Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Panic In Ikorodu Over Oba’s Death, As Rumor Centers Someone Must Be Used For Sacrifice

Following the reported demise of Oba Johnson Fatola of Ikorodu whose death was announced around 6pm on Monday, June 29, 2015,the residents and visitors to Igbogbo, Ikorodu fled for saftey as such deaths are accompanied by late night curfew…

The curfew in line with traditional culture is usually observed for a week .It  bans males and females from being seen outside at a certain hour and failure to observe the curfew often attracts deadly consequences ..

As at 7pm many shops were closed as people ran for dear lives, while commercial drivers abandoned major routes for fear of vandalisation.

Though we are yet to authenticate the story, it's true people are used as rituals to appease the gods when the king passes on as traditional demands in the olden days but those practise dwindled since the emergence of civilisation.

If you live in the Igbogbo part of Ikorodu, we advise you not to keep late nights

BEWARE!! Fame Is Dangerous - Ubi Franklin

When I tell people I don't want to be famous they feel am bluffing, this is one of the many celeb confession that makes you think well about your life, don't get me wrong am not saying fame is a bad thing all am saying is that it is not my primary aim. ,

Triple MG Ceo and Iyanya's manager,Ubi Franklin bared his mind in a very reveling instagram post on fame ..Read

Don't Let Society Pressure You to Act Out of Character. I keep saying this to my friends things that happen to people that are famous or semi famous or people that blogs made famous, your Life changes the day you walk on the street and some random person ask you for a picture "I love your movies" " I love your songs " " I love the way you manage your artiste" "I love your shows on Tv" from that day you get home and ask yourself questions like " so people know me now?"

Automatically the next day every thing about you changes, how you walk, talk, dress and what people say. FAME is the most Dangerous Drug in the world. After all this light camera Action what really is the real you sets in at about 12:30 am when you are struggling to sleep with many problems in mind, water bills , light bills, house bills, next Hit song, next Major movie, Family issues back home, one strange illness faced by a family member could be your Mum or your Dad, relationship issues, marriage issues, if you do this or that what will the world say?

LISTEN if you are reading wether you are famous rich or poor just know that we all Have issues we can't deal with till the right time that God has designed for it. I wish I can share a story here for you all. Woke up with alot on my mind and decided to share something pls pardon any typos or wrongly used words

Do everything to make yourself Happy the same society that Judge you have something they are dealing with too. When it rains all roofs get wet, only a few know that some roofs are leaking . Think Deep.

Forget what you see on instagram everyone is going Through something somewhere and somehow. Don't Judge

19-year-old Bola Tinubu Impersonator gets N300,000 bail

A 19-year-old student accused of defrauding several people using a fake Facebook account in the name of Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu has pleaded not guilty in court.

Emmanuel Eto, a 19-year-old National Diploma (ND) II student of the Delta State Polytechnic, Oghara, was arraigned on Monday on a three count-charge of impersonation, conspiracy and cyber fraud at an Ikeja Magistrate's' Court.

The Prosecutor, Insp.Edet Okoi, told the court that the accused had between April and May created a Facebook account in the name of Tinubu, a former Lagos governor of Lagos State and national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

He allegedly used the account to defraud unsuspecting individual who he lured to apply for job opportunities through the Facebook page," Okoi said.

"He fraudulently obtained the sum of N26, 850 as processing fees from each of the individuals that subscribed. "Eto lured the public to believe that he had the powers to get employment for all who subscribed.
Eto pleaded not-guilty to all the charges.
Magistrate Dan-Oni granted the accused bail in the sum of N100,000 with two sureties in like sum and adjourned the case till the 7th of July.

It will be recalled that the student had in May written a confessional statement in which he claimed he was pushed into the crime by financial constraints caused by his mother's illness.
"I did what I did because my father is late and my mother has been sick for a long while," he had said.

Hmmm!! Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Go Nasty In New Photos

This couple though , you can only imagine what they do in private , but , e no concern us

PHoTos Of Gays Mocking Jesus And During Legalization Celebration

Well the end is near, this is really blasphemous
This happened in Brazil. Tens of thousands participated at the annual Gay Pride march.
Participants marched through the heart of Brazil's business metropolis, this year slogan was:"I was born this way, I grew up so I will always be like this: respect me." Organizers said they expected upwards of two million people to attend the event, the largest of its kind anywhere in the world.

Some marchers carried rainbow flags while one held aloft a giant banner proclaiming "proud to be a transvestite." Brazilian broadcaster Globo indicated the city authorities had spent in the region of $500,000 on helping to organize the event.

The parade also targeted Christians. Banners like "Christians are homophobe" "Jesus was Gay" etc…could be seen all over the parade.

In Photos: See Naija Struggle For BVN Registration

today was supposed to be the last day for BVN registration and you know Nigerians they waited for these last days as a result of the rush you can see the multitude of people gathered in different banks for their BVN

Meanwhile, let us know how the situation is in your place. How are your banks looking?

BREAKING NEWS: CALM DOWN!! CBN Extends Deadline For BVN Registration (details)

You guys can calm down now,

The Central Bank of Nigeria has extended the deadline for Bank Verification Number (BVN) registration, which is ongoing across the country, the News Agency of Nigeria is reporting.

The bank had earlier fixed Tuesday, June 30, as deadline for the exercise, warning that defaulters may not be able to access to their accounts from July 1.

As the deadline approached, millions of customers spent hours on long queues at banks across the country, struggling to have their data captured.

The CBN said on Tuesday that the exercise will now end on October 31, 2015, according to NAN.

ENDTIME: Disgusting Photos Of Gay Men With Female As*s And Make Up

They will see don't judge, I just hear don use your brains , na wa o

(Must Read) The Racism In BET Award #BETaward #BET #EnekemDotCom

So the just concluded BET awards was really trending throughout the weekend and some African artists went on social media screaming their anger and venting about how they were insulted and shunned. Word has it that the awards were usually presented to the winners from the Africa category backstage or given 6hours before the show starts. Well i am simply shocked on how racism or xenophobic tendencies is slowly creeping into our consciousness. Aaron McGruder, creator of the Boondocks animation in one,

but episode showed us the shenanigans of The Black Entertainment television and with recent happenings it showed he was truly a prophet. What beats me is how the black people always scream and shout about how the white people treat us like scum but we forget that we turn on each other and give members of the Caucasian race enough ammunition to treat us like crap.
Booker T.Washington presented an idealogy of the black man rising up above the slavery mentality and emancipating themselves through education and self worth and that same train of thoughts made him a founder of Tuskegee University one of the top black Universities in the world.

His fellow blackman Web Dubois was of the opinion that this same ''rights'' had to be taken by force.There is this growing trend of black youths leaning towards being either a rapper, or a basketballer , or a gangster when they grow up.Yes i cannot ignore many of them who have carved a niche for themselves in their various professions of repute, but its high time we stopped turning against ourselves as black people. Lets stop the blame game, rather we work on ourselves.BET in that one action showed racism of the highest kind. What does Nicki Minaj have over Sarkodie? praytell, she won so many times she got confused even when called out to get the award.... it was funny. Her diatribe didn't hold water because it was apparent it was a sham. Artists like FuseODG got a whole new respect from me for shunning the award totally.I know at some point of reading this epistle you may ask yourself how this concerns you, or have i eaten today? lol , well i want to say it has a ripple effect because we are affected. You never know when you may become a victim or be filling the shoes of an ignorant xenophobic. its ironic that even the black people want to be white, while the white people want to be black. We lighten our skins, chop and saw off our body parts just to ''fit in''. we even indoctrinate our kids in the western ways all to be who they are not. Love yourselves, love that black shiny skin, love that kinky afro, love those curves, open your minds. We are black, we are Africans, we are proud! Stop the hate!

#‎shunxenophobia‬, #‎BeAfrican‬ #‎BlackandProud‬

Zimbabwean President Mugabe Proposes To Marry Obama After Gay Marriage Legalization

This is not really funny, but christians should take note and take their christian life seriously cause the signs of the End are right here with us n

Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe has
challenged US President Barack Obama by asking
his hand in marriage. His comment comes at the
back of the legalization of gay marriage in the US
by the Supreme Court.
During Mugabe's weekly radio interview with
Zimbabwe's national radio last Saturday, he said:
"I've just concluded since President Obama
endorses the same-sex marriage, advocates
homosexual people and enjoys an attractive
countenance thus if it becomes necessary , I
shall travel to Washington, D.C. , get down
on my knee , and ask his Obama's hand. I
can't understand how these people dare to
defy Christ's explicit orders as our Lord
prohibited mankind from sodomy."
Mugabe said the American Government is run by
pervert, Satan-worshipers who insult the Great
American nation.
He reportedly added
"That the American tradition and heritage
was based on lofty Christian principles, but
to the detriment of this great nation,
America's corrupt political elite is acting
according to their diabolic whims.
Obama's endorsement of gay marriage, the
first ever from a sitting president, came amid
growing pressure for the president to clarify
his previously muddled opinion.
Obama's endorsement of gay marriage, the first
ever from a sitting president, came amid growing
pressure for the president to clarify his previously
muddled opinion, as two senior members of his
administration announced personal support for
gay marriage and a day after voters in North
Carolina approved a state constitutional
amendment defining marriage as a union between
a man and a woman.

Source: awdnews.com

Music Premiere : Saint x Eezychris - Maria (prod by dicey)

The wait is over  Talented acts Saint and Eezychris puts head together to make a banger titled MARIA which was produced by Dicey. ...