Friday, May 29, 2015

My Favorite President GMB Photo

This photo should always go with a prayer, Nigerians felt they needed a messiah and here he is....

So right now it is only time that will tell us what we really bargained for , but before reality sets in let us bow down our head in optimism and tell ourselves that CHANGE IS hERE!!! GodBless Nigeria

DONE!! Buhari Finally Sworn In as Nigeria's President (Exclusive Photos)

I thank God for this peaceful hand over and I hope it stays this till he complete his tenure,

Nigeria now has a new PRESIDENT! Muhammadu Buhari has been sworn in as Nigeria's new president.

I Cried!! GEJ MY GEJ

Gej my Gej
Gej my Gej

They called me names just because I supported you.. I lost friends just because I was your fan, they said I was a prostitute just because I wouldn't let their timeline rest for over 6 months, consistently my posts were Gej transformation this, Gej transformation that..

They said I was paid just because I stayed most times all night and all day online defending you..

Gej my Gej
Honestly there is something unique about you, guess what, because of you I got the opportunity to meet and share points online and offline beautiful people with the best brains ever in Nigeria. Am not lying I mean best working brains ever to mention just few because I can't mention all here Viola Ifeyinwa Okolie Amanda Chisom , Eric Uchenna Chimara Chioma Powers, Ena Ofugara Adepitan Adebayo Bero Kufre Afangideh Uwem Hernan Inyang , Prince Henry Nwazuruahu Shield, Uko Ekerette Akpanuko Michael George-Ukhuegbe, Chinomnso Awazie, Chinedu Nwosu, Oraye St. Franklyn Kimberly Ogba, Kunle Rotimi,Malik Shabbazz Abdulmalik,Hilda Avwenagha,Chidi Callie,Ike Chidolue,Uncle Tony Ipriye Uranta,Tonia Onyegbule, Amarachi Okam Gold,Grace Okagbare Miller, Oluwatobi Alobam Francis Olusoji Zion Oseni,Olutoyosi Omotoso,Roland Akachukwu Emmanuel, James King, Donald Ekpo, Deba Adagbonyin, Julie A Dyer, Amonia Rita Stewart, Jacqueline Jika Ibeh Uwakwe-mangse Hanna, Adaobi Ube, Yetunde Babajide,Michael Dedon
oh well these names will do for now.

Gej my Gej
Your humility made me pick interest in politics.
Your kind words to your enemies made me research more on any news, topic , for you and against you, because the lies against you were just too much ..

Gej my Gej
your desire for women to succeed in politics encouraged me to study hard and may be have a political vision and goals..

Gej my Gej
Your love for your wife, made me pray for every single lady desiring a man to get a man with the kind of heart you have, a peaceful caring heart.
Gej my Gej your love for your wife and support in spite of all the insults NIGERIANS gave to her, made me also to pray that all single and searching ladies will be blessed with a man that will be proud of them Mac support, encourage them to be a better person in their careers and goals for life not just to be mother pumping children and cooking but to utilise their God given talents.

Gej my Gej
You are the first Nigerian president who actually made sure your kids schooled in nigeria, as a sitting president, that's how humble you were as a president.

Gej my Gej
Your love for the peace and unity of nigeria has given me a slight Nigerian hope..

Gej my Gej
Your love for my people was immeasurable, you were the first to appoint an Igbo to be COAS and so many more position.

Gej my Gej
Your love for education for the less privilege especially the almajiris has inspired me to set up a foundation that will help widows start a trade and orphans go back to school to be launched sometime this year..

Gej my Gej
Your love for farmers and agriculture is undeniable, you made sure through your minister that farmers got the needed equipments Etc which in return did resurrect the agriculture sector, Gej have you heard the minister is the president of the African development bank ? Am sure you have.

Gej my Gej
Your economy policies through one of the best brains in Africa the one and only NOI as we fondly call her made nigeria to become Africa's biggest economy, above South Africa.

Gej my Gej
According to transparency international we are now 37th most corrupt country in the world before you tenure we were 3rd most corrupt, this shows you did fight corruption but corruption fought your back sadly it won.

Gej my Gej
They used boko haram to blackmail you, yet you refused to go level towns and cities where they were hiding just because you thought of the innocents that will be killed for doing nothing, yet they called you names and wanted you to go in and shed more innocent blood..

Gej my Gej
One of your policies in the oil and gas sector allowed local operators to compete with the IOC's, that policy has given food to loads of NIGERIANS "Local Content"..

Gej my Gej how do I say that you made over 4m NIGERIAN youth entrepreneurs,10 million Naira business richer just because you thought they should always win , so you created YOUWIN..

Gej my Gej your love for life you made sure most roads that were death traps before your time like Benin -ore expressed road was fixed. Awww Gej Nnam, you know it's mostly South easterners that use that road.. Ndewo Nnam.. I once slept on that road for 2 good days in the year 2006..

Gej still on the transportation sector, for the first time young NIGERIANS got on trains not just funny looking trains but good trains. Gej you made sure Stella Oduah fixed most of our airports and so far she is the best aviation Minster ever..

Gej my Gej I have a lot to say but I want to end by saying this- Gej you are a meek and a gentle soul, those who know you personally testify to this assertion and my bible told me that the meek will inherit the earth, you have shown meekness and desire for peace by accepting defeat even when it was glaring that you could have made it difficult considering that they purposely made sure voters didn't get their voters card in some region and also card readers didn't work in your strong base on the day of election , this disfranchised more that 4 million voters in the SS and SE but you chose the path of peace just so my people living up north will sleep and do their businesses in peace.

Gej my Gej
May your days be long, may you live in sound health, may peace and joy never leave your abode, with tears in my eye of sadness and joy I say IJEOMA , I will miss you as the president who said and meant it that his political ambition wasn't worth anyone's blood, you didn't kill not even a political fly enemy not to talk of human being and I will always remember you as the president who made sure 35 percent of his cabinet were women...

It's so hard to say good bye to you as a president,
You were not perfect no one really is but I will always
Love you forever presido of life..

True Gej fan..

Sorry if I didn't tag you am so sad , sat in my car thinking about it and tears roll down my face, Am so sad, pls pardon me if I can't remember all my fellow gejist now ..

Culled From Chinenye Lauretta Ufearoh-Onoh posts.....


May. 29th marks the dawn of a new era to all Nigerians(whether we like it or not)!!!
I must advice all Nigerians (both @ home and the ones in diaspora) not to expect so much from the incoming administration!!! I have so many reasons for that but I'll share a few!!!

1)Gone are those (Military) days were a military head of state would decree and nobody would stand against it!!! Even if General Buhari has good intentions, these good intentions cannot be actualised without the consent and the approval by the Legislators!!! That's why Buhari cannot Islamize Nigeria using his executive power! That's why Buhari may not succeed in slashing down the exorbitant salaries of the Legislatures and the executive!!! To mention but a few!

2) From the onset, I never supported GMB for any reasonable reason but after his victory and some subsequent events that took place, I eventually began to nurse a reason for a change of government, @ least for a change of power and for a better standard of living for Nigerians!!!
Note: General Buhari is not a magician, He can only do his best... Let's give him some time to prove his capability and efficiency!!!
Even if He(GMB) doesn't do anything, @least I am still hopeful of a better economy by God's grace... I just keep praying the Legislative arm of government be supportive... If our refineries are working fine #50 naira would still be expensive to buy a litre of fuel... If the youths, especially our graduates are being empowered individually by the Government e.t.c...

Thank God for the wisdom of G.E.J who never allow any upheaval due to his loss and for the coming of G.M.B who may rescue Nigeria from her quandary and political imbroglio!!!

We all need PATIENCE for BUHARI to make sense!!!
God bless G.M.B!!
God Bless Nigeria!!!

Written By
McKurlins Idahosa Ekhator

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