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6 Golden Rules Every Man Should Know About Women

Well a wise person sent this to our mail and I felt it is worth sharing , read and tell us what you think,

Six Golden Rules Every Man
Needs To Know

1. When you meet a girl, don't
think of sex first;
don't ask for sex. Even if you are
hot in pants,
pretend that you are a monk for
some time.

2. Don't go searching for a virgin,
if you are not a
virgin yourself. All the girls you
have massacred,
who will marry them. Besides,
there no record
that virgins make better wives or
are more faithful
in marriage.

3. If you are a "modern man,"
don't look for a
"village girl that knows nothing."
Soon you will start
complaining that she is too local
to fit into your
circle of enlightened friends.
Besides, a village girl
may "wise up" and trouble will
start in your home.

4. Don't look for a girl that is
afraid of you: A girl
you can always intimidate. Fear is
not respect.

5. Don't be carried away by a
girl's physical features: beauty,
complexion, shape, breast shape,
and firmness, etc. They matter
but they are not
critical. In the long run, child-
bearing and age
affect these features. Besides,
when you
have married a woman for some
her physical features stop
"turning your head." At
that time, whatwill attract you to
her will be what is
inside of her: intelligence,
wisdom, self-
control, patience, peace,
gentleness, etc.

6. Don't be interested in a girl
because of her wealth
or her parents' wealth. Even if
she is richer than
you or her parents are richer,
make it clear from
the beginning that you will take
care of your
marriage yourself or that both of
you will take care
of your marriage together.
Don't accept your in- laws taking
care of your
family responsibilitie s. Let them
allow you to build
your own home. After all, many
of them were
poorer than you are now when
they got married. If
they want you to upgrade to
their level, let
them support your business, e.g
by supplying their
goods to you to sell
and make your OWN money.



PARA !!! Angry Close Friend Expose All Tuface's Dirt For Calling PDP Corrupt, OMG.. (Photo)

Well only a close pal can highlight truths like this ,

Tu Baba went on line and slammed The PDP for being corrupt and for stealing monies meant for the development of the country But  his 'friend', Eric Amodu, who seem to know him well didnt take the posts lightly. he replied him through the state-owned website,, accusing Tuface of being one of the beneficiaries of the supposedly corrupt government.

Read his open letter:

"Too bad you threw the bomb at yourself on this. You are my friend but the truth must be told.

Question 1. Name a single soul you' ve ever helped?

Question 2. Why did your fellow childhood friends deserted you?

Question 3. What have you given back to the society that made u?

Infact lets go deeper

First of all, OJB produced you and brought you to limelight and even gave you a song for free without you paying a dime. But you threw your back at him when the world was rallying round to save his life.

Not even a dime from you when lesser musicians gave their widows mite.

No any Idoma sons could say he's on your scholarship list yet you have the mouth to talk back at the people that you helped in eating from their states' funds.

You ate the resources meant for Benue State during Akume days in PDP as a governor when he bought you a Camry.

How about Donald Duke when he was the PDP governor of cross Rivers State? He lavished the state resources for you and still paid 20 million naira just to reunite the plantation boiz yet you have the guts to say PDP did nothing? Better still, you for reject all the money.

Akwa-Ibom state governor under the PDP-led government lavished the money meant for the state to sponsor your wedding. Why didn't you kick against it when he gave you eight jeeps and sponsored several people to Dubai just to attend your wedding?

Jolly Nyame wasted the state resources on you and you practically abandoned Lagos for Taraba just because you began to taste the juicy side of unmerited resources from government coffers.

Don't forget… when you sang " I dey feel like so so so and so person… because you de spend for me." Over 70% of the names you mentioned were PDP people you joined in eating away the future of their states.

Brother man, sorry to say this… you don't even stand the moral ground where conscience speaks to talk about PDP.

I would love Banky W, the little Davido that just started, Ice Prince, Don Jazzy and so many others to talk because they don't dine with the PDP and their states' funds yet they've given a whole lot to the society.

On your wedding day, you took away the pleasure of the eyes from Nigerians to Dubai so that dem no go fit benefit even small thing from you. Stingy life."

Tuface is yet to respond to these accusations as he is not picking his calls when reached out to him for his own side of the story.

GOBE!! Man Dies After Winning Ogogoro Drinking & Smoking Competition (Graphic Photo)

Who them wan hold responsible for this kind case?

A security man, simply identified as Thompson, has died after drinking a bottle of a popular alcoholic drink and smoking five sticks of cigarette in two minutes, which were the terms of a bet he entered into with others he met at a joint.

The incident happened at Agege area of Lagos on May 7, after the deceased bought bottles of Ogogoro (local gin) for his drinking companions, who then challenged him to finish a bottle of bitters and smoke five sticks of cigarette within a stipulated time.

If he had won, the friends would have paid for everything he consumed.

According to Vanguard: After agreeing to the terms, the deceased opened the bottle of bitters, drank it in less than two minutes, smoked two sticks of cigarette, stood up and began to walk away.

His friend's story
His friend, 28-year-old Earnest Joseph, who had gone out with him said: "At about 8am, Thompson returned from his security guard job, went inside his room and slept.

"Later in the afternoon, two of his friends came. So I prepared Eba because he had soup and we all ate. We went out to a nearby local hot drink vendor, popularly called Tee Sugar. Thompson bought N50 quantity of Dongoyaro and N30 sachet of Chelsea for each of us.

"From there we went to another vendor in the neighbourhood and met some of Thompson's friends from his home town. He ordered for two full bottles of local gin, Ogogoro, which we drank together.

"As soon as we finished consuming the first bottle, Thompson and his relatives began to speak their local dialect, which I do not understand.

"All of a sudden, the vendor brought a big bottle of bitters. I asked Thompson if he was the one that ordered for the bottle. He said his friends ordered it and that he wants to prove to them that he can drink a bottle of Alomo Bitters and five sticks of cigarettes.

"I tried to stop him but he drank it in less than two minutes, smoked two sticks of cigarette and decided to leave. His relatives called him back to smoke the remaining three."

He said trouble started as soon as he finished the fifth stick.

He reportedly became uncomfortable, staggering, sweating profusely and breathing heavily as he walked away.

Joseph said he took Thompson home on okada. He was said to have vomited several times and then died at about 8p.m. in his room.

MISSING PERSON!! Have You Seen This Young Man? (Photo)

This is a public out cry to everyone out there,

Missing!! Our Dear Son and Brother, Ikpechika( I.k) Nwana,  who left Port Harcourt for Lagos to enroll in a Pastoral School in a Church, arrived Lagos, lived and fellowshipped with his Pastor friend who lives in Ajah.

He got missing barely 3 weeks after his arrival in Lagos, He never returned to his friend's house as he set out one faithful morning for evangelism. He left with only the clothes he wore and a Bible. He is very tall, about 6.7" and he is chocolate skinned. We plead with all good Samaritans out there to help in Prayers and in looking out for him on the road,

If you have any details , you can contact us ( or the nearest police station

WEEK ON XPERIENCE: Meet 'NNEJI TOBE' The Medial Mogule What Wanted To Be A DOCTOR

I am Omaje and this is the XPERIENCE.

In this episode we have a very interesting guest.
Her name is Nneji Tobechukwu popular known as Tobe da diva.

I call her the "media mogule"
She started her journey way back in 2007, thats over 8 years now and counting.

Tobe is one of those youths who went to school because mummy and daddy says education gives you a brighter future, As funny as it seems, she was still dedicated and Focused and never saw the media coming.

Her childhood dream was being a doctor,have a good life and be comfortable.
Not until she got bored, and wanted to get something doing After her tertiary education, in that state she decided to attend a broadcast audition in Abuja, where she was selected.

And here she is!
Producing mighty waves in the Broadcast media industry.
We love Tobe and we applaude her hard work and uniqueness.

Well, As a proactive lady.
Tobe develops new hobbies regularly….one time it was photography, another time it was sketching, at a point it was reading horror novels (she still read them though) but currently, the hobby is video editing, Reading random stuff online, writing (she has a blog she update with my writings) and travelling, she loves to travel!

Her birthday anniversary is on the 19th of january, you want to know what she will consider a birthday gift? read in her own writings

"Hahaha….i love cash, gadgets, shoes and clothes…so anything in there is just fine. Lol. Really though, for birthdays, I do not really have gift preferences…anything works."

Anything doesn't work, make sure you pick one of the First four ,or all them, if you want to be her pal. Not kidding.

And for her favourite food, hear it!
"mmmm….i really like to eat spare ribs but off the top of my head, I always order Pounded Yam and Vegetable or white soup…."

And for her best loved outfit.

"mmmm….thats a tough one. I dress according to how I feel when I wake up. The constant thing is that I like to be comfortable in what ever I wear. I don't think I have any fav outfit but Black is my fav color….there is always something black on me"

So lovers!!!
Enjoy our interview with Tobe da diva.

XP:tell us about your journey in the Broadcast media industry.

TOBE:My journey….it has been one with a lot of ups and downs. I got out of school in 2007 and, just because I had nothing better to do, I went for a radio audition in Abuja and got selected. Went on air for the 1st time in December of 2007 on Vision FM Abuja. Then I moved to Kiss FM in 2009 where I rose to the position of News Editor. In 2012 I moved to Enugu to work as the Programs Manager for Dream FM. In late 2014 I took a contract to work with GoUni Radio for a short time and set up the station. Currently, I am working on my own syndicated radio program "The New Woman Radio Show" and a live show on Dream FM, "On Air with TobeDadiva"

Since 2007, It's been working in broadcast media in various capacities, learning new tricks and pretty much, trying to grow in the industry…that's my journey.

XP:if you had the chance to start your career over again what would you do differently.

TOBE:Mmm….I would take more risks at the beginning and not be so afraid. I think I was a little too careful and let a lot of chances pass by but at the same time, I am kind of glad for the mistakes and experiences cause they are playing major roles in my decisions right now.

XP:is there any particular reason you chooses to be an On air personality.

TOBE:At the beginning, not really. I was just fresh out of school and wanted to keep myself busy before NYSC. But within a few month, I realized that I wanted to be in broadcasting…It became hard for me to imagine a life where I wasn't a broadcraster.
One experience in 2009 made a lasting impact though…I was hosting the night show on Kiss FM and a girl (her name was Crystal), called up on the show and went on and on about how messed up her life was and she described how she was going to drink herself to stupor and hope that she would die. She talked about her complicated relationships and I just spent time on the phone with her…I think we spent over an hour…(usually that would be too long to spend with a caller but for some reason, I just went ahead and did it). A week later, she came by the office to see me and tell me how speaking with me helped her out of her depression.

That singular experience gave me new reason and drive.

Since you didn't see the OAP thing coming and It was not part of the plan, what would you have rather made you popular?

TOBE: Lol.
I didn't start out wanting to be popular. I just wanted to work and then make money. I honestly didn't know what I was gonna be when I finished school.
I was gonna be a doctor....but that didn't work out cz I couldn't wrap my head around chemistry
I was pretty much like most young people....just floating thru. ..till media found me.

XP: Tell us about the "bedroom diaries"  and what you aim to achieve.

TOBE:Hahahaha….the bedroom diaries. It is a new fun web video project I started a few weeks back. I am a person who believes in self developing, learning new things and pushing yourself….Bedroom diaries is my attempt at that. I taught myself basic video editing just to do it…I honestly feel very proud.

Bedroom Diaries is a Vlog series where I talk about different things with friends and guests, either in my bedroom or theirs. It is recorded on my PC and we all just go in on the topic of discussion for the week.

The aim is to entertain the viewers while starting up random conversations among friends. It comes out every Monday on my youtube channel and is updated on my blog

XP:what has been your challenges in the industry so far.

TOBE:Biggest challenge would be having people take me seriously. A lot of people just see a small fine girl that they can hit on every time I walk into a room…it is rather tiring having to discuss work matters with a person who would rather be hitting on you.

XP:who has been your greatest inspiration?

TOBE:Mmmm….I have a long list…Funmi Iyanda certainly is on it. She has a very strong personality I can only hope to develop. I am also very inspired by Mo Abudu…she makes me realize that it's never too late to follow my heart. I newly discovered Femi Jacobs and I am still getting to know him (from afar o…lol)

XP:How far are you willing to go to take ur career to.

TOBE: Ha! How do I answer this now….ok! I wont do anything that is illegal or that is bad for my soul for my career. Everything else is doable and negotiable.  I intend to have my career span through different spheres of broadcasting and I hope to leave a legacy that people can use as reference while trying to build their own careers.

XP:do you have any particular person you admire?

TOBE:Yes. Several. I could write a long list, especially here in Enugu. In the industry, I admire Toke Makinwa…her skin is tough as nails and the way she publicly praises God is very inspiring. I also really admire Gbemi (beat Fm)…she seems so put together, smart and straightforward.

XP:what would you say made  you different from other OAP's

TOBE:mmm….I can't really say…I try to put in the work…it's not just baseless talk for me. So maybe that's what sets me apart…you might have to ask listeners for this one. Lol

XP:is there anything else you do outside broadcast media?

TOBE: Yes. I run a content/ideas development outfit called Madiva Concepts. We develop ideas and plans for events and media content and develop plans/proposals for them.

Recently, I have been toying with the idea of doing some modeling and acting….maybe I will

XP:where do you see yourself in 10 years.

TOBE: In 10 years I wanna rule the world….lol.
Seriously though, in 10 years, I see myself with a family, running my own syndicated show across the country and looking out for the next risk to take. If I go ahead and get into acting, then in 10 years, I see me on the big screen

XP:what's your advice to upcoming on Air personality.

Self Development….there is so much you can learn on your own…the days of being saved by a good looking body and an accent are coming to an end, you gotta have brains, wit and skill.


on all social media (facebook, twitter, instagram)

Thank you for reading, I am Omaje.
Stay put for our next episode




This is the time...
We can't keep planning endlessly...
We must execute!

200 Nigerian youths are needed to make a documentary which is all about us.

These lucky 200 youths should be:

1. Those who are eager to make an impact in the society by putting their skills and talent to good use.

2. Those who are tired of the state of the nation and eager to express it objectively.

3. Those who know that they should be doing better but are not doing better because of setbacks often posed by the society.

4. Those who feel that there are practical solutions to the problems we face in the society and want to be vocal about it.

5. Those who actually have something to offer to solve the problem of the society.

This is a package brought to you by Omaliving Show which is Produced by Alpha Gamma Multimedia Limited Abuja.

Only those who are resident in the city of Abuja can participate in this great project and be rest assured that it will take you places you never imagined.

This project is aimed at the youths, concerned citizens and the general public.

To indicate your interest;
Send us an email

Stating your age...
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And what your ideal Nigeria should be!

Project is for 10th of June, 2015.

Omaliving Show
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Please Kindly VOte Team Blue In The 'Hour Naija Film Challenge' (see details)

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NEW INK!! Sean Tizzle Share Photo Of His New “Angel Of Life” Tattoo

Well I am not a fan of tattoo but I just have to do my job and report everything , lol

Well to your tizzle fans out there ,
Sean Tizzle has added another massive tattoo on his arm which he call "Angel of life".

On his new tat he wrote on Instagram,

"In between studio time and my U.S. tour, I still found time to invite the "Angels of Life" to join my collection of classic body art!!! Oh yeah by the way since I don't keep secrets from U all I have this new joint that's dropping soon and I need ya'll to support the movement till the wheels fall off!!! Remember…The Journey Continues!!!"

Well I don't even like it so , *logs out*

EVILS!!! Lagos Female Politician Caught On Camera Doing Human Ritual (See Photos)

This is not new to African politicians but the wickedness can not be over looked
The quest to get rich fast and greed is the cause for all this rubbish and heartless act
The desperation of some Nigerians in seeking political power, fame and money at all cost is becoming appalling and worrisome.

According to  one Mr. Henri Obiazi's facebook page where he alleged that this woman identified as Hon. Munirat Adedoyin, a former Vice Chairman of Ikorodu Local Government in Lagos, who is also said vying for the Chairmanship position of the same Local Government was allegedly caught recently in the act of attempting to use a child for ritual as depicted in the picture above.

According to the post by Mr. Henry Obiazi, "Mrs.Munirat Adedoyin. She is the former Deputy Chairman of Ikorodu local Government Area. She is about to contest for the position of the Chairman of the local government. She was caught in the act by some good 'samaritans' and the information and the photographs were passed to security agencies."
Obiazi further commented on the post; "Efforts made so far to apprehend this extremely wicked woman are being frustrated by a High court judge in Ikorodu who granted an exparte order restraining the police from arresting the woman pending the determination of the motion on notice for the enforcement of her fundamental rights." 
"The woman have abandoned her house and only her lawyer knows her whereabouts. Those pix. must have been taken secretly. I am also as curious as anybody else."
Re-Check out  court experte order obtained by Mrs. Munirat Addoyin to evade arrest Above
May God deliver us

Still Hot!! Osuofia Renews MTN Contract + Meet His Adorable Daughters (Photos)

Though you might not be hearing much from the man anymore ,

   Nkem Owoh popularly known as Osuofia has just renewed his endorsement deal with MTN.
                   The comic actor was accompanied by his daughters to the office of Upfront Bookings Agency in Lagos to renew his contract yesterday, May 19, 2015. big congrats to him

Photo Story: Religion And Faith

Who Is right and why?

See Wizkid’s New Fela Kuti's Face Tattoo That Got People Talking ( Photo)

Wizkid who has always professed his love for Fela Anikulapo Kuti's music went further to show his love for the legend by tattooing the Ebami Eda on one of his forearms and tattoed a Lion on his other forearm. You Like?

Village Headmaster, Femi Robinson Dies At 75

              The death of veteran actor of the Village Headmaster fame, Femi Robinson has been announced.
               He was believed to have succumbed to old age related disease at the ripe age of 75.
               A brief statement released on his facebook page and signed by his sons, Seun and Wole Robinson said he died this morning.
"This is to notify you that we lost our father, Femi Robinson this morning – Seun & Wole Robinson (sons).
Despite studying Botany at the then University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) in the 60s, his incursion into acting started with the role of Odewale in Ola Rotimi's The gods are not to blame.
He would be fondly remembered for his role as the headmaster in the series, Village Headmaster on Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).

BadLuck: Soldiers catch Boko Haram Commander dressed like a woman (photos)

Omo no be small beating o ,  
A military patrol in Yola arrested this Boko Haram kingpin disguised as a woman. He is reported to have confessed during interrogation that about 30 members of his cell are already in Yola and he was on the way to reunite with them so they could start their operation. When will this nonsense stop? 

Yuck!! What Is Weird About Blac Chyna's As*s In This Photo??

Are you seeing what am seeing?

Nothing beats natural

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...