Sunday, June 7, 2015

Man Infected With First case Of Finger Herpes After Fingering A Prostitute (graphic photos)

Chai na wa o, please my you have to be really careful with how you catch your fun, people are breaking records of infections, I don't want any of you to be the first person to contact a bad disease/virus

After you see this disturbing photo, you might not want to finger any babe again. 

Well. A 23 year old man was diagnosed with the FIRST EVER case of herpes transmission - to the FINGER.

Doctors suspect the particularly STRONG strain of the herpes virus entered through a CUT on the man's finger . . . and infected him.

It's REAL ou . . you might have use a GLOVE on these women nowadays

EXpOsito!! Everything Is Fake As Blac Chyna underwent Hair Transplant (Photos)

Welcome to the 21st Century where you can re-create yourself,
 Tyga's babys mother CHYNA is no stranger to cosmetic surgery. She had her BUTT done, and her boobs done.

Now she got her EDGES DONE. According to one of her girls, Chyna underwent a HAIR TRANSPLANT last month - having hair follicles transplanted from the BACK OF HER HEAD - into the hairline.

Good for her! 

Whaat?? See The Mother That Took Her 10yr Old Daughter For Surgical Face-lift (photos)

This is really wowing,
You're going to want to go ahead and brace yourself, because this is going to be one of those times that you need to take a few moments to weep for the future of humanity, but here it is: on the new episode of "Botched," a woman brings in her daughter for plastic surgery. Not her grown, adult daughter who has made a conscious and well thought out decision to get a procedure done, but her 10-year-old daughter. Take that in for a moment. Then feel free to let the weeping begin.

To be fair, even though it's very hard to do, it's not like this woman (former Playboy Bunny Sarah Burge) is bringing her kid in for a super early facelift or anything. She gave her daughter a voucher for $7,000 worth of plastic surgery for her birthday. Of course, that's still one of the worst birthday presents we could possibly think of: the gift of insecurity! Either Sarah here decided to give this girl the gift of plastic surgery on all her own, which has to stir up some insecurity, or the girl asked for it, which means the insecurity was given a long time ago. And man, when did kids stop asking for toys?

There's nothing wrong with getting some plastic surgery if something truly bothers you, but to do it because you think it might bother someone else, especially your own mom ... that hurts.

Marilyn Oma Anona Writes: On RAPE!!!

I wrote and presented this on MYTV Africa when I was a presenter for a program POETRY POT.
The number of calls that came in after this particular poem was so much.
After which I was invited to speak to young people in their schools, clubs and churches.
I was also shocked at the number of calls I got from rape victims and the most painful was that of a certain lady who is my birthday mate.
You can't begin to imagine the pain behind the pretty faces you see on daily basis.
Rape is bad!
Some have read it and it won't be bad we read it again!

I still remember the dark dirty floor
of the backyard.
The pain as every piece of clothing I had on
was getting torn off in fast motions.
The hand covering my
mouth as I screamed for someone to help me.

The help never came.
As I screamed with the sweaty hand over my mouth
I thought that this was it,
I was going to die.
I was only 16 years old,
all my hopes and dreams were over,
nothing pursued.

The pain was something I had never felt before,
it wasn't a cut nor a scrap.
This pain would never go away or heal.
Then as if time stood still

I lay there thinking what my parents would think
when I told them what had happened.
I tried so hard to get myself to safety,
but I was weak every move I made
felt like the world was crashing down on me.
When really it was a 30 year old man crushing me
as he forced his way into my innocence.
Taking away every purity I had
and leaving me with pain, suffering and shame.
At that moment I prayed that I would die.
For to live a life with this pain and wound that would never heal was

As I stopped screaming I thought I had died.
The pain was still there but I felt a light shine on me.

As I looked up I realized the torture was over he had fled
the back yard and went back into his house.
I lay there naked in my own blood trying to figure out why this all
happened, and why it had happened to me.
To this day there isn't a moment that goes by that I
don't think about that day in the backyard.

The pain and suffering still lurks in my head as I dream at night.
It isn't forgotten and never will be,
for that is how I learn and grow.
Sharing and preventing is something I strive for.

No one should feel that way.
No one should cause that pain.
For that pain lasts a life time.
Rape has become a very serious and nagging issue in our society today. You flip through the pages of our news papers and read heart breaking stories of old men raping or taking advantage of girls as young as two years.

This is madness of the highest order. Some of these victims of rape cannot talk to anyone and they have this experience killing them within.

I met a girl with a weird behaviour and I was always observing her. I asked her what the issue was and why she acts the way she does. She eventually told me how she was raped three years ago. I asked her if she reported to anyone and she said NO. So many are in this shoe. The effect of rape on a victim is terrible. I urge you to please talk to us today.

I always say to the girls, please mind the kind of company you keep, the way you dress and do not go out late in the night. For the people who can't do without raping, you need to seek therapy because its evident that something is wrong.

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...