the mother of my children.

I am happy that all my children are at home with ‎her and accept her as their mother even though she is not old enough to be their mother. She has accepted to fill that gap,"

Best Friends Ebube Nwagbo & Rukky sanda Looks Flawless In New Pics

Cute people roll together , Happy Sunday famz


InterState-Trekker That Trekked From Yola to Abuja Meets Atiku And Tinubu (Photo)

Breaking News !!! Military Coup in Burundi as Army General Overthrows President Pierre

NEW MUSIC!! Vector ~ King Kong (Remix) Feat. Phyno, Reminisce, Classiq, Uzi

Shocking photos: X-ray shows 8yr Old Boy That Was smuggled Into Spain Via Suitcase

Reminisce Set To Tour U.S in JUNE cc #BABAHAFUSA (@IamReminisce)

See What This Lady Said About A mAn That Bought Her A Brand New IPhone 6| Smart Or Foolish?

DJ KHALED Officially Leaves Cash Money Records For ......

BUSTED!! EFCC Captures 5 Suspects Over N26million Internet Fraud – PHOTOS

Photo: Prostitutes Beat Up Pastor In Cross River

Nollywood Actresses Send Nudes & Offer Us Sex For Roles -- Director Amaechi Ukeje

SHE FINE!! Gov. Adams Oshiomhole Set to Wed Ethiopian Lover on Friday (Photo)

OMG!!! These Have To be The most Awkward Neck Chains Ever .lmao (pic)

Photos: Oshiomhole’s Wife, Iara Performs First Role as First Lady

One of the benefits of marrying a governor is that it comes with honor ,

Iara, the newly wedded wife of Adams Oshiomhole, governor of Edo state, has performed her first official role as the first lady of the state,

less than 24 hours after her wedding. Iara in the company of her husband presented trophies and medals to winners at the Okpekpe Road Race.

Tanui Aifele and Alex Korio both from Kenya, took the female and male titles of the 3rd edition of the 10 kilometer Okpekpe Road Race, after finishing in 33.34 and 29.20 minutes in their respective categories. As expected, Kenyans won three positions in the female category and two out of the first three in the male category. The winners in both categories went home with $25,000, $15,000 and $10,000 respectively.

Bossing Up!! D'Banj Stuns in Agbada for Shina Peller's Birthday Party

Lagos socialite and Quilox night club boss, Shina Peller was a year older two days ago, 14th May and had a star studded party to celebrate. Check out D'Banj's outfit to the party. He is BangaLee!!

OMG!! August Alsina Reveals A Disease Left Him Blind (Photo)

Prayers Up!!
August Alsina needs a few prayers sent up. The 22-year-old singer took to Instagram last night (May 15) to reveal that he underwent a painful eye surgery. Suffering from an undisclosed disease, Alsina wrote that he had gone blind in his left eye and began losing sight in his right. Turning to what looks like a laser procedure, the R&B crooner explained that the decision was necessary to preserve his eyesight.

Alsina ended his caption on a hopeful and positive note, expressing gratefulness for the ability to see, albeit difficult.

"A lot of things that are so natural to us in life (like waking up and being able to see) we can take it for granted," he wrote. "Thank God the OG for allowing me to see.. The good the bad the ugly, I'm just glad to see."

Last year, the singer suffered another health scare. While on stage at NYC's Irving Plaza, Alsina collapsed as a result of exhaustion, and remained in a coma for three days thereafter. 

Read his post on his latest challenge below.

Get well, Yungin'.

So I have this eye disease.. Blind in my left, and losing vision in my right. In order to prevent my eyesight from deteriorating ihad to do this surgery. This shit is beyond painful & Life be throwin' a nigxa curve balls but what I've gained from it all is priceless… A lot of things that are so natural to us in life (like waking up and being able to see ) we can take it for granted. Thank God the OG for allowing me to see.. The good the bad the ugly, I'm just glad to see
A photo posted by Yungin' (@augustalsina)

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...