Sunday, June 21, 2015

OUT SOON!! SEE Photos Of The Soon To Be Released Flying Car

In Early may it was reported that The world's first flying car has spectacularly crashed during its maiden flight with the inventor on board , due to this tragedy the flying car companies which includes AeroMobil and Terrafugia are racing to bring their vehicles to the market in 2017/18 but before then these photos surfaced as the body build of the flying car , more details soon

Do you love the idea?

CDQ's Ex-Manger 'OB9JA' Announces Rapper 'Ola Dips As His New Artiste @ObinnaIfem01 @Dips_Ola

This is a really big elevation for Ola Dips music career, I have been following this Nigerian J.cole (as a cool rapping story teller/singer) for about 3years now and been patiently watching to see the brave manager and label that will partner with his talent

And to my joy and heart desire the former manager of CDQ 'Woooos' has took to his twitter to announce that Ola Dips is now his artiste

Obinna is not a new name is the industry as he has managed a lot of A-list celebrities in the industry

Congrats Ola Dips I wish the duo a good and successful business relationship

I Get Not Less Than 100 Suitors And Admirers Everyday ~ Queen (Popular Hairy Lady)

I didn't see this coming in as much as I believe that there is a man/woman for every woman/man ,

In case you have forgotten Queen Okafor is a native of Nnobi in Idemili South Local Government Area, Anambra State. Seeing her for the first time will definitely evoke mixed feelings about her gender in you. This is mainly because of the hairs which adorn her breasts, chest, face and other parts of her body. A special feature that also stands her out in public and wherever she goes.

In a new interview with SUNDAY PUNCH, the self acclaimed Nigeria's Queen of hairs said she gets no fewer than 100 suitors daily on the average, depending on the place she visits. Queen said:

 "I get not less than 100 suitors and admirers everyday depending on the occasion. Married and single men, boys, girls, lesbians and gay men are attracted to me. But I can't accept every person that approaches me because people are very deceptive. 

Some men will tell me that they are not married, whereas they are married with children at home. I am not married, but I intend to get married one day because that is the prayer of every woman, but definitely not to a married man. If God answers my prayers, I will be happy to be married to a businessman that will love me and not be one that will beat me."

Okafor added that she had not seen a genuine heartthrob yet as everybody seems to be interested only in her "flesh". She also spoke about her failed love encounters:
"No man has ever dumped or disappointed me, I can tell you that. I fell in love with one man immediately after my secondary school. He was fond of beating me because he was very temperamental and that informed my decision to quit the relationship. 

I fell in love with another man, but I detest men that don't tell the truth, I was in love with him but because he was a womaniser, I decided to dump him. On several occasions, he tried to seduce and sleep with my younger sister. My sister told me about this. She said whenever she was asleep, he would sneak into her bedroom and attempt to sleep with her."

 However, Queen noted that the hairs on her body are hereditary.

"It is a family thing, especially from my father's side. So, if I get married, I won't be surprised to see any, if not all of my children, having hairs all over their bodies," she said.

Although she is into modelling and had featured in many advertisements, Okafor intended to go into acting to fulfill her dreams.

God's Doing: Kidnappers Release Winners Chapel Pastor

The pastor of Living Faith Church, Pastor Seyi Adekunle, who was abducted by hoodlums a week ago at his church along IBB Way Calabar, has regained his freedom.

A source in the church said that the pastor was taken to the outskirts of Calabar at midnight and asked to go home. He later found his way to the church premises where other pastors were holding a vigil for his release.

The pastor's release was confirmed by the chairman of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria in Cross River State, Pastor Lawrence Ekwok, who declined to confirm if any ransom was paid. He however
expressed gratitude to God, the police and the media for helping to facilitate the release of the pastor.

The spokesman of the Cross River State Police Command, Mr Hogan Bassey, said that two suspects were arrested which led to the release of the pastor.
"No ransom was paid but we are on the trail of other accomplices and very soon I will give you more details".


The fact that different guys pick you up every Friday night does not make you a big girl.

The fact that you wear all the latest clothes in the market, does not make you a big girl, And of the fact that you use the latest phone &different guys pay money into your account does not make you a big girl...

Its does not even make you smart! You're only eating up your FUTURE!

A big girl is a girl with enough brain in her, Not the one with more money. She is not the one who flirts with all the men around her.
She is the girl who respects her relationship & marriage.

She is never heard but seen. You know her from what she does, her behaviour speaks a lot about her. She doesn't pull down her skirt anyhow and to any man.
She is everyman's queen, decently dressed... She does not show her cleavage or wear clothes that reveal her contour.
She cannot open her legs for a man who didn't pay her bride's price.

A big girl respects the values of womanhood...
She carries herself with much dignity...
Stop boasting about the number of men who carry you around with car my dear.. Do not be happy because so many men are chasing and running after you. Wait, do you think it is because you are very pretty. No, do not be deceived. But
remember, cheap articles have more buyers and negotiators ...

You should Build Yourself into the woman that people will always respect&admire.
Never follow men who will make a mess of your life.

Don't open your heart to a man who does not open his Bible.

Be decent, Be bold but humble, be Godly..
Be hard working, respect your relationship or marriage, Be ambitious but contented.
Stop relying on the money from yahoo boys.
Stop opening your legs for aristos just because of money.

Doing this makes you a prostitute, even if you would not call yourself sure. Outright calls you that.
Don't make men a priority in life.. Be patient, marriage or relationship is not a "do or die."

Train up yourself to be a virtuous woman.
Then Real men will seek after you!
Build yourself into the woman men will always want to take home to their mamas..
Not the one they only want to take to hotels & clubs.

TRUST ME, if you just trap a man with your body by giving him "good sex", he'll go one day when he gets better sex.

New Music: Slymkydd - Ajebo

Young Artist, Slymkydd is an upcoming and growing artist who has got
the vibes and the flows that will make you wonder.

He recently dropped
a dope tune titled "AJEBO", Produced by Hally Zay.

Download and share
your comments below.


SOUL FOOD: Beware, Spiritual Portals Are Opened Via Masturbation

Since the media started painting masturbation as having numerous health benefit and being healthy, numerous people are getting involved in the act without taking proper look

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...