Friday, June 26, 2015

New Music: Meek Mill Ft. Chris Brown & Nicki Minaj – All Eyes On You (Full) #Fire

This is the best collabo I have heard in recent hip hop ,

Meek Mill reaches for the stars with his main lady riding shotgun in his Maybach on his new track.

Debuted earlier this morning, Philly's own dropped his new Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown-assisted single with DJ Envy.

Enjoy !

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The Roar Of The "Lioness" (Part 1) By Billionaire Businessman 'Strive Masiyiwa'

In my last post, entitled "The Bill Gates of Africa"; I shared with you the extraordinary entrepreneurship of two young Africans from Nigeria, Anesi (16), and his brother Osine (14), who set up a company which is distributing its own browser on Google Play Store. They were both less than 10 years old, when they set up the company.
Your response to this post, was also quite remarkable. Here are some of the statistics on it:
The Post reached 25,133,056 people.
It had 336,796 Likes, comments, and shares.
It had a maximum engagement of 4,289,281 people

Many of you commented on something, I had said in one of my Afterthoughts:
This would not have been possible, without the tireless efforts of their mother, Mrs Ngozi Ikhianosime, who is a Maths teacher, at a school in Nigeria.

Her story is the story of Africa... Behind EVERY single success in Africa, is the African woman!

More often than not she is a silent unappreciated player working behind the scenes:
- she could be a professional mother, as in the case of Anesi and Osine; nurturing the genius of these two computer Whizzkids;
- she could be a market trader working day and night to feed her family, many of whom have ended up as business people, professors or even politicians;
- she could be one of 250m small holder farmers breaking her back to feed the African continent.

In Asia they attribute a lot of the success in countries like Singapore, and South Korea to a phenomenon of highly motivated mothers, who have driven their kids to achieve extraordinary things. They call such women "TIGER MOMS"! Africa has them too, and they are beginning to find their voice, and they will no longer be silent... Certainly not their daughters!

I have decided to dedicate the next series to the "AFRICAN LIONESS".
In this series I will highlight 10 women, from different parts of Africa, who are doing remarkable things, as entrepreneurs. I will look at both business entrepreneurs, and social entrepreneurs.
I have called the series the "ROAR" of the Lionesses, because these women are not silent, even if you have not heard of them before.

You can also help me by bringing to my attention, anyone in your country that you think deserves recognition. We will not be able to fit everyone into my selected group, but each time you mention someone you are exposing them to millions of other people, and helping them to shine like the stars they are. Don't use more than 2x paragraphs otherwise the system will delete your entry.

Also remember our rule on this platform:
The fact that I do not mention someone from your country, does not mean it is not important. Far from it, we are just making a sample selection. These are just examples; its not a competition, to find the best.
As the bible teaches, "rejoice with those who are recognised, for in recognising them, you too shall be recognised."

To be continued…

OMG!! Woman Served Meat Pie Couldn't Believe What She Found Inside

I just got these pictures, and I've been crying with laughter since then. The woman says she was served meat pie at a function she went to, you would not even believe what she found inside.

WOW!! "I Have Never Done Voice Training In My Life" – Timi Dakolo

This is our Nigerian John Legend and you won't believe his talent very natural unlike Banky W and Darey

In a recent interview with NET, Musician Timi Dakolo was asked about how he maintains his voice and he said;

 "I've never gone for any sort of voice training in his life. Trust me, na God give me the voice. I have never gone for any voice training in my life. I don't even know what voice training entails. The only thing I did that I know also helped my voice is that I read that voice is like a muscle, the more you stretch it, the bigger and better it takes shape"

Going further, he also revealed how tough it was for him growing up with his grandmother in Port Harcourt and how they eventually survived.

"I grew up with my grandmother in Port Harcourt. After school, I would join her at the market. I hawked pure water, plantain chips etc. I did a lot of hustling as a young boy. "

Naija Police , What A SHAME

Police issue is rhetoric , do we have to position Police to be policing Police ? , does that even make sense...... ;(

Oh No!! "Jail is Costing Me a Fortune. I'm Losing Money" - Rick Ross From Jail

You really need to be successful, let's be clear he is losing the money he was suppose to make, you have to pay Ricky to show up at your party or club, wow

Well According to TMZ, Rick Ross is losing out on all sorts of deals after getting jailed for alleged kidnapping and assault. It includs $80,000 for a party appearance and $50,000 for a club appearance.

He's also forfeiting some big money ... $30,000 for a private jet from ATL to LAX, and $60,000 for a mansion rental.
His next court date is July. So until then, we might have to set up a gofundme account for him. 


Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...