Sunday, June 14, 2015

PURE EVIL!!! Another Beautiful Baby Found In A Public Dustbin (Photo)

There is no other name to call this, it is wickedness , atleast if you dump the baby in front of an orphanage building home they will take care of the baby, this dustbin trend is like a passive form of murder to me, God dey

See What We Saw ,Fellow Christians Is This TRUE OR FALSE (pics)

This is one of the most controversial issue among the christian faith especially in Nigeria, the diversity of beliefs and doctrines in christianity is still causing a lot of problem today (that is a much broader issue).

The photo above is a banner that was hung by a christian church (name withheld) and according to this church they are saying that every woman wearing trouser (Male spec or female spec) will go to hell,

With that been said we know of numerous churches in Nigeria that allows their members to wear trouser and to them it does not matter ,they won't go hell and these members fall under annointing too ,in fact these churches tolerate female ministers ,leaders and ushers to wear trouser to the pulpit and during church services ,

So we are asking, which of these church is preaching the right thing? If they all worship the same God and have the same holy spirit then why do they preach different doctrine?

Is one true and the other false? Which of them is ......?

Scam Alert!! See What The Whites Have Turned Nigerians Into .lol

This was spotted in a night club in lagos, guess boys don teach the man or a close pal lesson so he dey campaign for scam awareness .lol

There is God

[UpDAte] The Student Kidnappers Are Students OF O.A.U (details)

Well here is the update as promised,
This actually Happened on the 10th of June…

Three young men named Femi, Tunmise and a third unidentified guy were caught on June 10th as they tried to escape in their Mazda car with a school girl they had kidnapped who was in the booth of their car. The young men are alleged to be final year students of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University.

Some suspicious people alerted police to the guys after suspecting they had taken the girl. The police then chased and caught them around Makuro road in Ile-Ife, where the kidnapped girl was found inside the booth of their car, bound.

An angry mob descended on them but they were rescued before they could be killed. Their car was however badly damaged. The boys are currently in the state Police headquarter Oshogbo.


BUSTED!! 3-Boys That Kidnapped A little Girl For Yahoo Plus Caught (photos)

This just came in and we are still gathering the gist , but just so you know

---The guys kidnapped a girl for blood money, wanted to do yahoo plus, but they were caught as they tied the school girl up

More info and photos will be posted later , There is GOD

BAWSE!! Rapper Rick Ross Bails Himself Alongside A Cell Mate He Met In Jail (photos)

Well you know how life works, maybe fate allowed Rick Ross to be arrested so he could bail out that cell mate, lol

Well incase you missed On Wednesday June 10th, rapper Rick Ross was arrested in Georgia after drugs were found in his car. He was taken to a county jail and booked. In his good deed for the day when Rick bailed himself out, he also bailed out his cell mates.

Ohh!! See How Toke Makinwa Responded to Hubby Impregnating Ex-girlfriend Story

Celebs really go through a lot of hard time, in case you missed there is a very controversial viral gist that Toke Makinwa's boo has impregnaed his ex-girlfriend and guess how she reacted ,

Toke want y'all to know she's 100% strong. She just shared this on her IG page

BANGALEE!! D'Banj Celebrated His 35th Birthday With A Big Booty Cake (All The Photos)

Veteran Actor Jackie Chan Is Not DEAD!! Naija Bloggers Are Just Traffic Hungry (photos)

A couple of fans have sent me mails and text messages to publish/confirm the viral report that our favorite actor as kids *Jackie Chan * is dead, sigh

Please I have done my investigation and lo the news is false, yes I saw the NBC photo, the photo is photoshopped,I think that is obvious , the actor is very much alive and presently shooting a blockbuster movie that will be out early next year (details later)

To all the blogs that published this fake news, it is understandable bloggers are traffic hungry and yes this is a good way of getting peeps to visit your blog , But No ,this is so wrong,

This is the third time they have killed this man this year, I don't want to swear , it is wrong

Bottom line the actor is not dead, that's a link to his facebook page below, like the page and get latest information and update on Jackie's life and projects. Thanks

NEW MUSIC: Blaqbonez ~ Give Us Our Money (Adekunle Gold Diss) | @Blaqbonez

Listened to the song yesterday , and damn laughed all along ,as usual
Blaqbonez gets controversial again as he disses "Adekunle Gold" who was invited for a stage performance at a recent show in OAU.

Blaqbonez however, thinks Adekunle's performance was crappy and the money paid to the artist should be returned.

He went aggressively hard on this one he titles "Give Us Our Money".

Download and share your thought.

Click The LINK below For Direct Download

Nigerian Footballer David Faramola Oniya Slumps To Death During Match (His Last Photos)

The last picture taken before David Oniya passed away. 

This is a really painful exit, sudden death of Nigerian footballer, David Faramola Oniya, has just been announced. Oniya, defender and captain of his Malaysian club, T-Team, died on Saturday, June 13, 2015, after collapsing on the pitch during a friendly match between his team and Kelantan.

Local media said the T-Team captain, who was 30, collapsed three minutes into the match in Kota
Bharu and was taken to hospital.

The match was abandoned after 60 minutes when a message was received from the hospital that Oniya had died.  He had passed away on the field due to a heart attack.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

D'Prince Welcomes Baby Boy With Longtime GirlFriend (photos)

Well these days celeb no dey gree marry again, na make them give the babe belle and gbam them go marry later .lol

Congrats to the mavin star , Don Jazzy was at the hospital with Prince's mother to welcome the baby , Bigger you man

See The Controversial Photos Of The Remains Of Bible Goliath Skull And Skeleton

A blog reader sent this in , According to her it was found in the valley of Elah at the western part Jerusalem by Dr Richard Martin the founder further confirm a small round rock was found embedded in the forehead....age of the skeleton,weight fit that of Goliath will u go ahead and say its mere coincident

SUMMARY (Full story in 1 Samuel 17:51)

My people is is true of photoshopped,? I don't doubt the bible story but these photos ......

From GRACE TO GRASS: My Touching Meeting With Music Legend Majek Fashek

Am sorry just attended to this mail, but it is worth reading ,Investment banker and Blogger Joseph Edgar ran into Nigerian music legend Majek Fashek this morning in Lagos on his way to work. The story he shares is quite sad. Read below...

On my way to work this morning, I spotted a loony figure. Pants sagged, dirty black underwear showing, a caftan perched precariously on his extra lean shoulders, shock of long unkempt dreadlocks cascading down his head and teeth yellowed by years of hard living and a face still surprisingly handsome despite the ravages of illicit living. This was Majek, my hero, the one who brought down the rain.

He it was who redefined Reggae and in that one album forced us to look deep into our consciousness, calling us prisoners of conscience. He it was who took that Bob Marley piece, Redemption Song into the sublime. He infused it with his pangolo rhythm and turned it into an anthem of social and spiritual awakening. Majek was a god, strong Adonis like looks, talent yet to me replicated in our clime and charisma of the gods.
This same Majek, I just saw like that in Fadeyi, begging for ogogoro becuase he did not have 100 Naira to pay for it. I stopped brought out 1,000 Naira and was immediately struck by confusion. Should I give him this money and contribute to his death or should I refuse him and watch him throw a tantrum like a disposed toddler. He saved me the dilemma as he grabbed the money from me and rushed to the ugly, black dirty merchant of death, who gleefully poured him a glass full.
Majek downed the drink and hugged me like I had just saved him from the hang mans noose. I looked deep into his eyes and saw a lost soul. He was actually begging for help, the demon inside of him peered at me from his once very beautiful eyes, daring me to do my worse. Assuring me that he had no intention of leaving this host until it finished it's dreadful task of killing him ever so slowly.
He called me a fine boy and wished he was as good looking as I was, I laughed. A laugh that was more of pity, a laugh that was laced with internal cry of pain. A pain that cascaded through every pain in my body. If only I had one tenth of this talent, I would be far from fadeyi begging for N100 worth of ogogoro.
Did we fail him as Nigerians, did we put an umbrella over the Rainmaker, did the flood of his talent wash away his life, what can be done, do we continue watch him make a mockery of a Life once blessed?
Majek in his destitution represents Nigeria. Blessed with more than enough resources., rich in human capacity, more fertile land than the whole of Asia and filled with gifted and talented people, but yet beggerly and poor. Daily our leaders go to 'jibowu' to beg poorer countries for aid, for debt forgiveness. The contradiction never leaves me. Japan with no known Natural resources is so developed that we can only look in shame.
Majek with all the talents of a thousand people, begging the woman who can't lift a finger beside him for N100, Majek being laughed at by miscreants and being mocked with so much joy by those who were not half as blessed by God.
What can I do, but to write this piece and just walk away, lest his guest demon attempt a move on my life. I saw it and felt it look into my soul and with one withered hand, offered me a shot of the Devils brew. A shot I knew would throw me into the darkest pits of Majeks torture, a shot that will take me spiraling down the tunnels of oblivion, destroying the innocent dependent lives of my children while giving Majek solace that he has finally found a room mate albeit a very reluctant and scared one.
I pray for you sir. I pray God gives you peace. God bless you Majek.

Joseph Edgar is an investment banker who writes as a hobby. (The photo above was taken this morning)

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...